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Trial and submission of Kurenai

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"Kurenai Yuhi the council has decided that you will have a life in prison without parole but you have yet to be judged by the SM council. With how may by laws you have broken you will probably get the same thing happening to you. If such thing happens then you will go to whatever punishment is harsher and has more for your talents."

The regular civilian council left the room to find out what will happen to the former jonin some of the jury stayed on to watch the proceedings and one man got his jollies as Kurenai was striped where she stood. The bench was replaced with a seat with a dildo in it that would eject a mettle spike right into the brain if she was to be executed. Even with all of her shiniobi training she did not want to die so soon and began to weep. This was the ultimate punishment for anyone in the BDSM scene and most people would go to their deaths here when such trials happened. Kurenai shuttered in remembrance as a slave was found guilty of killing her master and she was put to death threw similar means. Her breath hiked up as she was an older man and woman come into the room flanked by two representatives from the lesser master and mistresses council.

The woman who striped Kurenai said in shock "Grand master Nori and Grand mistress Hoshi I didn't know that you were going to be here today with this trail."

The old man smiled and said to the younger girl "There is no need to apologies to me for this young dom. Why should I fault you for this?"

The much younger girl bowed to the grand master and mistress in accordance to the customs and traditions of the court. "Slave Kurenai Yuri you are here by charged with intentional slavery of a one Hinata Hyuuga. Rape and torture of the said girl, and selling the girl to a well known dom. How do you plead?"

Kurenai looked at the execution device between her legs and knew that if she pleaded not guilty then she would be executed there on the spot due to what happened. She closed her eyes and said "Grand master I plead guilty."

The grand master looked at the rest of the tribunal and said "I was hoping that you would plead the opposite of this and we would see you die. Well let's get this trial on the road prosecution your up."

"Honorable members of the tribunal the red eyes slave that sits before you was once a propionate Mistress in this community. She acted alone and heartless against one of her own students that she would have inducted to here as a sub, she both raped and tortured this said girl and sold her to an upcoming master hoping to get him expelled from the community as well as discrediting him in the running for the kage possession. The prosecution rests the opening statements."

The defense went up to present the hopeless case and try to get Kurenai a reduced sentenced. "Slave Kurenai may have willingly went against the normal conditions for the acquiring of a slave but she was on an assignment for the acquiring of concubine Hinata. The said concubine was being rather rough in her breaking so former mistress Kurenai had to resort to rather drastic measures. The defense rests their case."

The trial went on for a few hours while the grand master and mistress watched the proceedings taking note on Kurenai's posture and when Uzumaki Naruto took the stand everyone went quiet to listen to the case breaker.

The prosecution lead first "Please state your name and rank for the record."

"Naruto Uzumaki Namakaze as for record that was just achieved as a master level."

"Can you please tell us what happened at the beginning and your rank then?"

"I had just proposed to my fiancé who is a mid to high level dom and I wanted to give her an engagement present. Since one of her previous boyfriends was a hyuuga I thought that it would be nice and a very sentimental gift to get her a slave from the same clan. I left it up to Kurenai to find this slave and break her in for Tenten but what we did not know was that she was unwillingly taken and broken. We made it clear to her that this Hyuuga had to be either willing or broke the law as part of the slavery clause. What we found was a girl that was an unwilling slave and was forcefully broken. She was threatened by Kurenai that she would do the same to her sister if anyone found out. As of right now Hinata is little more than a slave with very little backbone that would be required in a concubine but my other concubine and Tenten are working with her to help her through. She still has not told us what Kurenai did to break her but I personally do not want to know. She has been through a lot and is not ready to take the stand in this trial. All the work we have done so far will be all for not if she takes the stand."

The grand master looked Naruto in the eyes and asked "You were recently awarded the title of master going from a high dom were you not?"

Naruto nodded and responded to the head of the organization "I was grand master and several of the people that are here now were on the board that tested to see if I was master material."

The grand master sighed and responded "I know that concubine Hinata is not ready to take the stand against her former teacher and I can also understand that you are acting on her behalf you are indeed a true master compared to the slave that is standing trial what would you like to be done with her."

Naruto thought for a second and knew that he would have to word his answer carefully and responded "Grand master normally if a person does this is put to death is it not?" Naruto received a nod from the grandmaster before continuing "But Hinata would need a person under her to relieve herself should she feel the need I think an appropriate punishment for Kurenai would be a life time of enslavement to Hinata. This way it would be a deterrent to other masters and mistresses that would want to try this. The side that wants you to show her mercy will get it but the side that wants to see her punished will also get it."

The grand master looked that the unusually young master and responded "I will take that into consideration. You are very wise for your age young Mater Namakaze. This is something that I have given some thought to as well."

Naruto bowed to the grandmaster in a sign or respect to him and responded "Thank you grandmaster."

The defense knew that they could not argue with the chain of events and knew that it was already hopeless and the leading defense stood up and said "Grandmaster may we make a plea agreement with young master Namakaze?"

The grandmaster seemed to think about it for a while before saying "You may do so."

The defense stood up and proceeded to say "young master Namakaze we find that Kurenai being a slave to Hinata would be beneficial to your standing as well as you getting another slave. Konoha law says something similar about slaves and since it was Kurenai doing this then her possessions are forfeited to you. She can be your slave if you chose it to be and she will be under concubine Hinata we feel as the defense this would be a more adequate punishment."

Naruto looked at the grandmaster and he nodded in agreement with the defense before Naruto finally said "This would be a suitable punishment for this slave and she will become my concubine's perminate property."

The grand master banged his gavel and said "Very well this trial is over with the defendant slave Kurenai being found guilty and sentenced to a life time of slavery under young master Naruto, who I wish to see after the proceedings."

Skrely Kurenai got up to go over to her new master knowing it would be a long road ahead of her but she thanked the gods that her life was spared. Naruto followed the grandmaster out and her smiled at him while saying "You did an excellent job in their high master Naruto enjoy your new rank in this area because until I die or retire this will be your rank. You only answer to me when it comes to judgment and since Kurenai was out of the race for the highest rank other than grandmaster or mistress then you are the only good choice."

Naruto bowed once again to the grandmaster and responded "I thank you grandmaster for coming to the proceedings and your input was very valuable to the decision. I know that my slave deserved death by impalement from that spike but she could be more of use to a slave. It helps that she is a lesbian already. I know that another mistress named anko would love to play with her every now and then with that red head slave they had together."

The grand master smiled and noded "You were the better choice anyways but do not be afraid to come to me if you need help with anything or an unruly dom, mater or mistress is giving you trouble. You may be much younger than me but you may become in charge of this entire organization one day.

Kurenai looked at her master and knew that she was indeed lucky to be alive and normally she would have been put to death if this was anyone other than Naruto. Sure her station in life was that of a slave but she knew that she should submit to her master in the same way she submitted to her own while she was training under her. Kurenai followed her master on her hands and knees threw the village still in the nude but for some reason she did not care if the other villagers did some cat calls or whistled as she walked by or just gave her very dirty looks. She deserved every minute of it and it was only part of her punishment.

As they got nearer and nearer to the Namakaze mannor she noticed they passed fewer and fewer people and the road started to hurt her delicate hands and knees her hands and knees started to bleed long before they entered and Naruto noticed the blood stained ground that they were leaving he stopped her by saying "Slave why did you not tell me that you were bleeding? As much as I do not trust you right now I still have to take care of you."

Kurenai looked at her new master with a shock of almost awe and wonder that her master would care for her even thought she was going to be a slave to Hinata and knew what the girl might have planned for her even if it was just a quick kill from the said girl. Naruto looked down at his newest slave with almost a look of pity but quickly vanished it by saying "I will not lie to you slave you will be subjected to horrors beyond your imagination and most of them will be done by Hinata or your former lover Anko and her slave." Kurenai's eyes widened before he continued "I have forbidden any of my other girls from killing you but that would be my choice weather you live or die just remember you are the one to have gotten yourself into this mess in the first place."

Kurenai looked down and knew that he was indeed right but it did not help that it was also a death threat as well. She knew that if she stepped one foot out of line then she would be killed. Her entire mind set knew that she would not survive as a mistress for any length of time and that road would get her killed quickly. Quietly they entered the door and found that Hinata was waiting for her on the couch with her legs crossed and her lower half of her body was bare. Hinata smiled as Naruto walked in and the conversation began as he led Kurenai to Hinata's shaven legs. "Naruto-sama what is the news with this new slave and her punishment." Hinata took the leash and moved her legs and spread them. Kurenai knew what Hinata wanted her to do and started to lap at her velvet folds.

Naruto looked at Hinata in the eyes and she flinched for a second thinking that she said something wrong and Naruto responded "She has been sentenced to life as a slave and never able to advance beyond a slave class. She will be taking orders directly from you but I will have the final say on what happens. My word may be law and as long as you do not order her to do anything that is contrary to what I say then you will have free reign on her."

Hinata knew that this would be one of the better options that could possibly happen and accepted them as she gasped in pleasure from Kurenai's skilled tongue. Hinata smiled as she came right into kurenai's mouth and Hinata brought up Kurenai's face and proceeded to yell at her "You are a little bitch beneath my feet. You are the reason why you are in this situation. I would have submitted to Naruto if you asked but no you had to break me to make me submit and now let's see how you feel when I take all of your holes."

Kurenai knew that this was a much different Hinata then what she broke and knew that she was indeed going to do what she had said. Willingly and not to upset her mistress Kurenai put her head down to the ground and her butt up in the air giving Hinata plenty of room to have her fun with her. Kurenai knew that this was her new station in life but the pleasure of submitting to Hinata was more than worth it.

Several times that week Kurenai found herself willingly lapping at her mistress's folds to be rewarded by praise from her. To Kurenai this was an ultimate form of any complement that her mistress could give her and she wanted to please her even more. What the two did not know was that Naruto was watching the performances behind the scenes making sure that Kurenai did not revert back to her mistress tenancies.

Days turned into week, weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Over the years Nartuo became both a respected Kage as well as the youngest Grandmaster to ever come into role. Naruto was handpicked by the previous grandmaster, the one at the trail, to be the head master of all the masters. As the years slowly went by Naruto presided on some trials of various slaves that deserved to be executed and several master and mistresses that needed to be executed due to their cruelty to their slaves. There was one instance of the same thing that Kurenai did in his old age. It was nearly the same trial and same punishment as it was before. By this time Kurenai was completely a slave and was extremely elderly and no longer had her earthly beauty that she had when she was younger. She may be still a slave but she was also a companion to all of them especially when Tenten died after the birth of their third child.

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