Summary: Hook catches up.
Rated: M+
Song: Breath of Me
Warnings: Sex

Emma drew in a sharp breath as she dipped a toe into the waters of the lake; it was surprisingly warm; of course, Aurora had bathed first and assured everyone that it was quite warm - probably an underground hot spring feeding into it - but Emma hadn't quite believed her. It still seemed ludicrous that such a large lake would be warm. She looked around the surrounding bank, searching for any signs of human life. She had been reluctant to bathe in such an open area, where god only knew what was lurking in the forest. Still, it was the only thing she had at the moment, and she hadn't showered in five days. The others were fast asleep back at camp, exhausted from the distance and speed that they had traveled today. It been three days since Emma had climbed down the beanstalk, three days since she had left Hook chained in the Giant's castle. She felt the guilt tugging at her heart painfully. Trusting him, working with him, had felt right. And it scared her. Working with Neal had felt right too, and that hadn't ended well. Hook would swear allegiance to whomever would get him to Storybrooke, he admitted that much, and she couldn't take the chance that Cora might convince him otherwise.

She felt like she could trust him, and that was where the danger lay. The moment she let herself trust him was the moment that he would betray her, just like Neal had. She swallowed her guilt and shook herself out of it. It wasn't like she had sent him to his doom anyway. The Giant had promised to release him when the ten hours were up, and Emma knew he wasn't lying about keeping his promise. He would be fine. She stepped back further on the bank and shrugged out of her jacket, tossing it a little further back out of the reach of the lapping waters. She bent over slightly, pulling the shirt off of her back delicately, wincing when she clenched her left hand a little too hard. She let her shirt fall to the ground, staring intently at the bandage on her left hand. She slowly unraveled it, goosebumps kissing the bare skin on her arms. The cut on her hand didn't look too bad, all considering. She tied the bandage to her wrist, deciding that she would need it to keep the wound covered after she finished bathing.

She unbuttoned her jeans and undid the zipper, sliding the material down her slender legs. She stepped out of them, picked them up, and folded them, placing them neatly on top of the untidy pile of clothes. Emma took a single moment, no more than a few seconds, to make sure she was alone. With a forlorn, reluctant sigh, Emma unclipped her bra and stepped out of her underwear, placing both articles on top of the pile. Shivering from the breeze, she all but ran into the water, which was very pleasantly warm. Walking along the lake bottom until the water was up to her shoulders, Emma finally let herself relax. It had been a long five days to say the least, and there was nothing she wanted more right now than to enjoy the warmth of the water and the sensation of being fairly clean.

She dunked her head, letting the water soak into her scalp. She threaded her fingers through her hair, finger combing the snarls out and working the dirt and grime out. When she felt clean enough, she let herself float for a few minutes, her mind drifting to Tallahassee, and the two happy years she had spent there, living only six miles from the beach. She stood along the bottom and walked a little closer to shore, only stopping when the water was at her the bottom of her ribcage, concerned about the potential for an undercurrent. She finger combed her hair, gently pulling the tangles out.

"Well now darling, I would have been fine with a verbal apology - but this will do,"

Emma shrieked, sinking in the water in a desperate attempt to cover herself. Hook stood on the embankment, smirking, his head cocked to the side, his eyes appraising her. She should have known that he would catch up at the most inopportune moment. She glared at him, sinking further into the water, with one arm covering her chest for good measure.

"Now, something is missing from this picture," Hook pursed his lips, looking puzzled. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Emma still too shocked to say much of anything, he snapped his fingers and grinned, his expression lit up with revelation. "I know what's missing - me." He chuckled, sliding his leather vest off of his shoulders, his shirt following suit.

Emma sank back further in the water. "Oh, no," She snapped, her eyes piercing him. "No, absolutely not."

He sat down and pulled his boots off cocking his head to the side, quiet for a moment. When he was down to his breeches, ignoring Emma's endless stream of protests, he looked at her curiously. "What exactly would you do about it, Swan?" Emma opened her mouth and closed it in the same breath, not sure about the answer to that question. "And before you answer," He said, effectively cutting off her pending rant. "I might point that - more likely than not - any plan you might have probably involves you getting dressed first, and that's just not going to happen."

Emma looked towards the bank, searching for her clothes which, of course, were gone. She turned back to look at him, her mouth agape. "How dare you! You call yourself an honorable man yet -"

"Emma, love," He whispered, his tone silky. "I am an honorable man, but I'm also a pirate. And we need to talk without you running off on me," His eyes bore into her, his right hand beginning to unlace his breeches. Emma turned around in the water, averting her gaze. This man was eight different kinds of infuriating, and she was mortified to admit that each of those ways was indescribably attractive. Her heart hammered painfully in her chest, an image of Neal behind her eyes.

"Why so quiet love?" She jumped, not realizing he had gotten in the water. She made to swim away from him but her pulled her back gently, turning her to face him. Refusing to be cowed further by him, she met his gaze and stayed still.

"Well," She whispered, "A pervert stole my clothes and is now essentially holding me hostage, naked, in a lake." Her tone was biting, and growing sharper as the sentence progressed.

He chuckled, his white teeth flashing in the moonlight. The motion of the laughter drew Emma's eyes to his lips, her mind wandering to when those lips had accidentally brushed her skin as he bandaged her wound. She cleared her throat, raising a brow in a challenge.

"Well, you've got me here. What do you want to talk about?" She asked, having had enough of being the mouse in this game. She stood up straight, no longer struggling to put space between them or hide her body; what was the point, anymore?

She felt a brief flicker of something between amusement and embarrassment as his eyes wandered south, drawn by the movement of her straightening shoulders. When he finally met her gaze again, Emma smiled prettily, mocking him. "Well," He trailed off, seeming drawn in by her boldness. "How about telling me why you left me chained in a Giant's castle?"

She sighed, her arms crossed, avoiding his gaze. What was she supposed to say? Was she supposed to admit that she was intensely attracted to him, but couldn't trust him because the last man she had loved had knocked her up, set her up, and abandoned her?

"You can't be trusted," She dodged the question, hoping he wouldn't probe further but knowing he would. She tried to back up, put some distance between them, but his right hand was curled firmly around her waist. She could have broken free with relative ease if she wasn't concerned about preserving what was left of her modesty.

"Why?" He frowned, his eyes searching her face with a keen sense of desperation. "I haven't lied to you, I risked my life for you... why can't I be trusted? Have I not proven myself to be an honorable man?" His voice, low and confused, made Emma tremble.

"It isn't about you," Emma whispered, averting her eyes. "I need to get back to my son, and I can't let anyone jeopardize my chance."

"I've already helped you get the compass, Emma, and I'm here with you now instead of going to Cora. What exactly are you afraid of me jeopardizing? What are you afraid I'm going to do?" Though it was phrased like a question, Emma could hear him discover the answer as the words tumbled out of his mouth; she took a breath, looking anywhere but at him.

The air seemed thick, the water seemed warmer, and Emma was troubled to find herself conflicted on whether she wanted to put distance between them, or remain exactly where she was. She got her answer when he stepped closer to her, eliciting a sharp gasp as his left arm curled around her and pulled her closer. He leaned forward slightly, his forehead resting on hers. "Look at me, Emma," He ordered softly, firmly.

Emma reluctantly obliged, her eyes slowly trailing upward from his adams apple, over his chin and scruff, past his lips which were so near to her own, over his cheekbones, and finally resting on the iris' of his eyes. The proximity was stifling, their breath mixing in the cool air. Emma could feel her heartbeat in the pulse point of her neck, felt a tingle trail down her spine. Killian leaned forward half an inch further, close enough for the their eyelashes to become entangled, close enough for their lips to be mere centimeters apart. He stayed where he was, looking into Emma's eyes with an indiscernible emotion. The moment was intense and perfect, and it left every nerve in her body tingling pleasantly with barely restrained energy. He moved no closer, making it clear that this was Emma's decision.

Feeling his arms around her, strong and supportive, her body all but pressed up against his, their skin barely touching, evoked a deep sense of curiosity within her. It had been so long since she had felt anything quite this passionate. Her relationship with Graham was over before it really had a chance to begin, but this was different. Killian was here, staring soulfully into her eyes as if she was the only woman on this planet worth staring at. His hand, which had been curled around her waist for awhile, had never strayed lower than her hip or above her ribcage, yet she felt a fire in her skin from the contact. Looking into his eyes, really looking, Emma could see that he felt it too. They were two sides of the same coin, both with love lost and trust betrayed, both yearning for something to reconnect them to the love they both felt they could never have again.

Unable to stop herself, her curiosity and the intensity overwhelming her, Emma tentatively pressed her lips to his. In that moment a pulse of energy coursed through her body, beginning with her lips and quickly spreading throughout the rest of her body, all the way down to her toes. She pulled back after a moment, her lips tingling, heart pounding; Killian didn't wait for her this time. Killian recaptured her lips in a gentle kiss, his tongue tracing her lower lip for a moment before delving into her mouth. Emma welcomed the invasion, a soft moan escaping her as their kiss deepened. Her hands, which had fallen to her sides, gently slid up his arms, her fingers trailing over his muscles, the scars he bore. Her left hand slid to back of his neck, her fingers running through his damp, curly hair. A moment of uncertainty passed through them when they broke for breath, their eyes boring into each other.

Panting slightly, Killian leaned forward once more, in the same position that prompted Emma to kiss him the first place. "Emma," He breathed her name like a prayer, like an adulation, his nose rubbing against hers for a sweet Eskimo kiss. Looking back on it, Emma could pinpoint the exact moment when her brain shut down, when she let herself have exactly what she wanted, no matter what the consequences. This was it. Her fingers gripped his hair tightly, yanking it back much as she had when they first met, her lips leaving small kisses, tiny trails of fire, from his lips to his adams apple. She licked his pulse point, sucking it gently, nipping it teasingly. Killian responded immediately, his hand threading in her hair, forcing Emma to stop her teasing and tilt her head up obligingly. Killian, true to his pirate nature, wasted no time in kissing her with unrestrained passion, his tongue plundering the inside of her mouth.

Emma closed the remainder of the distance between the two, her body pressed against his completely, her arms circling around his head for a deeper kiss. On some level, her mind was telling her that this was a bad idea, that his would not end well; her heart told her she didn't care. She could feel him everywhere, her entire body aflame with desire and yearning for attention. Her breasts pressed into his chest, her abdomen colliding with his rock hard abs and hardening length, the water lapping at their bodies as they moved together. His lips traveled south, pausing only for a moment to bite her lower lip and make her yelp, his tongue caressing the sensitive skin, leaving soft sweet kisses down the length of her throat.

He sucked gently on her collarbone, his tongue teasing her cleavage. She mewled when his lips opened and took in the fullness of her breast, gently sucking on her nipple. She felt him smile when he heard her moan and smiled herself, her right arm uncurling from his neck to fall at her side, her right hand creeping between them to grip his hardening length. He gasped, his mouth disengaging from her breast as his head titled back in ecstasy. Emma smirked as she palmed him, giving gentle squeezes and harder tugs. He growled, his mouth closing over hers in a punishing kiss, sucking and biting with reckless abandon. With no forewarning other than the twitch of his lips into a smirk against her lips, Killian slid his right hand over her hip and under her thigh, yanking her up with surprising strength and speed. Emma felt herself being lifted out of the water, her legs instinctively curling around his waist. He remained standing, his left arm at her lower back to keep her in place as his right hand settled on the supple flesh of her buttox, squeezing it gently. Both were panting in anticipation, exchanging tender kisses as they caught their breath. Emma experimentally dipped her hips, grinding against his length beneath the waters of the lake. She breathed out, repeating the process, her head falling backwards. She gulped the fresh air, her center aching for release. When her head tilted back down, her eyes locked with Killian's; what she saw made her stop. His facial expression showed unbridled, passionate lust, but his eyes said something different. His true blue eyes were hooded, but the emotions in them were unmistakable; she saw devotion, adoration, lust, and on another, entirely frightening level, love.

"Emma," Killian murmured, opening his mouth to speak. Emma kissed him, capturing his lips, unwilling to hear what he was going to say. She could hardly handle this, let alone anything else right now. Slow to respond at first, Killian eventually acquiesced to her desires and resumed kissing her, occasionally thrusting upwards ever so slightly to keep the friction. Emma was nothing less than a bundle of nerves, her brain overrun by pleasure, her body taut and wanting; she was ready for this teasing to be over.

"Now, Killian," She ordered, panting, positioning him to enter her. He stopped in his ministrations, and Emma growled in frustration, squirming to achieve some kind of friction. He pulled her in closer, crushing her to his chest.

"Say it again," He murmured, his tone quiet and serious. "Say my name," His baritone voice struck a chord within her, feeling the pleasant shiver coil within her.

"Killian," She repeated herself, obeying. Before she finished saying his name he was thrusting upwards into her, evoking a guttural groan from them both. She gripped his shoulders, burying her face in the crook of his neck. She squeezed him slightly, shuddering. He pulled out half way, thrusting into her quickly, harshly. She moaned, gritting her teeth as he pulled out again. The motions of his thrusts within the water were creating a suction within her, and judging by Killian's expressions, he could feel it too. Angling herself, Emma pushed downwards as Killian thrusted up, creating the magic rhythm that had eluded them. Killian kissed her fiercely, thrusting upwards quick, quick, slow, giving her agonizingly sweet pleasure, his tongue mimicking the motions.

After such buildup, such tension, Emma knew that this wasn't going to last long. They had dallied too long, were too desperate for release to care about time. As Killian's pace became more erratic, Emma could feel herself being drawn in with him. As they tumbled over the edge of sanity into ecstasy, Killian remained buried hilt deep within Emma, falling backwards into the water. Emma remained astride Killian as he held her close, riding the waves of her climax, as he placed gentle kisses along her throat, her cheeks, her forehead, and her lips. The actions were a touch too intimate for Emma's liking, her brain slowly returning to functioning capacity. Her thoughts turned to the consequences of what she had just done; unprotected sex, with Captain Hook, a man who could betray her at a moments notice and prevent her from returning home. She shifted slightly, preparing her knees to stand. Killian, sensing her motives, placed his hand firmly on her hip, keeping her in place. He kissed her fiercely before she had a chance to object, reducing Emma's senses to a quivering, fuzzy mass once more.

"Oh, no, darling," Killian said, smiling against her lips, his eyes piercing her with lust, making her heart race, and feel the fire begin to stir within her once more. "We haven't finished our discussion yet."

A/n: Well... Yes. Just... yes. So, thoughts? (did anyone catch the true love's kiss?)