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Edward's POV

After my brilliant eighteenth birthday party, we went to the doctor and found out what Bella was having.

I didn't think much of that before – when I thought of a baby I imagined a little bundled body and just about that. Now it has a gender.

I'm gonna have a baby girl.

I don't think I've ever been that happy – not even when I knew Bella shared my feelings. My heart was beating out of chest.

Ever since that day, every time I touch her stomach, I feel like I already know the small person in there and talk to her. Always.

But right now I'm indulging Bella because apparently denying a pregnant woman is like killing puppies. Her words.

We're at the beach house in Cayman for a week.

I was reluctant to agree at first because I've heard pregnant women aren't allowed flying, but she explained that before seven months she could do it. Now, at the beginning of July, she's six months – close to the line between allowed and not.

As Bella is lounging on the towel, sunbathing, a book in her hands, I can't regret my decision to accept this.

"Mommy is being served," I joke, offering her the lemonade she asked for earlier.

"Oh, thank you!" She grabs the glass and downs it.

There are still a lot of things that make me laugh – her eating habits, drinking a lot, peeing every minute, oh and she's horny as fuck. Her libido can rival mine – and I'm the teenager in this situation.

"You're an angel," she whispers, leaning to kiss me soundly.

I feel my ears turning red. "Do you need anything else?" I ask, lounging on the blanket, putting my head on her lap.

"I'm good, for now. You're spoiling me, sweetie." She strokes my hair just how I like it.

"I don't see you complaining. Besides, I don't want to become a puppy murderer," I add under my breath.

"My angel," Bella murmurs against my lips. "I want to go in the water."

I roll off her to allow her to get up, but she has other ideas. She tugs me up.

"With you. Clothing is not mandatory." She winks over her shoulder as she walks to the ocean, taking her bikini top off.

I've got to thank Dad for buying this house on a less populated side of the island. But still.

"Bella!" I groan, sprinting after her. I wrap my arms around her, cupping her boobs, kissing at the nape of her neck. "Don't show everyone what's mine," I hiss in her ear.

"Aw, is someone jealous?"

"More like...possessive," I explain, pushing her into the ocean.

Once we're waist deep, Bella turns to me but after a lot of shifting, she realizes it's impossible to do what she wants. She's too big and I can't keep my balance, so huffing loudly, she grabs my wrist then drags me out of the water, striding to the house.

We don't make it far. Bella presses my back against the closed front door, attacking me with kisses while her fingers are tugging down my swim trunks.

I'm not complaining. I love her rough and horny.

Right now, she drops on her knees and as I step out of my trunks, she takes me deep in her mouth. Fuck, I love her mouth!

I may be biased because she's the only one to give me proper head, but she's fucking amazing at it!

"Need you," I rasp out, stepping away. "Please...need inside," I moan when she doesn't relent and comes back after my dick.

"It will be much better after you come once." She winks and keeps on the sweet torture.

Her succulent lips are suckling at the tip of my dick, one of her hands in rubbing me nicely while her other hand is on my balls — tugging, pulling, pressing...driving me crazy. When I feel the slight hint of teeth on my sensitive head, I'm done.

Because she's fucking amazing like that, Bella keeps her mouth open, stroking me through my orgasm then she swallows.

"Now, you get to choose," she teases me.


I'm giddy. She always chose the spots we christened in this cottage so far. It's my turn.

Oh, the possibilities...

The couch? Boring.

Jacuzzi? Already tried it in Aspen.

I know where I want...but I'm not so sure she can find a comfortable position on the chair. The moment I saw it, I asked what the heck was that thing because I didn't remember it. While blushing like I've never seen her before, Bella explained that it was Tantric chair...very good for kinky sex.

"Did you decide already?" Bella asks impatiently.

I smirk and pick her up, walking to the bedroom. She's much heavier than I thought when I decided to carry her, but I'll embarrass myself if I say I can't get her to the bedroom without falling.

"Bedroom?" she asks incredulously. "Did you hit your head or something?"

"Bedroom, not bed." I wink and finally inside the room, I let her down, stretching my arms, hoping she won't see it.

"Then why are we here?" she insists, cocking her head.

"I wanna try the chair," I whisper, walking to it. When I don't get an answer, I turn to see what's wrong.

Bella's staring at me wide eyed, her mouth gaping.

"Don't you want?" I wonder, feeling defeated.

She gulps loudly. "I...if you...think we can...find a good position... HELL YES!" There's a huge grin on her face. "The last time I tried it, I nearly passed out."

"Bella..." I warn her.

Damn, she always talks too much when she gets excited about something. It's not the first time she brings up amazing sexual experiences...which were probably with uh, my Dad.

I rub my cheek, shaking my head.

"Come here." I extend my hand and she wobbles to me, beaming. "No more memories, okay?"

"Ooops, sorry." She puts her hand over her mouth, giggling. "You're the best of them all!" Then she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses my deeply. "I love you more than you'll ever know."

"I love you more." I kiss down her neck.

It takes us a few minutes to find the best position. Bella's leaning on the taller curve while I'm lying on the smaller curve - our bodies joined in the middle. She squeaks and yells my name with every push and pull. Her walls are so tight around my dick...and I'm hitting her spot with every push.

We need to take this chair back home. This is the shit.

And when she comes...Fucking shit!

She's never done that with me inside her – she fucking squirts and thrashes and yells for everyone within ten miles radius to hear.

Just seeing her coming undone like that makes me explode.

Bella's still spasming even ten minutes after we've sagged and are trying to breathe regularly.

"I fucking love this thing. Can we take it home?" I beg, rubbing my hand on her leg. "Please?"

"I'm not sure it fits in Snowflake."

"That means you want it? We can find a way to bring it to Seattle. People that transport stuff shouldn't ask questions about what they drive to one place or another. I'll call the U-Haul."

Bella starts laughing so hard, she nearly slips off the chair, but I catch her in time.

"The first time I saw this...thing, I didn't like it," she confesses. "I couldn't imagine two people could fit on it...especially trying uncommon positions...you know what I mean?" She giggles.

"It looks like something ripped out a SF scenario," I tell her. "But so fucking amazing."

"The funny thing is that I thought it was for massaging purposes," she whispers, catching my eye. "And as the good and caring wife, I told Carl to lie down here. He looked at me surprised but complied. I gave him a back rub then...uh..."

"DON'T!" I shout. "Seriously. Don't," I beg her.

"Sorry. Ow!" She moans, pressing a hand on her stomach. "I think we woke someone up."

I quickly rearrange my body so I can put my head on her stomach – I rub my hand on the side of her swollen skin, pressing kisses everywhere I can reach. I can feel baby girl kicking in there.

"Stop, Edward," Bella protest. "The more you do that, the more she'll kick. It's like she's following your kisses."

I chuckle and with a last kiss, I adjust my body so my head is on her chest, but my hand is still on her stomach.

"Have you thought of names?"

"I'm not sure," Bella whispers. "You have any ideas?"

"Well, I was thinking of Kristie. It's a nice name, isn't it?" I glance at her.

I've been thinking about this ever since we found out we were having a girl.

"That's a beautiful name, Edward! And a second one?"

"You choose," I tell her, pressing small kisses on her tits. I can't help myself – they're bigger and rounder and I love them.

"I always liked the name Jennifer. Kristie Jennifer Cullen. Sounds nice," she muses.

My head snaps up as I just realize I have no idea what we're going to do...about us.

"What's wrong?" Bella asks confused.

"Technically, uh, we're both...Cullen. But..."

She cups my cheek. "I'm sure you know we can't go further. Unless I decide to change my name back to my maiden name to marry you. People would be suspicious of why you have the same name as my previous one."

"We said we don't care!"

"Edward...it's against the law!" she shouts. "I can't believe we're even talking about this. Who wants to get hitched at eighteen?"

"Me, okay? I love you! I want that child to have my name."

"She's gonna have your name...anyway."

"I want to marry you. If not on paper, then at least a small ceremony where no one knows about what's going on... Like here."

Bella's brown eyes grow so wide I fear they'll fall out.

"That's a rather uncommon way to ask someone to marry you." She laughs. "But if you really want, we can do it back home. Alice will kill me if she's not present. And I bet Emmett will be upset to miss his best friend's wedding."

"So you're sure...you want this?" I whisper, still shocked I kinda asked her to marry me.

"Yes, silly."

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