Ten local high-school kids, taking shots of wine.

Mike couldn't breathe from an allergy, and then there were nine.

Nine local high-school kids, drunk and out too late.

Tom got lost (mauled by a fox) and then there were eight.

Eight local high-school kids, (still) drunk and high as heaven.

Karen dared Kate to jump in the lake, and then there were seven.

Seven local high-school kids, poking her corpse with sticks.

Susan choked up on her own throw-up, and then there were six.

Six local high-school kids, found some mines that were live.

Jake thought it fun to step on one, and then there were five.

Five local high-school kids, jabbing at a boar.

What's-her-face turned Tusk-her-face, and then there were four.

Four local high-school kids, as high and happy as can be.

Karen died (yet no one cried), and then there were three.

Three local high-school kids, thinking of stuff to do.

Jack went alone without his phone, and then there were two

Two local high-school kids, going to have some "fun".

But Brad was drunk and boned a skunk, and then there was one.

One local high-school kid, no longer having fun.

Sam found a rope then jumped and croaked, and then there were none.

Disclaimer: No names mentioned have to do with any who are named as such.

It is purely coincidence. This is a work of fiction, and not meant to do harm towards others.

I do not own the original form of 'And there were none' or 'Ten little indians', those belong to their respective owners.

The title of this story is named after the song 'The Kid's Aren't Alright' by The Offspring.