Chapter One

Fa Li on the Matchmaker

(Takes place at the beginning of Mulan)

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Okay, I love Disney. Like most people, I grew up with it. Recently I've been watching the movies again, because I have two younger siblings. (No, I didn't persuade them to watch it with me ;))

Anyways, Mulan is one of my favorite Disney princesses, so I thought I would write something for her.

The following is a lot of one-shots/ drabbles that happen before, during, and after the movie. I probably won't write anything during Mulan II because I don't like that movie.

This story is more planned out, so it won't end up like my other stories.


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Look at her, Fa Li thought. Mulan stood uncomfortably, dressed in fine silks. For a while, Li was afraid Mulan would never 'grow up' and start thinking seriously about being a good wife and mother.

Mulan was never like other girls her age. She never played dress up, or dream about her future husband and children, even though that was the only opportunity available to girls. Instead she preferred to learn, read, and take part in games that only the boys were interested in. Of course, being as young as she was, no one looked down upon her, thinking it was just a phase.

Then Mulan grew up, and didn't change. Li started to get worried. No man would want a wife who behaved as Mulan did. Thank the Ancestors, Mulan had finally grown up.

It didn't help that Mulan's Grandmother Fa didn't enforce the rules as much.

Right now Grandmother Fa was giving Mulan a necklace with beads of jade, a pendant, an apple, and her 'lucky' cricket.

Li internally groaned. The lucky cricket caused many disasters, yet Grandmother Fa insisted that it was lucky, no matter how many times Li protested.

Li and Grandmother Fa ushered Mulan out the door and into the line of other girls waiting to go to the Matchmaker.

She could hear Mulan praying to her Ancestors to help her. Li silently did the same. Grandmother Fa nudged her with her elbow. "Don't worry, she'll be fine!"

But Grandmother Fa was always too optimistic, so she still worried.

Grandmother Fa and Li both moved to the front of the crowd, waiting anxiously as the Matchmaker walked out of the building.

"Fa Mulan," she said in a monotonous voice. Fa Li would never admit it out loud, but she sounded very much like a man.


"Speaking without permission..." the Matchmaker noted.

"Oops," Mulan murmured.

As they walked inside, Grandmother Fa leaned over to Li. "Who spit in her bean curd?"

Li just watched the door, praying that everything would be fine.

A few minutes later, there was some banging and shrieking inside.

Grandmother Fa smiled pleasantly. "I think it's going well, don't you?"

Just then the Matchmaker burst out of the building.

Oh my, Fa Li thought.

The normally put together Matchmaker now had an ink beard. And her behind was on fire.

"Put it out, put it out, PUT IT OUT!" she screamed.

Mulan ran outside, teapot in hand, and dumped the contents on the Matchmaker. Now embarrassed in front of half the village, she walked quickly to her mother and grandmother.

The Matchmaker, now with tea dripping down her, furiously addressed Mulan.

"You are a disgrace! You may look like a bride, but you will NEVER bring your family honor!"

With that, she disappeared within the building again.

Townspeople whispered behind them. Burning with embarrassment, Fa Li turned back to the direction of their farm as the three women began the awkward walk home.


When they got home, Fa Zhou greeted his daughter with a smile.

Sadly, Mulan turned, and walked away.

"Li, what...?" Zhou's question stopped as he realized what happened.

Li shook her head sadly. "Now how will we find a match for her, Zhou?"

"We'll figure something out, Li. Surely some man will want her."

"But she is so unfeminine. She prefers not to do the things a wife should do."

"We'll find a way, Li."

"I suppose. But soon, you know there is no other way a girl can bring her family honor..."

Or is there? Oh, the irony of Mulan's situation.

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