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Like Clockwork (365 Days)

Day 016: Clutter

With a grunt Bulma placed a rather heavy basket up onto the shelf, and with a sigh of relief she finally wiped the imaginary dust off of her hands and looked around with a satisfied smile on her face. Her lab was now completely and totally spotless. She had gotten up earlier that day with one purpose in mind: to declutter her lab. Sure, it had taken hours longer than she wanted it to take, and she even had to implement a lot of her mother's OCD in order to make everything look the way she wanted to, but now it was spotless and looking pretty.

With a quick stretch she pulled out a fresh piece of blueprint paper and set it on the drawing table, grabbing a few utensils to start with, she began to sketch out the newest upgrades to the gravity chamber. The door to her lab opened a few minutes later, Bulma figuring it was probably Vegeta, but after a moment she realized her visitor hadn't said a word. With a quick turn she noticed that it was Vegeta and he was staring at the floor with an odd look in his eyes.

"Vegeta?" she asked, wondering what was wrong with him.

"The floor," he mumbled, finally looking at her. She raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue. "I didn't realize there was actually a floor in here. I thought it was just a mountain of your crap I was always walking on."

She contemplated throwing a wrench at his big dumb forehead. "Stick to fighting, you make a terrible comedian," she said flatly, turning back to her blueprints. He was behind her almost instantly and chuckling at his victory, however small it was. She ignored him as he leaned over her to take a look at what she was doing, despite the fact that he could only read her handwriting half the time.

"What's this?"

"New upgrade for the gravity chamber," she answered, already forgetting her annoyance at him. He made a noise at the back of his throat and buried his nose at the base of her hair.

"Didn't you just upgrade that?" he asked.

"Are you complaining?" she retorted, trying not to let him distract her. He grunted but didn't argue. "Did you want something?" she asked after a moment.

"Our brat is complaining about the lack of food in the house."

Bulma smirked at her husband. "Well, how about our brat's father go out and forage us some dinner? I'm sure your bear slaying abilities are fantastic." She almost laughed at the look he gave her as he stepped back and crosses his arms. "How could you guys have already gone through all the food my mother packed into that kitchen?" Bulma's parents had taken a vacation trip to Florida, but before they had left Bunny had stocked the large kitchen to the brim with food, not wanting her 'boys to go hungry'.

"Saiyans," Vegeta answered obviously, as if that were the answer to everything.

Bulma pursed her lips in annoyance. "More like pigs. You're gonna get fat."

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response."

She stuck her tongue out at him like a child. She stepped away from the drawing table and grabbed her purse off of one of the counters, rifling through it and pulling out her wallet. She pulled out one of her credit cards and handed it to Vegeta, who looked at the card in annoyance. "Give that to Trunks and tell him to order some groceries, they'll deliver them here. The number is in that notebook next to the phone in the living room."

"Why don't you just do it then?" Vegeta asked, crossing his arms again.

"Because I spent all morning cleaning this room and I would like to get these upgrades under way. Besides, Trunks is perfectly capable of doing it. If your people skills didn't rival with that of a cave man, you could do it as well," she argued, determined to get some work done before the day was over. Vegeta glared at her. He didn't argue though, which Bulma knew was probably because the work she was working on was for him, but she was thankful for it nonetheless.

He left the room and Bulma got back to work, deciding that she needed to grab a few more things in order to start working on the wiring portion of her blueprints.

Her stomach was screaming at her to eat something. Bulma checked her watch and whistled when she realized she had been in here for hours, but the work had paid off. Despite the fact that it was two hours past dinnertime, she had finished all the blueprints for the upgrade. Tomorrow she could actually start working in the gravity chamber. She started her final adjustment on her last sheet of work paper when the door to her lab opened. Once again there was silence, but this time she didn't have to wait long for her visitor to start speaking.

"Woman, are you serious?" Vegeta asked, clearly annoyed. Bulma blinked and turned, looking at him. His eyes were once again surveying the room, and she followed his line of vision. She squeaked at what she saw, dropping her pencil and taking a step away from the drawing table. The room was an absolute mess. There was stuff thrown about everywhere. "This was spotless a few hours ago. What the hell did you do?" he asked, stepping over a box and almost on top of a few gadgets that were lying on the floor. He cursed.

"I don't…" she started, trying to remember. It wasn't uncommon for her to lose herself in her work, and she could admit that sometimes she wasn't aware of the things she was doing. She did, after all, have to go through a few boxes to find the things she was looking for. But she didn't remember dismantling the lab like this. She turned to face Vegeta again. "You didn't come in here and start messing with this stuff, did you? As a prank or something? Because if you did, it's not funny," she stated, frowning at him. Vegeta looked at her like she had grown two heads. He said something incredibly quick and rather harsh in his native tongue before turning and heading back for the door.

Bulma was left standing in the middle of what looked like tornado wreckage. "Now that I think about it, I do remember pulling out a couple of things…" After cleaning everything this morning, she hadn't remembered where she placed certain things. But she was in such a hurry to get back to her work that she forgot to put them back away. "Oops." Vegeta stopped and turned to glare at her.

"You are unbelievable." Bulma let out a sigh and nodded, not arguing with him for once.

"I'm starving. You left me some dinner, right?" she asked, hopeful.

"Not even," he sneered, leaving the room and heading for the stairs. She gaped at him and threw her lab coat off and onto one of the chairs, storming after him. She tripped several times but managed to catch herself before face planting and stopped at the door, taking one last look at the mess. She had worked hard to clean it up and it was all for nothing.

"Well, I'm never doing that again," she muttered, deciding to just forget about it and go find some food.