Author's Note: Hello everyone! I am so excited for this. Between working on all of my stories, I've noticed that if I focus on one story for too long or I only work on long stories for too long, I get writers block. And that's no bueno. So, when I get bored I like to look at fanart and pictures and what not, and so I went on Tumblr and I found a TON of Vegeta and Bulma pictures, and they all seemed to be made by the same person and they were so amazing and I loved the style. So I went hunting for them. And I found them. (:

Since I love drabble series, and because they help me stay on track and help me through any writers block I may have, I decided to create this story based on those pictures I found. There's quite a few of them, but the one that stood out was the 365 Days one. And so, I will create a drabble (no word limit) for each of these pictures! I'm also going to give you the link and stuff to the website so you can look at the pictures if you'd like. I love them, and they're so amazing and I love the content. Now, they don't just focus on Vegeta and Bulma but the entire Briefs family. I have kept everyone in canon character and there's no OOC, but there's no structured timeline. So this drabble below is is after the Cell Games, but the next one may be from during that three year period. Just depends on the picture. :3

Let me know what you think! (:

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or anything related to it. All of that belongs to Akira Toriyama, and I am just playing around with them. I also do not own the FanArt that I am using for this drabble series. I'm not quite sure who made them, because I can't read Japanese. But I'm sure the name is on the website somewhere and the pictures belong to him/her/them. Whoever. xD. I am just using the pics for inspiration.

Like Clockwork (365 Days)

Day 001: Sleep Deprivation

It had been nearly two weeks and Vegeta couldn't stand it anymore. He was exhausted and he wanted to sleep, and unfortunately, the woman was doing everything in her power to make sure he couldn't get more than half an hour of sleep each night. The prince was currently laying on his back in their bedroom, his arms crossed and his eyes trying to burn a hole through the ceiling. The woman was next to him, squirming in her sleep once more. He couldn't understand what had caused this sudden change in her sleep behavior, because this had never been an issue before. Prior to this, the only real problem he had with the way the blue haired heiress lived was how messy she was. He couldn't walk across the floor without stepping on an item of clothing, some sort of accessory for said clothing, papers with scribbled formulas, or machinery and wiring junk.

He had learned to live with it, mainly because he drew the line at the bed. One night he had fumbled into the room, dead tired, and attempted to pass out. Only to land on a bunch of her crap that she had forgotten on the bed. Shame they were so important to her, because Vegeta had incinerated them with a growl and ignored her yelling. She got the hint, and kept the bed clean of her crap. Vegeta honestly couldn't decide which habit of her was worse, and he just hoped this new behavior wouldn't last much longer.

Mostly because there was only so many times Vegeta could wake up with her knee embedded in his back before he killed someone. Of course, all of her bedtime moving never caused him any pain. It was jut an irritation. A massive irritation that made him want to shove her off the bed as hard as he could. Which was currently why his arms were crossed tightly over his chest, to prevent him from doing such a thing. It had been nearly two weeks since this started and Vegeta was at the end of his rope. Bulma squirmed next to him, and Vegeta could feel her knee pressing into his thigh. Another sleep filled grunt and shift and Bulma's hand smacked him square in the nose. Vegeta growled and shook his head violently, her hand falling off and landing on his shoulder.

"Woman, would you stop moving?" he asked her, knowing very well that a vein was ready to pop out of his forehead. Bulma pulled her extremities back towards herself and shifted to face away from Vegeta, clutching her pillow into her. Vegeta sighed and relaxed a little more; cautiously hopeful that maybe he could get some sleep now. His eyes drifted shut and he could feel the pull of sleep at his consciousness. His breathing evened out, and he was seconds away from blissful slumber. Bulma kicked him rather hard, and suddenly Vegeta's right leg was trapped between hers. His eyes flew open and he sat up, angry as all hell as he stared down at her legs that were wrapped around his in a death lock. She went to move again and Vegeta shook his head. "I don't think so," he muttered darkly, gripping her wrist in his hand and pinning them to her side, practically lying on top of her. "Try to move now," he challenged her, not even caring that she was still deep in slumber and couldn't hear him. The prince managed to fall into a half slumber, rather uncomfortable but too tired to do anything else.

The Following Morning

Bulma Briefs was humming to herself, pouring her coffee into her favorite mug and settling in at the table. Trunks would be up soon and she wanted to at least get through her first cup of coffee before she had to deal with him. She flipped through a magazine while she sipped at her coffee, having a rather pleasant morning. She could hear heavy footsteps coming towards the kitchen and figured Vegeta was finally up, which was odd enough. Usually Vegeta was the first one up, but lately he's been asleep every time she's woken up in the morning. She figured he was over working himself in the gravity chamber again. She watched as he trudged into the kitchen and she went wide-eyed at his appearance.

"Vegeta! You look exhausted. Didn't you sleep last night?" she asked him, eyes wide with innocence. Vegeta used the wall next to him for support as he glowered at the woman, his eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. Dark circles had formed underneath the prince's eyes, and his skin didn't look as golden as it usually did. He actually looked a little sick.

"You…" he mumbled quietly, his voice still rough with sleep. Bulma blinked at him a few times, waiting for him to continue. "I hate you," he told her bluntly, falling forward and nearly landing face first on the kitchen floor. Bulma stood up immediately and rushed to his side, rolling him over onto his back with a bit of effort.

"Vegeta! Are you okay?" she asked him, placing his head in her lap. Listening closely, she could hear his breathing had deepened and evened out, his chest rising and falling rhythmically. He was just asleep. She let out a sigh and placed a hand over her heart, now looking down at him with curiosity and confusion. Bulma's mother came into the kitchen, dressed and ready for the day, only to stop short at the sight of the couple. She placed a hand over her mouth and squeaked in surprise, looking to Bulma.

"Darling, what on Earth have you done to poor Vegeta?" she asked. Bulma gaped at her mother, and then down at the prince, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. She looked back at her mother then and shrugged.

"I have no idea," she admittedly honestly.