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Bella's POV

The first week into the new school year and already I'm called to the principal's office.

I feel like I'm in high school all over again, though I wasn't usually called into the office.

All I wanted until one hour ago – when I received the call from school – was to get home and relax into the tub with a glass of wine and soft music. Not happening.

It's a Monday, after all. And Mondays suck.

I park my car in the almost empty lot and kill the engine. As I get out, I scan the area and see Edward's car a few spots away from mine. At least, he stayed behind. Or maybe he's in detention. Already.

I palm my face.

I always told Carlisle to keep an eye on his kid because he tended to act out, but he never believed me. He used to say that "Edward would never cause trouble" or "He's too much like Esme. He's more like a lamb than a lion."

Yeah, right.

Eat your words, baby, I think to myself sadly.

If this shit with Edward had started after Carlisle passed on, I'd have totally understood him, but he's been doing it behind his dad's back for years.

I open the school's door and step inside.

The security guard, Jacob, raises two fingers to salute me.

Jesus, they know me as if I'm a student.

I wave back and continue down the hallway. My heels click annoyingly loud in the empty corridor.

I stop in front of the Principal's office and take a deep breath then knock and step inside. In the small hallway before the office is Shelly behind her desk – like always. She smiles at me and nods to the door behind her.

"He's waiting for you."

I smile back tightly and with a nod, I go through the door. Aaron Volturi is sitting behind his desk, staring at some files in front of him.

Oh, God. I hope he doesn't want to expel the kid, I think worriedly.

"Good afternoon," I greet him.

His head snaps up and waves me in. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Cullen."

As I step further into the room, I see Edward in a chair close to the door, staring at his hands on his lap.

"What have you done now?" I inquire.

His jaw clenches, but he doesn't answer. I want to shout but I take a deep, calming breath.

"Oh, but answer your mom. It's your deed!" Mr. Volturi says with a sneer.

Edward's head shoots up. "First, she's not my Mom! Second, I kicked someone in the cafeteria because he was sitting in my chair. Big deal," he mutters in annoyance.

"It is a big deal, Mr. Cullen. The boy in question ended up visiting the nurse!" the Principal says authoritatively.

"He's a damn pussy. Not my fault." He shrugs.

I sigh loudly. "What are we doing about this?" I ask, glancing at Edward, warning him to keep his trap shut.

"Well, he'll be serving detention for the rest of the week and apologize to Collin Crowley tomorrow."

Crowley, again? I want to strangle Edward.

Collin's brother, Tyler, is a few years older and he was always Edward's rival. Apparently he was paying him back now that Tyler was out of school.

"I'll make sure he does," I promise. "Let's go." I grab Edward's arm and yank him up.

"Next time, it's suspension!" Aaron's voice floats into the small hallway making Edward tense up.

I'm sick of talking sense into him every freaking day.

When I started my relationship with Carlisle, I didn't even know he had a kid. Then I met Edward and he was the most adorable ten year old. That was seven years ago. Now, I almost don't even recognize him.

"I'm sorry," he mumbles as we make our way out of the school.

"You better be. I hate grounding you. And it's not like you'll listen to me," I add, looking at him pointedly.

His ears turn red and he stares at his shuffling feet.

"Get in your car. You better follow me home or you're in deeper shit," I warn him.

With a jerkily nod, he goes to his car and I to mine. He's constantly behind me the whole way home.

There are only thirteen years between us and we've established from the very beginning that he won't call me mom because frankly I wasn't ready for that at twenty-three and being closer in age, I could be his friend.

Now, I realize that it was a mistake. He doesn't really respect me and doesn't listen to me at all – especially since Carlisle left us. I keep guilt-tripping him by asking what would his dad think of his behavior, but the kid's smart and he always has a comeback. Smooth talker that one.

I don't realize I got home and parked in front of the garage until a honk snaps me out of it. I open the garage door and roll inside.

We walk into the house and stop in the kitchen. I pull out of the fridge a bottle of coke and Edward grabs two glasses. I pour the fizzy liquid in them and lean against the counter, sipping from my glass.

"What did you promise before school started?" I ask, cocking my head.

"That I won't cause trouble any more…and that I'll leave CreepyCollin alone."

"You just went back on your word. Really, Edward?"

"Don't start it, Bella. Okay? Just don't!"

"Then don't make me scold you!" I snap.

"Do you realize that if Dad hadn't married you…you'd be nothing to me?" he shouts, a vein bulging on his forehead.

"But he did!" I yell back, pushing back the tears that threaten to spill. "And you have to listen to me until you're of age."

"I can't wait to be legal and find a good lawyer! You'd be out of my life and without anything cuz you know what? Dad left everything to me! I saw the fucking will!"

I blink back my tears. I know he's wrong because I talked to the lawyer myself. True, Edward has more than me, but I have the company and some money, including my car and the vacation house in Cayman.

"Whatever," I mutter, slamming the glass on the counter and marching out of the kitchen.

"Oh, that's so smart coming from a thirty year old accountant!" Edward shouts mockingly after me. "You know you're at my mercy once I turn eighteen."

I refuse to allow a bratty teen be the cause of my tears, but it's impossible. His words hurt so much.

I wipe my cheeks and head to the adjoined bathroom to prepare my much needed bath. As the tub fills with water, I go to the kitchen after some wine.

Edward disappeared and I have a nagging feeling he even left the house. A quick check of the garage shows his car gone. I fist my hands but refuse to let it get to me.

Once back in my bathroom, I slip out of my black dress and sink into the warm water. I relax in the tub, letting my head fall back and stretch my feet.

Ah, heaven.

I need some music. Luckily I keep the remote here. After one click, soft music spills from my room and I sip from my glass.

This is the only time I can actually detach from everything and pretend my life is perfect.

As I relax, I think back on how I met Edward's dad, Carlisle. I never thought it would happen to me – to fall for an older, married guy. Life throws you wherever it wants and I always felt like a ping pong ball, especially as of late.

Fresh out of college and yet attending another job interview. I swore to myself to stop being so damn picky and accept anything – even if I won't do what I studied at first.

But then Mr. Cullen from Cullen Medical Center called and asked if I'm still available because he's in dire need of an accountant. I almost shouted 'yes' and told him I'll be there in half an hour.

My plan didn't go well when I got stuck in traffic and ended up half an hour later than I promised.

Once I reach the fancy medical center, I call him to let him know I arrived.

Five minutes later, a tall, blond male dressed in a sharp suit, approaches the waiting area. He talks to one of the nurses then his head turns to me and I realize that's the manager.

Holy smokes!

He approaches me with a smile on his face.

"Miss Swan?" he asks tentatively and my face burns in embarrassment when I feel a pool of pleasure wetting my panties. His voice…dear God.

"Y-yes," I stutter.

He extends his hand. "We talked on the phone. My name's Carlisle Cullen."

I touch my sweaty hand to his cool one and I feel faint.

Jesus. I need to get a grip of myself.

"Bell— Isabella Swan," I tell him, blushing some more.

"Let's discuss this in my office," he offers, dropping his hand and turning around, waiting for me to follow him.

The second the door of his office closes behind us, I try to collect my thoughts to be able to answer every question he might ask.

I shouldn't have worried because the interview is rather unconventional. I bet I will have never done anything like that in any other situation. But he gives this vibe… and I can't say no.

Before I know what's going on, I'm bent over his desk.

We don't talk.

It's never been like this.

No one's ever made me feel like he does.

When we catch our breath, much later, he tries to apologize and says he understands if I don't want to step into his clinic again because of his atrocious behavior – his words.

I tell him that I still want the job.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

My desk is in the same office as his – very conventional for extra curricular activities.

Only two months later, at the Christmas party, do I learn more about him.

I meet his wife.

I don't answer any of his calls all through the holiday and plan to quit as soon as I get to work after New Years. My plan fails when Carlisle shows up on my doorstep on New Years Eve. He explains that he's separated from Esme and that she still loves to present herself as his wife. He tells me that the divorce will be finalized in the spring and he hopes to win his child. All the information makes my head spin.

That coming February I meet his son. He comes to the clinic and Carlisle is fussing around him. It turned out Esme forgot to pick up him from school and a friend's mom drove him here. That settles for who will have Edward when the divorce ends.

Edward stays in the office with us, doing homework, peeking frequently at me. I find it amusing and when Carlisle catches my eyes, we share a smile. His son is the cutest ten year old ever. And in time, we grow really close. He ends up spending more and more nights at his dad's house and never asks why I'm there – because after Carlisle's visit on New Years, I moved in with him.

A loud banging noise shakes me from the memories.


Edward's no longer that sweet, obeying little boy.

I quickly rinse myself and then dry up before wrapping a terrycloth robe around my body – right on time for my room's door to slam to the wall.

Edward stops dead in his tracks, almost forgetting why he is here. Almost.

It seems like hours before he takes his eyes off my exposed legs and meets my eyes.

"Listen, I'm sorry for earlier," he mumbles, averting his eyes.

I sigh loudly. "It's futile to ask you to never do it again. We do this every time when we fight," I whisper.

He gulps loudly and takes a small, tentative step toward me. "Really, I shouldn't have… I miss him, too."

I close my eyes blocking my tears from falling then open them to see Edward only a few inches away from me, looking troubled. I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly.

"Sorry," he repeats in my hair, squeezing me.

"Can we talk about what's going on with you?" I wonder, steering him to the bed. "It's worrying me, Edward." I sit down with him next to me.

"Dunno. I guess it started…when…" His teary eyes meet mine. "When they found Mom dead…then Dad died so suddenly and…" He presses the heel of his palm to his right eyes. "Fuck, I took everything for granted."

I stroke his hair and press his head to my shoulder. "I never knew you felt like that about Esme," I whisper shocked.

"Seriously, Bella. Bad or good, drunk or sober, suffocating or indifferent…she was my mother! I hated the few hours I had to spend with her, but I did it because I was afraid they'd take me away from Dad and you. Then she was gone and…fuck, I missed the endless hours when we just sat there not saying anything."

"You know, no one realizes what they have until they lose said something…or someone in your case."

"Please, don't leave, Bella. Don't listen to the shit I say when I'm upset…please," he murmurs brokenly. "You're my best friend."

I gasp mockingly. "So I'm on the same level as Emmett?" I tease him.

A small smile creeps on his face. "Well, not really. Duh! Em is my guy best friend and you are my girl best friend. Makes sense?"

"Maybe." I giggle and kiss his forehead. "Now, go to bed."

"You're not going to ask where I've been?" he asks surprised.

"Best friends don't ask. Parents do," I say solemnly and watch his shuffling to the door. "You know what best friends do?"

"No." He frowns, turning to stare at me.

"They sneak to your car and check the last GPS route on your car."

His face is priceless.

"I know you always go to the cemetery when we have a fight," I add quietly. "Now, go. You have school tomorrow," I urge him. It's past eleven and it will take me ages to wake him in the morning.

He scowls at me. "Yeah, mom," he sneers and leaves my room.

I fall back on my bed and close my eyes, falling asleep just like that.

It's going to be a slow burn.

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