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Bella's POV – five years later

I pull the door of the building open, keeping it in place with my foot, waiting for my little Slow Motion Kid to come. She's busy with her ice cream and gazing at the tall building in front of her.

"Come on, honey! Today," I urge her.

She throws me a huge smile then walks a little faster to me.

I promised Edward we'd pick him up from the studio then do lunch. That was three hours ago, when he left the hotel room. Meanwhile, I managed to wake Kristie, wash and dress her then we took a stroll around the city. It is definitely one of the cities I don't want her to see, but oh well. We're here for Edward's job.

Being summer, I took a week off work and decided to follow him for his job. I have to say I hate this assignment—he has to take photos of models. The main reason I followed, but he doesn't have to know that.

We're currently in Vegas. We arrived yesterday afternoon, and despite all of us being tired we took a tour of the city by night. It was really beautiful—the colors, the lights, the fountain, we even bumped into three drunken Elvis.

The reception hall is huge and I head to the lady behind the desk, holding on my daughter's sticky hand.

"Hello." I smile at her. "Do you know the floor the photoshoot session is on?"

"Hello. That would be on the fifth floor. Take the elevator to the right."

"Stairs?" I ask, biting my lip. I hate the elevator, and Kristie inherited that fear from me. She always starts crying when we're in an elevator.

The lady points to a door, eyeing me dubiously.

"Oh, no! Mommy, the ice cweam melted!"

I whip my head round to see chocolate ice cream smudged on her shirt. Luckily I'm always prepared with clean clothes and such.

"Bathroom is right next to the stairs," the woman informs me amused, her eyes on my girl.

"Thank you." I scoop Kristie up and head that way.

Five flights of twenty steps each with a heavy kid in my arms isn't an easy job, but I manage, even though I'm breathless when I arrive on the fifth floor.

First stop is the bathroom. I change her shirt and throw the ice cream away—what is left of it, I wash her hands and face, then she wants to pee-pee. When we're finally done, I take her hand and walk to a door that has written on it PHOTOSHOOT in capital letters.

I slip inside quietly. There's a guy in the small hallway we stepped in. I explain who we are and he gestures to another door on the side. Going through that door I find my man at his best.

He's currently on the floor showing everyone his delectable ass, holding the camera up while snapping pictures of a woman dressed in too little to look decent. She's on her knees, head cocked to the side, hair flying around thanks to the fan, chest pushed up.

It's his job, I remind myself while I steer Kristie to a line of chairs.

There are a few other girls...women dressed just as scantily as the one in front of my husband, but at least they have robes over them.

I know that over the years, he has realized he loves to take pictures of people more than of nature. And he's awesome at it.

From his first ever money he bought a little swing for Kristie. It's still installed in her room, but she doesn't use it as often as before. She used to fall asleep in there as a baby.

"Are you new?" one of the women asks, eyeing me curiously.

I don't know how to feel—amused or offended.

"I'm just waiting for my husband," I tell her with a smile.

I'm sure it's glaringly clear Edward is my husband—he's the only man in the room.

She gasps, her eyes fleeting to him then to me. "Bella, right? He talks about you all the time."

I give her a tight smile, wishing he didn't have to work like this, but at least he has had the same models for the past five months now.

"Can I go to Daddy?" Kristie whispers.

"He's busy, sweetie. Once he's done, he'll come to us," I explain, pulling her closer.

"Oh, this is your daughter?" the same woman asks, grinning. "She's so precious."

I decide that there's no reason to be bitchy with them. "Yes, she is. What do you say?" I prompt my baby girl.

"Hi!" She waves, smiling. "I'm Kissy!"

"I'm Valerie. It's nice to meet you."

"And I'm Bella, but you know that," I add, stroking Kristie's hair.

Poor kid can't say the letter R to save her life.

It was funny as hell when she introduced herself at school as Kissy.

"Did I hear something?" Edward calls from his place on the floor, not turning to us. The girl in front of him giggles, glancing at us. "No? My ears must be deceiving me," he adds, turning his head to grin at us.

"Can I, Mommy?" she whines.

"Oh, go." I push her gently toward him. That's all she needs before taking off. She lands on his back.

My poor hubby.

"Daddy!" Her arms go around his neck. "Missed you!"

In one swift motion, he rolls on his back and brings Kristie to his chest, hugging her and giving her smooches.

I guess the session is done for now.

Edward tilts his head back to look at the girl there, who's now standing. "Five o'clock at Caesar's, remember."

"We'll be there." She nods.

They all disappear through the door I came in. I approach my family and crouch next to them. Edward rises on an elbow and kisses my lips.

"Hey, love."

"Hey, yourself. You like being surrounded by half naked women."

"Ah, you guessed." He pouts, and then starts laughing. "I thought we covered that subject long ago. I just see them with a strictly professional eye."

"It doesn't help that they're all young and beautiful," I mumble.

"Bella, I love you, really, but you're totally blind. You're the most beautiful—to me anyway. I really don't care what others think. Unless they—"

I press my lips to his to stop his verbal diarrhea. Hubby can be adorable sometimes.

"Kissy wants kiss too," Kristie whines, turning Edward's head to her.

Jeez, what am I feeding her? So much force for a five year old.

"Christ, baby girl. You're getting your kiss too." He drops one on her nose.

I can't get enough of watching them together. I couldn't have been farther from the reality when I thought I destroyed Edward's future by getting pregnant. He adores our little girl and everything aside, he stoops to her level all the time, but when it's about something serious he tries to talk sense into her—always failing miserably. That's where I come in to play.

We make one amazing family.

There are times when people misjudge us or look askance at the sight of me kissing my husband, but I've learned to close my eyes. Edward, on the other hand, he's always quick to retort or jump in our defense. It's touching and it shows how much he loves me, but I always calm him down.

It's a cruel society the one we live in.

After packing up, Edward slings his bag over his shoulder then he scoops baby girl and puts her on his hip, takes my hand and we go to have lunch.


Edward's POV – thirteen years later

"Chill, man!" Emmett exclaims.

"Don't tell me to fucking chill!" I shout, making many heads in the coffee shop turn to us. "I can't fucking chill."

"Well, at least I heard it right." He beams at me.

I want to punch him. He doesn't know how I fucking feel.

"You'll be singing a different song when Lillian is a teenager. Just you wait," I hiss, pointing my cup of coffee to him. Luckily, it's almost empty.

"Lilly isn't allowed to date until she's thirty." He juts his chin up, narrowing his eyes at me.

"No shit? You can't control that, you moron!" I rub a hand over my face. I scowl at the table. "Oh, by the way, be home by six. Mom already knows…I'm bringing my boyfriend over," I mimic Kristie, feeling my pressure rising. "Seriously. She's too young."

"She'll be eighteen in two days, man. I think she's old enough to date."

"Em, didn't you just say Lillian wouldn't be allowed to date until she's thirty?"

"Touché." He laughs. "Just don't kill the kid."

"I'm not making any promises. I bet it's some idiot," I mumble, draining my coffee. "Listen, I have to go finish up at work. God forbid being late today." I shudder. "I'll even go home earlier." My eyes widen as I stare at my friend. "You think she'll come earlier and take advantage of the empty house?"

"Jesus, Edward! Take a chill pill. You probably aged ten years today."

"You'd have done the same if your daughter dropped that bomb right before leaving for school. And Bella isn't answering her phone. They conspired against me." I pout. "I was left out on purpose!"

"With good reason, too. Look how you're acting."

I show him the finger, cracking a smile. "I've got to go."

"Call me or something once the meeting is over."

"It will be all over the news, buddy. The blood spill on our street," I joke.

We shake hands before I sprint to my car, drive to work and wrap up my latest project. I'm done in less than an hour—then I head home.

I arrive at the same time as my girl. Thank Baby Jesus she's alone in the car.

She hasn't noticed me so I walk casually to her car and open the door earning a loud screech.


"Hi." I grin.

"I nearly sprayed you." She shows me her pepper spray, shaking her head. "Give me a minute. I think I peed myself."

"Gross, baby girl." I help her out and kiss her cheek. "Good day at school?"

"The worst in the history of high school."

"Aw. What happened?" I wonder, guiding her to the front door.

"Wait. I need to get…the reason you're meeting my boyfriend sooner than I was ready to introduce you."

"Why's that?" I frown and watch her opening the back door and pulling out a baby doll.

Uh. Fuck. That kind of project.

My class escaped that shit somehow.

"Meet Donna the plastic pooping baby." Kristie shows me the doll.

"Does it actually poop?" I ask, disgusted.

"No, but it stinks like hell. Of course, only ours had to poop in the middle of Math class." She groans. "I was looking through the instruction manual to see what to do while Liam was…uh…he nearly threw the doll out the window."

I laugh. "Meh. This is a shitty project, baby girl. You didn't come with an instruction manual."

She laughs and elbows me. "I'm not having babies, don't worry."

"Good to know." I sigh in relief.

"But the process is quite nice."

"Kristie!" I yell. "Don't talk about that with me."

She rolls her eyes as we step in the house. "I know all about it. Don't worry. I had the talk with Mom a couple years ago."

"A couple?" I moan, turning to her. "Why so early? You haven't…" I gulp thickly. "Please say no."

"No." She smiles sweetly.

"And mean it!" I demand.

"You taught me it's not nice to lie."

I groan louder and go into the kitchen. I need something to drink.

While I heat our lunch, I can hear the doll crying—it should have a Stop button. Though Kristie didn't have one. But this is a doll…so, just saying.

"Baby, do something!" I yell up the stairs.

"It's not stopping!" she yells back.

I move the food off the cooker and make my way upstairs. The noises are louder.

The doll is on the carpet in the middle of the room and she's on the bed looking over the manual.

"For starters, babies shouldn't stay on the floor," I tell her, picking up the doll. "Second…maybe it needs a change or is hungry. I shrug."

Kris points to her school bag. "They gave us stuff there."

"Honey, it's your project."

I'm glad she doesn't like it, but she's a girl. Girls like babies. Apparently, not my baby girl.

Once the plastic baby has a sucker in the mouth, it quiets and we can go eat lunch.

"So, tell me about…" I wave around with my piece of bread. "Whatever his name is."

"Liam is my boyfriend's name!" Kristie snaps at me. "Can you attempt to be nice and not kill him? He's really sweet and…I care a lot for him."

"Hmph." I shove the last of the food in my mouth. "Weh shhee."

"I'm totally telling Mom you don't have any table manners."

I roll my eyes, chewing slowly.

By the time Bella arrives, I'm on the couch, deepening the dent I created there, while baby girl is upstairs in her room.

Arms wrap around my neck making me shiver since she's cold. "Hubby." Bella plants a wet kiss on my cheek.

I turn my head, grinning, kissing her succulent lips. "Wife."

She beams and rounds the couch, snuggling into my side. "You're home early."

"I arrived with Kris—perfect timing." I wink.

"You're so bad, Edward!"

"What?" I feign innocence. "You know why we're meeting the boyfriend?"

"Nope." She shrugs. "It's time to meet him?"

"Nope," I reply, laughing. "They have a baby…doll...for that school project."

"You nearly gave me heart attack!" She mock punches my shoulder.

"You think I'd be this calm if…it was real? Besides, baby girl said she doesn't want babies. Works for me. Besides, I'm too young to be a grandpa."

"I'm not ready, either," Bella murmurs, cupping my cheek and kissing me deeply. Her hands tangle in my hair and I bring her closer, tracing a finger on the skin between her shirt and skirt.

Mhmm. She shivers in my arms.

I hear thumping down the stairs, but I'm not ready to separate from my beautiful wife. She tastes so fucking good.

"Ewww! Guys…"

We separate with a loud popping sound making Bella giggle and Kristie make gagging sounds.

"Can you behave? Liam just pulled up in front of the house."

"Sure thing, honey." Bella grins at our daughter, who rolls her eyes and leaves the house to greet her boyfriend. Ugh, I hate even thinking of that.

"Grab your coat, it's cold outside!" I yell after her.

"It's going to be okay," Bella whispers to me, patting my leg.

It ends up being okay, if you don't think of the moment I saw that idiot gawking at my wife—probably repulsed by the age difference, or the moment I caught him checking out my baby girl, his eyes stuck to her breasts; but the most fun I had when I made a comment on how Kristie told me long ago that she's going to wait until marriage and how that's her dream. The fucker shit himself.

Of course, Bella put a stop to my teasing, dragging me to the kitchen where she started lecturing me about not being more mature than the boy currently alone with our daughter in the living room—two teenager alone with raging hormones.

He ends up staying for dinner and Bella seems to get on my side as the night progresses. This fucking idiot isn't good for my baby. Seriously—not that I'm her daddy, but I caught him eyeing my wife's legs and her boobs. A lot. So we make it our mission to get rid of him, but sadly Kristie catches on what's going on and sends us warning looks.

I sigh heavily, wishing she'll realize he isn't what she needs, but there's not much to do right now. I remember the way I was about stuff when I was her age.

I didn't see or hear anyone if they talked ill about my Bella, but I made the right choice. She's my rock and I love her more than anything else—though, baby girl is close competition.

There are times that remind me of our talk during that Christmas when we hashed things out. Like when I want to go out after work, just for a beer with our friends or something, but Bella says she's tired or that she'd just love to stay home. She makes me go with them, but I can't really…not when she's not there.

I always remind her she's not that old. Now she's forty-nine and I'm thirty-six. It's not like I ever cared about our age difference, but fuck did I sulk when I crossed the thirty milestone.

We still get crap sometimes when we go out and steal a kiss or simply hold hands. We don't care anymore, not like we ever gave a rat's ass about our peers' thoughts.

All that matters is that we have each other and our beautiful girl. Our friends accept us as we are and that's all we'll ever need, my Hot Mama and me.


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