Chapter V: The Wait

The following morning Raerlis woke up to the bright sun shining in the room. It was the start of a different life for her and she was optimistic. She got dressed in travel armor stacked on her chair. It wasn't her armor from the previous day, but brand new shiny leather armor that she was unfamiliar with. It was a thick leather corset that went as far down as her thighs, there was green velvet covering it. She wore dark brown leather leggings and a grey cloak. She walked out into the bright, but chilly day to meet the rest of her party members.

"Good morning. I see that the new armor worked out perfectly. We couldn't have you traveling with us without armor that will actually protect you, hm?" Aragorn asked as she approached.

"It fits well. Thank you."

"Well, are you ready to depart soon?"

As she went to answer she noticed Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf were the only ones as ready as her to leave.

"Yes, I am prepared. Where are the hobbits?"

"Oh, they are almost done. They are bidding farewell to Bilbo. It's harder for them to leave then it is for us." Aragorn said.

Raerlis looked over at the group. They were ready for sure. Gandalf smiled at her very pleasantly. She looked over at Legolas, (who she wanted the most approval from) because of his status as an elven prince, and he quickly turned his head and lost her eye contact. She shrugged it off and thought to take a seat. She walked over to the small patch of grass and sat cross-legged while she awaited the arrival of the hobbits. Once the hobbits arrived they set out.

Gandalf's plan was to follow a mountain pass which was assumed to be quicker and safer. The fellowship traveled for many days until they reached this pass. Raerlis walked behind with the hobbits and kept them moving even though they very much wanted to stop for afternoon tea. She became attached Peregrin Took or Pippin for short. He saw Raerlis as a caring figure and throughout the mountain pass hike they became close. All the hobbits thought of Raerlis to be a mothering figure to them. She talked with them, told them stories, and kept them safe as they tagged along the journey.

The mountain pass they began to take was quickly unusable because of the quickening snow storm on the mountain. The weather became more and more unbearable for the group. Raerlis and Legolas could handle the weather. They walked lightly on top of the inches of snow. They assisted the hobbits. Once at a certain height Gandalf had the group turn around. The group was at a standstill. They rested in a hidden area while Gandalf and Aragorn devised a plan. Raerlis sat pleasantly waiting. She looked about the group. Each of the hobbits smiled at her glance, Gimli the dwarf smirked, and Legolas rotated his head as fast as possible away from her. She admired Legolas and his presence. She felt like she was looking at him way to long and looked away. The leaders of the group decided to take the route around the mountain pass to get closer to their destination. They made their travels around the mountain pass quite easily. They came to a stony rock formation and rested there. Boromir was helping Pippin and Took train in battle, some watched and giggled while they overtook Boromir; two against one. Sam and Frodo cooked and discussed how further they still had to go. Raerlis sat in silence with her thoughts. Gimli began to mention the Mines of Moria to Gandalf. Legolas stood up followed by Aragorn. They sensed what was coming towards them.

"Spies of Isengard! Everyone hide!" Legolas shouted.

Everyone in the group found a quick hiding spot and waited. Large black crows flew overhead. They made extensive squawking and screeching noises as they passed. After a short time the birds were far ahead. The group came out of their hiding spots.

"Moria, it is." Gandalf said, looking at Gimli.

Raerlis was nervous and could tell everyone but Gimli were too. As they were walking she caught up to Legolas.

"What's your opinion on this? The Mines of Moria." Raerlis said softly

"Go to the back of the line and watch the hobbits, they're falling behind."

Raerlis returned to her station with an embarrassed face. She knew she shouldn't have said anything. He clearly dislikes her. Pippin seen her face in a new emotion and decided to ask.

"Raerlis, why is your face red?" He pronounced this quite loudly and almost everyone heard it.

She quickly made an angry glance at Pippin and continued on walking. That night when they rested Raerlis stayed up and began to think. She knew this was where she was always meant to go. She was there to protect the hobbits, especially Frodo. Her duty was to be the female of the group and play her role. She was meant for an adventure of these sorts. Because of her unimportance throughout her life she felt that she was about to a part of something way more important than she could have ever imagined.

Then she thought of Legolas. He was the Prince of Mirkwood, and had high authority over the elves. She admired him and simply wanted to know him better but he was rejecting her. Did he reject her because of her outcast status? She began to question if she should give up on trying to have a friendship with him. She thought about this for about ten minutes, sat up and left the group to go for a walk.

Authors Note:

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