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Note: this fic has been heavily inspired from Catherine Cookson's novel The Harrogate secret. for those who have read the book, Kevin portrays Freddie and Ben will portray Belle. theres a lot of changes i mede in my fic btw. this fic is not as cool as the novel, but sigh, im just a dreamer who injects kevin, ben and yaoi into all i read. :P and for those who have no idea about this novel, do check it out... but dont forget to read this fic tho! :D

warning : this story contains yaoi aka boys love. readers beware. and theres a lot of OOC mind you :D

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Meant for Each Other

Chapter one: The Mansion

In the city of Bellwood, lived the Levin Family; consisting of Devin Levin, Katherine Levin and their son ten year old Kevin Levin. Life was normal for them. Things changed almost immediately after that.

Today was a holiday. Little Kevin sat outside a toffee shop, licking the remaining chocolate off the silver wrapper, relishing the taste. He was glad that he had excelled yesterday's exam at school, and mother rewarded him with enough pennies to buy his favourite chocolate.

Just as he dropped the empty wrapper (licked clean) into the garbage box, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around the thin boy looked up to find a young woman, in her twenties. She was dressed in a red gown, with a shawl draped over her shoulders and head. She peered down at Kevin with sharp dark eyes shadowed under the hood of the shawl, as she spoke, "Are you from around here, little one?"

Kevin blinked, "Yes, ma'am."

"Do you know of the Triston Mansion?"

Kevin blinked in thought. "Yes, that big house among the rich people? One with a golden dragon fountain?"

"Yes. So you do know. Could you deliver a message from me to that house?"

Kevin looked at the piece of paper she extended out to him. Looking back at her face with his large brown eyes, he asked, "Of course; now?"

"Yes, please make haste! And when you reach the mansion, do not go over to the front; approach from the back, alright? Here!" she also handed him three coins in payment, and before he could say more, she turned and walked away in great hurry. Kevin looked on as her form disappeared into the clump of trees beside the shop. Looking down at the folded piece of parchment, Kevin felt the great urge to open it and read the contents, but he felt that would be disapproving; for he was a good boy and he knew the message wasn't for him.

Shrugging, and smiling down at the three coins he had effortlessly earned, he slipped them into the pocket of his trousers and walked for the Triston Mansion. The Triston Mansion was among the few bungalows that occupied the luxurious area of the town, named Golden Maple Square. It's rich occupants had their own little river flowing beside as lush park, only accessible to them. Although people were allowed to walk through the pathways of the area, seldom were anyone seen there, for the residents were as obnoxious as their gardens.

Kevin knew that the Golden Maple Square was a ten minute walk from his home in the middle-class area of the town. And he merrily made his way to the Square, skipping along the cobblestone pathways as carriages and cars rode past him on the roads.

Once at the Square, he made his way to the house that had a Golden Dragon as a spout for the fountain. Kevin beamed as he watched the sculpture of sharp golden colour, the creature with one foot raised and the head tipped back as crystal clear water sprouted gurgling from its fanged snout.

Walking around the fountain, he walked in the open gates, and saw the large bungalow, magnificent and made of dark wood. The Triston Family were one of the richest in the whole city; it was hence not surprising that the mansion was breathtaking.

Kevin approached the front doors, and ignored the curious fact that the gate keeper was not anywhere. The ten year old raven walked up to the lavish porch, scrunching up his nose at the dark, sinister quality that hung in the air, ill-fitting the otherwise beautiful setting.

He raised his small fair fist to the front door, which was intricately designed in engraved flowers, the letter 'T' easily visible in the centre, and was about to knock when he remembered the words said to him.

"Well, I suppose I must go round the back then, like the lady said."

So he jumped off the porch and wandered around the amazing house, till he reached a stable with a single rude-looking horse, which seemed to sneer at him. Avoiding any eye-contact with the beast, Kevin walked to the back door of what would be the kitchen, he guessed.

He knocked at the wooden door and waited. Another few knocks later, he could hear a woman speak from inside in a hurry. Since the door stood between him and the woman, he did not make out what she said, but he didn't mind.

The door opened and a maid's sweating face peered from the slit. She looked about and then lowered her head to see the small boy smiling confusedly at her. "Hello", he spoke politely like how mother had always advised him to do, "I come with a message from a lady."

The maid's blue eyes stared at him long; her face was freckled and her cheeks red in effort and tension. There was a bustle and hurry sounding within, a man could be heard shouting angrily to other men. It was all too confusing to the young raven, but he didnot want to bother over the troublesome environment that hung there; he was only here to deliver a message.

The maid continued to stare long at him from the door. He handed out the piece of parchment, "This is the message. A lady with black eyes, black hair, and wearing a red dress, gave it to me."

The maid's eyes widened in realisation, "Oh my!" she took the paper with trembling fingers, and turned around, calling out, "Father! Madame Angelina has sent it!"

An old shrivelled man with a balding head and a sparse straggling white beard came up to the door too. He was dressed in overalls greying in age long mud and dirt. Obviously he was the gardener. The old man and his daughter spoke hushed and in worried voices, both forgetting Kevin who was far too confused with the occurrences and the behaviours of the people. Now, his curiosity was tingling, but he remained mute as he watched.

He heard the maid speak, "... a young boy delivered it, master!" and it was to a young man who appeared. By the manner in which he dressed, he was obviously the master of the household, Mathew Triston. His cold green eyes and golden brown hair was easily visible despite the gloomy darkness of the kitchen that prevented Kevin from seeing anything further. Kevin could hear a dull howling of a woman from within the house.

After speaking a line or two, the man retreated angrily back into the house. The maid turned and suddenly caught Kevin's arm, tugging him in, "Come in, boy!"

Kevin found himself pushed into the kitchen and the door closed quickly behind him. He wondered curiously why there were no smells of food in there; at home, in his small kitchen, mother was always cooking, everything she made would make the kitchen smell so lovely and inviting. To him, had he not noticed the vessels and tea cups and other paraphernalia, this room would have seemed to be a normal room.

He watched as the maid shuffled through a moneybox hurriedly. The Gardner was not the in the room any more. The woman swept at her sweating forehead, strands of red hair showing past her bonnet. Wiping her frantic fingers onto the smeared apron, she counted the coins with trembling fingers.

Now that he was within the house, Kevin could easily hear agonising howls and cries of a woman. It took Kevin a few minutes to realise the woman he heard was in labour. He cringed as the howling got painful and stung at his ears and heart. He had always wondered why women cried so when they gave birth, for the young boy had no idea how the baby entered the world.

Shuffling form feet to feet uncomfortably, the screams tearing through the air, he watched the maid approach him. She bent over and whispered, her voice raspy, "Here, have this and go home! Never speak of what you saw or heard here, to anyone, understand? Be a good boy and forget all that you have observed, alright?" she forced a few silver coins into his fair palm. A pause later, she asked unsurely, "You haven't read the message have you?"

Kevin looked at her, sincerely answering, whilst shaking his head side-to-side, "No, ma'am, I didn't. Mother told me not to read what is not meant to be read by me."

The maid smiled fleetingly, but the smile dropped when the woman howling upstairs gave out a terrified string of gasping screeches.

The next moment, Kevin's eyes widened when he heard peals and peals of cries, this time, not of the mother, but the newborn. The woman after labor had fallen silent.

Kevin blinked as he heard the baby cry; he smiled to himself, thinking sweetly about the newly born baby; a new life to live like him and do great things for the world. Being a young child, it was all he could muster one must do to be a good human.

"Oh, she's given birth!" the maid gasped. She turned to Kevin and pushed him to the door, "Leave! Now! Please, remember what I have asked of you!"

Kevin nodded dumbly, and when she added, "Run! That would be best!", Kevin took off as fast as his thin legs could, his pockets jingling with the money he had earned.

By the time he reached the park near his home, he was nearly breathless; he didn't know why he was running, nor did he know why the maid sounded worried rather than pleased at the birth of a baby. Shrugging in indifference, Kevin smiled as he pulled out the coins. He counted them and remarked happily to himself that with it he could buy two more chocolates that he yearned!


"I'm home!" Kevin called out as he walked into his house. Shutting the front door behind him, he walked in to the kitchen, proudly comparing how cheerful and merry it was to the dull but rich house he had been to.

His mother, a beautiful raven haired woman, had donned her apron and was pulling out cookies from the oven with a mile, "Ah, just in time for tea, Kevin!"

"Ma, I'm hungry!" he pronounced, plopping on to the chair at the counter. Katherine smiled good-natured as she placed the tray of cookies onto the counter, "Well, you are lucky that tea is almost ready! Did you wipe your shoes at the mat?"

"Yes, ma!" he picked at the hot cookies, pouting when it was too much warm to pick up.

"And did you check the mail box?"

"Yes, ma, and I have placed the envelopes on the table in the living room!"

"Good, wash your hands and face; and call you father, will you, love?"

"Yes, ma!" and he cheerfully jumped off the chair and ran to the stairs, only chuckling at the shout of his mother, "No running in the house, Kevin!" Then his mother added, "Fine, but don't come to me with a bruised knee or broken teeth!"

Soon, Kevin was leading his father, a handsome man for his age, rubbing his eyes from his nap. Kevin held his large hand, tugging at him, trying to pick up his father's sluggish pace, "Hurry hurry, Pa! Ma would be angry! And I'm hungry too!"

"Come along, son; I can't run as fast as you do, your Pa is growing old you know!"

"You look perfectly fine to me!" Kevin grinned up at his tall father, who leaned low and picked him up into an embrace, "Why thank you, Kevin!"

Katherine smiled at the sight of her husband and son, walking to the kitchen, laughing as the former tickled the later almost breathless.

- End of Chapter –

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