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Holly is my Wolfblood OC

Holly POV

They never pay attention. Never.

I'm always left out. I try to break up their fights, but never suceed. They end up snarling at each other.

And they never notice me.

Sure, being wild is my life, but recently, I've been atractted to the area nearby. A wolfblood pack lives there. Four of them, I think. No, five. I don't know their names, or their faces, just their scent. I follow them every so often, never looking, though.

Kara said never to look, you get sucked in. She's the alpha. Rose is the second in command. They always annoy each other, and then end up snarling.

And never notice me. Never.

And through their own problems, our pack of seven never noticed me being left out.

They're at it again. Kara and Rose, arguing about some chicken Kara stole the other day. It stank. And tasted horrible. I touch my neck, my necklace missing. Rose dropped it in some marsh a few weeks back. I'll never see that last gift from my parents again. Before they went tame, and got killed by Kara.

It was made of simple string, with lark feathers hanging from it.

"You trying to poison us?"


"Oh, really? It seemed like that." Alone.

"Well, I'm doing my best. There aren't a lot of open places to steal here."

"Well, we'll move on then."

"No!" I cried, jumping up. They turned to look at me.

"And why should we not?"

"T-there's a wolfblood pack here." I feel terrible for betraying them. "Some are half wild. There are five of them."

Rose tilted her head in a very wolf-like manner. "I haven't smelt them, kid. This isn't your business." Something broke then. I looked desperately around at the pack. They were shaking their heads.

I ran. I have no place here anymore. No place anywhere.

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