What can I say? Things got out of hand, so this chapter is much longer than I had planned and anticipated. But I enjoyed it, I hope you do too…

Merry Christmas!

Chapter 5

He took a deep breath, but didn't move. His tired eyes took in her form, she hugged herself firmly, in the way he would do that later on.

" We do need to talk, yes. " He shifted in his chair a little. " Does Brock know that you left the police station ? "

" Yes, he does. " She shrugged. " He didn't want me to leave, but I told them I needed to go home and when they didn't allow me, I just … "

" … caused a scene ? " He finished her sentence, smiling at her.

She laughed softly with him. " Yes. And then they didn't want me to take a taxi, and insisted on bringing me here in a police car. "

She blew out a breath, and whispered. " Well, where do I start? "

" Wherever you want … " He watched her carefully. " Do you need anything? Tea? "

" No. " She shook her head firmly, held it with both hands, sighing deeply. " When you went to San Francisco to be a judge there, you know Frank Halloran offered me a job at his law office. "

" Yes. You told me. "

" I also told you I refused, because I knew that he worked for the mafia, and that his business was for fifty percent financed by the mob. His turnover and profit came from sources I did not want to be involved with."

" Yes. I know. "

" And so, I declined. " She swallowed, stood up from the window sill and started to pace through their bedroom. " And he was angry, because I turned down his offer, that was quite generous really. "

" I know. I remember that. "

" And you know he didn't want to talk to me for a while. And that he was very rude to me, and started to spread rumours about me … "

" Yes. "

" So, I started working for Gordon Industries and left Frank to his own devices. I kind of forgot about what happened and moved on. After a few months he contacted me again, and he wanted to come over to L.A. to talk over dinner about what had happened. He said he wasn't his old self, he said he was still devastated because of Victoria's death, and that he wanted to make up for his behaviour towards me. He was sorry. "

" Yes, I remember that. You said he had made reservations at this expensive French restaurant at Rodeo Drive … "

" Yes. And he picked me up in a limousine … "

" What ? He did ? " He gave her an incredulous look.

" I didn't tell you before about the limousine ? "

" No." He pouted playfully.

She grinned. " I felt like … like a queen, " she mused. Her shoulders relaxed, a small smile played in the corners of her lips. The lines on her face slowly softened. He marveled at her and smiled a dimpled smile, she just had no idea how incredibly beautiful she was to him. " We actually had a good time, Perry, he had a bottle of champaign on board, we toasted the future. " The smile left her face as she sighed, " I guess I should have known then … "

" Known what … ? "

Della shook her head, as if to silence him. The big man nodded, tilted his head and listened.

" Dinner was nice, he told me about some of his cases and the way he had handled life so far. He told me about his children, his grandchildren, about his new home and how he missed Victoria. How he missed a woman in his life. How he missed company. "

" Ah. " Mason nodded.

" Yes. Mmm-mmm. " She nodded with him. " I didn't really pay attention to what he said exactly, because I just didn't … I don't really know why. I guess I knew what he was talking about … missing someone important … "

He reached out for her, holding out his hand and she took it in one swift movement, without thought. She watched him as he gently kissed her fingers.

" He was a gentleman all the way, Perry. We danced a little, we had a real divine dinner, we talked, it was nice. " She watched their hands together. " He brought me home in the limousine, helped me to step out of it, walked me to the frontdoor, kissed me on the cheek, and let me go inside. "

" Alone? "

" Yes. Alone. "

Closing his eyes at his own mistrust, he felt her hand slip out of his.

" We kept in contact, we had dinner or lunch every once in a while and then about two months later, he phoned me to ask if I wanted to go with him to his second home, near Denver, for a long weekend. "

" His second home … Might that be a familiair getaway ? "

" Yes. The same one we went to together last week. " She looked away from him, drew circles on the window sill with her right hand and watched the movements. " The first night we were there, he cooked for me, my favourite dinner. And after dinner, he went down on his knees … and pulled out a diamond ring … "

He cleared his throat, and wanted to say something, but silenced as she put a soft hand on his arm.

" He proposed to me, Perry … " She gauged his reaction intensely.

" Well, you declined, obviously. " His gaze was thoughtful.

She nodded. " It was embarassing really. He thought I was in love with him too, I apparantly gave him that impression. And at the same time, I thought we were just good friends, having a good time, so I was just nice to him, talked to him about the things that were important to me. But I stayed in the bedroom on the other side of the house, he didn't make any moves to kiss me, or well, I just never noticed. Later I realised I had missed out on all the clues, all the signs I should have seen before, that showed very clearly that he was in love with me. "

" When I thought about it afterwards, I recognized them in retrospect, you know, the little gestures, the way he smiled at me, the way he held my arm, the way he held me when we danced, the way he introduced me to his business partners. I guess I was just to blind to see. " She turned to him, as he stood up. " I guess I wasn't receptive to these kind of advances. Well, not from him anyway … "

He pursed his lips in the way she loved so dearly, so deeply. She reached out for his face, and touched his cheek softly. Then she directed her gaze to the window sill again.

" So we talked about it, I explained and I said I was sorry that I had given him the wrong impression, and he said he understood. I decided I wanted to go home. I thought it was too uncomfortable to stay. And so I left. "

The silence that followed allowed him to take in what she had just told him. Basically, she had told him nothing that was worth fleeing for, like the way she had for more than a whole day. So, there had to be more. He reached out for her, and she accepted his embrace, laying her head on his chest, while he put his chin on her soft tousled hair.

" What else happened, Della ? "

Shaking her head, she pulled away from him again. " He kissed me when I left that day. "

He stared at her, and expecting to be hurt, expecting there was more to come, he leaned back against the wall. " And … ? " What is it, Della? What the hell is it? What's wrong?

" And nothing. " She shrugged. " Well … "

" Damn it, Della, talk to me. " It was meant to sound playful, but the way the words left his mouth, their tone held a desperate edge. " What happened ? "

She sighed. " At one point there were pictures taken of us, exactly that night. Outside, at the exact moment he kissed me, before I stepped into the taxi. "

Ah. A knowing smile tugged at his lips, but he straightened his face before she could notice. " So, there are pictures of Frank Halloran kissing you at his second home, in Denver, in what, 1978? " He used one of his courtroomvoices, the one she called the 'stating-the-facts-voice'.

" Yes. So … "

" So? "

" Two nights ago, Nardone wanted to talk to me alone, remember ? "

" Yes. "

" He knew about the pictures, Perry. He said … " She shook her head, " … no, he asked me if there was something that could be used against me, to blackmail me. And I said 'no', and then he asked me about the pictures with me and Frank Halloran on them. "

Recognizing the tightening of Perry's jaws, she shook her head again.

" No Perry, Nardone meant well. He just said I had to make sure to tell you about them, to make sure I could not be blackmailed with these pictures in any possible way. He said he thought that someone in the near future was planning to do so. Now, Nardone didn't say why, he didn't say what he knew exactly, he just said I had to be prepared. And that he wanted to talk to us together later. "

She watched his face thoughtfully. " He believed you didn't know about Frank, and these pictures, that's why he wanted to talk to me alone first. I do still believe he has the right intentions, Perry. "

" So, was this why you left ? " he queried.

" Yes. I wanted to get to Janice's place as soon as possible. You know she still has a couple of boxes at her house with some of the things I took with me from Los Angeles when we moved here. She still keeps them at her attic. I wanted to search for those pictures, to see if there was anything on them, that I missed before. "

" And have you found the pictures? " And when did you receive them ?

" Yes. They were still there. "

" And ? "

" I watched them, and I just couldn't detect anything I hadn't seen before. I asked Janice to keep them, so I could talk to you first, and maybe watch them together. "

" And that is what's been bothering you? These pictures? "

" Well, yes, no, not completely, but Perry, don't you see what I mean? When I was looking at the pictures, I thought about Frank's proposal, I remembered the way he acted around me. I realized that one of the reasons Frank shot you last year, was because of me. " Her gaze was fierce with anger and something that resembled despair. " You remember what he said in court, Perry, he said he believed you weren't good, you were just lucky? "

" Yes, I recall that. "

" That was also because of me. "

Mason shrugged. " I know. Of course it was about you. I believed that all along. I always knew that one of the reasons why he shot me, was you, the life we have together, the way we work together, the love we share. He was envious, Della. I knew that. I assumed you knew too. I guess I should stop assuming … " His blue stare took her in, while he did his best not to sound as if he was questioning her as a witness on the stand " So, is that all? "

She gasped and watched him. " Is that all? Perry, isn't that enough ? "

" I thought you were going to tell me, that … "

" That what? That Frank and I were lovers? " She rolled her eyes. " Oh God, you're so … "

" What ? "

" Nothing. " She sighed deeply, and brought her hands to her face. " I wish I could stop thinking for a while, but I wish I knew what the colour of the dress has to do with anything that happened, Frank Halloran, why Nardone was attacked, the pictures, everything. "

" What you should do, is sleep now … " He held her shoulders and pulled her to him to kiss her forehead.

" I haven't slept a wink last night at the police station. " She laughed despite herself. " I guess you're right. Maybe I should get some sleep. "

When she came back from the bathroom, he stood at their bedside in his robe, and pulled up the covers for her to climb into the bed.

" Don't leave me now. " A delicate hand reached out for his, and brushed his fingers. " Come to bed, Perry … You should get some sleep too … "

He inhaled and watched the ceiling, as if he was hesitating. " No, I have some phonecalls to make first, and then I'll come back to you here. "

" Phonecalls? At seven in the morning? " She narrowed her eyes.

" It's nine o'clock in New York now. "

" Perry … "

" Mmm? "

" It's Sunday. "

" There is no rest for the wicked, Della. "

" You're not wicked … "

" You don't really know, do you? You don't know what I have been doing yesterday, while I was here on my own. " He pouted playfully.

" I love you, Perry. I'm sorry. "

He moved his broad body onto the matrass and towards her, to kiss her sweetly. " Don't be sorry, Della. Just make sure you're here when I come back. " He brushed his lips to her forehead, smiling when he heard her breathing steady. She was sleeping already.

He grabbed his cane from his home office desk, the pain in his knee was subsiding, but it was still there when he entered the small library next to his home office. He put on his glasses, silently humouring himself about the devices he needed nowadays to be able to read and to walk. His fingers danced over the dossiers that were stored away in alphabetical order in his private cabinet. They held private correspondence, from clients, friends, colleagues from university, and fellow judges he knew from San Francisco. As his fingers walked over the dossiers, the memories about the cases and the people that were involved in them entered and left his mind quickly. Some of them causing a broad smile onto his face, and some causing a slight frown. Jack Barnett, David Berman, the case he had handled in Paris. Benson, he smiled at that one extensively, recalling the recalcitrant, but oh so sweet young lady Melanie Benson. A bit further, he found the next dossiers, of David and Judy Katz, Kenneth Malansky, Glenn Robertson, and there it was: Johnny Sorrento. The murdercase in which Frank Halloran himself turned out to be the killer.

He pulled out the manilla envelope from the Sorrento dossier, and watched it for a long time, tapping it with his index finger. He had never taken all the photo's out completely, nor watched them very thoroughly. He had registered them, not willing to draw conclusions, not thinking it was necessary to do so. He had just put them away immediately when they had come in. Now could be a good time to look at them, just to see if he had missed out on something, if there was something that could shed some light over the last days events, Della's flight, her red dress, Frank Halloran's escape, the attack on Nardone.

The pictures were printed in black and white, some had been tampered with obviously, but some hadn't. One some of them, Frank and Della were seated at the terrace on the backside of the house, next to the lake side. They smiled at eachother, but there were no intimate gestures on any of the pictures. Except for the last three pictures, taken on the night of Della's departure, on which Frank kissed Della Street with more passion and desire than she visibly could and wanted to handle.

Perry watched these last three pictures one by one, taking in Frank's facial expressions, Della's ways, her gestures. Her smile wasn't genuine on all of them. Frank Halloran's smile had this almost invisible possessive edge, yet the well trained eyes of Perry Mason recognized it. On the pictures that displayed the kiss that shouldn't have happened, Frank's hands were on her upperarm and held her a bit too tight to be gentle and meant well. Della's hands were on his chest, pushing him away, her face in a frown that resembled disgust.

Perry shivered and recognized the front door of the private getaway. The same getaway Frank Halloran had given him the keys to, just a couple of weeks ago. So, since this particular picture was taken in 1978, it was safe to conclude Frank had had this second home for a long time. Why had he given it to Perry, just like that ? Why did someone take pictures of them together ?

He shrugged and snorted. He had never known she had these pictures too, she had never told him, as he never had told her he had them. He had never asked her questions about them, had never felt the urge to know about her and Frank, because he knew it had happened at a moment he had not been at her side, while he should have been. And now that he did know, there was no need to keep them here, not here, not in their home. Feeling the urge to banish the thought of Della's possible relationship with Frank Halloran forever, he took a decision.

" Oh yes, Frank. I am lucky. " He whispered in a very low voice. He slowly tore the pictures into pieces and threw the shreds into the fire place, and held a lit match next to them until they caught fire " … but I'm also very good … "

" Are you all right, Mr. Mason? " The sergeant's voice startled Perry.

" Yes, I am. Thank you. " His gaze was still directed to the flames.

He turned to the sergeant, when he started to speak again. " Is Miss Street okay, sir ? "

" Yes, she's sleeping now. "

" Fine, sir. I heard she hasn't slept at all at the police station. "

Mason snorted. " I'm not surprised. "

" I'm going outside to watch the house with my colleagues. We've got it all covered, Mr. Mason. "

" Thank you, sergeant. "

Walking back to the bedroom slowly, Mason watched photo's, hanging framed on the wall, a lot of them in black and white. One of the smaller pictures was taken by a journalist, in court, after a harrowing case about a passionate crime, the Wyman case. The widower of a young woman had confessed he had killed his wife when he had found out she had had an affair with another man. On this particular photo, Della looked straight into the camera, and smiled a little smile, while his gaze was directed to her, and revealed a certain emotion which he later recognized as fascination and love. This particular photo was here, in their house now, because it was taken shortly before the first time they had finally given in to the temptation that had haunted them for months.

Smiling at the memory, he remembered the feeling of the soft fabric of the pink blouse she had worn that day. As if he could have that sensation again, he gently touched the picture.

It were her gazes, her short looks, thrown at him every now and then, followed by a sigh or a blush. He knew about them, because the feeling was as mutual as it was secret, hidden. Yet, he was very careful not to blush or sigh when he was fascinated or overwhelmed by her appearance, a touch, or by just one of her small gestures. At that particular moments, he had trained himself to look away from her, to blow out a breath, or light a cigarette to hide his admiration, and so much more.

It wasn't the famous boss-employee boundary they both knew they were about to cross sometime in the very near future, it was the thin, fragile line between very close friends becoming lovers. He had crossed that line before in the past with a fellow criminal defense lawyer, by the name of Laura Martin. It had resulted in a very unhealthy relationship based on possessive jealousy and competition. It had started so very promising, hot-tempered and heart-felt, but afterwards, when the flames had quenched, they had never been able to return to the inspiring, at times cosy comradeship they used to have. He had found it such a waste and such a shame.

And he didn't want to go there again at the age of thirty-one.

The word 'careful' didn't even begin to describe the way he had to approach this. That was why it had taken him so very long to finally give in. Because he knew when he would, there would be no turning back.

After the Wyman case, they had not returned to the office, but had picked up some Chinese food to have it at her appartment. Though the case had been heartbreaking, they had found a way to laugh about it, and talked some more, joked, mused about the future. The food had been okay, but the conversation was better and the company was swell.

They sat on the floor in her living room, the remains of their dinner on the coffee table, as they sipped the cheap chinese wine, with their backs against the couch. This position had given him the perfect position to watch her relax her long legs every now and then.

He didn't want to leave her, but he forced himself to, just after a quick look on the clock had told him it was ten o'clock already. Time to leave. He turned to support himself on the couch to stand up. But then she suddenly asked the question.

" Would you really want to know if your wife had a one night affair with someone else? I mean, would you want her to tell you? If Mr. Wyman had not found out in the way he did, Mrs. Wyman would still be alive. Maybe she should have just told him."

He was silent and held his breath too long.

Yes, Della. I would need to hear it from you. The thought entered his mind in the same speed as it left. Yet he noticed it.

He didn't say a word, he just watched Della's sculptured face, her glittering tired eyes. She smiled an insecure smile, and combed through her hair with her slender fingers, in the way he had wanted to do that for months now. He took her hand from her hair and watched it silently. Then he sought for her eyes, but she continued to look down at the carpet.

" I would want to know. " He said in a low voice.

She shook her head. " I'm not sure I would want to know. "

" It's quite personal … " He moved closer to her.

" Mmm-mmm. " She breathed, watching him from under her lashes.

" Dangerous … " He leaned further forwards.

" Mmm-mmm. " Her fingers touched his cheek, feeling the stubbles there.

" Inevitable … " Even this slight touch of her fingertips on the skin of his face aroused him, made him stop thinking, while he should control himself. His pulse quickened.

" That too. " It was a whisper, leaving her lips.

Closing his eyes, he decided to give in, and brushed her lips with his. The first kiss was featherlight, it didn't even happen, the second was really there, and the third was the fourth was the fifth was the sixth, as he stroked his hand down to her waist and moved, never losing contact with her luscious lips as they sank down, leasurely slowly along the front of the couch, landing on the carpet softly, molding themselves, until he was on top of her completely. Face to face now, kissing deeply, and yes, all of him displaying the urgent desire that was not supposed to be there, but was given room now and opportunity. She felt his tongue to her lips and opened them to allow him to taste her, then gasped when he entered her mouth fiercely. He moved firmly, but slowly, as if all his pent up desire was about to surface, yet still controlled. And more welcome than he dared to believe at that moment.

While she wrapped her arms around his neck, the unconsciousness caught them both and led his hand from her waist down to her hip, up to her breast, as he brushed her neck in soft teasing nuzzlings, and finally tasted the creamy soft skin there with his mouth and tongue. She moaned softly, sighed, moved with him. One hand next to her on the floor to support his weight, his free hand roamed down over her hip down to her thigh to her knee to her calf to push her leg upwards and caress the firmness of it against his own thigh. Caught in the cradle of her hips now, he cupped the back of her head in his hand to kiss her deeply, their tongues clashing together. Her hips moved as if by their own record towards his, creating a maddening sensation. They sighed in the same rythm, a slow low sound that resembled a moan left her lips. Or his. Her tickling fingers running through his hair spurred him on, his hand stroked her side as his lips found the lace border of her bra at her cleavage, and he tore at it with his teeth, his breath hot and arousing on her sensitive skin. He breathed heavily, as very inappropriate thoughts entered and left his mind, in the same rapid speed of her breathing, yet, he stopped when the hem of her skirt was underneath the palm of his hand. Panting, he watched her face, her opening eyes, as his gaze was drawn to her heaving chest.

" Della … " He swallowed hard. " My dear … Della … good grief … "

" What ? " She panted softly, and smiled a soft seductive smile.

" Am I sorry? Should I be sorry? "

She chuckled, very aware of the position they were in, feeling the fervent proof of his desire tantalizing hers. She was not ready to leave this position yet. " I don't know, do you want to be ? "

" No. " He sighed.

" Then, don't be sorry … But … "

" But… ? "

" If you're not staying, you really have to go now. " She brushed his cheek with her fingers.

" I'm not staying … " But he kissed her, plucking at her bottomlip with his teeth, slowly and sultry. He kissed her again, sought for her tongue again and danced with it, eliciting moans from deep within himself, and the woman underneath him. His hands travelled everywhere at the same time, while she moved underneath him to have a better position to do what she was about to do. She didn't even realize she had wrapped her legs around his, when he breathed her name again. " Della … "

" Having second thoughts ? "

He snickered against the soft skin of her neck, as his hands held her face close to his. Pulling back a little, he watched her glooming glittering eyes with his own, heavy-lidded with desire, and he struggled to steady his breathing.

" It's the first thoughts I have to get rid of now … " he said in a low voice.

This made her laugh out loud. " The first thoughts, mmm? "

" I'm not half the gentle man I promised myself to be … " She pursed her lips and laughed low and sultry. He grinned at her.

" You can be a gentle man the next time … "

" The next time? " He gave her a boyish smile.

" Well, this might be the first time, but I don't think it's the last time. "

He moaned.

" It was a matter of time, Perry … " She said seriously.

" Yes. "

" Still, if you're not staying, you have to go. Now. "

" I'm leaving … " He kissed her lips.

" Perry … " She put her hands on his chest, clutched his shirt, but pushed him up. It seemed a deliriously confusing gesture, but it was very clear to him. He felt exactly the same. " Go now … "

It was not the way she closed the frontdoor behind him when he left. It was the way she opened it again, a few minutes afterwards, staring at him while he was still standing there in the same position, breathing heavily, his arms stretched forward, hands on the doorframe. He had not been able to leave yet. Not physically, and not psychologically. So, she looked into his darkened eyes, and smashed all his reserves to pieces, when she croaked out. " I have serious trouble to get rid of the first thoughts too … "

The two steps he took towards her at that moment, were the most important in his life.

He woke up to the feeling of cool, soft fingertips, tracing his brows, touching his forehead and temple.

" You know I hate to be watched when I'm not watching. " He opened his eyes slowly, his eyelids heavy from just two hours of much more needed sleep. She sat beside him on the bed, legs curled up underneath her.

" I thought that depends on who is watching you … " She smiled thoughtfully. Her voice was soft, but relaxed. Sleep had apparently soothed her, like it had him.

" What time is it? "

" Eleven. Perry? "

" Mmmmm? "

" When did you receive the pictures? " She asked, lingering her fingers from his jaw down to his chest.

" Right after the Sorrento trial last year … On the day Frank Halloran was brought up in court. " He said to her softly.

" And why did you just burn them ? " She straightened her hands on his massive chest, fiddling her fingers through his grey chest hair.

" I thought I had kept them hidden long enough. I felt the need to destroy them. " He took her left hand from his chest and kissed it.

She pulled away and stood up from the bed, wrapping her robe around her. " Do you believe me when I say nothing happened between Frank and me? "

" Yes. " He said matter of factly.

" Why ? "

" Why wouldn't I, Della ? " He watched her seriously. " And what's the alternative? I can not not trust you, baby, I can not not believe you. I love you. "

She hugged herself, and looked the other way, then sought his eyes. " Do you know I love you? "

" I do. "

" You do know I have never loved anyone like I love you. "

" I do. " His voice was hoarse.

" And I have never desired anyone like I desire you. " She said in a choking voice,

" I know. " The words were soundless, as he held out his hand to her. " And now it's your turn to come back to bed … "

" Don't you want to have breakfast yet ? " She sniffed and straightened her composure.

" I don't want breakfast, I want you. " He reached out for her again. " Come here, you. "

Pursing her lips, laughing low and sultry, she took his hand, and allowed him to pull her on top of him. He grabbed her waist, turned to the side and lay her down alongside his body. He tapped her nose gently with his index finger. " You all but killed me, Della Street, turning away from me like that. " She started to answer but he cut her off, seizing her mouth with his own, his tongue demanding and skillful as he opened her lips forcefully, and she responded with the same passion.

" I did it before, Perry, and I always come back. " She said, catching her breath, lingering moments later.

" I know. It's just … " he kissed her lips again.

" … you're afraid one day I won't? "

" No. But usually I can see it coming … "

" It came … quite unexpectedly for me too. I guess I panicked because Nardone knew about those pictures … I had kind of forgotten about them myself. "

" We'll talk to Nardone later today. I want to know why he mentioned the pictures to you, and I want to know what all this has to do with Frank Halloran and your beauty in a beautiful red dress. " Mason pulled her against him again. " But first I need to find out more about you … "

" About me? Don't you think you know everything about me already ? "

" Well, you had some hidden pictures, maybe you have some more, secrets, dreams … "

" Dreams, mmm? Well, I did notice you had some pleasant dreams just now… " She gave her head a tilt, cocked one eyebrow and pursed her lips.

" Ah. " His low voice was impossibly low when he moved his face closer to hers. " They were about you, baby … "

" I noticed that too … You were quite uhm … vocal … and physical too … "

" Oh, dear … " He leaned his forehead against hers, and breathed deeply.

Stroking his beard with both hands, she smiled in advance. " Having second thoughts again? "

He burst into laughter. " I only have first thoughts when it involves you, you should know that by now … "

" Welllll … actually, you never told me what your first thoughts were back then, or what they are now … "

" That's because they don't come in words, my dear, they merely consist of sensations … "

" Oh, do they? "

" Oh yes. And you do know some of them already ... have known them for a very long time now … " he murmured to her ear. " Like this … " this elicited a deep moan from her lips " … and like this … " He opened the front of her gown, and roamed his hands over warm skin.

" Wait until I tell you about my first thoughts … " Her hands travelled downwards to his groin, while she wiggled her form seductively underneath his.

A low grunt rumbled through his chest. " Della Street … minx … "

She brought her arms up again and wrapped them around his neck, while she chuckled softly to his ear.

He grinned and pulled up the blankets to cover them both completely. Her loud laughter transformed into a gasp, followed by a deep moan, when he completely unannounced and unexpectedly took a breast into his mouth, and sucked gently, while his hand moved downwards over the soft, warm skin of her stomach towards her inner thighs.

She lifted the covers and pulled his face up to hers " Is that a first thought or a second ? " she whispered to his lips.

" I'll tell you when I'm able to think again … "