Things had happened.

Things, that had led to this, led to him reluctantly laying down on the bed next to what had been a woman of mesmerizing beauty just moments ago, now magically shifted into the form of a tall, lean man of the most royal a posture as any living entity could muster while laying flat down on his back.

As dignified an aura as he had about him, he seemed horribly out of place, misplaced even, in this windowless room, a sort of basement and filled with the sounds and smells that came with such a locality.

The old-fashioned bed did not do much to give comfort or create any sort of atmosphere.

It was cold like the concrete walls, safe for the two bodies that lay sprawled across the soft surface, so very out of place, so very wrong.

Now, as Tony lay on his back and his head lazily rolled to the side, the others face just an arm's length away from his own reminded him of so much.

'Fiend, enemy',said the disapproving glance of one Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D and not whom you would want on your mind in a situation like the one that currently presented itself to him.

No, he had enough trouble sorting out unwanted affiliations, responsibilities, as he dared to shift to his side, one hand raised against the other mans cheek.

He did not flinch. Why ever he had expected him to, he did not know. The feeling of smooth skin under his fingertips felt forbidden, as did everything about Loki.

"Something troubles you, man of iron?"

The inquiry was accompanied by a sly smile. There lay no concern within. This was not the first time and Loki was no fool.

He knew of the pile of doubt and insecurity that was Tony Stark these days. He had to know. After all, he himself could not be much better off, could he?

The god before him knew of his inner turmoil and it mattered not, as it had not mattered before.

So all Tony had to offer was a smile that said I'm okay and both of them ignored the blatant lie they both knew to lie behind the paper-thin gesture.

Loki did not need more than this, as he closed the distance between them.

The hands that slid around him felt warm and strong, the body that pressed against his own emitted the same sort of energy that was Loki, and that gave nothing but security to the mortal at his mercy.

As his clothes were stripped off of him, oh so unceremoniously, chilly air thick with dust and mold assaulted his bare skin, made him shiver.

The body that now pressed him deep into the too soft mattress, effectively making itself the only thing existent in Tony's world, could only soften the chill.

It took some moments and the sensation of the other man's skin on his own, the friction of it as they moved together, more clumsily, than either of them would care to admit, to drive some warmth back into Tony, soon to be replaced by radiant heat, as he finally dared, as if on an unspoken cue, to start using his own set of hands, exploring that godly creature looming above him and he wondered, definitely not for the first time, why the hell this was not near as threatening, as his mind screamed it damn well should be.

He waved it aside and spread his legs to an insistent knee instead.

He did not mind his head falling back, his throat exposed to the eager mouth of Loki.

He did not care to question the sounds of pleasure the other man drew from his lips with the grinding together of their hips in a painfully antagonizing rhythm that soon turned his moans to sounds of frustrated demand and want.

And he certainly was beyond being affronted by the hand, that had stealthily found its way underneath him and now hastily prepared him with quick movements of his skillful fingers, slick with magic, making him squirm under the intimate touch.

When he was entered he heard a held breath softly released beside his ear and wondered how long it had been held, he hadn't noticed.

Then he stopped caring about that as well and decided he'd rather care to wrap his legs around a slim waist, savouring the intensified pleasure of being filled utterly and completely. Mind and soul along with his body, one might add, completed.

Loki waited, as he had in their previous encounters at just that point, until Tony gave him the okay, a light squeeze on the shoulders he was holding on to, accompanied by a faint nod and a deep glance in those pale blues, that bore into his soul from above.

Then that moment was gone as well, gone with the wind, as the god began moving inside of him, tentatively, seeking the right angle, finding it, exploiting this.

Tony soon felt himself come undone. The sweet nothingness of heated skin, slow, grinding motions and the undescribable sensation of Lokis cock moving inside of him, harder and faster, than it had at the beginning, rendered him helpless.

It was all he could do to hold on for dear life, gripping at the god's back and shoulders as if they were lifelines in a storm.

An unforgiving rhythm soon had the mortal gasping for air, all the strain and stress on his mind unraveling in sheer pleasure and blinding heat.

He heard himself moan, wondered, if he could stop if he chose to, but soon screamed the god's name instead, as his body clenched around the man above him, riding on the waves of pleasure as they came and went, leaving him a satisfied puddle, ready to seep into the mattress, were it not for the arms still holding him in place, the body moving against his and the hard piece of flesh working inside of him, still.

It was only the splinter of a moment later, that the man on top reached his peak as well, the foreign warmth of his seed felt by Tony and rewarded with an undignified whimper, as the mortal tried his best to hold his lover close, sharing the aftermath of his orgasm with him.

They lay like this, none of them knew how long.

There were no windows to hint at the time of day. The only thing they knew for sure: It was cold outside.

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