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Edward's POV

I don't leave the hospital until Bella wakes up, which is three days after she gave birth to our beautiful daughter.

Besides Jasper, who is working in the clinic and drops by every hour or so, the others visit only once a day if they can.

Emmett is busy with his classes – he went to college unlike me.

Alice is juggling between Pete and Sarah. Pete decided he didn't like Kristie when she threw up all over him so that meant he no longer liked me, either!

Sarah was older and Alice always knew when was the right time to allow him to hold her. I didn't know it wasn't okay to let him swing her after she just ate.

I'm currently in Bella's hospital room, with the baby on the couch next to me, watching me curiously.

I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

She ate, she's changed, she's okay. But I want to do something…I don't know.

What does a baby do?

The noisy plastic toy Emmett brought this morning seems to irritate her and it took me hours to settle her.

"Just wake up, Bella. I'm losing my mind," I beg her, grabbing a fistful of my hair.

"Edward?" I hear a faint voice and look up startled.

"You're awake!" I shout and rush to her side then turn back and grab Kristie when she lets out a high pitch cry. "Sorry," I mumble, rocking her. "Bella, I thought I lost you," I whisper, sitting next to her.

She starts crying and I have no idea what to do.

"Should I call the doctor?"

She shakes her head. "You look so…beautiful with her. How is she? What happened?"

"You lost a lot of blood." I gulp thickly. "Fuck, I almost lost you! If you ever scare me like that…" I mutter, narrowing my eyes at her. "Seriously, baby."

"I'm okay now." Bella raises her hand but she drops it quickly. "I feel so…lifeless."

"You were out for three days," I explain.

"What?" She gasps.

"It's true." I nod. "Let me call your doctor. I never left, but I guess even Kristie got sick of my smell," I joke.

"She's so adorable," Bella murmurs, her fingers twitching.

"I'll put her on your chest, but I have to help you up a little." A little shifting around later, she's holding our daughter for the first time, and then I call Kate.

"What did you feed her?" Bella asks just as her doctor steps into the room.

"Good to have you back. You scared the kid over there, along with a dozen other people."

"I'm so sorry, sweetie," Bella whispers, touching my hand. "You didn't answer."

"I provided milk from the clinic supplies and your friends brought clothes, toys and diapers," Kate tells her. "Now that she's awake and well, Edward, please go home and shower. You stink!"

I clutch at my heart, but accept the offer. After kissing my girls, I leave, feeling better than ever before.

When I get home, I jump in the shower then pack some clothes for Bella along with stuff for the baby. As I pass my old room on my way downstairs, I see the fish tank and groan.


Dumping the bag in the hallway, I rush to my pet. Huh. The water is clean and he has food.

I have to thank Alice or Jasper, whoever took pity on me.

After making a couple sandwiches with leftovers, I drive back to the clinic, eating one of them.

Bella's on the bed where I left her and Kristie is in a special bed next to her. Apparently, she was able to convince the staff about that. I yelled at everyone to install the baby in Bella's room, but they insisted it wasn't possible.

I'm actually happy I wasn't around to hear Bella yelling. She can be quite scary.

She's flipping through a magazine, wearing her sexy as fuck glasses, unaware of me.

"Hey," I whisper, taking the magazine from her hands.

"Hi, yourself." She beams at me. "What do you have there?" She points to my bag.

"Clothes for my favorite girls." I wink. "And a sandwich for you."

"I love you!" Bella takes a fistful of my shirt, snatching me closer and kissing me deeply. "Damn, I missed you, Jailbait."

"Hey! I ain't Jailbait any longer!" I huff. "But you're still my Hot Mama."

She rolls her eyes and pats the spot next to her. I immediately snuggle there, laying my head on her shoulder.

"Did you sleep at all these past few days?" She strokes my cheek. "You look so tired, honey."

"Here and there," I say truthfully. "I was so worried for you, and then there was Kristie. I had no idea what to do and she cried every four hours or so."

Bella turns sad and glances at our baby. "I'm so sorry for being stubborn. After you left, Kate filled me in about what happened. Apparently, I gave birth naturally, but there were complications and I had a hemorrhage. I don't remember anything, honestly. It hurt a lot and then…nothing."

I squeeze her tightly in my arms and just sit there, grateful she's still alive. "We're married," I mumble suddenly.

Bella laughs and glances at me. "What a wonderful honeymoon!"

I grin and peck her cheek. "I'll consider our time in Cayman our honeymoon…before the wedding."

Before she can answer, the door opens and I jump out of the bed, feeling my heart beating out of my throat.

Grandma Kitty is here.


I completely forgot about her.

"Couldn't have waited for me when you dropped by home?" she mutters, eyes on Bella.

"What?" I squeak.

Grandma comes closer and sits on the chair next to Bella's bed. "I stayed at your house. Who do you think cleaned around and fed your fish? Huh?" After she's done with me, she turns to Bella. "I'm not sure how to feel about this. If I knew that seducing my grandson was your goal when you visited me last year, I'd have stopped you. I want to know what you want?" Grandma asks, narrowing her eyes at Bella.

"She didn't," I interject.

"We're both in this together," Bella explains quietly. "Please, Kitty. I tried to fight off my feelings for him, but…"

"But what?" Grandma shouts. "He was a minor and I'm sure he enjoyed being with an older woman, but what the heck was in your head? Why weren't you careful? This has gone too far!"

"Kitty, believe it or not, I love Edward. I understand it's hard for you or anyone else to grasp it, but I really love him. Even you told me to find someone, remember?"

"Not my grandson!"

"Grandma, Bella never forced me into anything," I whisper, going to her side.

"Stay out of this, Edward. She bewitched you. If I was heartless, I'd tell the authorities everything, but I can't." She shakes her head. "For this boy's sake, and for that innocent baby's sake. For one minute, I did hope you'd—"

"DON'T FINISH THAT!" I yell so loudly, I scare myself.

My rage manages to wake my baby girl and I quickly go to her, picking her up. "Shh," I whisper, bouncing her.

I'm pretty good at this considering I took care of her for the past three days with a little help from Nurse Jane.

"I deserve all you want to throw at me, but please think of them," Bella whispers, making me turn to her. I'm shocked.

"That's the only thing stopping me from going to the next level," Grandma hisses. Then I see something in her eyes. I'm afraid of her next words – they're gonna be hurtful, I bet.

"I thought you couldn't have children," she says quietly.

Bella pales. "I took more precautions this time. Last time…we didn't even know what was happening. Kitty, you were there. You remember how much I suffered."

"It makes me think, now… Did you even want a child with my son, or were you after my grandson from the beginning?"

"Kitty!" Bella shouts outraged. "Edward was just a child when I met him! I never thought of him…romantically until—well, until our visit to your place. I fought off the feelings but lost the battle around Christmas."

"I always had feelings for her, as sick as it may sounds," I add. "If you want to blame someone and feel repulsed—that's me, Grandma. Even though Bella was married to Dad…I still wanted her. Then I don't know how I got the courage to start hinting at it, but at Christmas we both made that step." I take a huge breath, keeping my eyes locked with Grandma. "So either get over it, or you won't be involved in your grandson's and your great-granddaughter's life!"

To my shock, she starts chuckling. "That makes me feel so old."

You are. I bite my tongue not to say it out loud.

I think she's eighty or something like that.

I look at Bella and see a proud expression on her face.

I guess I did well standing up for us – our relationship, our family.

"Can I meet her?" Grandma whispers, approaching me.

I look down to find Kristie watching me curiously, sucking on her pacifier. "Here's my Grandma," I murmur to her, turning her body a little to see Grandma Kitty. I carefully transfer her but apparently she doesn't want out of my arms and starts wailing. "Okay, I'm here." I hold her closer to me, giving Grandma a small tight lipped smile.

Not even the baby wants her.

She was always so fucking mean.

But what she just said about Bella…

I know it's not over, but she'll back off only to be around me and Kristie. I bet she won't ever acknowledge Bella, and I will fight with her. I hate seeing Bella sad.

"She might be hungry. Bring her here, sweetie," Bella tells me.

I do so reluctantly. I got so used to holding the small baby that every time I have to put her down, it's with great effort.

Grandma takes me a few feet away, closer to the window. We kind of hash out everything, and surprisingly she accepts us in the end. She knows Bella isn't like that—for Christ's sake, she made peace with her on Thanksgiving.

By the time I take Bella home, somehow, Grandma kinda moved in with us. I don't know how that happened. Right now Bella's napping at my insistence, and Kristie is sleeping too and I'm starving—Grandma offers to make food.

I sit on the counter, fiddling with the baby monitor, watching how Grandma prepares the soup. I guess it's time to learn this shit.

"So, you're gonna live here now?" I ask, scratching the back of my neck.

"Whatever it takes." She shrugs. "I miss you, Edward. I guess I resented Bella for so long, I missed out on you growing up."

I watch as she adds more carrots and potatoes. "Dad did try to make peace between you and Bella, but you never… I dunno. You never liked Bella."

"I'm still not her biggest fan after what she has done. I see you love her and that you're really head over heels for that little girl." Grandma smiles, patting my knee. "Want a taste?" She raises the wooden spoon to my mouth.

I blow a little then sip the soup. "Mhmm. Yummy." I grin. "Will it be ready soon?"

"Are you hungry?" She laughs.

"Starving," I admit.

I sit there watching her finish the soup, wondering why the fuck I was never close to her. That could have been because Grandma never liked Mom, then she despised Bella and all her hurtful words made Dad distance himself from her.

I rarely saw her so I guess hearing bad stuff about her, made me not like her.

"Are you going to college? You do need to get a degree and find a good job, kid. I'm sure Bella will support you, but now it will be much harder with the baby. She won't go to work, and the money she gets for the maternity leave isn't much."

"I'm not sure about college," I mumble. "Maybe I'll find some classes about computers or something. I really like—"

The doorbell rings, interrupting me.

Pete is at the door, looking up at me innocently.

"Uh, hey," I whisper, taking his hand. "Come in. It's cold outside and you're not dressed properly."

It's not the first time he's come here without telling anyone, but by now Alice probably knows he's over.

"Quiet here," he tells me. "Sarah screams loudly. Pete not likes screaming."

"Kristie is asleep," I say. "So yeah, it's quiet. Did you eat? Are you hungry?"

He bites his lip, squeezing my hand, looking somewhere behind me. Ah. I don't think he properly met Grandma.

"This is my Grandma. She is making chicken soup. Would you like some?" I ask, leading him to the kitchen.

Pete pats his tummy. "Pete ate."

"Okay, then." I nod. "Grandma, this is Pete. He's Jasper's son."

"Bella told me about him." She smiles, turning to Pete. "Hello there, young man."

He doesn't answer, but that's his usual behavior with strangers. He pulls a chair and stops, gaping.

"You got cat?"

Oh, crap.

I almost forgot that Grandma brought her cat. Out of the two we left her, one survived…and now it's here.

Grandma Kitty's back...in full force.

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