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This is in Sinbad's Point of View.

Don't Mention It

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Ja'far is a former assissan. Perhaps it was a bad idea walking in without knocking on his bedroom door, but I wanted to suprise him. I'm lucky he just threw a pillow at me instead of a blade.

Ja'fars cheeks were flushed, eyes wide in surprise, his legs were spread, and hands touching his length which was semi-trapped by silky looking ribbons. I could only stare in shock for wow I never really thought he touched himself. Of course after thirty seemingly long seconds he recovers from his shock, he grabs a pillow with his left hand, and tossed it at my face along with calling me a pervert.

I swiftly walked out and closed Ja'fars bedroom door. The second pillow hit the door with a rather loud sound. Maybe next time I should knock. It's not a huge deal we are both male and it's not like he has something different from me.

In the morning Ja'far tried to avoid me, but failed because I was determined for I do not like being avoided/ignored.

"It's not a big deal, Ja'far. Nearly everyone in the world have pleasured themselves at one point or another." I told him and he gave me a blank expression. "No need to avoid me. If it makes you feel better I'll show you mine."

Ja'fars grabbed the front of my robes and looked into my eyes.

"I know we have the same body parts since we are both male, but I did not want you to see me with my legs spread like a slut and loving the bondage I did to my own length with silky ribbons." Ja'far snapped, his cheeks completely red, and hands shaking. "By the way seeing your cock would make me feel worse."

"Because mine is bigger." I said teasingly and he gives me a blank expression.

"No because then you would be the biggest pervert in the world for showing a sixteen year old something like that." Ja'far stated flatly. "By the way you shouldn't offer to show teens something like that, Sin. I hope you haven't made any offers like to everyone you have caught touching themselves."

I stare at Ja'far and he stares back at me.

"Next time knock otherwise I might threw a knife instead of a pillow, Sin."

"Ja'far, I'll try my best to remember to knock." I told him and he smiled. "I just have one question...Why didn't you make any sounds?"

Ja'far looks at me, arms crossed, and giving a blank expression.

"You didn't notice that I had a cloth around my mouth to keep from making noise and disturbing others." Ja'far said to me in a flat tone of voice.

"Well...I noticed your cheeks were flushed and eyes wide. Then your open legs and semi-trapped manh-" I was cut off by Ja'far grabbing the front of my robes.

"Forget what you saw me doing last night, Sin. Don't mention it again and don't tell anyone."

"Okay, Ja'far. I promise to keep what I saw to myself.'"

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