And here we have Aomine's POV! I tried my best in expressing Aomine out, hope I did well... ^^" But for now, enjoy! BD


I walk in the puddles of water along the streets with a nonchalant face. I just came back from my afternoon nap and is about to go home. A sudden urge to yawn came to me when I reached the traffic light. It's red. Fuck it. I don't have any patience for this but whatever, rules are rules. I don't want to find myself dying. After all, someone annoying can't live without me.

I smirk at myself when that someone popped up in my mind. As I am about to engross myself in my fantasies of him, sounds of someone running towards me was heard. I turn to glare blankly at the figure but she just give me a fucking smile. I ignored her smile and face back to the road in front of me and she just whines. Is she a baby?!

"What do you want?" I ask out of annoyance. She'll keep on whining and whining non-stop if I don't, trust me. She's as annoying as you can ever imagine.

"I'm damped." She pouts and pulls the sticking fabric away from her collarbone. I glance at her through the corner of my eyes. Is she serious? Her top is almost transparent and her bra is obviously visible now. Oh, that explains why the uncles beside me are staring at her. Jeez, she should learn to take care of herself.

I shorten our distance to share part of the umbrella with her. A gratitude smile spreads across her wet face as she snuggles closer. I feel something nudging my arm and look down. Her boobs are seriously F cup by now. She should change her bra too, her nipples are sticking out. I shake my head and shifted my gaze back to the road in front of me. Fucking road. The cars just passes by like the road is their's. Tch, fucking bastards.

The traffic lights too. I hate them. They are like the most slowest thing ever! I wait for it like 10 minutes and it is still red. Fucking life. I cursed out loud, receiving loathed gazes from the pedestrians around me. Heh, as if I care. I turned to observe my surroundings, trying to find something entertaining like soaked wet big boobs chicks. Unfortunately, there's none. Ugh, everything's against me. Maybe the traffic lights were malfunctioned or something. It's too damn fucking slow.

As I am really bored out of my mind, I spot a familiar red haired dude and a barely noticeable teal haired male, Kagami and Tetsu, located inside of a fast food restaurant. I focus my gaze on that pair with slight interest. They are bickering, more to a one-sided quarrel since the red haired one's the one who's complaining. He seems very caught up in the fight because he jumps up and grabs the other party's head. It seems really hurting but the smaller of the two is emotionless and the brawnier male seems satisfied by his reaction because he smirks.

My eyes widen at the scene. They look like a pair of couple and I can't help but feel jealous. I know I have no rights to feel this way because, by all means, Kagami and I are not dating. I never asked him out and he did not too so I never categorized us as a couple. We never dated or did something sweet since we're both males. All we did was fight and then we'll make up after I fucked him hard. He knows he loves it. I feel a sense of superior in me but when I see them having such a couple-like conversation, my heart twisted in pain.

The sound of the traffic light turning green resounds around me and I can feel Satsuki tugging me on my sleeves, signalizing me to go. Tch, I'm no idiot, I know it's green already. I shrug her off and shove the umbrella into her hands before walking to the other side of the road by myself with the rain pouring down on me. I don't feel like having any company now. All I am thinking now is Kagami is so getting punished.

A real sweet punishment, of course.

The downpour is very heavy, it's like millions of needles piercing right into my back but I never give a damn. I don't care. My body's well built, such vulnerable rain drops could not hurt me. However, they are starting to hurt me more. It's just like my feelings towards that stupid Tiger. As the time passes, my feelings towards his grew. Both joy and jealousy.

He hangs out with Tetsu very often and I can't control myself but feel inferior. That feeling grew and grew until it's starting to engulf the whole of me. I don't even know why I fell for him. First thing first, he doesn't have big chests. In addition, his chests are as hard as rock and not as soft and comfy as petite little female's huge chests. But I can't help but feel... I don't know how to put it. Whenever I saw Kagami, there's this happiness in me. His innocent grin, his wonderful and built physique and his very adorable personality.

I love every part of him, to put it more clearly.

Damn. I sound like a weak and puny schoolgirl. I shiver at that thought and abscond to a shelter, the rain is getting more painful by the minute. I dry myself by squeezing the rain from my clothing before trying to insulate myself. Fuck, it's fucking cold out here. I growl to myself and rub my palms together to regain heat in my hand before placing them on my cheeks. Damn, why must I end up in such a situation for pondering over that stupid Kagami? Tch, and he's not at his warm and cosy apartment with Tetsu...

Wait, with Tetsu?

I swear I saw Tetsu walking back to Kagami's apartment but why? Maybe there's something they want to discuss about. Or some homework. Or some assignments from their Coach. However, that doesn't drop the possibilities of them having fun, right? I stop whatever warming movements I was doing and start to think about it thoroughly. There's no way Kagami and Tetsu are dating because...

They do look like a couple.

My entire face darkened as I punch the wall beside me. I hate that thought! So very hate it! I hate it how they can always be together while I can only just be by his side when he's free. Kagami's even spending his free time with Tetsu more often now. What if... What if Kagami got bored of me? Or he's already tired of my attitude towards him? Anyways...

I don't give a fucking fuck.

My knuckle on the wall loosen as a smirk spread across my face. Heh, so what? I let a manipulative chuckle slip from my lips before I comb my hair upwards. Damn the hair is getting in the way. Kagami's mine now, mine and mine only. I already fucked him and gave him tons of hickeys, countless. Tetsu can never top that. Even though I was so sure of myself, I still ran to Kagami's apartment as fast as my legs could carry me.

Just so you wait, Kagami. I'm going to pound into you immediately. Patience.

It didn't take me long to reach Kagami's apartment, I've already memorized the short cuts to it. I've been to his house plenty of times, more than Tetsu, for sure. I press the doorbell and wait, waiting for someone to open it.

Not long after, the door creaks open and a tiny head pops out from the gap. "Yo, Tetsu." I smirk at him, already expecting him to greet me first hand. He seems shock but it's not obvious because he still has his emotionless mask on. Tetsu widens the door gap to enable me to have a better view inside.

"Aomine..." Ah, Kagami's out. He is even more shocked than Tetsu. Seriously, is it that much of a surprise for his boyfriend to appear in front of his doorstep? Tetsu greets me after that. I lean onto the door frame, putting on my usual smirk as I stare at Kagami. Hn, I must have look sexy in this pose with my current condition because Kagami's cheeks turn into a tomato after seeing me.

Before I even spoke, Kagami beats me to it. He asks me why am I doing in his apartment. Hn, I didn't know we need a reason to appear in front of someone's house. "Why is Tetsu here then?" I did not answer his question because I don't think I have to and straightforwardly asks him what I wanted to know.

"It's none of your business." Kagami says, not looking me in the eyes. He's definitely hiding something for me and I hate that. How brave of him to finally hide something from me eh, Kagami?

"We were discussing about something crucial." Tetsu barges in. Something important huh? Judging by that blush on Kagami's cheek, it must be something embarrassing. Don't tell me Kagami confessed to Tetsu?! Wha- No way. Kagami won't do the confessing, he's a tsundere, he'd never confess to someone. But it's Tetsu we're talking about. Maybe Kagami can confess to him because he practically has no emotion.

...Okay, maybe I'm not being reasonable but I am certain that I don't like this between them now.

I begin to pick up my cool. "Hn, something that much of a confidential thing that even your boyfriend cannot poke into?" I mock him. I tried to make it sound less jealous as possible but I don't know if it worked because Tetsu gave me a look after that. I ignore it of course. But that denser than a rock Kagami doesn't seem to notice, hn, nice.

I only noticed that I said the word 'boyfriend' when Kagami shouted, gosh, ain't he loud! Oh? Why did he got so worked up? I don't know why I said that word too but it just came out on its own. Anyways, Bakagami tries to glare at me but it doesn't even work a bit. Jeez, I should show him how to make a decent glare next time. Unfortunately, I have to deal with this first.

A soft "Heh." was heard before I straighten my back, starting to walk towards that idiot. I didn't mean to ignore Tetsu's presence but there's nothing to talk with him. I don't want to see him now and just as expected, he kindly walked away from us. Thank you, Tetsu.

When I am just a few steps away from Kagami, he asks me what do I want and immediately shoos me away after it. Wow, now that's a really demanding request there, Kagami; I tell him with the most jerkass tone I possess. I really enjoy this time now. Oh, Kagami's expression now. So shocked and surprised. Does he think that I'm always the good-old-Aomine? I change when someone I adore is being snatched away right in front of me. I have what I want.

"It's none of your business." I give him a reply similar to his previous one when he asked me what has gotten into me with that fake concern of his. I'm not going to fall for it after such a scene just occurred right in front of my eyes.

I don't think I've went overboard because Kagami starts to give me the pissed off and menacing look. So my actions just now is counted as over the line but what he did with Tetsu just now is not? I don't think that's logical. There may be another reason behind it but I don't care; what I care is what happened just now and how I am going to punish him.

I push him onto the nearest wall, cornering him in between my outstretched arms as I stare at him. The fear in Kagami's eyes are so obvious that it made me want to ravish him more. Even though he seems frightened but his voice never falter and I love that part of him. He just doesn't learn, does he? I smirk in my head, trying to keep my surface as cool as possible.

"Just shut up and moan for me." I demand him before leaning in, leaving a hickey on his collarbone. I know I'm not supposed to do this, it's against our rules, but nothing make sense now. After done marking my property, I lift up Kagami's shirt to his chest. I stare for a while at his twitching nipples before taking one to my mouth, nice. I bite it hard, earning a pleasant moan from Kagami's lips. A feel of satisfaction overwhelmed me for a second there before I change into the sadistic mode.

I slide my hand down to his thighs, placing his legs onto my shoulder before I start to undo the annoying fabric called pants and pull it to his knee. Kagami seems spaced out when I was doing the procedure but when my fingers caress his thigh to his knee, he snaps back.

"W-What are you-?!" He questions in fretfulness. He almost sounded like a little girl being raped. I don't feel bad though, this is his punishment.

I silence him with my lips crash to his; it is a one-sided kiss, I can feel it. It is my lips and only my lips moving on Kagami's. He's not responding at all, like a wooden block. Of course I'm mad at that. How can he not respond to my kisses? I nudge my tongue in by force while biting his lower lip as my hands busy itself with my pants. Finally, he realizes that he cannot not respond to my movements. He hisses and grabs my shoulders as he closes his eyes tightly.

He seems to only focus on his mouth and forgot all about my now pulled out cock. I slide my hands down to his thighs before spreading it to ensure me enough space to thrust my erection into him. I did not control my pace today, unlike the other days, I purposely did it slowly at first as its speed increases slowly. But today it's not Kagami's lucky day. It's his fault for acting all husband-like in front of Tetsu. This punishment is counted as a light one compare to the ones in my head just now.

When my whole length is already in him, he cries out it pain like a loud whore, tears welled up in his eyes. Hn, pitiful. His nails start to dig into my epidermis and the two rows of his teeth are tightly connected due to the pain he is getting. I feel my penis being tightly squeezed by Kagami's asshole and I can't help but smirk at him.

"You're enjoying being rape, don't you?" I tease him. He seems surprised by my statement but I didn't stop. "See? Your cock is throbbing so enthusiastically while your asshole tightly squeezes my dick; you're aroused, aren't you?" I said with no emotion at all but with a disgusted tone.

I did not give him any spare time to respond because I know, he is not enjoying this at all. Unfortunately, I am enjoying this so damn much. I never noticed how pleasurable is to forget about other's feelings and just fuck into them. I never noticed until now. If I am still my past self, I would never care about how painful and disgusted the other party was and just do what I want; but after having a sex-life with this idiot here, I can't help but have a little sympathy.

Kagami makes me gentle, makes me care about him, makes me know what is the feeling called love. I would never hurt him, I can't imagine a day I would hurt him but, the day has come and it is now. All I did was thrust into him, kissed him maddeningly and abused him, that's what important of all the things I did to him today.

Kagami cried, I thought in my head. Despite the pleasurable moans, he shed tears. Not his usual painful tears but hurt and scared tears.

Guilt starts to eat me slowly, it's killing me. The moans Kagami makes arouses me to no end like usual but it's kinda wrong to obtain that from him right now since I've did something abusive to him. It must be his natural reflexes, he's not willing to make those obscenities; his tears proves them all.

Getting enough of the sin I am having, I release myself to ease Kagami's entrance and he too cums with me. He must have misunderstood everything, I must explain to him. I don't want to ruin out relationship, I don't want Kagami to leave me. I take out my manhood and hug him, he flinches in astonishment.

"Don't..." I murmur lightly, I don't know whether he heard it or not but who cares, I'm going to finish it anyways. "Don't do that ever again." I complete my sentence. After what seems like years, he still did not give me any response. He might not know what I'm talking about. I sigh inwardly and pull away from him, cupping his cheeks after that as I stare deeply into his eyes, making his cute self reappear.

I tell him not to act so couple-like with Tetsu because I'm not cool with it. He stayed silence for a while before something ridiculous comes out from his mouth. "Are you jealous?" He questions me curiously.

He is really that stupid and dense. "What do you think?" I say with a slight pout in my voice as light pink dusts my cheeks. He chuckles and places a hand on the side of my head before leaning in to stick our foreheads together. I smile but I'm guessing he did not see that because he has his eyes closed as he confesses with his tomato-like face. My eyes widen at the sudden confession but soon return to its usual shape, smiling in bliss.

"I love you too." is my simple reply. He didn't seem to believe my words at first because he's staring at me with his huge eyes. I shake my head and flick his forehead playfully before pulling him in to plant a chaste kiss on his lips. He kisses back willingly so I'm taking that as him believing my words.

I just woke up from my nap on the rooftop while my other teammates are practicing at the gym. I yawn lazily and rub my eyes, sitting up with a crouched back. What to do now that I'm awake? I question myself. Soon, an idea came to my mind. I smirk and jump up, taking my bag with me before leaving for my destination.

After some walking, I reach Seirin, the school where my boyfriend is at. I smirk and go to their gym. I can hear squeaky voices made by their shoes when I'm only a few steps away from it. The door is open and I just lean my arm on the door frame lazily and call out for Kagami. He hears it immediately and passes the ball in his hand to Tetsu, they must be practicing passing balls, before jogging to me.

"What do you want?" He asks and rests both his hands on his hips, like a nagging mother would. And as expected, he starts to lecture me about skipping practices again.

"Spare me the lecture now." I wave my other hand and straighten my back, smirking. "Let's get us something to eat, I'm starving."

I didn't give him any chance to reject and pull him with me. I knew that he will say that he still has practice and blah blah blah, not giving a damn. "You're hopeless." He says teasingly. I smirk and glance back at him. "You're no where better than me." I retorted intertwines our fingers together. I didn't know why I did that but it just seems right. Kagami gives me a light but loving squeeze and follows me.

One day, I'll announce our relationship to both the members in Seirin and Touou. I want them to see how lucky I am to have Kagami as a lover.

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