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Bella's POV

My Easter plans don't go as planned.

Though Jazz accepted my invitation eagerly, on the Wednesday before Easter he is MIA. No one knows where he is and he's not answering his phone.

There's been an incident and I have to work along with most of the staff. It takes me a long time to locate Jasper's notes and everything. Even though he's the neatest guy I ever met, he's very private too, so I've no idea where to start looking. Eventually I find what I need, crisis is averted, and everyone can go back home to their families and celebrate.

While I cook along with Alice, I have Edward try calling Jasper.

In the end, I accept that he probably just went to Texas and is not going to join us for dinner.

We go to church on Saturday night and when we return, I am the first to go to bed. I guess being pregnant makes you tired.

I can't wait until my appointment with Kate. I'm dreading it, but at the same time I'm giddy about it.

I'm going to take all the necessary precautions this time.

When I wake up, I find Edward awake…reading.

I'm definitely seeing things.

Squinting to read the cover, I see he's reading White Fang. Huh. Maybe it's for school. Definitely. He'll never read for fun.

"Reading… Nice," I joke.

"Sheesh!" He jumps, closing the book. "Fuck. I don't know the page number…"

"Sorry," I whisper, rolling into his side and putting my head on his lap. "Is Ally awake?"


I glance at the door and see it shut.


He's not expecting this because he's thumbing through the book. So when I tug his pants down, Edward yelps looking at me shocked.

"What? It's been a while," I tell him coyly. "I miss you."

"Missed you too." He chucks the book away and rolls me on my back. "So you're sure, sure…you're pregnant?" he checks.

"Yeah." I move the hair out of his eyes.

"Good. I don't have to worry about the condoms which are in my room."

"I have a box right here," I tease him, turning to the nightstand.

"No, come on…"


Our clothes are thrown away then he's moving inside me.

Ah, how I missed this feeling.

He holds one of my legs from under my knee, while pumping steadily into my wet pussy. His lips wrap around one of my extra sensitive nipples.

I almost forgot how he can make me combust with just one touch.

When I approach my impending orgasm, I wrap one hand in his hair and one in the sheet at my side.

We come together and just lie there, breathing slowly.

Until Alice bursts into our room, saying something about Jasper then screaming so loud my ears are bleeding.

"I didn't need to see that!"

"Then wait outside the door," I tell her annoyed.

Giggling like two kids, Edward and I get dressed then go into the living room where Alice is waiting with Jasper and… Whoa! Pete.

I've only seen him in pictures.

I wonder why he's here.

"Jazz," I say quietly.

"Bella." He sounds so broken and…

Pete's here – that means one thing. Something happened to his parents.

"Uh, you've never met him in person but this is Pete, my son," he introduces him to us. "He was at the neighbors when…there's been a fire at my parents' house."

"I'm so sorry." I rush to hug him. "Do you need anything? Can I help you with Pete?"

"Bella, I… I've barely seen him three times in the past five years. I want to blame that bitch of his mom, but once she OD-ed…why didn't I visit more often…or just bring him here? Fuck, I have no idea how to take care of a kid."

"Join the club," Edward mumbles.

I throw him a look, but thankfully Jasper doesn't hear him. He's on a roll, mumbling about Pete and how small he is, about his disorder, about the bitch he got pregnant, about his parents…

"I'll help," I stop him.

"Me too," Alice chimes in, coming next to him. Then she turns to the kid. "Hi, Pete. I'm Alice."

She touches his shoulder and Pete contorts and starts wailing.


I remember researching with Jazz and Carl about what Autism really meant. I need to find my notes because I want to help Jasper.

Right now, when Pete's crying his lungs out, he looks so fucking lost.

To everyone's surprise, Edward goes to him and I have no idea what he does but the little boy stops crying, eyeing Edward curiously.

I watch as Edward reaches for a candy from the table and offers it to Pete, but the little guy seems fascinated with the short stubble on Edward's cheek. He's touching it curiously.

"Itchy," he murmurs. "Why do you have hair on your face?"

Edward snorts then explains quietly. I'm sure he has no idea Pete's not any kid, but I know he wouldn't treat him differently even if he knew.

"Huh. You'll have to teach me how you calmed him," Jasper tells Edward.

"I don't know what I did, but kids like candy. And if you approach them nicely and don't invade their personal space, they don't get scared; especially if you're a stranger." Edward says, straightening up and looking at Jasper.

"Thanks. That didn't hurt at all. I'm a stranger to my own kid."

"I'm sure he didn't mean it like that," I pacify Jasper. "Are you staying for lunch?" I ask him.

"Yeah. Thanks. I need to have a talk with a doc tomorrow and learn how to act around Pete," he mutters. "I don't think I can take a good care of him."

"Of course you can!" Alice exclaims. "I will help," she insists.

At lunch, Edward's the first to sit at the table, probably starving since we kind of skipped over breakfast, what with Jasper's unannounced visit.

Pete comes in the kitchen, mostly obscured by Jasper's legs and goes straight to Edward, crawling in his lap. Edward looks shocked, unsure what to do, but puts a hand on Pete's knee, eventually.

I can see the hurt look in Jasper's eyes, but one thing I remember from our research is that kids with Autism attach to someone that offers them comfort. And Edward was the first to rescue Pete from Alice.

"Don't be upset," I whisper to Jasper. "He'll warm up to you too. It takes time."

"It stings like shit. My own kid prefers a teenager who doesn't even know what's going on."

"Maybe that makes him like Edward," I hiss, not liking how he's talking about my boy. "In his ignorance, Edward is his best friend."

Jazz scowls and takes food to the table.

I sit opposite Edward who's currently offering Pete some cherry tomatoes and bacon. Jasper and Alice are at the short ends of the table.

Everyone is watching Edward and Pete. My heart grows at the sight.

He has no idea how good he is around kids. He's going to be a great dad, despite his young age.

"Do you want chicken and potatoes?" I ask, getting up to put food on their plates.

Edward nods, still looking dazed by what's happening. Poor boy.

"Thanks, baby," he whispers as I fill his plate.

"Is the nice lady your friend?" Pete asks Edward.

"Uh, yeah. My girl best friend," he jokes.

I bet Pete doesn't get the joke, but he nods, turning to look at the plate. "Can I have the wing?"

He's well-mannered too. I'm sure Jasper's parents, God bless them, had it tough with this little guy.

"Want me to cut it?" Jasper jumps to help his son.

"No." Pete shakes his head. "My kind friend will help." He turns to look at Edward.

"I…yeah. Okay."

I pat Jasper's hand. "After we eat, you can come in my office. I know I put the notes somewhere in there. You need to spend some time with him and learn what he likes. Maybe that way you can become closer," I whisper.

"We spent three days together, Bella. He loves Oreos and his brown bear…which I left home when I came here. On the drive here, when I asked why he was upset, he simply told me that he hates me for separating him from Yogi."

"That's a golden rule, dude!" I moan.

Sheesh. I spend too much time around Edward.

"What's a golden rule, dude?" Jasper cracks a small smile, watching Edward feeding Pete.

"You don't separate kids from their favorite toys!"

"That applies to adults as well," Alice adds, giggling.

I roll my eyes, but laugh along.

When we're done eating, Alice offers to wash the dishes while I take Jazz into the office. Edward takes Pete to his old room. I hear him telling the little guy about Fish. Pete doesn't look interested, but I bet he'll like it. Fish is brightly colored and moves around. Kids like that kind of stuff.

An hour of searching, we find a notebook full of mine and Carlisle's scribbling about Autism. Thumbing through it, we learn a lot. I tell Jasper to take the notebook because he'll need it, and I don't need it. It was his to begin with anyway.

Jasper leaves my office clutching the notebook, looking anxiously around. "Listen Bella…"


"I'm a horrible parent to even think of this…but ever since I met your friend… She's really cute and sexy and I was wondering…"

I make a mental high five with myself. "Alice? She's going through some rough times now."

"I know. I'd like to kill that bastard for even raising his hand at her. She's so small and…she's pregnant. What kind of brute does that?"

"He was a possessive jerk from the beginning but you know how love is blind. Thankfully, she realized he was taking it too far and found the strength to leave. I'm actually helping her with putting him in prison, because a restraining order won't stop James."

"Maybe my right hook will," Jasper offers.

"Don't get into fights on my account," Alice murmurs from the other end of the hallway. "Thank you for offering, but no. There are too many people involved already. I'd hate myself if something happened to you."

After a glance at me, Jasper walks to Alice and I give them some privacy.

My matchmaking skills are still working.

I find Edward on his desk chair with Pete on his desk, watching Fish moving around his tank.

When it's time for them to go home, Pete refuses to go with Jasper, wanting to see Fish and clinging to Edward's leg. Eventually, I convince Jasper to leave him here overnight.

He's busy enough as it is. He has to arrange a room for Pete…from scratch.

When Alice offers to help him, he doesn't think twice about accepting she going with him.

That's how we end up alone with a five year old kid. At least he's quiet and doesn't put a fight when we give him a bath. Once he's in bed, Edward takes me to our room, whispering how he really wants to get lost in me after the hectic day.

I'm not saying no.

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