Chapter 2


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This takes place after the last chapter.

Fa Zhou found Mulan sitting on a bench, staring at the ground.

Quietly, he approached her and sat beside her.

"My, my, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late. I bet when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all." he said, pulling her hair back and placing a blossom behind her ear.

Mulan smiled at him.

Suddenly, drums were heard. He got up quickly, and started to walk towards the house.

"What is it?" Mulan asked, startled.

Fa Zhou kept walking, hurrying to get there in time.

Outside, a counsel of the emperor was reading family names.

"...the Yee family!"

A man stepped forward, offering to take his father's place.

"The Fa family!"

Zhou gave his cane to Li. He had to appear strong and uphold their family's honor. Slowly, he walked forward and prepared to take the scroll.

"I am ready to serve the emperor."

Mulan suddenly ran through the crowd towards him.

"Father, you can't go!" she cried desperately.

"Mulan!" he gasped, shocked.

"Please, sir, my father has already fought for-" she was cut off by the counsel.

"Silence!" he exclaimed. "You will do well to teach your daughter to hold her tongue in a man's presence." he now addressed Zhou.

"Mulan. You dishonor me." Mulan looked at him sadly, ashamed.

"You will report tomorrow at the Moo-Shung Camp." the counsel told him, then handed him the scroll.

The Fa family slowly walked back to their house.


Back at home, Fa Zhou was filled with worry.

He had to stay strong for his family, but how could he fight? His leg was wounded badly the last time he fought.

No, he thought. He would practice. He would become strong again.

He went to his closet, and pulled the doors open, taking out his armor.

Sword in hand, he started to practice his techniques. After a few moves, his leg gave out, and he fell against a pillar.

His leg ached, and he was panting from the pain.

Somehow, he would find a way to do this.


At dinner, Mulan seemed ill at ease.

She quickly let her anger and worries out.

She poured everyone's tea, the set it on the table roughly.

"You shouldn't have to go!"

"Mulan!" Fa Li gasped, shocked at Mulan's behavior.

"There are plenty of young men to fight for China!" Mulan continued her rant.

"It is an honor to protect my country and my family." Fa Zhou stated calmly.

"So you'll die for honor." Mulan stated in disbelief.

"I'll die doing what's right." Zhou corrected.

"But if you.." Mulan started, but Fa Zhou was done.

"I know my place. It's time you learned yours." He said rather harshly.

Mulan stared at him in shock. The she turned and ran out crying.

"Zhou?" Li asked him.

Grandmother Fa clicked her tongue in disappointment. "It's about to rain, too. She'll catch a cold!"

She then walked away to her room, muttering about herbal medicine for colds.

Zhou stared at her retreating figure in disbelief, then stormed off to his room, leaving Li staring at him with worry.


"Zhou, I'm worried about Mulan." Li began tentatively. She was the traditional wife, and rarely spoke out against his actions.

"I know, Li. But she is grown up. She needs to learn her roles as a woman."

"I don't know, she was always the one to prove herself. What if she does something?"

"Don't worry, Li. I'll talk to her in the morning." Zhou blew out the candle, and the room was engulfed in darkness.


He was awoken by his mother bursting into his room.

"Mulan is gone!" she yelled.

"What it can't be..." he looked over to the table beside his bed. Where the scroll had once been, there was now a comb with a pretty flower on it.

Mulan's, he thought in shock.

Quickly he ran outside in the rain. Khan was gone too. Mulan foolishly had taken his place.

He fell to his knees. "Mulan! No!"

Li and his mother came out beside him.

"You must go after her! She could be killed!" Li said, worriedly.

"If I go after her, she will be." he said, somberly.

His mother left to go to the temple to ask for help.

Unable to move, Zhou stayed on the ground.

"Ancestors, please. Please help my daughter."

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