Chapter I: The Beginning

Many people know of the story of Frodo, The Fellowship, and the Ring. But, there is a part missing to this story. It is unknown and has never been told. Only I can name a character that might as well be lost in history. The character I speak of is most unlikely. A female elf, from Lorien comes to thought; A warrior. She was tall and beautiful, with long brown hair. She is a part of the famous Fellowship that assisted in the destruction of the one ring.

Raerlis was born in the Third Age, Year 360 to her mother Tiawen, and father Korthal (who was half man) in Loth Lorien. Because of her partial human genes transferred down from Korthal, Raerlis was an outcast as a child. Being partial human, the need to sleep was a requirement for her. Other elves could pass a few nights with only a few minutes of rest. Raerlis was very sensitive, and seemed to have more emotions then other children. Her parents raised her to respect what she was given. Their family was acquainted with several other elf families, but they had no close friends. Raerlis actually had a few select friends in her childhood. She was bullied by upper-class elf children but she made it through. Her closest friends took care of her when she was in danger. Although her childhood existed, she doesn't remember it now. When she was around the age of 12, her family was attacked. She came home from the market to find her house in flames. She went into shock instantly from the extreme blaze and fell to the ground. Neighbors from nearby began trying to put the fire out but it was too late. They had taken Raerlis to a priest to contain her condition. The town removed two bodies from the rubble; her parents. Raerlis became abandoned and orphaned. There was never any report to who committed the crime, but the town governing suggested an outside group was the probable reason. Other elves assumed it was a group who largely disagreed with a family where human genes were prosperous. Humans were not seen as terrible creatures, but very foolish. It was almost an embarrassment to some. Raerlis had finally woken from her shock and remembered the fire, and her parents. She never forgot her parents. They were the strongest people in her life. They took care of Raerlis without any worry or concern of the future for themselves. She spent the rest of her teen years with random families in the city. Some of these families only kept her around because they felt sympathetic, they never cared for her and she never had permanent home. Each day after the fire, for a year, she was struggling. She would wake up and constantly be discontent with anything around her. As she got older she became very independent and happy, despite her hardships. Raerlis grew to her 18th year or her immortal year and blossomed into one of the most beautiful elves in Lorien; leave out Galadriel herself. The town's people would stop and stare at her as she walked through the wilderness surrounding it. She was forced to live on her own when the governing noticed her drawing too much attention. Because of her beauty she was once again pushed into outcast and soon enough banishment, just for other elves jealousy. In the outskirts of the town with others who have been banished, she was accepted. The others treated her worth something, unlike the townspeople. She was given her own cottage to live in and take care of herself, and made friends during her time there. Her neighbor Ariae, who had a small child, would keep her company. She would often come over to Raerlis' cottage and give her gifts in efforts to help Raerlis with the change of living. The best gift she ever gave her was a small horse.

"She's still a baby, but I thought you might want a companion." Ariae said.

Raerlis became very attached to this horse. She named her Brethil. Everyday past that point got better for her. She enjoyed waking up and starting a new day.

Along the years living in banishment with others she learned battle. Raerlis never expected she would be an elf to enjoy this. She had always been independent, but never expected to get to that extent. Raerlis heard of a very old elf, named Gryes, who was once a strategic trainer in Lorien. She was interested in meeting him. She went searching and found what she was looking for. She would visit him very often and talk with him. Gryes would tell her of stories of the battles he attended and his trainees. One day, after a very detailed story, she found him outside with his old sword practicing. From that moment on she knew her purpose. He taught the bow and sword each very well, and Raerlis enjoyed watching him practice. She decided that she would ask him for training. She figured, she had nothing better to do with her time. He accepted after several times of her asking him. He was old, and tired, he explained to her. She always told him that no matter his age, he still had the knowledge. Several years past and she had become very skilled in battle. The old man eventually became more enthusiastic and would battle her himself. She still made slight mistakes and he would explain what would happen if she continued.

"You know what will happen to you? If you make these mistakes in battle there is no option to try again." He would say.

She remembered these words.