Fairy Tail Re: Deluxe

By oathkeeperRoxasxNamine09

"Regular speech"


Lisanna's Point of View

Chapter 1: The Fairy Tail

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In the port city of Hargeon, three traveling companions had just arrived into Hargeon Train Station with two of the three getting off their seats and were ready to leave the train. The first one was a girl with platinum white hair and clear blue eyes. Despite her well-endowed appearance, she wore an open short sleeve jacket that revealed a sky blue shirt underneath. She also wore green shorts that reached to her calf and white sneakers on her feet. What made her appearance really unique was a white band of her right forearm. She yawned and smiled, happy to finally make it to Hargeon. She looks to her two other traveling companions, one a cat and the other a boy who appeared to be close to her age. The cat was cheerful, sporting a smile but the boy wasn't, looking to be feeling sick and looking pale. The train's conductor came to see if the boy was alright.

"Umm, mister?" the conductor asked.

The cat hovered over his owner and spoke to him. This was no ordinary cat but in a way, a very special one. He was a small blue cat with black eyes, a white stomach, a long blue tail with a white tip and a green sack tied around his neck. He was also standing while the white haired girl kneeled down to the cat's level to assist her traveling companion.

"We've reached Hargeon, Natsu. Get up! Get up!" instructed the cat.

"That train ride was longer than we thought it would be." replied the white haired girl, placing a hand to comfort the boy while the cat tried to get him up.

The two were near the doors, trying to get the pink haired boy onto his feet. The conductor watches the scene unfold with a sweat drop going down the back of his head.

"I-Is he alright?" the conductor asked with a mixture of a studded and surprise.

"Aye! This happens all the time." The blue cat explained, looking to the conductor. The white haired girl nodded in agreement. The pink haired boy named Natsu spoke to the two, his voice showing signs he was getting even sicker.

"This is hopeless. I never want to ride another train ever again…" Natsu groaned before his face puffed up, simulating he was going to throw up.

The white haired girl got up and followed the cat to the door to exit the train car. "I'm really sorry Natsu, I thought the train ride would be faster and we reach Hargeon quicker. I didn't mean for you to suffer like that." She said apologizing to Natsu, who got up and walk to the window.

"No worry Lisanna, we're here after all, so that's all that matters. Now if our information is correct and our leads are accurate, then Salamander should be in town. Let's go!" the blue cat added, who he and Lisanna look to Natsu who hanged his head out the window.

The pink haired boy, dress in a red coat with a white helm and black shorts with a yellow helm and a white muffler spoke again still queasy. "L-let me rest for a little bit..."

"No way, time waits for no man, woman, or cat." Lisanna said excitedly, stepping out the train with the blue cat. The two didn't realize the train was about to take off as Lisanna added with so much enthusiasm, "Besides don't you want to find Ig…" but stop mid-sentence when she and the cat saw the train take off with Natsu still on it. "…neel."

The train took out with Natsu screaming to Lisanna and the cat, his tone still sickly but still enough to yell to his companions. "Avenge me!" he screamed, his voice stretching in the wind of speeding train. The train immediately left the station, with Lisanna looking worried to the cat. They stood on the platform watching the train disappear from sight. Her face was pale in worry, a sweat drop going down the back of her head.

"It departed and there he goes." The blue furred cat said at once.

"Happy, we have to rescue Natsu, don't we?" Lisanna asked ashamed, trying not to place a palm to her face for now having to rescue their friend.

"Aye." Happy, the blue cat agreed solemnly.

Lisanna shook her head and sighed, taking her hands to her hips and huffed in annoyance. It has to be those days this happens, and it happens now.

Natsu Dragneel, you haven't changed one bit for the past two years. But despite our rocky start, today wasn't a normal day as I thought it would be. Today was the day we met a new friend, that fateful encounter that changed all of our lives. This was the day we met… the girl with the blond hair.

In another part of Hargeon while Lisanna and Happy went to save their friend from a likely fate, another person was also in town… in fact, the town's only magic shop. young girl with brown eyes and shoulder length blonde hair that is tied with a blue ribbon into a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loose. She had large breasts, and a curvaceous body. She wore a white top with a blue cross in the center with a zipper in the center too. She wore a blue short skirt along with a brown belt that held a set of gold and silver keys and a black whip with a heart-shaped end and also wore black, leather high heeled boots. The girl slap her hands to the store counter, shock to what the owner had told her.

"What?" she asked her brown eyes open wide, "You mean to tell me there's only one magic shop in this whole town?"

"Afraid so, " a shop keeper, a decidedly older-looking man with two sections of gray hair that protrude from either side of his head and black eyes and wears a dark, almost rusty, gold shirt said to the young girl, "People around here are fishing folk than they are magic folk." He added, the girl responding with a sigh, "I reckon most people in town don't even know how to use magic. I build this shop to sell to Wizards to happen to be passing through."

The girl turned to her side, and sighed while frowning, disappointment in her search. Her hands were balled to her hips when she added, "Oh man, I came out all this way for nothing."

"Now, Now, don't say that little lady; I have all the latest good, let me show you a few." The ship owner said digging his hands from below the counter still speaking to the blond haired girl while look to him with her head facing him, pulling out something that closely resembles a rectangular box, with its front decorated by the object's name, placed almost in its center, and by a pair of round, mirror-like objects or drawings, superimposed on, from the top to the bottom, a darker-colored rectangle with jagged borders and a round, decorated drawing resembling a mirror's frame, which is in turn surrounded by four decorations, reminiscent of arrows pointing outwards. He held out with a smile to the girl, "This ColorS magic is popular. All the young girls really seem to like it." He took his left hand to the device, but continued on, "It allows you to change the color of your clothes anytime you want."

He swirled his hand on what seems to work like a dial, before a light glowing light appeared from the top of the device along with a light green magic circle emerged from it too. Immediately, the shop owner's clothes changed from gold to purple instantly, he said with smile on his face, "Purple!" as he turned away from the girl.

The girl had her back facing the counter and owner, her hands placed behind her back responding, "I already have one of those." she sighed but added, "What I really want are some powerful gate keys." as the owner's clothes changed from purple to the rusty gold they were.

"Gate keys you say," the owner responded, pulling out something that made the blond haired girl's eyes widen with an excitement, her mouth agape with a smile. "That's a rare request."

Inside of a little box was a silver key and on its bow is hexagonal in shape and carries the crest of the Celestial spirit Canis Minor at the base. "Oh wow it's the little doggy!" she squealed with delight.

"Yes, but that one's not very powerful you know?" the shop owner assured her.

"I know, but I really, really want It." she replied, a rosy blush and a smile that was on her face. She picked up the box with her hands she continued on while smiling to the owner, "So how much?"

"20,000 Jewels!" he responded, holding up two fingers to indicate twenty thousand. The blonde haired girl got closer to the owner, still smiling widely.

"I'm sorry, but how much was that that again?" she asked trying to keep her smile.

"I said 20,000 Jewels." He replied still smiling.

A sweatdrop was down the back of the girl's head, speechless that it was that much for a Gate Key. There was only one option left. She sat herself on the counter, legs crossed and shirt slightly unzipped to show off her cleavage with her right hand behind her head in an attractive pose. She sported a wink of her left eye too, hoping for sure this will work.

"Aww come on, how much is it really worth?" she asked kindly with a smile, "Surly you could cut me a deal?"

The good news for the blond haired girl was the sex appeal worked and she got a deal off the key, but the bad news was it didn't go the way she wanted as it was only 1,000 off its regular price. The blonde haired girl unfortunately paid the shop owner the money and left into the streets of the town. She growled in anger, stomping her feet furiously passing by many citizens and visitors of the town.

"I can't believe he only knocked off a thousand Jewels. That stubborn old geezer must be blind!" she fumed with disgust. Veins were throbbing on her head, "The trick usually works, so much for using my feminine wilds." she added with disappointment.

The blond haired girl stopped her angry ranting once she heard the sounds of squealing girls. She pause when she looked from the bridge was she was crossing to the ground. There a huge crowd of screaming girls cluttering around someone. From behind her, two girls running behind her and discuss something she was fortune enough to hear.

"Are you sure?!" a girl with long black hair, a dress and white collar asked excitedly.

"He's really here?!" another girl with light brown short hair and a dark pink dress said with her hand in loving way as she ran with the other girl. "It's Salamander!"

The blond haired girl's mouth was slightly opened, hearing that name sounded familiar to her. "Salamander?" she repeated but then it occurred to her once she gasped in delight, clapping her hands close to the right side of her face, "As in the wizard who uses fire magic you can't buy in stores?! Wow!"

As more of the young girls ran to see this Salamander, the girl added, "He's in this dead end town? But who cares, I can't wait to meet him!" and followed excitedly after the girls to meet the famous Salamander.

In another part of town, Lisanna and Happy, along with a rescued Natsu, were now walking through the streets of Hargeon, in search of Salamander. Lisanna and Happy, the most spirited of the three, kept smiles on their faces. Natsu wasn't the most spirited, walking along with the two with a drained look on his face.

"Now that we're in Hargeon, our quest to find Salamander begins." The white haired girl said with a sense of an explorer.

Natsu groaned, still feeling nausea from the train ride. "Damn it, I ended up on the train twice."

"Don't feel bad about that Natsu; we're here now, not on the train." Lisanna replied cheerfully, holding her right hand and balled it into a fist.

"Natsu, correct me if I'm wrong, but you have motion sickness, right?" asked Happy, looking to Natsu while they walked. Lisanna pondered about it, remembering there was a time Natsu didn't have motion sickness, a few years back. But some time passed, it started to be more prominent he was sick.

"I am very hungry, too." Natsu added with a groan.

"We didn't eat before heading out from home. We should grab a bite to eat later on. Sounds good?" Lisanna requested as the two boys agreed.

"The two of us don't have money so Lisanna has to pay." Happy reminded Natsu.

"Fine by me, I did get an extra bit of jewel money so it's on me this time." Lisanna told them with a kindly smile. Natsu look to her, despite still recovering from the train was happy.

"Thanks Lisanna." Natsu said with a smile.

As the three walk, Natsu asked something, pondering something, "Hey Happy, Lisanna, this Salamander we're looking for is Igneel, right?" Lisanna pondered a bit too, crossing her arms.

"Only Igneel can be called the Fire Dragon, don't you think?" Happy replied to them.

"Igneel, yeah." Natsu answered.

The three could see a large pack of screaming girls from the distance, screaming the name, "Salamander!" or saying, "You're so handsome!"

They stopped in their tracks to see the crowd. They scream Salamander meaning they found their lead, meaning… "Salamander?!" the three companions exclaimed in unison, looking to one another. They race off to the crowd, hoping to find the one called Igneel or Salamander he was called.

"See?! Speaking of the devil!" Natsu said excitedly.

"Aye!" agreed Happy cheerfully.

"Let's go, let's go!" Lisanna instructed.

They hurried even quickly to the crowd, hoping to find the person they were looking. Natsu was in the front with Lisanna on his side and Happy in the front of the two young teens. Once they made it to the crowd, they find Igneel.

In the center of the crowd of fangirls, a young man, relatively tall and slim man with mildly short, spiky hair jutting outwards, with a long fringe left hanging over the upper left part of his face was in the middle of the screaming girls with a charming smile on his face. He had dark blue hair, a mildly rectangular face with sharp features, dark eyes and thin, dark eyebrows. The most distinctive facial feature was the dark tattoo covering the right part of his forehead, just above his right eyebrow, this being highly reminiscent of a thin, stylized pair of tongs placed horizontally, with the "handles" pointing towards his right. He wore ornate clothing, with the most visible piece being a dark, high-collared cape almost reaching down to his knees, possessing a lighter inner part and light edges adorned by a pattern consisting of many rhombs, or possibly many 'X's, lined up one after the other. Such cape is closed some centimeters below Bora's neck by a small fastener adorned by a stylized flame, with a light ribbon hanging from it, and has large motifs adorning its sides, starting from the shoulders and going down several inches; each motif is shaped like a large, light and hollow circle from whose outer side many arrows jut outwards in every direction, and which has several wavy lines protruding towards its hollow center. Below such cape, he wore a simple, light short-sleeved shirt with outlined edges, paired with light pinstriped pants with visible hems, held up by a simple belt covered in elongated spots and largely hidden by his shirt, and polished dark shoes, with lighter soles and a light upper part going down from the ankle's front. He also sported three large metal bracelets around his right wrist and forearm, with a similar trio being visible on his left wrist. His two fingers of his left hand were raised and push from his body making his cape leave pass his shoulders. The girls screamed and swooned at the young man, all with pink hearts in their eyes. Girls cried out with phrases like, "Handsome!' or 'He's so cool!' all catering around the one called Salamander.

The young blond haired girl was in the crowd too, her mouth open wide like a fish, a faint blush on her face, and her eyes open wide too. Her heart was racing, beating fast in her chest.

'Why is my heart beating so fast?' she asked herself little pink hearts in her eyes too, 'What's gotten into me all the sudden?'

"You ladies are all so sweet!" he complimented the girls, before taking his gaze to the blond haired girl. His gaze met hers, and she gasped in shock.

"He looked at me!" she exclaimed in her thoughts seeing the smile on Salamander's face. She felt more head over heels before even meeting him. She crossed her arms over her chest, her beating heart beating faster and faster. She no longer had her mouth agape, but struggling to not smile, her lips trembling.

'Is it because he's famous wizard?!"'She asked herself breathlessly, 'Is that why my heart's throbbing out of control?'

She sighed, before a large pink heart was in front of her chocolate brown eyes, feeling more head over heels by the young man.

'Could it be?' she asked thinking, hopping on one foot to inch her body even closer and closer to the blue haired man, 'Am I in love.. Is he the one?' as a boy's voice was calling from a distance, entering the crowd.

"Igneel, Igneel, it's me!" the boy said excitedly as he came to the center, followed by a girl with white hair. The blond haired girl's hearts in her eyes shattered like glass from a window, revealing her brown eyes again. She was confused but stared at what was going on, seeing the two newcomers. Their smiles turned to confused frowns, yet the boy uttered to the man at once, "Who the heck are you?"

"Is this Igneel, looks like a player wannabe from my view point." white haired girl asked, not at all improessed by what she found.

Salamander reacted in a panic, his body all white in shock, bewildered these two teens didn't know who he was. "Who am I?!" he said in regard to the words. He led his ring finger hand out in the air, the rings gleaming in the sunlight.

"I am Salamander." He introduced calmly with a smile, showing his perfect white teeth, "Surly you heard of me before?"

"Nope not really…" the pink haired boy said at once turning around. The dark blue haired man jumped in shock as the girls face the pink haired boy and his companions.

"Damn fast!"

"Hey, you are being rude!" one of the girls exclaimed, kicking the pink haired boy in the stomach. The white haired girl gasped as her comrade was being attacked by the girls who looked really angry at the pink haired boy's comment about Salamander. More cries of, "That's right, Salamander's a great wizard!" "Apologize to him!" were heard from the girls as they attacked and wrestled the boy to the ground. Her face went pale in shock as she watched the pink haired boy being pinned by the girls while they acted like wild animals.

You weren't kidding sis, girls can be a little wild for someone they like. I hope I never be like that.

"What's with you?!" he yelled in pain with the girls wrestled him to the ground.

"Oh please stop. He didn't mean it after all." Salamander spoke to the girls. The girls all squealed as they turned around to him like attacking Natsu wasn't an event that happened. The blonde haired girl folded her arms with a frown as the white haired girl had her arms folded too.

Yeah right, you allow my friend to be hurt just to keep your image. There is something amiss with you and I know phonies when I see one.

But the blond haired girl thought something odd too. Those girls attacking the boy was not normal and not just the how they act, but attacking the young boy in general. The boy was an innocent bystander who seems to not know this Salamander, and got hurt for being rude… if you can call it that. Afterwards, after the boy got up, Salamander took a piece of paper and signed it for the pink haired boy and white haired girl.

"Here's my signature. You can brag this off your friends. That little miss seems to be your friend, right?" Salamander said, giving the pink haired boy his autograph. The pink haired boy had an annoyed look on his face, the same for his companion.

"I'm not his little miss and we don't want it." Lisanna huffed at these words 'little miss'.

The girls all growled in anger, their eyes flashing and teeth clenched. "That white haired harlot won't take Salamander's autograph!"

As they charged their way to the white haired girl, the white haired girl's left arm change into a bird's talon. Her blue eyes were darken with anger, her teeth ready to bite at the girls.

"If you get any closer, then I will have no choice but to harm you. And guess what." as a dark aura form around her making her appearance look sinister and menacing. "I won't just rip you out your eyes, but other things too."

The girls slowly back away slowly as the white haired girl sighed, knowing the girls won't leave them alone (mostly the pink haired boy) if she doesn't take it. "But if you insist, then we will gladly take the autograph." She held out a hand to the autograph as the Salamander gave it to her. She took it and her, the blue cat, and pink haired boy walk to a building to lean on it and watch the Salamander speak to the girls. The white haired girl still had her arms folded.

"Thanks Lisanna, I thought we would be in more trouble there." he said.

"That's okay Natsu, you feeling alright?" Lisanna asked, placing a hand to his shoulder, worried that the girls hurt him badly.

Natsu nodded as they heard Salamander speak about something, speaking calmly like Lisanna's hand looking likes a bird's talons didn't happen, "Well, I'm afraid I have business I must be attending to."

The swooned Fangirls all look to Salamander, saying in unison, "You're leaving already?!"

The blue haired man held out his ring hand and announced with a smile, "Time for the Red Carpet."

With a snap of his fingers, a red magic circle appeared and small purple flames were summoned under his feet. The flames formed a spiral as The Salamander rose a few feet of the girls. The girls were impressed and squealed as Salamander announced something to the girls and getting the others' attention to him.

"I'm having a party on my yacht tonight." he announced to the girls, "And you're all invited!" he added before zipping off into the air, leaving the screaming crowd of girls, Natsu, Lisanna, Happy and the blonde haired girl.

"Who is that guy?" Natsu asked looking into the sky.

"Beats me, but what a flashy exit he made there." Lisanna commented looking up too.

"He is really disgusting, right?" A girl's voice asked.

The three look to see a girl standing over them. She had chocolate brown eyes and shoulder length blonde hair that was tied with a blue ribbon into a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loose. She had large breasts, and a curvaceous body (but it wasn't on either of the three's minds as they were wondering just who was she). She wore a white top with a blue cross in the center with a zipper in the center too. She wore a blue short skirt along with a brown belt that held a set of gold and silver keys and a black whip with a heart-shaped end and also wore black, leather high heeled boots. From Lisanna's perspective she was her a year older than her.

"Thank you for the help." She added with a smile.

"Huh?" The two teens said in confusion. What did they have to 'Thank her' for? The three companions' stomachs growled as they laughed nervously.

The blonde haired girl smiled at the three, gesturing her hand to make them follow her. "You guys look hungry. Come on, there's a place we can eat here. We can talk and I'll introduce myself."

A few minutes later, the blond haired girl led the trio to a restaurant where the blond haired girl finally got a change to introduce her to the three traveling companions. She faced the three while they faced her on their side of the booth.

"I am Lucy, nice to meet you." Lucy introduced.

"Aye, my name's Happy." The blue furred cat said happily.

"I'm Natsu, nice to meet you too." Natsu replied with a smile on his face.

"Lisanna, a pleasure to meet you." Lisanna greeted lastly shaking Lucy's hand.

After they introduce themselves, Natsu began to chow down fast and loudly that made Lucy sweatdrop a little. Never in all her life has she seen a boy with an appetite like that and with a lack of table manners. Lisanna on the other hand ate her meal with more a quieter and slow pace than her pink haired companion. She giggled from time to time at Natsu. Some of the other costumers were a little annoyed or disturbed by the display of eating Natsu was showing them.

"Happy, Natsu, and Lisanna right?" she asked, hopping to get their names right and to continue their conversation at hand.

"You're a nice person." Natsu said, through mounds of food stuff to his mouth.

Lucy had a calm smile on her face as she said to Natsu, "Okay, but please take your time Natsu… I mean, you're throwing food around…" but thought with an annoyed angry look on her face, 'By the way, I spent the 1,000 jewels I saved by using my sex appeal for this.'

"Well that Salamander guy was using Charm, in other words a fascination spell. It influences the heart by attracting one to the caster, but it was banned several years ago." Lucy explained.

"I knew something was fishy with the girls, they weren't acting like normal fans of a famous person, look how they treat Natsu like a punching bag just for saying that or me too when they tried to attack me." Lisanna pointed out.

"I know going to suck extends to become famous. What a lame way to do it, using illegal magic to achieve it. What a disgusting guy." Lucy agreed.

"Tell me about it." Lisanna murmured taking her fork and jabbing her salad to eat it.

"But thanks to you Natsu for jumping in, the Charm lifted. So this my way of thanking you and Lisanna for breaking the Charm." Lucy said to Natsu, Happy, and Lisanna, who still was eating.

"I see." Natsu said at one, eating several tomatoes.

"I know I may not look it, but I'm a Wizard too." The blond haired girl stated smiling, her index finger pointing to her face

"Really? Wow, guess we helped a wizard in town. That's some luck." Lisanna said smiling brightly.

"But I haven't joined a guild yet, thought." Lucy assured them. "Ah, Guilds are organizations where wizards are employed receive information. Wizards aren't considered full-fledged until they work for a guild."

She has a point. You're just a normal Wizard if you don't find a guild to work in. I guess she's explaining it to us.

Lisanna continued watching her, but before noticing Lucy acting strange and almost fangirl like. She was fidgeting in her seat with her hands clap close to her face. She added excitedly, "But there are tons of them all over the world, I heard it's really tough to get into the more popular ones and the guild I want to join in the most popular one there is." She turned her head from the three with a faint pink blush on her face and her hands to her cheeks, gasping a love like sigh before adding steam firing from her nostrils too while speaking really fast, "Yeah, they're the greatest and they're always featured in Sorcerer Weekly. Oh if I can actually convince them to let me join, I could just die!"

"What?" Natsu asked, looking at the girl and finished eating.

"I'm sorry, you can't comprehend stuff about the world of wizards, right?" she asked waving her hand thinking this whole thing to them was too much to handle. Lucy placed her arms on the table and looked directly at Natsu and Lisanna, with Happy looking in too. "But I'll join that guild, no matter what. I heard that you can get lots of big assignments there. "

"R-really?" Natsu said surprised.

"You sure talk a lot." Happy responded to the blond haired girl's long talk fest.

"Ah, by the way, you guys seem to be looking for someone…" Lucy asked the three.

"Aye! Igneel." Happy replied cheerfully.

"We heard that Salamander was in this town. So we decided to check it out. But he turned out to be different person." Natsu explained.

"Salamander was his name, but he didn't look like one." Happy added with Lisanna nodding in agreement.

"Since I heard he was a Fire Dragon, I was sure it was Igneel." Natsu continued arms folded with his face still stuff with food.

"And what does the Fire Dragon look like, as a human?" Lucy asked curiously, a sweatdrop going down her head.

"Huh?" Natsu asked in confusion. "He's not a human. Igneel is a real Dragon."

Lucy was speechless and confused. Was the pink haired boy serious about it? A Dragon, a real one? She heard about them from books and stories, but a real one? There was no way.

"Aye! A real one!" Happy chimed in.

Lucy gasped at this. Was Natsu for real? And Lisanna, the girl sitting with him, was she for real too? There was no way. Even in the world of magic, the sighting of a dragon is extremely rare. For those who would never believe such a thing. This would be the natural reaction.

"There is no way such a thing would be in the middle of a town, right?" she yelled at the two boys, looking furious at them. Natsu and Happy had blank expressions on their faces, "Hey! Don't give me that look like you just now realized it!" she snapped at them

"I'm sorry." Lisanna chimed in apologetically, clapping her hands together and bowing her head, "my friend was really excited when we heard the name Salamander that he jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry Lucy."

"That's alright; the three of you were just looking for something and didn't realize it wouldn't be here. Sorry I snapped at you." Lucy apologized finally calming down and taking from her purse money for the meal. She place it on the table, "Well then… I should be going now. Please take your time." she added. Lucy got up from her seat and walked away from the table with Lisanna turning her head waving her hand at the blonde wizard.

"Well then, good luck on your guild searching." Lisanna waved to her.

Lucy waved back as she left the restaurant. Lisanna then turn to Natsu and Happy who looked ashamed of themselves. She didn't frown at the boys, but they felt she was mad at them for blurting that out, knowing the world thinks Dragons are gone. It was true, to many wizards, Dragons are considered rare, no one has seen one or even think they still exist. Natsu was looking for Igneel, but should know that thinks they are gone.

"We didn't make a great impression, did we?" Natsu asked.

"Aye." Happy agreed.

"That's alright. But next time, let's be careful about the Igneel thing, okay?" Lisanna requested still smiled at the two.

"Okay." Natsu replied sadly, slouching in his seat.

"You know, we should have invited Lucy to our guild. She seems really nice, she might fit right in." Lisanna offered.

"I guess so. What should we do with that autograph?" Happy asked. The autograph the got from Salamander was still at their table, and no way they get Lucy to take it.

Lisanna looked at it and sighed, handing it to Natsu. "You keep it. Everyone would laugh if I had it."

"Sounds good to me." Natsu agreed, placing the autograph in his bag. After cleaning their mess, they left the money Lucy left for them on the table and set off into town once more.

Elsewhere with Lucy, The blond haired girl was sitting on a bench, reading the magic magazine, Weekly Sorcerer. Lucy was reading an article about one of Fiore's Guilds, known as Fairy Tail.

"Oh my, Fairy Tail caused trouble again." She said to himself, reading the article aloud. "'During the annihilation of the Devin Thief Family, 7 residential house were destroyed'." Lucy laughed, placing her back on the bench, holding the magazine high and kicking her feet. "They are overdoing everything!"

Lucy flips the page to reveal a girl a few years older than her posing wearing a bikini in the magazine. She had white hair; kind of like the white haired girl she met earlier with a little ponytail and blue eyes.

"This gravure belongs to Mirajane." She flips the page that shows more pictures of the girl Mirajane. 'She looks a bit like Lisanna, maybe they're related somehow?' she thought. "I wonder how I can join Fairy Tail… I wonder if I have to go through an interview or something?" she asked herself before closing the magazine, a smile on her face. "The wizard guild Fairy Tail… It is the coolest one!" Lucy said with glee, adding a little chuckle at the end.

"I see, so you want to join Fairy Tail?" a man's voice asked her.

Appearing from the bushes that surprise her was Salamander, looking very savvy with a smile on his face.

"Salamander!" Lucy exclaimed in shock, seeing the blue haired man startle her.

"I was looking for you." He said to Lucy, smiling. "I really wanted to invite you to my party."

Lucy got up from the bench and pointed a finger at 'Salamander', her looking at the man with serious look on her face. "Your Charm won't work on me! That spell's weak point is awareness. It's useless to those who know that!"

'Salamander' chuckled, keeping a hand to his chin. "I knew that. I thought that you were a mage when I saw you. As long as you come to my party, it doesn't matter."

Lucy turned around and folded her arms. "There is no way I would go to the party of someone as disgusting as you." Lucy said all huffily.

"Me, disgusting?!" 'Salamander' repeated in disbelief.

Lucy look back at him, arms still folded. "Your Charm… You want to be popular that much?"

"Come on, it's just a ceremony," 'Salamander' assured her. "I just wanted to feel like a celebrity during the party."

Lucy sighed, facing the other way again. "How can a stupid guy like you be a famous wizard?" making a vein throb on his head for her comment to him. He added to her, sounding calm to her as he looked at her.

"Huh, you want to join Fairy Tail, right?"

He turned around and began to walk away. He could hear a slight gasp coming from her. He smiled, he had her now. "Have you heard of Fairy Tail's Salamander?"

Lucy let out a slight gasp of realization, "I have!" she turned back around, "Are you one of Fairy Tail's Wizards?!" she gasped.

"Yes," He replied at once, "I will take you to the master if you want to join."

Lucy's mouth opened wide as hearts formed in her eyes. "I'm going to be at a wonderful party, right?" she asked hopefully.

"Y-You're so easy to read…" 'Salamander' thought admittedly, surprised by Lucy's change of mind.

Lucy's eyes sparked with happiness as she asked, "Hey, can I really join Fairy Tail?"

"Of course. But in return, don't tell anyone about the Charm." Salamander replied.

"Sure, no problem!" she replied happily. Of course Lucy told Natsu, Lisanna, and Happy about the Charm, so they are aware of it. So she's half promising. As long she got to join Fairy Tail, it won't hurt she told others about the Charm spell.

'Salamander' turned back around and added, "Well, then, let's meet at the party." 'Salamander reminded Lucy, snapping his fingers to preform another Red Carpet. Like before, purple flames surrounded his feet as he rose into the air and jet out of sight.

All Lucy would do was cry out, "Roger sir!" and 'Salamander' was gone. After 'Salamander' was gone, Lucy then realized something, making her feel angry about it. 'It was a Pseinlo Charm, Right?" She sighed at once, "But, I did it!" she added with a cheer, jumping for joy, "I can join Fairy Tail!" A toothy grin then dawned on her face. "Until then, all I have to do is be nice to that idiot." she giggled mischievously as she planned what to do and wear for the party on 'Salamander's' ship.

Later at nighttime, it was finally late at night in Hargeon and Natsu, Lisanna, and Happy were at the top of town, looking at glowing lit windows of the buildings to the sea out in the distance. While Natsu had his back against the railing, Lisanna cross her arms on the railing, pondering about everything that has happened today. Her two comrades were completely happy after their meal that afternoon; the pink haired boy rubbed his stomach with a pleased look on his face.

"I'm stuffed!" Natsu said happily.

"Aye!" Happy agreed.

Lisanna nodded, still thinking about everything that has happened. Happy looks to the sea and spots a boat out in the water, finally pointing it out to the two.

"Come to this of it, isn't that the ship Salamander will host his party at?" Happy asked Natsu and Lisanna.

Looking at the ship in the water made Natsu sick in an instance as he turned around, "I'm starting to feel sick!"

"Stop getting motion sickness just by imagining." Happy told the pink haired boy.

Happy look pass his shoulder to see Lisanna deep in thought. Her hands were on the railing, letting the smell of the salty air put her at ease.

There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle that I'm trying to put together. First is that Salamander, or should I say fake Salamander. Stealing someone else's title, that's as low as any wizard would go. That Charm of his, why's he's using it to be popular? And this party, can you call it a party or an elaborated scheme. But something tells me that he's up to something.

"Lisanna, you still there?" asked Happy. She nodded, snapping out of her train of thought.

"Sorry Happy was thinking about something." Lisanna replied, looking down to the town. Behind them, they could several girls conversing.

"Look at that! That's Salamander's ship!" one of the girls exclaimed.

Happy and Lisanna look to see three girls also near the railing.

"I wanted to go!" another girl exclaimed happily.

"Salamander?" a third girl questioned.

Natsu calmed down and look at the three girls along with Happy and Lisanna, their faces sternly with confusion,

"Don't you know him? He is that famous wizard of Fairy Tail who is currently in town." the second girl asked.

Upon hearing this, Natsu's eyes sharpen with anger as Lisanna folded her arms. They both felt anger, hearing the name 'Fairy Tail' made them sick to their stomach.

"I knew something was up. Not only is he using Salamander but seems to be spreading Fairy Tail's name around. We're crashing that party, are we?" Lisanna asked.

Natsu nodded, not trying to face the ship in the sea.

"Then let's go. I'll go on ahead. You guys meet me there." Lisanna ordered her face appearing serious.

"Aye sir!" Happy saluted.

"Lisanna, be careful." Natsu told her with a frown, his eyes narrowed to her.

"I will." Lisanna assured him. Lisanna look back to the ship out in the sea as her arms transformed into two large pink and green wings. Lisanna took off in the sky and headed to the ship, not knowing that a familiar face was on it.

On the fake Salamander's ship, many girls from town were there on the boat, enjoying themselves as Lisanna made her way to it. Keeping herself hidden upon the night sky, the white haired girl then dived down to the sky deck, detached by the party goers. Lisanna's wings were still activated as she walk quietly on the deck, looking for any clue of the fake Salamander or what he was up to. She spotted one of the girls on the sky deck. Her wings vanished in golden light as she sneaked up to the girl from behind and took a swift chop to her head to knock the girl unconscious into her arms.

"Sorry about that." she said silently, looking to her right to find a sheet that would normally cover boats. She removed her party dress: a light blue dress with a strip going up her legs with matching high heels and covers her half naked body with the sheet, not wanting the girl to lose her modesty but so she wouldn't be cold. She put on the dress and heels, taking one last look at her and reactivated her wings again. She went to the sun roof where she heard a man's voice.

"Lucy right?" he asked someone in the room, "That's a lovely name."

'That's the fake Salamander's voice. And that's…' Lisanna gasped as she saw Lucy was there too. She was sitting on a pink chair facing Salamander who sat across her sitting with his legs crossed. On a small table with a white cloth was a bottle of wine and two glasses. She also saw that Lucy was wearing a red party dress with a matching red ribbon in her hair.

"Yeah, thanks." she replied trying to keep her smile and composure.

"I like to toast your beauty." he stated to the blond haired girl before snapping his ring hand. The contents of the glasses started to bubble, while Lucy sat with her hands to her lap. Bubbles started to float up from the glasses, but she kept calm keeping her eye on them, "Now… Open up wide Lucy; savor the taste of each flavorful drop as they enter your mouth." he stated to her again.

'Creepy!' Lucy exclaimed teeth clenched in her thoughts getting the chills from the guy. She opened her mouth, the droplets getting close to her mouth, her eyes shut, 'I'm strong, and I can get through this." she told herself. But she finally opened her eyes, getting up from her chair and slapping the droplets away. Her eyes were narrowed seriously, confronting the Salamander about this.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked sternly to the blue haired man. He gasped his mouth agape as she added, "I know what you're up too, you're trying to use sleep magic."

The 'Salamander's' mouth was slightly ajar. How did she realize so quickly? He smiled, placed a hand to his chin, "Congratulations on realizing it."

"Don't get the wrong idea. I want to join Fairy Tail, but I don't have any intention of staying with you!" Lucy retorted.

"You're a tough one." 'Salamander' said calmly, turning his head away.

Lucy could hear the sounds of chuckling as the curtains opened up to reveal many muscled bound thugs carrying the girls from town on their backs or carried by their waists. The thugs grinned evilly, as Lucy saw all of them. Lucy gasped and from above, Lisanna gasp too. What was the meaning of this? She knew the man was up to something, but not like this.

"What's going on here, Salamander?!" Lucy demanded, seeing the thugs carrying the girls.

"Welcome aboard my ship…" Salamander said his tone must different than what Lucy remembered it. It was much eviler than the charming facade he gave the girls in town, "And it'll be wise to behave yourself until we make it to Bosco…" he smiled but added looking at her, "Don't make me angry!"

"Bosco?!" Lucy repeated.

"Bosco?!" Lisanna repeated silently.

"Hold on, what about Fairy Tail?!" Lucy yelled back at 'Salamander'.

"Forget about it. You're our merchandise now." 'Salamander 'replied to her.

'Merchandise? Figures, Slave trade. That is real low.' Lisanna thought angrily, her hands balled into fists.

"What?!" Lucy replied back. "Then these girls are also…?" taking her gaze at the many girls in the arms of the threatening thugs.

"Why to go, Salamander!" spoke one of the thugs.

"Got us a big haul!" spoke another.

Lucy grunted and looked back at 'Salamander'. "Why you?!" The blond haired girl took from her dress a ring of keys. But 'Salamander' reacted to this and with a snap of his fingers, purple flames emerged from the red magic circle and surrounded Lucy, causing her to scream and her keys flying into 'Salamander's' out stretched hand. 'Salamander' eyed the keys as Lucy looked terrified and helpless without them.

"Gatekeys… a Celestial Wizard, huh? Only contract holders can use this magic. Meaning they are useless to me." he said.

Lucy gasped as she watches in horror as her keys were toss out the boat and into the ocean. Lucy's brown eyes began to shake, teeth clenched, tears soon to be coming from her eyes. From above, Lisanna was furious, who was this guy?

'Who is this guy?' Lucy thought angrily. "I can't believe a wizard in Fairy Tail would do something like this…!" She looked at 'Salamander', the sleeping girls, and the thugs, anger boiling inside her. "Using magic for evil to fool people… You're the worse kind of wizard there is!" Lucy cried out, tears going down her face. From above Lisanna felt bad for the blond Celestial Wizard and knew she couldn't let this continue.

"Lucy, don't lose hope!" Lisanna's voice announced through the room.

'Salamander and the thugs gasped as Lisanna appeared from the skylight and jumped down behind them. Her knees were bent to the wooden floor and she slowly rose up, her eyes showing so much amger in them.

"It's that girl from this afternoon, so you heard everything, my dear." 'Salamander responded calmly.

"Yes I did, every last word, even what you were going to do to Lucy." Lisanna said pointing a finger at 'Salamander' before lowering it to her side. "Lucy, don't give up about Fairy Tail, just because of some lowlife like this guy," she continued speaking, she walk pass the thugs and came to Lucy's side, "I know not all wizards are good, I know that they will use magic for personal or evil gains. But I know this," She placed an arm to shield Lucy from view, wanting to keep the girl safe from harm.,"No wizard has the gall to slander Fairy Tail's name by doing this! No wizard in Fairy Tail would ever do this!"

"Lisanna…" Lucy spoke softly, feeling moved by the white haired girl's words.

'Salamander' laughed, seeing the lone white haired girl thinking she could take him and his men all by herself, "Do you honestly think you can take all of us?"

Lisanna shook her head, saying calm but showing a slight sign of cockiness in her words, "No, but who says I'm fighting alone… He's coming right now."

Just then, the ceiling of the room was burst open as someone came crashing down into it. The floor board was crumbling in the impact, sending dust and pieces of wood flying around. A boy with pink hair and a red and white coat appeared in the wreckage with an angry frown.

"Perfect timing… Natsu." Lisanna added, a smile on her face.

Lucy gasped to see the pink haired teen, eyes serious and looking mad. "Natsu!" she smiled, glad help calm to save her.

The ship began to sway as Natsu turned around, looking like he was to throw up. Lucy, 'Salamander', and the thugs' mouths were opened wide in dumbfound shock. Lisanna only just went pale, she forgot about that did she?

"I can't handle this after all!" Natsu said, about to throw up,

"What! So uncool!" Lucy shouted in disbelief. This was her savior, a pink haired boy who gets motion sickness so easily?

"What are you doing, Lucy? Lisanna was she on the boat too?" another voice asked.

Lisanna looked up, smiling at the bodiless voice, "Yeah, she was. Good thing we came or we wouldn't found her." she replied with a smile.

Lucy looks up and was surprised. There was Happy flying, actually flying. Two feathery angelic wings were on his back as he seems to be floating.

"Happy! " Lucy exclaimed, happy and surprised to see him. "I was tricked. He said he can get me into Fairy Tail!"

'Salamander' and the thugs were dumbfounded. This cat was flying, really flying?

"Wait, you have wings?!" Lucy exclaimed.

"We'll talk later. Lisanna, you and Natsu can handle this guy, I'll take Lucy!" Happy instructed to the pair.

"Got it!" Lisanna exclaimed back at the blue furred cat as Happy wrap his tail around Lucy's middle. Not asking why Lisanna stayed behind, Lucy was lifted off the boat and into the air with the blonde haired girl screaming out. Then it dawn to 'Salamander', they were trying to escape on him.

"Urgh! After them! We can't let them report us to the council!" 'Salamander ordered.

In the air, Lucy was swaying back and forth under Happy, her dress billowing in the air as the blue furred cat flew from the ship still carrying Lucy.

"Wait, what about Natsu and Lisanna?!" Lucy asked Happy, concerned they were left on their own.

"I can't carry two people, Lisanna and Natsu will be fine for now!" Happy yelled back through the wind.

'Salamander' grunted in anger, readying an attack as he stood on the bow of the ship. "You're not going anyway! Prominence Whip!" 'Salamander' conjured another red magic circle as many purple beams were fired from the magic circle and heading straight for Happy and Lucy. The blonde haired girl was panicking as the blue furred cat maneuvered and evades the beams doing his best to protect Lucy. The cat carried Lucy higher into the air as she screamed, the beams following after them. With a quick dodge, the cat flew in between the beams; the beams collided in the air in an explosive purple light like fireworks.

"Wow, pretty!" one of the thugs said in awe.

"Damn that nimble cat!" 'Salamander' spat in anger, seeing Happy evade his attack.

"Hey guys?" a boy's and girl's voice called, getting the men's attention once they turned around. Natsu was kneeling to the ground, being supported by Lisanna. Lisanna panted in anger, her canine teeth clenched in anger, same as Natsu who were angry as well. Despite his heavy breathing, he was mad beyond belief. They weren't going to let this guy and his men get away from them, motion sickness or not. Still in the air, Happy still flew as Lucy spoke to him again.

"We have to save Natsu and Lisanna!" Lucy reminded them as they flew.

"We got a problem, Lucy." Happy said to the blonde haired Wizard.


The sound of a pop was heard as Happy said, "My transformation's over."

Happy's wings vanished as his tail uncurled around Lucy as she and the blue furred cat was still midair. The two then went plummeting into the sea as with Lucy not at all happy with the feline as they were falling.

"You dumb cat!"

"Aye!" Happy screamed as they both fell into the water with a splash. In the ocean, Lucy started to swim but Happy crashed his head on a rock, making a pained look. The blond Celestial Mage searched the waters for what she was looking for and there is was, her Gatekeys, hanging off a rock. 'My Gate Keys, alright!" she thought as she swam to pick them up.

Back on the boat, the thugs were stomping on Natsu and Lisanna, 'Salamander' deciding there was no body to get in is wa now, with the cat and Luc out of his hair now.

"Nothing we can do. Let's hurry to Bosco for now."

Natsu and Lisanna couldn't take the beating anymore and held the foot of the one of the thugs with his elbow and Lisanna with her elbow. They pushed the men off them and spoke up to 'Salamander' with anger in their voices.

"Fairy Tail Guild…" they grunted in pain, getting Salamander to look back to them. While still kneeled to the ground, they said again teeth clenched, "You're a member?!"

Back in the water, Lucy rose back to surface seeing the drifting boat float from her as Happy floated back up to surface still in a daze from hitting his head. Lucy smiled with confidence as she serious for what she was ready to do.

"Here we go!" She took one key, a gold key with a picture of blue waves at the base, before twirling it in her left hand, "Open, Gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius!" she called before plunging the key into the water as a blue magic circle and a ring of waves started to pick up. The water picked by from here the blue magic circle was summoned, revealing something appearing from it. It was a royal blue mermaid. She had a long blue fish-tail, large breasts, and donned a revealing bikini top. She has two gold armlets and wears a jewel circlet. In her hands was an Urn, a vase-like container that features curled handles that are symmetrically attached to opposite sides of the vase. It is embellished by dark blue rings studded with blue dots occupying the narrowed neck and the bottom rim of the container, with the widened center of the urn encompassed by a decorative helix-like pattern of blue stripes that are alternatively shaded.

Happy was ecstatic seeing the newcomer, drool forming the side of his mouth, "A Fish?!" he asked, but Lucy slapped his forehead.

"Not for you!" she remarked to the hungry blue furred feline.

"That was amazing!" Happy said seeing the spirit and calmed down.

"That's the power of a Celestial Wizard." Lucy said proudly her eyes closed while smiling, "Whenever I use my gate keys, I came summoned spirits from another world to help me," Lucy pointed her finger to the boat, addressing Aquarius with a command while Happy stared at the spirit, still wanting to eat her, "Listen up Aquarius, I want you to use your power to push that ship back into the shore."

But Aquarius didn't response with a simple 'Yes ma'am', but with a scoff. Her face was formed into scowl, not pleased to be here.

Lucy reacted annoyed at the spirit's response Happy just watching, "You're supposed to come from the spirit world to help, not to give me attitude!" she yelled at the blue haired spirit.

"Uh Lucy, I don't think you should make her angry." the cat warned in fear. But the blue haired spirit was already pissed, speaking to Lucy and the cat with waves forming behind her.

"Let's just get something straight, if you so even drop my key again…" she added, the terror in her eyes that made even the blue furred cat scared too, "You're dead."

With the cries of a whimper, they both took her threat at heart

"It won't happen, we promise." they repleied

Aquarius began to absorb water into her urn but before a glint of her urn was made too as she hurls it with tremendous force creating a big wave of water in the middle of the ocean. A big wave of water was carrying the yacht to the port, the passenger all shocked while Natsu and Lisanna were still slightly wide eyed.

"Why's the seas so angry?!" Salamander asked in shocked by the change in the current while his men were shocked as well.

But the yacht wasn't the only thing being carried by the waters as Lucy and Happy were carried too.

"Hey, don't wash me away with it" Lucy screamed at the water spirit as she was swirling in the whirlpool too. Finally, the big water wave crashed into the port, and the yacht Salamander, the thugs, Lisanna and Natsu were on was topside on the beach.

"What's the big deal?!" Lucy asked Aquarius after finally getting out of the water to face the spirit and Happy got out too. Anger boiled in the Wizard's core, why would she do such a thing? "You think you could have not swept me up with the ship too?!"

"Oh, that was an accident; I didn't mean to get the ship." She remarked coolly smiling at her.

"Wait?!" she realized, shocked that she really tried to kill her, "So you were aiming for me?!"

But Aquarius turned her head from the blond haired steamed mage adding, "Don't call me for a while. I'm going on a weeklong vacation with my boyfriend." before deciding to rub it into Lucy's face before vanishing into blue light, "And he's hot."

"You don't have to rub it in!" she retorted to the spirit as she left. Happy hopped out of the sand and stod with the blonde haired wizard.

"You want me to handle that fishy girl?" Happy asked.

"No," Lucy sighed gloomily, placing a hand to her forehead, knowing that Happy will only make things worse if he tried eating her. "Happy you would only make things worse for me."

Looking onward at the wreckage of the the ship, many onlookers were surprised by the ship on the beach. Many were wondering about the odd tidal wave and the ship here on the held his head in pain, commenting.

"That hurt…" but someone got his attention, "What in the…?"

Appearing the cloud of dust behind them while on top a part of the ship, were Lisanna and Natsu. Natsu had recovered from his motion sickness as he stood with his friend. Lisanna's dress was ripped from the bottom revealing her pale legs, but despite having a ruined dress, she remained serious along with Natsu.

"Natsu, Lisanna!" Lucy called from the beach and running up to the ship. With Happy on her shoulders, Lucy stopped and looked up at the two. Their expression weren't like in the restaurant, or Natsu's moment of weakness. No, this was a completely different Natsu and Lisanna. Natsu looked serious; his black eyes narrowed in anger as his scarf lightly blew in the wind. Lisanna didn't have the cheery look on her face that Lucy saw; it was different, almost like this was her in completely different moment.

(Cue Fist of Flame—Fairy Tail Volume one Soundtrack)

"So you claim to be a member of the Fairy Tail Guild?" Lisanna and Natsu asked to Salamander who was below them.

"So what's it to you two?" He replied back, frowning but ordered to the thugs, "Go get them, men!"

"Sir!" they responded with a nod ready to deal with the pest.

"Let us get a close look at your face." Lisanna remarked to the man, as Natsu was pulling the shoulder of his coat. He removed it as Salamander grinned; the two not fazed as they left the shred of clothing fall to the ground.

"Watch out!" Lucy warned to the three as several of the men were coming their way.

Happy weren't worried like Lucy, instead were smiling. The blue furred cat had a fish in his paws.

"Don't worry about them. I probably should have stood you this earlier, but Natsu and Lisanna are Wizards too." he assured the blond Celestial Wizard

Lucy screamed in shock at this reveal. Those two she met, who came to her rescue on the yacht were Wizards and she didn't realize it sooner? As the thugs were getting closer to the two, they didn't seem worried as Lisanna and Natsu swatted them away like flies as they fell away from them. With serious looks on their faces, they announced to Salamander,

"Our names are Natsu and Lisanna, we're Fairy Tail Wizards, and we never seen you before in our lives!" they exclaimed with anger in their voices.

On Natsu's right shoulder was a red mark shaped like a Fairy, on Lisanna's left thigh was a white mark that was visible from the ripped dress. Salamander, his men, and Lucy were shocked.

"So Natsu and Lisanna are Fairy Tail Wizards?!" Lucy asked in disbelief.

"Those marks!" one thug realized seeing them on the three's bodies. "There's no mistaken it, there the real deal, Bora." not realizing he let a name not like the Salamander's slip. The now revealed fake Salamander retorted angry at the thugs who spilled the beans.

"Don't call me that, you idiot!" he retorted at the thug.

"I know him, Bora the Prominence. He was kick out of the Titan Nose Wizard Guild years ago for bad behavior." Happy explained to a shocked Lucy.

Natsu began to stomp his way to Bora, anger boiling inside him with Lisanna following after him. "I don't care if you are a good guy or bad guy… I won't let you tarnish Fairy Tail's good name!"

Bora wasn't fazed by the pink and white teens; remark before saying back, "We'll see about that, little brats!" and stretched out his arms yelling, "Prominence Typhoon!" and conjured another red magic circle in front of himself producing a swirling column of purple fire that was heading for the two. Lisanna's and Natsu's eyes widen as the fire collided with them and engulfed them in the fire.

"Lisanna, Natsu!" Lucy cried out, seeing the two confirmed Wizards probably being burned alive from the flames. She tried to go and save them, but Happy held his paws out, not worried in the slightest.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine." Happy assured her, "You haven't seen anything yet."

Lucy looked at the cats and back to the ship, worried for them up there in the blazing fire, now goners. The captive girls that were on the ship had woken up and ran from the ship, getting away from the scene. Bora and his men watch the flames, knowing full well that two kids couldn't survive the heat.

"The bigger the talk, the weaker the children." he stated to his men, but was interrupted by a voice in the flames.

"This is horrible, what a horrible tasting flame." a girl's voice commented inside the flames.

"Are you really a Fire Wizard, this is the most horrible fire I've ever eaten." A boy's voice commented as well

Bora turned at this seeing the shadows of the three mages. While her features remained unseen by everyone, the white haired and pink haired Wizard started to devour the flames around them. Bora and his men were shocked and speechless that this girl and boy were eating the flames around them like it was a soup. When the flames were finally gone, there not only stood a well fed Lisanna and Natsu, but a whole new version of hLusanna was standing there before the two were looking up at the men.

"Thanks for the meal." they grinned in response, their left hands to her faces.

"That girl looks different!" one of the thugs realized. "What is that guy?!"

"Is that… Lisanna?" Lucy asked in disbelief. "And Natsu and she ate those flames!"

The white haired Wizard who stood with Natsu was in a whole new appearance, looking completely different from her than how she was before. Lisanna's white hair now had red and yellow highlights; two feathery rainbow wings were on her back whiles her arms are red with red skin and feathers as well, flames slightly circling her.

"Fire won't work on Natsu and Lisanna, especially when Lisanna is in her partial Phoenix Soul." Happy commented, his black eyes wide with a smile.

"What a Phoenix, those creatures that are reborn from the ashes when they die?" she asked with dumbfound shock.

Lisanna got closer to Bora and his men, Natsu following right next to her. "Now we got a fire in our bellies that's waiting to get out!" she admitted, flames surrounding her wrists while orange energy surrounded Natsu's body. Lucy gasped seeing the energy surging around the two teens.

Lisanna held her hands out, declaring along with Natsu, "We'll blow you away!" Natsu slammed his fist together as a sparks of flames came from the orange magic circle he summoned as Lisanna held out her hands as a red magic circle appeared in front of her arms as flames surrounded her arms. "Here goes! Fire Dragon Roar/Phoenix Flame Burst!" Natsu held his breath, his hands in front of his face like a tube, as a powerful flame erupted from his mouth and powerful orange-red flames erupted from her hands and through the magic circles. The two streams of flames caused an explosion, causing the two unable to see Natsu and Lisanna as the sand and smoke mixture kick up around them. As the smoke cleared, the damage was down. Bora's men were in the wreckage, recovering from the attack. Bora was on top of his purple flames, hovering back down from surviving the attack.

"B-Bora! I've seen these kids before!" one of his men said. "The pink hair and scary looking scarf, the platinum white hair and sharp blue eyes? There's no doubt about it, they're the real deal, there…"

Lucy gasped, realizing two of the names of Fairy Tail Wizards, who were well known around the Fiore, "Salamander and Wild's Soul!" she finished in shock.

(Cue Fairy Tail main theme- Fairy Tail original soundtrack 1)

"Pay close attention now..." Lisanna said to the fake Salamander and his men, flames still surrounding Natsu's fists and Lisanna's Talon like hands, "This is what a Fairy Tail Wizard can do!" and the white haired Wizard leap themselves to the fake Salamander, the blue haired wizard flying backwards in the air.

"Red Shower!" Bora announced, causing his purple flames to rain down at Natsu. The flames missed Natsu and Lisanna as they continued running to Bora, arms still covered in flames. The two then leapped into air and crashes into Bora. With two fiery punches, Natsu and Lisanna sent the fake Salamander flying and crashing into the town. Bora finally rose back up from the wreckage of his landing. Natsu and Lisanna had leap down to face him on top of a building.

Still watching the battle below on the beach, Lucy was watching what was going on in the battle so far with Lisanna and Natsu. She was curious about their magic; it was the most interesting thing she ever saw.

"Natsu and Lisanna, They eat fire and attack with fire? Is that really magic?" She sasked.

"Not just that Lucy, Natsu has Dragon lungs to emit flames, dragon scales to dissolve flames, and dragon scales to engrave the flames… That's an ancient spell that transforms your body into that of a dragon. In other words, it's counter spell." Happy informed her.

"What is that?" she asked again curiously.

"Originally it was a dragon interception spell." Happy added.

"Oh my…" Lucy gasped as Bora was ready to launch another attack at the two Wizards. Anger boiled inside him, not wanting to lose to these children.

"Hell Prominence!" Bora announced, rising back to the air and summons another red magic which build up purple energy in front of it. Suddenly, a powerful, large, long and destructive beam-like laser was fired from the magic and hit the two as its power destroyed most of the town in its path. But the two Fairy Tail Wizards stood their ground from the attack, completely unharmed from the attack as Happy finished his explanation to Lucy.

"Dragon Slayer magic, Igneel taught him that."

"Damn you!" roared the blue haired mage, conjuring a large sphere of fire in his stretched up hands then hurls it at Lisanna and Natsu. But there was no time to see its effect as Lisanna and Natsu grabbed the large fire sphere together in their hands. The ground started too spilt below them as they started to eat the whole thing, rendering the attack pointless. With smoke and light of the after flames around them, the white haired Takeover Wizard remarked to the Fake Salamander, "Now that is what I call a satisfying meal. You aren't doing too badly yourself."

"But now we're going to cook you like a smoked fish!" Natsu added with a smile, making the fake Salamander terrified at the two teen wizards.

"You're going to do what to me?" he asked to the two Wizards in fear, but it was too late as but it was too late as Lisanna and Natsu joined hands. Flames wrapped Lisanna's left talon hand and red-orange wrapped Natsu's right. They leaped foreword to Bora on the roof but before twirling in the air.

"Phoenix Fire Talons/Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" they exclaimed, their element wrapped fists striking Bora with multiple blows with their fists. With one final blow, the fake Salamander was sent crashing into building after building not before finally ending his air travel by hitting the bell tower. With smiles on their faces as they released each other's hands, Lisanna reverted to her regular self within gold light and look to Natsu. They kept their smiles to one another, proud of a job well done. Back with Happy and Lucy, after the fight was finished, the two watched the finisher with amazement as Happy closed his ees with a knowing look.

"Don't be silly Lisanna, Natsu, everyone knows you cook fish with smoke not fire."

"It's amazing, really amazing." Lucy said astonished at the Takeover Wizard's and Fire Dragon Slayer's battle but added with a yell, "But they really overdid it!"

During the battle with Bora, Lisanna and Natsu made some massive destruction to the town trying their best to defeat him. Burning buildings and wreaked property were the aftermath of the fight. Of course, there was the damage to Bora's yacht even though it was a slave trade ship (despite it being Lucy and Aquarius who brought it shore). In short, while they won, it was overboard. Happy chimed in while looking at the damage.


"Oh shut it cat!" Lucy yelled to the blue cat.

Suddenly, a large group of yellow and blue cladded knights with traditional shields and spears were marching their way to the group. Natsu looked terrified seeing them. He might be in big trouble if they're caught as the White Haired Takeover Wizard spoke up.

"Looks like the Military coming. Natsu, let's go! We caused enough damage, we need to get going!" Lisanna called to Natsu.

"You're right; we need to get out of here!" Natsu ordered to Lisanna, grabbing Lucy's wrist and running away with her along with Happy and took off into the air while the army was marching their way.

"Wait, why me?!" she demanded to the three.

"Well you said you want to join Fairy Tail, right?" Lisanna asked before she and Natsu look to her with big smiles on their faces.

"So let's go!" they added in unison.

Lucy's expression of panic change to excitement as the two Wizards let go of her hand as she ran along with them.

"Alright!" she cheered as the group of Natsu, Lisanna, Lucy, and Happy ran from the army and return to Fairy Tail. Lisanna smiled as she kept her pace with the others.

While today wasn't what you call 'The best one in history' but in the end, we stop Bora's crazy scheme and gained a new friend in the making. Now with Lucy by our side, we head back home to Fairy Tail. I wonder how everyone is doing and I hope we didn't cause to much trouble than we did now.

To be continued…

Michael: And that ends the first chapter of Fairy Tail Re Deluxe. I think I did well with the battles keeping them fast paced and exciting. Not much changed in the fix up with Lisanna battling with Natsu and Natsu's debut as a Dragon Slayer and kicking that faker's butt. She still has a role in the Lullaby arc and the Island arc when Lyon is introduced. Now to explain Lisanna's Re Deluxe attire. Her main clothes are based on her post Edolas attire with only the shirt a sky blue color than a light blue one. The jacket is my touch but the band hides something plot relevance that will coming to full swing episode 20. Now I have only one new Takeover for Lisanna which was based on a Fairy Tail story called A Simple Spell, Phoenix Soul. But my version will be my own design, fitting both flight and battling. I would like ideas for two more Takeovers; nothing overpowered just ones that put her in a league with Natsu, Erza, and Gray. Now both girls are narrators so it will have their points of view, since Lucy is the narrator and one of main protagonist of the series. With the Final Season if Fair tail returning, plan to return to most of my Fairy Tail stories and better them in quality. Next Time:

Chapter 2: Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull