This is a short drabble I did when I was bored... A poem again! Taada! ...Etto, not really, it doesn't rhyme. ._. Damn, I should increase my knowledge in lexicons. BC Anyway, enjoy this lovely piece of fluffiness~ ^^

This feeling here, I wonder,
What is this?
Is it love? Or is it something unrequited?

I wonder how the animals find love,
How they lived happily ever after with their partner.

I wonder if I should tell you,
This feeling I have for you.

I wonder if you'd ever care,
If my feelings would ever reach you.

I wonder if you too noticed this,
And is trying hard to convey it to me.

I wonder how the love stories, love songs,
Can make everything sounds so easy.

I always think that it's stupid,
To fall in love, that is.

I wonder now,
Have you ever looked me in the same way I look at you?

Tell me, Yamamoto.

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