This story was in my mind for a few months and so i thought about writing it. It´s my first story so please tell me if you like it or not. Maybe my grammar isn´t the best but i tried to do my best

As the flames continued to burn his entire body all the young sergeant could feel was incredible pain. He laid there and wanted to scream but he couldn´t make a sound. He knew that he was going to die and he never thought that it was because he was burnt alive. His thoughts drifted away to all of his teammates who had died before him and now it was his time to follow them to the never ending darkness. All of them died far away from home and no one have had a funeral, because there was no time. Their dead body's laid on the battlefield between the bodies of the enemies. In these foreign countries they were only nameless humans, like he was now, that he was dying.

He slowly closed his eyes and waited to die. A few seconds after he closed his eyes he felt no more pain and there was a tunnel of light right before him. This light was calming him down and he felt a warmness overcome him. Yes, this was the end of his life, he was sure. The light came closer and he was ready to leave this cold and hopeless world. He wondered if he was able to see all of his teammates who faded away not long ago.

But suddenly the light stopped before he was able to reach it and just a second later the light faded away and his body was moved. The burning pain came back and he felt pressure against his breastbone and someone gave him the kiss of life. He heard some voices but couldn´t understand what they were saying. He tried to open his eyes again but all he could see were outlines which he couldn´t define. He turned his head to the right and was sure to recognize the skull balaclava of his lieutenant.

He tried to reach the other man but he was cut off by the weakness in his body. So he decided to close his eyes again and fall asleep, knowing that the dead had to wait for him.