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A couple of months later and they had won their Regionals case and were now looking up to Nationals. Blaine looked up to see Kurt studying across from him then decided to look back to his work. Within the libarary Puck was also focusing intently on his work when they were startled from behind. 'BOO! BLAINERS!, KURTIE!' Yelled Abby and next to her stood Mcgee and Gibbs. Gibbs was standing a further distance away though with a small smirk on his face as he saw Puck come up and try to hit one of them still not used to being outwitted. 'Hey guys, what's going on?' They had been solving cases left, right and centre all the while visiting Blaine so as not to forget him this time. 'Soooo, is your dad picking you up tonight?' Blaine smiled at this. He remembered when he had finally met him, Luke Anderson, his real father. They had arranged to meet at a park and he had brought Kurt along with him and had the postive outcome. 'Yeah, but you know we're all coming down to see you guys in action in the holidays, right?' Nods directed at them with Kurt then butting in. 'And Nationals?' 'We get to bust your asses if you don't'.

There was never really much in it. Get a case, solve a case. Get a case, solve a case. Get a case, solve a case etc, etc. But when there were kids involved, everything became more important to it. Blaine they knew had been one of a kind and things were bound to change within the oddity of it all. Which it did. But they never thought the outcome would be this. Ever. But so long as he was content with his life with everyone in it, they would be happy also. It was a sunny day with cool winds blowing about the place. A perfect day almost. Gibbs and Blaine had been walking along the corridors of McKinley and no more jocks invading it. 'So I never really got to thank you all properly for helping me out so much in my life so thank you. Really Jethro' He reached out for a hug just then which he fully accepted and tears appeared. Kurt bounded up to them with Rachel just then. 'Blaine! I cannot believe it, Kurt and I have just got back from NYADA! It's incredible, elating, everything but we really missed you! Hello Jethro!' Gibbs gave a small smirk at Rachel Berry's antics as they all talked in their three. The rest of the team came up behind him tearing up over the fact they would be leaving to DC once more leaving them to get on with their lives for a year or two. 'Jethro, I would not worry about a thing. They know what they're doing. The year will be over before you know it, don't you think? Now let us say our many and few goodbyes'

It was over, everything was in its rightful place with no one to disturb it. It wouldn't feel right though not having the NCIS team look over their backs every couple of months while visiting either on a case or a random weekend. Kurt and Rachel would be flying off to their respective collages soon while he would stay to complete his junior year at McKinley still. Sam would continue to be annoying in a friendly manner and Britanny would still continue to sometimes lull him into a false sense of secruity in the brain department. Everything and nothing was changing. For the better. Thanks to Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team he was now able to sleep at night without fear, he now had a father that really, truly loved him and he had all of his friends from Dalton to McKinley so much so that he could now call them family. He had a family. And all of his thanks went to NCIS, his life changed. For better and forever.

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