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Kurenai looked on at her student and smiled a rather cruel smile and looked at her requirement sheet. Every time she looked at Hinata she saw another requirement that was now off the list and knew that Hinata would be perfect for Naruto and Tenten. She was rather surprised at the rate of slaves they were gathering but with two slaves that tried to break into the Namakaze clan home and then enslaved because Naruto did not want to kill them was pushing it. Kurenai soon hatched her plan and she went off to capture Hinata and make it look like it was a willing enslavement.

Hinata had been taken in the middle of the night and she had no idea where she was. Her scene of direction only told her she was laying down completely naked and she had something inside of her virgin pussy. A voice spoke out in the darkness "You belong to me."
The thing in her pussy started to vibrate and the voice kept repeating itself and the vibrating only got stronger till Hinata started to say "I belong to you."
Kurenai came out of the shadows in a strap on and Hinata spread her legs in submission. Part one was already over and Kurenai knew that she would have to get the girl to stay docile with her and her master and so she threatened "If you tell what happened your sister will become my personal sex toy. The last girl to have this honor only made it for two weeks."

Hinata could not think much and so she agreed to this unwillingly due to the pleasure she was in.

Hinata's eyes glazed over in arousal and the only thing she taught of was that strap on. She wanted it inside of her and she would not stop at anything to get it. She whimpered and wined for the phallic object to enter inside of her and Kurenai gently removed the vibrator causing a wine from Hinata. She wanted it inside of her pussy and wanted it now. Kurenai positioned herself right at Hinata's entrance. All Hinata could do was hump the object whimpering all the way just begging it to go inside of her. Kurenai saw Hinata being desperate and she gradually and slowly entered inside of her.
Hinata gasped in both pain and pleasure as the strap on entered inside of her. All Hinata kept repeating "I belong to you." As Hinata got closer and closer to cumming she wrapped her legs around Kurenai thus the strap on went a little deeper. Kurenai soon removed the strap on from her ass and Hinata stroked her luscious breasts as she came closer to cumming. "I BELONG TO YOU!" she screams as finally eclipses. Fingering her soaking wet pussy, the vibrator is lifted to her erected nipples. Hinata was in heaven, somehow forgetting the fact that she was Kurenai's slave.

All Hinata could think about was sex and the pleasure she was feeling. It was intense and she wanted more as Kurenai started to rub her own wet pussy against her own. Randomly she started to scream more and more with each realece Hinata went closer and closer to her soon to be master and she loved every second of it. Kureani smiled at the younger girl and she knew that she was broken. Kurenai smiled as she put the strap on back on and Hinata got to sucking it with lust filled eyes. Kurenai pulled the strap on out of her salves mouth and she went around to her back end. She almost gently pushed it inside the girl causing a moan from Hinata. Kurenai soon started to roughly fuck her ass and several times during her assault Hinata came. Hinata was putty in Kurenai's hands and she continued the assault. On command she flipped over and Kuernai saw that there was a rather dull tint in her milky white eyes and Kureanai knew that Hinata was now broken. Hinata soon passed out and it was not till early the next morning that she finally woke.

There was a rustle of a door in the early morning and she heard a male voice speaking to Kurenai "Have you gotten her and broken her, she will be an excellent breeder for both me and my fiancé."
"I have Naruto-sama she was easy to break unlike your other three slaves. How is Tenten doing anyways."
"Very well and she will be quite happy with this slave. I think she still has some frustrations from her break up with Neji and the pain it caused her."
Kurenai smiled at the memory of how much pain Tenten caused that boy for believing in fate and destiny. He was in the hospital for a rather long time after that.
Hinata felt a leash being attached to her and yet she did not look up at her new master. Submissively she followed Naruto behind to a rather lush estate with an equally lush garden. Her eyes took in the sights and ears took in the sound but they did not possess to her mind for a little bit of time. A quick jolt of her leash she sat down and she sat patiently. She heard her master talk to her mistress "Tenten I have a present for you and I know you would like it."
Hinata could feel Tenten look down at her and she could feel her eyes scrutinized every part of her body. "She will be excellent for us Naruto and she will make a fine pet and a cum dump for our dogs. Hell she already acts like one but I think that she would be a good lover unlike both Ino and Sakura. Now that both of those sluts are pregnant they are of no use to having sex. That's too bad as they will be giving birth in three months. I want to see how Hinata responds to sex before we make any dissension."
Tenten stepped on to Hinata and pulled down her pants and panties and showed her shaven cunt in Hinata's face. Hinata immediately started to lick at her hairless pussy and she soon brought Tenten to orgasm. Tenten stepped back and she said to Naruto "Well she has my vote for a bed slave and she is much better that both Ino and Sakura combined. Why don't you step up for her to suck you off and I want your judgment on it was well to see if she would be a sex slave."
Naruto grinned and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to show Hinata a rather large cock. Slowly and almost skillfully Hinata began to suck Naruto off and eventually he came right in her mouth. Naruto smiled at the blowjob and at the skill that Hinata was displaying. It was not long till Naruto came right in her mouth. Naruto stepped back and looked at the slave and smiled to Tenten, "She gives better blowjobs than those dog slaves and I would put her on par with Sasame. She is and will be a bed slave and she will also be popping out babies from my line. I know what you think about the Hyuuga sweetheart but Hinata always has disagreed with fate surely the sins of the father should not affect her in punishment."
Tenten looked down at the girl who still had her husband to be's cum still in her mouth and she smiled to Naruto. Tenten cupped the side of Hinata's face and said to her "You may swallow now." In a loud gulp, Hinata swallowed her master's cum as soon as the order was given. Tenten's smile got only more broadly and she turned to Naruto and said "I honestly think she would be a great love slave and she will stay out of the dog kennel. Now Hinata unlike the other two slaves you will have a choice on whether or not to have children but unlike Sasame you do not have a choice on whether or not you will have to participate in the bedroom activities."
Naruto cupped the other side of her face and said "Now Hinata I want to see how well you can use your ass and pussy. I know Kurenai's style of breaking but it leaves much to be desired for. When she broke Ino and Sakura they had no clue how to perform a blowjob and you can do it almost masterfully."
Naruto removed his hand from her face and went around to her back end and saw both an already abused ass and pussy. Naruto lurched at the obvious pain that Hinata was experiencing and he saw traces of blood coming from her ass. Naruto nearly wanted to puke at the abuse that Hinata had suffered and he could not hurt her in this way since he walked her home.

Naruto's eyes hardened and he called Tenten to look at what happened to Hinata. Tentens imitate reaction was that she had turned green before her eyes showed much disgust. Both of the silently looked at each other and both knew that Kurenai would pay for giving them perfect but heavily damaged goods. Almost at the same time Hinata wanted to please her master and thinking that he was waiting till she spread her pussy lips before entering her she reached under and showed her badly bruised walls. The site was horrendous and hideous and Hinata had not an idea why her master hesitated before taking his slave. She knew that this would be done and she readied herself for the sting that never came. Breaking her beaten in instincts she turned around and saw that they were examine her and to her shame she was injured. Naruto gave the girl a weak smile before Tenten went down to her level and said "You may speak freely and openly about this no one should have this amount of injuries to the body especially during a slave breaking. My first question is why didn't you tell us you were this hurt?"
Hinata could not look either Tenten or Naruto in the eye as that is what she was trained to do and said "Mistress Kurenai ordered me not to and if she found out I told my little sister would be her slave."
Both Naruto's and Tenten's hearts lurched in pain at pain in Hinata's voice while horrified on what they heard and how broken her spirit was. Naruto was the first to recover from this sicking perdickiment they found themselves in and they explicitly told Kurenai that there was to be no damage to this slave or she was willing. Naruto calmed himself and said "Hinata take as much rest as you need and I will tell Sasame that you are her equal now."
Tenten said soon after "The Hokage needs to be involved in this issue and she will be notified of this. It is well known that we do have slaves but the ones we have were ones who broke laws or willing. Kurenai need to know that she broke several laws and that she forced one of her students into slavery."
Hinata's eyes widened in fear as soon as the kage was mentioned and she begged "Mistress please do not tell the Hokage as Mistress Kurenai will capture my sister and give her an even worse fate than me."
Naruto gave Hinata kiss and he said "Don't worry about your sister as she will be protected by a legion of my clones hedged into various things. Take a few deep breathes Hinata everything will be fine and Kurenai might be joining you soon as your slave."
Hinata looked at Naruto and said "I thought slaves could not own property."
Tenten smiled and said "You are an unwilling slave who did not break any laws to deserve this therefore that clause is negated as well as you being a slave. Now if you want to stay with us then you may do so."

Hinata smiled and said "Master and Mistress I will be your concubine."

Short epilogue to a short story ? years later

Hinata smiled and looked at her station in life and she saw her own slave licking at her own bald pussy. Hinata sighed and remembered the day she agreed to be a concubine of Naruto and his wife and several of the children that all of his women gave birth to. She herself has given birth to several ospring of the new Hokage and she smiled as she came right into Kurenai's mouth. Only one hour after she gave herself to Naruto as his concubine Kurenai was arrested for illegal making and selling of a slave and sentenced to life without parole to the one she enslaved to be her slave. Oh yes it was rather fun to break Kurenai in as her slave and all the scream that she did when she was captured by the Anbu but she eventually with much brain washing accepted her role in life as a slave to a concubine.

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