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Once again, an all too familiar act happens. Something slightly perverted happens at the Hinata and Keitaro is sent flying. He landed in a park. Keitaro liked to land in a park if he could, less stares if he decided to lay around.

'Why can't it ever stop? When can I go through a day where I'm not hit for a mistake?' Keitaro thought to himself, as he hit the ground.

As he was groaning and trying to get up, somebody was watching him with quite a bit of interest.

'Thank the spirits, My chance has come!' the person thought as they walked to Keitaro.

"Excuse me, sir. May I ask you who you are?" Keitaro shuddered as he heard the familiar voice behind him. He turned trembling, only to confirm his fears as he found Motoko standing there, certainly ready to finish the job.

"Motoko! I-If you're here to finish me off, just do it quickly!" Keitaro whimpered as he curled up in a ball.

'What? But... But how could he...' the woman thought.

Before she could contemplate further, she heard Keitaro whimper some more.

'Oh! I get it now!' she thought to herself with a smile.

"Sir, I guess you've met my cousin Motoko. I am not she, there is a difference of at least ten years between us. I promise, I will not attack you," the woman said.

Keitaro started to calm down after a bit when he heard that. As he started to get up, he noticed that while she did look like Motoko, she was older. She also was carrying a duffel bag that looked ready to burst. Still, it wasn't hard to confuse the two.

"T-thank you. I'm Keitaro Urashima. I guess Motoko has told you that I'm some big horrible pervert, Keitaro said.

"My name is Tomoko Aoyama. I haven't been at the School of the Shinmei-Ryu for a long time, So I may be a little out of date with whatever has been happening with my cousin," the woman said.

"I would have thought you'd said you were her sister. Shows what I know..." Keitaro muttered.

"It is somewhat disappointing to hear I still can pass for Tsuruko after all this time..." Tomoko replied.

"Who?" Keitaro asked, as he brushed off the dust and dirt from his clothes.

Tsuruko is the name of Motoko's older sister. I take it that Motoko never told you?" Tomoko asked, while tilting her head a little.

"No, she hasn't. She keeps to herself when I'm around. Anyways, what brings you here?" Keitaro replied.

"I am looking around for a place to stay while I'm on sabbatical. Do you know of any?"Tomoko asked.

"Yeah, The Hinata Su! It's currently a girl's dorm because of Granny Hina. She made me the manager while ago." Keitaro answered.

"Ah good! A kind hearted manager such as yourself is a rare find." Tomoko said. Keitaro looked down after she said that.

"You're the first person to say that." Keitaro weakly said.

"Such a shame." Tomoko said as she shook her head. "Shall we head to the Hinata, Urashima-san?"

"A-alright." Keitaro nervously said.

"As I said before, I promise I will not attack you. I might slap you for some transgressions, but I will not chase after you with a sword," Tomoko said. She then regretted saying that when she saw Keitaro stood straight, shivering with fear.

"I apologize for my poor choice in words. I must have forgotten how bad Motoko's temper is," Tomoko said.

When she saw Keitaro calm after a few minutes, Tomoko felt better.

"It's... It's nothing. I'm sorry-" Keitaro said before Tomoko interrupted.

"Please do not apologize or make excuses for my cousin's attacks against yourself! It is a good thing I decided to see my cousin on my sabbatical. To learn that she has been lashing out in anger is troubling," Tomoko stated.

"It's not as bad as you think..." Keitaro said.

"You crash-landed in front of me and shook in fear when I talked about chasing after you with a sword. It is a clear sign that Motoko has been neglecting a certain part of her training," Tomoko said.

"What part might that be?" Keitaro asked.

"Self control and anger management, discipline basically. To learn she has been attacking someone like you is worrisome," Tomoko answered, a bit darkly.
There was something in Tomoko's tone when she talked a bit about Motoko that made Keitaro curious. A part of him didn't want to ask about it because of his habit of sticking his foot in his mouth, but his inquisitive side won out.

"There's another reason here, isn't there? What is it?" Keitaro asked.

"I lost someone who was a lot like you. Someone he cared about had attacked him in anger and he died from the injuries resulting from the attack. I vowed to make sure it would never happen again if I had a say about it," Tomoko quietly said, as she lost herself in her memories.

"There's no need to fear. I recover fast," Keitaro said, with a slight smile, hoping to brighten the mood.

He was pleased that she did seem to cheer up a little bit.

"Let's talk as we head to the Hinata, shall we?" Keitaro asked.

"I see no problem with that," Tomoko said, as they started to head to the Hinata.

After a few moments of silence, Keitaro thought about whether or not to talk. On one hand, he might gain a friend who doesn't view him as a pervert whenever they could. On the other hand, he might wind up on the business end of her sword.

"How long has it been since you've seen Motoko?" Keitaro asked.

"About ten years. That's how long I've been away from the school," Tomoko said.

"Do you think she'll be pleased to see you if you decide to stay?" Keitaro asked. He still wasn't sure if Tomoko staying was a good or bad thing.

"No, not at first. I suspect she might confuse me with Tsuruko for a time," Tomoko answered.

"Why?" Keitaro asked.

"Motoko's been living in her sister's shadow for a long time. Tsuruko had the title of the heir, but passed it on to Motoko when she married," Tomoko replied. When she saw Keitaro look a bit confused, she decided to simplify it. "A part of Motoko feels abandoned by Tsuruko."

"Oh... So, I guess she's taking it out on me?" Keitaro muttered.

Tomoko saw the look of sadness start to appear on Keitaro' face and she then decided to explain. "No, nothing that simple. She once saw Tsuruko and Tsuruko's boyfriend, Kenshin, kiss each other. That gave Motoko fear of turtles and a hate for boys."

"Wait, How did Motoko get a fear of turtles from seeing her sister and her boyfriend kiss each other?" Keitaro asked.

"Kenshin was wearing a robe that had a picture of a turtle on it at the time," Tomoko answered, a bit sheepishly.

'That... has got to be the silliest reason for fearing an animal.' Keitaro thought.

"I'm a little curious, how do you know all this?" Keitaro asked. He could have sworn he saw her eyebrows go up in surprise a little. Then, whatever traces of surprise on her face disappeared quickly.

"Tsuruko told me. By the way, we're at the steps leading to the Hinata." Tomoko said, with a bit of a happy tone in her voice. If Keitaro didn't know any better, she was congratulating herself, but for what?

"That quickly? Huh coulda sworn it was a longer trip." Keitaro muttered to himself.


Naru and Motoko were outside the Hinata, waiting by the door. Both were ready to tear into Keitaro for coming into Naru's room while she was changing. Both were angry from the thought that Keitaro even had the gall to claim Kitsune told him Naru was in trouble. Both were surprised when they saw Keitaro was with somebody while walking up the steps to the Hinata. Well, Naru was. Motoko was backing away in terror.

When Keitaro and Tomoko had reached the top step, Motoko had found her voice.

"Sister! W-w-why are you here?" Motoko shouted.

"I was on sabbatical, Motoko." Tomoko replied. Although no one noticed, the sides of Tomoko's mouth were slightly twitching.

"I was not aware you were on sabbatical, sister. I thought you were with your husband," Motoko said. Motoko had wanted to treat the last word as something foul in mouth, but her fear of Tsuruko overrode her feelings on the matter.

"Hn. It is as I feared," Tomoko said, while shaking her head.

"W-w-what is?" Motoko stammered, fearing Tsuruko would take her back to the school.

"You mistake me for Tsuruko. It is the reason I went on sabbatical for about ten years." Tomoko said.

Motoko blinked a few times when the person in front of her had said they weren't Tsuruko. Motoko had started to calm down when she noticed that the person in front of her only looked a great deal like Tsuruko. So Motoko then asked, "If you aren't Tsuruko, who are you?"

"I am your cousin, Tomoko Aoyama," Tomoko answered.

"I was not aware I had a cousin," Motoko replied.

"When I was younger, I was a bit of a wallflower at the school. Either I was mistaken for Tsuruko, or I was ignored. So I left on sabbatical. It is rather sad that I'm forgettable at the the school of the Shinmei-Ryu." Tomoko said with a shrug.

Motoko knew all too well of life with someone as skilled like Tsuruko. So while bowing, Motoko said, "Please forgive me. I understand somewhat of what it's like to live with someone like Tsuruko."

Tomoko waved it off.

"There is no need to apologize. I should have written to the school at least once." Tomoko said.

"So what brings you here?" Motoko asked.

"I need a place to stay." Tomoko said.

"I ask that you look elsewhere. The manager is currently a pervert." Motoko replied.

Before Keitaro could speak up in his defense, Tomoko spoke up.

"I have something planned if he tries anything perverted, Motoko," Tomoko said. Keitaro whimpered a little.

Motoko began to smile, believing she knew what Tomoko had planned.

"I look forward to it," Motoko said, while looking at Keitaro with an evil smile. Keitaro whimpered even more.

"Whatever, I'm going back to study," Naru said, after watching the two Aoyama women talk to each other and leaving for her room. 'Poor Keitaro! I hope they don't hurt you too badly...'

Keitaro then sighed as he thought, 'You'd think one of them would offer to help while I have my cast on...'


Keitaro showed Tomoko around the Hinata. When they reached Keitaro's room...

"May I have this room?" Tomoko said while pointing at room 203.

"Erm... While no one is in there, are you sure that you want a room so close to mine?" Keitaro asked.

"Oh my! So if I have a problem, I don't have to go far to reach you! How fortunate!" Tomoko said, while clasping her hands in joy.

"O-okay. You're going to have to wait a little bit before you can put your stuff in it. I'll let you know when It's clean, since it's been awhile since that room was cleaned. Is that alright with you?" Keitaro asked, as Tomoko placed her bag outside the door to room 203.

"That is acceptable, Urashima-san. I'll go enjoy the hot springs in the meantime." Tomoko said before leaving Keitaro to his duties. Keitaro shrugged before he rolled up his sleeves and began cleaning the room


As Keitaro began cleaning out the dusty supplies that were in the room, Tomoko was making her way to the hot springs. On the way there, she met up with Naru.

"So you're Motoko's cousin? I can see the resemblance..." Naru muttered as she stared at Tomoko.

"Yes, I am Motoko's cousin... Do you have another question?" Tomoko asked, crossing her arms.

"Yeesh... Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you..." Naru answered, backing away a little.

"I'm sorry, Narusagawa. It's been a long day and I wish to try out the hot springs," Tomoko replied.

"Yeah, Dealing with the pervert can take a lot out of you," Naru said, hoping to get come camaraderie out of making fun of Keitaro.

"On the contrary, meeting him was the highlight of my day," Tomoko said, with of a grin.

"You must have low standards then..." Naru muttered. She froze in place when Tomoko glared at her.

"I advise that you do not mock him in my presence again, Narusagawa," Tomoko ordered, losing the smile.

"But-But-But-!" Naru stuttered, backing away a bit more.

Tomoko didn't reply, choosing instead to walk away to the hotspring, instead of risking accidentally riling up Naru's temper.

After Tomoko left, Naru began to calm down. After she was done, she decided to see if Keitaro was studying. When she reached Keitaro's door, Naru spotted Tomoko's bag outside room 203.

'Odd... Why did she place her bag there? Maybe she chose that as her room?' Naru thought. She grew angry when she heard some sweeping noises come from room 203.


"What are you doing in Tomoko's room, you pervert!" a voice shouted from behind Keitaro. He turned around and saw Naru was at the door.

"It only just became her room and I'm cleaning it so she can move in. Or would you prefer she move into a dusty room?" Keitaro asked with a little fear in his voice and holding the broom defensively in front of him.

Naru looked around the room from the door. After a few minutes, she sheepishly said, "S-sorry. Just... It's just my reaction when I see you in someone's room by yourself..."

"Would you like to help me clean Tomoko's room?" Keitaro asked, hoping to spend more time with Naru.

"No way, you pervert. I have to go study for Todai, like you should be doing," Naru said before walking away in a huff.
Keitaro was sad for a bit, before shrugging and getting back to work.


While Keitaro was cleaning the room that was to be Tomoko's, Kitsune and Motoko decided to talk to Tomoko, but for different reasons. Motoko wanted to learn more about the woman claiming to be her cousin, while Kitsune wanted to see if Tomoko was either a stick in the mud like Motoko, or someone who is fun to be with.

"So, you're Motoko's cousin. You could pass for her sister," Kitsune said.

"Yes, yes, I know. I'm getting tired of it already..." Tomoko said tiredly.

"Naru told me you were staying here while on a sabbatical. I'm curious on how long you'll be staying here?" Kitsune asked.

"As long as I choose to be here, hopefully," Tomoko answered.

"Well, let me welcome you to the Hinata, I guarantee it'll never be boring for long!" Kitsune said as she produced a bottle of sake out of nowhere and poured some out in a glass for Tomoko.

As Tomoko reached for her share, she decided to ask a question. "Before we celebrate, how many people live here?"

"Six people. There's myself and Motoko here. You've already met Naru and Keitaro. The other two girls are Su and Shinobu. They're currently at school. Want little old me to tell you about them?" Kitsune explained.

"No, I would rather they tell me about themselves in their own words," Tomoko replied.

"Suit yourself," Kitsune said with a shrug.

"I must inquire about your choice, Why here? Why not somewhere else?" Motoko asked.

"When it was an inn, it was legendary for its hot springs. I am glad they still exist," Tomoko replied, while taking her glass.
It was then that Kitsune decided to add her two cents.

"And they've gotten better since Keitaro came here!" Kitsune said with a smile.

"I could have gone without the improvement if it meant he wasn't going to live here," Motoko muttered.

"Really? Is that what you really think?" Kitsune asked with a smirk. She knew full well how much Motoko enjoyed the hot springs after training, especially after Keitaro began to keep them clean.

Before Motoko could reply, she realized Tomoko was looking at her, and with a stare that was equal to one of Tsuruko's own. At the moment, the stare was saying, "Tell the truth, now."

"N-no. I prefer the Hot springs as they are now. I can tolerate Urashima's presence for that reason alone," Motoko said, looking away from Tomoko.

"I was speaking with Urashima-san about you on they way here, What could he have done to deserve so many attacks from you?" Tomoko inquired.
"What lies and slander did he say about me?" Motoko loudly said.

"Lower your voice. He didn't say much about you. At first, he thought I was you and was going to attack him. I would have thought you would have calmed down while you were growing up when I was away," Tomoko said, while shaking her head.

"I am calm! He lies! I am not a hothead!" Motoko said heatedly. Kitsune smirked at the way Motoko was destroying her own argument.

"He never said you were were a hothead. I am deeply disappointed that you are putting words in the mouths of others to suit your own anger. However, I was once a hothead like yourself. I am willing to ignore this one time. But only this one time," Tomoko said, then quickly finishing off the sake Kitsune gave her. "Take my advice, Motoko. Before saying another word, calm down."

Motoko did as Tomoko asked. She took a few deep breaths to do so. After awhile, Motoko spoke again.

"What did he say?" Motoko asked. "So that I may know what to punish him for later."

"He thought I was you. He trembled in fear until I explained who I was. Since your training in self-control is lacking, I have decided to help you in that," Tomoko explained.

When Motoko started to growl, Tomoko decided to say something else.

"Before I leave to see if my room is ready, I feel that I must tell you that I told Keitaro where you got your hate for boys and fear of turtles," Tomoko said while getting up.

Upon seeing Motoko's face going pale. Kitsune said, "Oh my, do tell!"

"When Motoko was younger, she saw her sister and her sister's boyfriend kiss each other. The man in question was wearing a robe with a turtle on it," Tomoko said with a smile. She left, knowing full well that Kitsune would tease Motoko about it.

A few moments after Tomoko left, Motoko turned to look at Kitsune. Motoko did not like what she saw.
"Turtles, huh? Y'know, I think I have a few pieces of clothing that I've been meaning to wear. They all have a picture of your favorite animal on it!" Kitsune said with an evil smile.

"You wouldn't dare!" Motoko shouted.

Kitsune cackled in response.


While Naru was in her room, she tried to study. Something about Tomoko was bugging her. Naru kept chalking it up to Tomoko being a guest and a relative of Motoko.

'She's probably not too bad. She's related to Motoko, after all. But then again, Motoko did say she didn't know she had a cousin... But Tomoko did say she was out traveling for a long time and that she was shy when she was younger. Perhaps I should have warned her that Keitaro is a pervert of the highest order? Nah, Motoko can handle it. But... But what if they decide to attack Keitaro together? Oh my god! He'd never survive!'

She started to get up until she thought to herself, 'Oh wait, He's pretty much immortal. Why should I care?'

As Naru began to sit back down she heard someone cry out.
'That was the pervert crying out, because he probably tripped and fell on her. Soon we'll hear the standard Aoyama attack for dealing with perverts.'
'Yup... Pretty soon.'
'Any time now...'
'What's taking so long?'

'Oh my god! He knocked her out and is probably forcing himself on her right now!'

Naru quickly leapt down the hole that connected hers and Keitaro's rooms and ran to Tomoko's room.


A little while earlier in Tomoko's room...

"That should do it." Keitaro said as he wiped his brow. He was pretty glad that the room only needed to be cleaned and dusted.
He then heard Tomoko's voice behind him say, "Thank you, Urashima-san."

Keitaro turned around and saw that Tomoko was behind him.

"How long-" Keitaro said before he was interrupted.

"I entered when you stated that it was done," Tomoko replied.

"You don't have to keep calling me Urashima-san. You can call me Keitaro if you want." Keitaro said.

"Thank you again. I believe I will, Keitaro," Tomoko said with a smile. Keitaro was a bit surprised when he noticed how warm the smile was.

"Well, I might as well be on my way," Keitaro said as he started towards the door.

However he didn't make it to the door. He tripped and took Tomoko down with him on the way down.

"Uwahh!" Keitaro cried out.

As soon as he got his bearings, he realized he was face-first in Tomoko's breasts. He got a nose bleed when he realized she didn't strap down her breasts and she wasn't wearing a bra.

He tried to get up, but something was holding him down. He began to panic a little, Until he realized that it was a pair of arms holding him down.

"Keitaro..." Tomoko said, as she continued to hold him down. "If this continues to happen, I will force a task on you..."

Keitaro trembled.

"For every time you get in this situation, or anything just as perverted, and I'm involved somehow... I will make you go on a date with me," Tomoko said.
Keitaro, both surprised and shocked that he wasn't going to get hit, fainted when he heard her words.

It was then that Naru, Motoko, and Kitsune entered. Tomoko turned her head to face them.

"Oh my, Naru! Looks like you have some competition for Keitaro!" Kitsune said when she saw the situation between Keitaro and Tomoko.

"How dare you force yourself on her, you pervert!" Naru and Motoko cried out, when they saw the situation between Keitaro and Tomoko.

"You misread the situation, girls. He's not forcing himself on me at all. I'm holding him against me. There's quite a difference in intent and action," Tomoko said with a smirk aimed at the three girls.

"But... but... but..." Motoko stuttered.

"Motoko, you think he prefers a woman's behind over her breasts? I think it may be the opposite, but we'll just have to ask him when he wakes up," Tomoko said, while turning her head to look at Keitaro.

"That's not what I was trying to talk about!" Motoko shouted, while Kitsune chucked.

Naru was silent. A part of her wanted to ask what Tomoko thinks she was doing, While another part of her was angry that someone was trying to take Keitaro away from her. Not that she would admit that she liked him in any way.

"I think what Motoko is trying to say is, whatcha doing with Keitaro?" Kitsune said.

"When Keitaro was afraid of me when I first spoke to him and by Motoko's attitude towards him, I realized you were attacking him to stop him from getting into perverted situations. I suspect it has been going on for sometime," Tomoko said.

"What are you talking about? Are you going to help us put a stop to his perverted shenanigans?" Motoko asked.

"In a way. It would seem that giving him pain hasn't helped stop his accidents. Perhaps myself seducing him might help... " Tomoko said, as she stroked the back of Keitaro's head.

"How? All that will do is let him think that he can take his perverted self out on you!" Motoko said.

"If it comes to that, then I will valiantly sacrifice myself to save all of your chastity," Tomoko said with a giggle. She stopped stroking the back of Keitaro's head, so she could put the back of her hand on her forehead in a dramatic fashion.

Kitsune chuckled, while Naru and Motoko turned red from blushing and anger from the thought that Tomoko may be tricked by Keitaro. Motoko started to reach for her bokken at her side, while Naru began to ready one of her Naru-punches. However, their urge to punish Keitaro stopped when Tomoko turned her head to face them and spoke.

"You dare to attack someone while they sleep?" Tomoko said in an icy tone, with a glare to match.

"But-" Naru and Motoko started to say before Tomoko interrupted them.

"No excuses. Leave," Tomoko ordered. "Motoko, I had thought better of you, because you are the heir to the Shinmei-Ryu School. Tsuruko would be ashamed of your actions."

Naru tried to argue, but Motoko pulled her out of the room. When Naru was about to try to convince Motoko to go back, she noticed the look on Motoko's face. It was a look of shame.

"Why did you do that? We need to punish the pervert!" Naru asked.

"She... she looked a lot like my sister, when she glared like that. I think it would be best if we leave him to her for the time being." Motoko quietly said.
"You can't be serious are you? We could take her, can't we?" Naru said.

"Whether we can or not is irrelevant. Keitaro was unconscious and we were about to attack him. Were we to succeed in our assault, we would be worse scoundrels than he," Motoko said, before walked off.

Naru didn't know what else to do, so she returned to her room.


"You didn't have to get all pissy like that, Tomoko. You'd seen some real fireworks if you let'em hit him," Kitsune said, with a slightly angry tone. Kitsune didn't know if it was from being denied her fun, or seeing her friends get chastised.

"My honor prevents me from allowing such things to happen," Tomoko replied.

"Whatcha talking about? Motoko hits him all the time. Dontcha come from the same school?" Kitsune asked.

"Yes, Motoko and I both are swordswomen of the Shinmei-Ryu. She, however, is becoming lax in how she keeps her honor. I will do my best to correct that," Tomoko answered.

Kitsune had one more question to ask before leaving.

"How long are you going to keep holding him like that?" Kitsune asked, while pointing at Keitaro.

Tomoko looked like she was contemplating the answer for a few seconds. When Tomoko turned her head to face Kitsune, the smile on Tomoko's face suggested she had decided long ago what the answer was.

"Until he awakens," Tomoko said.

"As long as you know he ain't yours," Kitsune replied.

With the smile never fading, Tomoko asked, "Is he dating anyone? With how my cousin and Narusagawa reacted, I do not believe he has one. Therefore, he is free for me to chase after"

Kitsune scratched her cheek while she contemplated the question. "Well...Back off. He's chasing after Naru."

While going back to stroking the back of Keitaro's head, Tomoko replied "I see no need to. Going by what I have seen here, she probably sees him as a servant or a slave."

"There's a bigger reason," Kitsune said.

"And what might that be?" Tomoko asked, with the smile fading somewhat.

"She's his promise girl. They promised to go to Todai together," Kitsune said smugly.

"So they promised to go to Todai together. Does that imply they can only date each other?" Tomoko replied, with the smile now becoming a nasty smirk.

"Not exactly... but that's how they treat it." Kitsune said, really hating that smirk. She was thankful that it disappeared when Tomoko began to speak. Kitsune just wished that Tomoko would stop stroking the back of Keitaro's head as well.

"I believe I might be able to persuade Keitaro to view the promise differently. I do have to ask, Does Naru ever declare that she hates him or wishes that he never came here?" Tomoko asked.

"Whatever, I'm gone," Kitsune said as she left.

Tomoko gleefully smiled at the victory.


A little while later, Kitsune joined Naru in her room.

"Betcha wish you were in Tomoko's place and holding Keitaro, eh, Naru?" Kitsune teased.

"Oh shut up," Naru said. Then the image of her holding Keitaro like Tomoko had entered Naru's head. Naru looked away from Kitsune while trying to hide her blush. Kitsune laughed at the attempt.

"Gonna have to step up your game if you want to keep Keitaro, Naru," Kitsune said said with a sly smile.

"What are you talking about, Kitsune?" Naru asked.

"I think... I actually believe Tomoko is after Keitaro. As in for keeps, just for herself," Kitsune said, as seriously as she could.

"Hey, if Tomoko wants him, she can keep him." Naru said while she turned back to the table to study.

"You're not serious are you? Then again, Keitaro been chasing after you since he met you. So why should you worry, right?" Kitsune asked.

"He's been a real pain in my side since he got here. If Keitaro goes after her, then he won't get in the way of my studying to enter Todai!" Naru said.
Kitsune shook her head.

"I really hope that's not what you really feel, Naru. Because it just might come true." Kitsune said before she left.

A few moments later, Naru picked up Liddo-kun and hugged the stuffed animal.

'I don't want you to leave me behind, Keitaro. I really do hope we enter Todai together. And hopefully beyond it,' Naru thought.


A little while later, Kitsune found Motoko. Motoko was in her room, trying to meditate.

"Just got one question. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with turtles," Kitsune asked.

"What is it?" Motoko replied, while opening one eye.

"Is Tomoko really a part of your family?" Kitsune asked. Motoko opened both eyes and looked down.
A few seconds passed by before Motoko responded. She looked up before speaking.

"I... am unsure. The way that she holds herself and her clothes is one sign that she may be from the Shinmei-Ryu school, but those can be faked. I will study her actions over the next few days. If I am still unsure that she is telling the truth, I shall contact the school and ask if there is a Tomoko Aoyama," Motoko said.

"Why not skip all that and call them?" Kitsune asked.

"I have... some issues with my sister," Motoko answered.

"They can't be that bad," Kitsune replied.

"What about your family? Why haven't you talked about them?" Motoko asked.

"Touche," Kitsune replied. "I'll leave you to your meditation. Why are you doing it anyways?"

"To calm my nerves. Tomoko's glare brought back some bad memories from when I was scolded by my sister when I was younger," Motoko quietly said.

"Oh... Guess I'll leave your to your thoughts, then. If you ever wanna talk, come by my room." Kitsune said, before heading back to her room.


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