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The crumbs from the hamburger that I am currently eating fell onto the table. I don't mind it and continue to munch on this delicacy. Some more crumbs continues to fall, just like the rain that is pouring outside of the window too. It never stop.

When I first decided to come into this restaurant, was to get shelter but my stomach grumbled the moment I took my sit. I didn't wanted to buy anything but ended up buying 20 hamburgers. I don't regret buying it. I enjoy my time here. Munching my hamburger while watching as the rain falls.

Ah, damn. My eyelids are starting to feel heavy... It must be the extra training session Coach had planned. Damn her. I blink plenty of times to get the sleepiness out of my head but fails miserably. As I am about to fall into slumber, something striking invades my eyes. Pink. I lift my nodding head up straight and look closer. Eh? Isn't she Touou High's manager? That big boobs cutie?

I watch with slightly flushed cheeks - she was damped in rainwater - and try to look closer. But I regretted it. I hope I never saw that scene. She runs to a tall tan male with dark blue hair with a smile on her face before her lips starts moving. I can see the annoyed expression on that guy's face while he scoots the umbrella he was holding to the female. She was asking him to share the umbrella. The blush on my cheeks fades to nothing as my burger left hanging in the air.

Aomine and his manager is sharing an umbrella. I stare with a bemused expression.

I know Aomine. He's a guy who won't do it when he does not like it. I can see that he is annoyed but why did he shared the umbrella? Is he somehow...attracted to her? Possible, right?

Aomine loves boobs, big boobs, and she has one. Even though we're dating, no, not dating, never. Rephrase. Aomine and I are like sex partners. We do it when we feels like it. Um, not really. To speak it boldly, I go along with him. When he wants to do it, then we'll do it.


He...He doesn't like me. Not like how I feel for him. Did he got bored of me? Well of course, I don't have soft, bouncy and big chests. My chest is as hard as a rock, totally different from Aomine's interests. It's not shocking to see him moving on to some other ones. Especially if the one is the manager. I always knew they have something. I just didn't want to face it.


"Woah!" I jolt up from my sit and turn to where the sound echoed from as my hamburger falls from my hand. I curse and take a look at the wasted food before back to the figure standing in front of me. "Don't appear out of a sudden like that, Kuroko!" I bark at Kuroko, my shadow. Gosh! I really cannot get used to this!

I sigh and patted my chest to reassure I'm still alive as Kuroko takes his sit across from me. Jeez, he decides things on his own. I tear the wrapping off from another burger and much it before glancing up at Kuroko. "Sho, bwhut duo wyou wbant?"

"Kagami-kun, please don't speak with your mouth full." He stares blankly at me as his hands slowly unwraps his cheeseburger.

I roll my eyes inwardly and swallowed the mouth-full of meat. "So?"

"It's raining and I need shelter." He answers stupidly. Of course I know that! I give him a look and chomp another bite from my burger. Immediately, he knows what I was conveying.

"I was wondering why were you staring at Aomine-kun with such hurt on your face." I almost choked on my food and gulp it down in an instant when he stated that embarrassing shit with such a straight face. I was about to say it's none of his business but I can see the slightly furrowed brows above his dull eyes. He seriously is worried about me. I sigh.

"I'll tell you later." He smiles slightly and I return it with a smirk.

"By the way Kagami-kun," His expression returns to normal and he pointed at the side of his lips. "Sauce." He smiles.

It didn't take long for me to register it and wipe it away. After that, I lengthen my arm to grab onto Kuroko's head and squeeze it gently. "Don't you smile, you asshole. Why are you sitting here of all places?!" I growl and squeeze harder. I think I'm just expressing my frustrations on him but who cares. He doesn't feel pain anyways. I do this to him all the time.

"It hurts, Kagami-kun." He munches on his burger and stares up at me with an expressionless face. See? I smirk.

"As you can see, I-"


"Wait till I'm-"


"..." I stare at Kuroko blankly with frustrations as he shoves an empty bowl into my face. I grumble and snatch it, earning a smugly smile from Kuroko, before getting off my couch and head straight to the kitchen. I place the bowl on my wooden table gently, not wanting to vent my anger on an innocent piece of wood, and open my cupboard before taking out a pack of chocolate crackers. I open it unwillingly and pour some into the container. At least I still have some for myself. I smile at that thought before a devilish thought shot right into my mind. What if Kuroko said it's too little and wanted more? I don't want to come back here all the way... With a reluctant shake of my hand, some more crackers are shoved into the bowl. I let out a sigh and keep the few delicacies back into cupboard.

I go back to the living room and slam, not really, put the bowl in front of Kuroko as he immediately takes one and stuffs it into his mouth. I roll my eyes inwardly and continue my complain about Aomine, for the fourth time.

"I like Aomine..." I confess with a faint blush tainted on my cheeks as I tangle my fingers together, resting my chin on them.

"I know." Kuroko stated bluntly. Wait, how does he-

"You're facial expression shows everything whenever you're around Aomine-kun." Judging by my surprised expression, he explained with an oh-so-obvious face. Ugh, sometimes I hate his expressionless but still full of expression face.

"Okay." I nod in satisfaction and continue. "But you know... He doesn't really pay attention to me. He...I know he's an arrogant and selfish and sick and perverted and sexy and hot and seductive and-" And here comes me. My face blush many shades of red before I realized what I just said. "Damn..." I bury my face into my palms as I mumble to myself. I can't believe I just said something like that in front of someone else! I always keep it to myself.

"Point taken." Kuroko bugs in when he noticed that I'm kinda at war with myself. Although it sounds very annoying but I'm glad that he did that. My head rouse from my palms as I try to pick up every piece of myself before I go on.

"The point is, I want Aomine to know about my feelings." It is really hard to spit that out. I sounded like a schoolgirl but never mind.

"Hn. So how do you plan to do that?"

"I...don't know." I make a confession.

Kuroko sighs and he places back the now hollow bowl back on the table. "Well, Aomine-kun is dense. The only way to let him notice something is to tell him face-to-face, bluntly, straightforwardly."

Damn. I curse in my head. I'm not good at being straightforward. I'm a tsundere. W-Well, that's what my teammates and Kuroko always call me but I never will admit it out loud. I knit my brows together and think, hard of a way to convey my feelings to that idiotic Panther.

"I can tell him though, if you want." Kuroko says. I blink at him. It is a very good idea, maybe it'll work but will Aomine be satisfied just by that? I don't know about Aomine, hell, I don't even know whether he likes me or not. What if he does? If he does and Kuroko's the one doing the confession, will he think that I'm a wuss and despise me for not being manly enough? Gosh, I should really stop this, the whole thinking-to-me-self thing. It's giving me the headache.

"So?" Kuroko once again leads me back to the real life.

"Um... No, thank you." I've decided. I will not appear as a wimp to Aomine, I will confess to him with my own voice and lips! "I can handle this." I give Kuroko a reassuring smirk and Kuroko seems content because he replied with a knowing smile.

And when I thought the storm is already over, the doorbell rings.

"I'll go get it." Kuroko offers and stands up. Hn, that's the least he can do for eating up most of the crackers I bought from the US. Ugh, just by that thought made my heart clench. I shrug it off like it's nothing and take the bowl to the kitchen to do some washing and cleaning. I don't like it when my home is all dirty and gross.

The doorbell keep ringing non-stop, gosh! I roll my eyes while washing the oily bowl, letting Kuroko to deal with whoever that annoying visitor is. It didn't take long for me to wash a mere bowl. I dry is with a dry cloth and place it in its respective place.

"Yo, Tetsu," My entire body freezes. I never expected that voice to appear so quickly. I run to the living room as fast as possible and the one appeared in front of my eyes is the one who invaded my thoughts the whole time.

"Aomine..." I mumble out unconsciously.

"Hello, Aomine-kun." Kuroko greets Aomine normally.

Aomine smirks, leaning on the door frame oh so sexily with his damped hair and body. I blush a bright shade of red at my fantasy and try to make it go away. "Why are you here?" I try to make him avert his attention by striking up a subject.

"Why is Tetsu here then?" He asks nonchalantly. Why is he interested in this anyways? Is it that weird for Kuroko to appear in my apartment?

"It's none of your business." I turn my head away, trying to hide my blush. We were talking about him and my feelings for him, there's no way I'd tell Aomine that! And so, I just gave him a straightforward yet cruel reply.

"We were discussing about something crucial." Kuroko helped me. I am grateful for that. But I don't think Aomine will buy it.

"Hn, something that much of a confidential thing that even your boyfriend cannot poke into?" Aomine said in a jealous tone. Wait, there's no way he'd be jealous. We're not even- Hah?! Boyfriend?! W-Who is?!

"Who said you're my boyfriend?!" My lips seem to move on its own and blurted it out. The blush on my cheeks spreads like wild fire as I try to glare at Aomine. He seems amused.

"Heh." He smirks and straightens his back before walking towards me, ignoring Kuroko. Kuroko seems to realize that and smartly, he excuses himself followed by a thumbs up. Ugh, I really want to smack that face of his but I appreciate it.

"What do you want?" I ask. I haven't settle down my feelings yet and he appear right after I've made a decision? Oh, isn't that too timely? Anyways, I've got to make him go away, I'm not ready yet. "If there's nothing, you can go now." I try to appear as normal as I can, hoping that Aomine will buy it. But he's sharp, I doubt it.

"My my, aren't you demanding?" Aomine speaks in a playful tone. I snap back to senses when I realized how off Aomine is right now. He's not usually like this, what happened? There's no way he'll talk to me like this.

"You... What happened?" I question in concern and fear.

"It's none of your business." He mimics my previous tone and I feel that I'm being make fun of. I frown at that, Aomine had cross the line.

"Get lost, Aomine." I hiss in menace but Aomine doesn't seem intimated, however, he slams me onto the wall and traps me in both of his arms. I am shock by his sudden dominate self and fear that he might...hurt me. "Stop, what do you think you're doing?"

"Just shut up and moan for me." He says in a cold and emotionless voice before biting me on my collarbone, making a mark. He never did this to me. We made a contract; he can't leave any hickeys where it's visible to the others, and now, he broke it. I don't really mind but what scares me the most now is the tone Aomine used just now. It's like he was-

Before I could continue with my thoughts, Aomine had pulled my shirts up to my chest and bites my harden nipple; I flinch at that. It is too sudden but delightful that it made me moan out softly. I can see the satisfied smirk plasters on his face before it turns into a sadistic one. My eyes widen.

He lifts both my legs up and rests them on his own shoulders before busying himself with my pants. I don't know what to do at that time, I just freeze there and let Aomine pull my pants down to my knee, and it hit me.

"W-What are you-?!" I shout in fear. It's unlike him. Usually he would lick my ear and down to my neck before teasing with my nipples and more teasing before he enters me, but now? I am scared. "S-Sto-"

"Shut up already." He leans in and smashes his lips to mine, harshly. I did not kiss back, of course, I don't like it. However, Aomine doesn't give a shit about my respond and probes his tongue in forcefully whilst unzipping himself, biting my lower lip. I hiss in pain and clutch his shoulder tightly, shutting my eyes close. I hate this Aomine.

Seeing as I am distracted, Aomine takes this opportunity and spreads my thighs apart before thrusting into me, hard.

"Ahh!" I cry out loudly in agony as tears start to find its way out of my eye sockets. My fingers dig into Aomine's shoulder as I tighten around his member due to being uncomfortable, gritting my teeth in pain.

He smirks and looks up at me. "You're enjoying being rape, don't you?" Wha- Of course I don't! What is he- "See? Your cock is throbbing so enthusiastically while your asshole tightly squeezes my dick; you're aroused, aren't you?"

After he's done spitting my dignity, he starts to move and I swear, that is the most painful experience I've ever had. I cried out again and hug Aomine's neck tightly by instinct as my toes curls themselves. He's not being gentle at all.

We had rough sex before but not anywhere near this. Even though Aomine may be rough in sex but he will kiss me lovingly to distract me from the pain and will caress me to make me relax. I love that side of him. That's the only way to confirm he still isn't fed up with me, only way to let me think that there still might be a chance of me and Aomine being a couple, the only way of telling me he still loves me.

But I could not sense any of that anywhere now.

I'm frightened, thoroughly.

Aomine's rough thrusts snaps me back to the reality. Only now I notice how painful having my entrance abused, I never knew because Aomine's always by my side. But now, he seems lost and it seems like I am being raped by a total stranger.

Tears starts to trickle down my cheeks as moans of pleasure escapes themselves from my lips, I'm no longer in control of my body now. I feel a warm sensation wrapping around my member before pumping it along with Aomine's thrusts. It was neither pleasurable or heavenly, it's Hell. All I can do is shout, moan, groan and cry to ease Aomine's ears.

Not long after, I feel Aomine's hot seeds filling my lower half as I too dirtied his palm with my cums. I pant heavily for oxygen as Aomine pulls out from me. For a second there, part of me was scared and afraid that Aomine will just leave me be and go away but another part of me was hoping he'd do so. I would never knew how to face him again anymore after such a thing happen. However, Aomine does none of those and hugs me. I am shock.

"Don't..." He mumbles softly I can barely hear and he continues. "Don't do that ever again." He finishes his sentence. I am confuse, I don't know what he's talking about. What did I do to make Aomine feel so...hurt?

I blink in confusion before he cups my cheek, forcing me to bore into his blue orbs. I blush immediately.

"You and Tetsu, don't act so couple-like, I don't like it." He must have sensed my confusion because he answers what I'm lost about. Wait, he meant Kuroko and I? We're just teammates, nothing more. Don't tell me...

"Are you jealous?" I ask incredulously.

"What do you think?" His voice is kinda childlike and I think I see a faint blush dusted across his cheeks. Aww, Aomine's so cute sometimes. I chuckle and grab the side of Aomine's head before gluing our forehead together.

"I love you, Aomine." I confess with my eyes closed and a flushed face. I finally said it! I'm literally dancing in joy inside my head.

If I thought that my accomplishment just now is happy enough to send me to heaven, then I'm wrong on so many levels because Aomine said that same thing. I can't believe my ears at first but after receiving a flick on my forehead and a passionate kiss on my lips, I can't help but let myself believe in his words.

"Kagamiiiiiiiiiiiiiii." Aomine's lazy voice rings in my ear as my head instinctively turns itself to that direction. Aomine has one of his arms on the door frame as he leans forward slightly with an arched back while wearing his Touou jacket. I find it really sexy when he does that.

I roll my eyes and pass the ball to Kuroko before jogging to him. "What do you want?" I ask and rest both my hands on my hips. "Don't you need to practice?"

"Spare me the lecture now." He waves his hand in front of my face lazily before straightening his back, his bored expression turns into his usual smirk face. "Let's get us something to eat, I'm starving."

"Um, I still have- Hey!" Aomine didn't let me finish my sentence and pulls me with him while I hastily follow him. Jeez. I sigh in my head but I can't help myself but smile on the surface. "You're hopeless." I tease him.

"You're no where better than me." He counters back with a smirk as he tangles our fingers together. I squeeze his hand and walk along with him. I wonder if my teammates saw this scene but even if they did, I don't mind.

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