It's good to have seen TCOT Fatal Fashion, before reading this one.

I intend to make this 'multichapter-ish', mushy, fluffy, and spicy. Oh, and there is also a storyline.

Let me know what you think! You are the best.


Never had he imagined that after today, he thought he'd miss the sight of the elderly couple. A few days ago, when he haphazardly was thrown into this assignment, he had thought he would have an extensively boring time watching them on their short vacation, because after all, they were somewhere in their seventies already. He had expected to see them reading, sleeping and eating for four days, not giving him a chance to shoot the images that were needed by his boss.

He had only been more wrong about a few other things in life. The couple, obviously in love, and more in love than he ever thought possible at their age, had given him plenty of opportunity to make some very nice pictures indeed. They were having a good time.

His binoculars steady in his hands, he had a very good time as well, watching them. Grinning all the way, eager to see what was next on this show, he thought about how thoroughly he enjoyed himself, while the payment for doing this was good too. This was some assignment.

He had been watching them again now, both stretched out lazily on the big lounging chairs on the terrace of their private getaway, they had been sleeping and reading for most of the afternoon. Just after three, the old man had stood up, struggling to get his back straight, and had stretched his massive body out by putting his arms in the air. Looking down lovingly on the woman in front of him, he had taken her hand, and had kissed it before he had left to go inside the house to fetch drinks.

Now they toasted something that made the woman smile and stroke his beard. They looked into eachothers eyes for a while, talked a little, kissed and both set their glasses down on the table at the same moment. The big man's form moved surprisingly lightly over hers, to position his face above hers and eat her. That was what he did. He wasn't just kissing her, he ate her. He had been eating her on and off during the last three days, and he was obviously going to do it again. While he did, she wrapped her arms around his neck, as his hands disappeared underneath her dress, and she threw her head back with laughter. It obviously gave him ample room to worship her, starting with her neck and chest. Her hands held his head, while he moved his face over her body towards her breasts and further down, until he was out of sight for the binoculars.

Of course he couldn't hear her moans, it was just his very vivid imagination. The distance was too big to hear the sounds, but he was very well aware of the moan he did hear. It was his own. Then he sighed, and shook his head. These seniors had more hot-tempered sex than he had ever had, starting outside, on a terrace, of all places. And not once, but twice a day. Well, not every day. But still.

Seemingly effortlessly, the old man lifted the woman at her arms now to pull her against him in one swift movement. She as much as disappeared in his arms, as they went inside the house, probably to finish what they had started before.

When the phone next to his chair rang, he cursed silently, being sure he'd miss the fun part now. He maneuvered his hands so that he could hold the binoculars firmly with one hand and pick up the receiver with the other.

" Hi Johnny. " He greeted and then listened to the labored, hoarse tones on the other side of the line. Drinking and smoking heavily had altered the voice of his boss into something that resembled, if anything, sandpaper on old wood.

" Yes, Johnny, they're still here. " He answered.

Johnny asked another question. It made him grin before answering. " What they're doing? Apart from the things you'd expect some old geezers to do, well, what can I say … I wouldn't go into details about it with my children around, if you know what I mean. But they are having a good time. Definetely. "

Some mumbling on the other side of the line, made him frown.

" I took pictures of it, yes. "

The next mumbles gave his face a serious grimace. " All right, Johnny. Tell me what to do next. "

Orders taken from his boss some moments later, he put the receiver down in its cradle again and took his photo camera from the small table with his left hand. He steadied the binoculars with his right hand by resting his elbow on the armrest of his chair, and looked through them towards the house.

He smirked.

They had not closed their curtains. This was going to be fun.