Disclaimer: Sooooo, I would love to say that I did, honestly but I sadly really do not but enjoy the story!

'Hey kiddo, whatcha doing down here?' The strange man mumbled to Blaine. He cocked his head sideways trying to understand what the man meant. 'Hi' he whispered. 'Why don't you tell me your name sport?' Blaine thought for a moment whether or not too. 'My name's Blaine. Blaine Anderson. What's going to happen to me now, who are you?' The man smiled at his outright hesitance and honesty, smart for his age almost. 'I'm Gibbs, I'm with NCIS. Do you know what that stands for?' Blaine shook his head sad. 'No but I know you're here for my parents because they're dead and my dad was a marine, he was a good person, did you know that sir? He read me stories all the time. And Gibbs isn't your real name, its something else, isn't it, I won't be upset if you don't tell me. I promise' Gibbs looked down at the curly dark haired boy. Smart kid. But lonely.

'You're right, it's not, my real name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs but only my dad calls me Leroy' Blaine took his turn to smile, contemplating what he said. 'Did you know that I'm actualty twelve and just small for my age?' 'Is that so Blaine?' Blaine nodded vigurously towards the older man. Then he asked a questions which Gibbs hoped he wouldn't. 'Gibbs, why are they dead? I don't understand how or why this happened and mum said I was the problem? Are you going to catch the baddies? Am I going to go into care?' Gibbs smiled as Ducky, Tony, Tim and Abby came up towards them looking out for anyone that could attack the child.

Ducky spoke for him, he knew how tough answering children's questions when he didn't have the answers for them. 'Well my dear boy, I suspect that you may very well go into care but not to worry, I hear they come out best. And rest assured we will try our very hardest to track down your parents killers, its sad to say an ongoing investiagtion where until we ask around, we have no insight as to how or why they died. As to you being the problem? I wouldn't have believed a word they said, I bet you'll be like our dear Tony here' Tony DizNozzo took a bow as the kid laughed, he knew it what it was like to be knocked down. 'Blaine? Until we find someone to look after you, you're going have to stay with us' Blaine couldn't have been more thrilled.