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Meant for Each Other

Chapter Four : About Tristons

Kevin sat still, watching his parents discuss the issue with the Tennysons.

He then turned to the baby cuddled in his arms, and smiled down at it, "Well, Ben, you are safe, you have a home and two lovely parents! Aren't you glad?"

The baby replied by moving its arms and legs from within its cocoon of blankets. A few happy moans and squeaks escaped its mouth as well. Kevin smiled wide, it was the greatest of feelings.

A long time later, Devin and Katherine realised that it was midnight, so not only were they late for the bed, but they were also delaying the Tennysons.

Stewart suddenly beamed, "Wait! Don't leave! Not yet!" he stood up excitedly from the sofa. "I wish to capture this lovely moment!" and so said, the man quickly excused himself into the study and returned with an old camera held in his hands.

Martha chuckled, "Oh, dear Stewie!" and Devin laughed, "Alright then, Stewart, let's have a picture taken!"

Stewart placed the camera onto the table, fiddling with its timer; whilst Devin, Katherine and Kevin huddled around Martha who was sitting on her armchair with the baby in her arms.

After making sure it was all set, Stewart quickly came over to the five and stood beside the armchair, to the left. Devin, Katherine and Kevin stood on the right.

A few moments of smiling at the small black box looking at them with its one large eye, a click sounded, with a flash of white.

The baby seemed to have liked the sound of the camera capturing the moment, for it went into an excited flourish of arms and legs, giggling and emitting high-pitched squeals. They all laughed and chuckled at each other.

"I suppose, we must leave now," Katherine smiled, as she caressed the new baby in her own arms for a while. Martha added, "Thank you for coming, and please remember, you must not scold Kevin!"

"For having done such a brave thing, I shan't," Katherine smiled slyly at her son who looked at the floor, blushing.

Devin shook hands with his old friend Stewart, "Ah, yes; as much as the three of us would love to stay and spend more time with the little child; it is rather late and I can easily see the sleep in your eyes, my friend!"

Stewart sighed, "Truly, yes. I am quite tired!" he turned to the two women and the two children, "But I feel our lives are all to be greatly exciting soon!"


A few days had passed since Kevin had brought Ben into the lives of the two Tennysons. The raven child could think of nothing but being with him.

Each day, after coming home from his school, and having his lunch, Kevin would quickly let his mother know that he was visiting the Tennysons. Skipping to the house, his heart never failed to soar each time he bestowed the baby in his new crib. The crib itself was Kevin's own; Katherine had lovingly offered Martha all of Kevin's baby articles which were still in good condition, for she was a neat and careful woman who liked to keep things intact. And she added (to Kevin's embarrassment) "Kevin's baby things are not so old; it was almost as if only yesterday my little baby was running around in diapers!" at which Martha laughed and thanked her for the help.

Once in the presence of the baby, Kevin forgot everything else. He placed himself as the older brother of the little kid, and he could swear that the baby was growing larger each time he visited him! Closely watching the baby, Kevin was learning a lot about its movements and he could not imagine that he too had once been such a little developing bundle of supreme adorableness. And not to mention that he could not take his eyes off the big green ones gazing at him, catching the light of the lamps in the room.

Sometimes, Katherine would drop in too. Since Martha had to take care the little new addition to the Tennyson family, Katherine would bring lunch or dinner for them. Martha was exasperated at first, but Katherine insisted till the blonde woman had no choice but to give in to her great friend's great heart. Besides, Katherine was able to help Martha in a lot of ways, owing to her experience of already having raised a baby herself.

All in all, the two families bonded as one. They were previously close, but since the arrival of the baby brunette, they were almost one inseparable until in two houses.


Days later...

Ding Dong!

The bell at the door rang, and Martha ran over to the door calling cheerfully, "Coming!"

She opened the door. Blinking in no recognision, Martha gazed at a young woman and an old man at the doorsteps.

"Uh, hello?" Martha spoke politely, while wearing a pleasant smile, "May I help you?"

The young woman, dressed in a brown coat and small hat looked apologetically at her, "Sorry, is it a bother?"

"Not at all, are you searching for someone?"

The woman blinked, the freckles on her face dancing as she asked, lifting her dark gloved fingers to brush back a few strands of red hair spilling from under the hat, "The boy who came into this house a few minutes ago? One with dark hair, about ten years of age? Is he your son?"

Martha's eyes widened, "Oh, you mean, Kevin? No, he's my friend's son; he lives a few blocks away... I'm sorry, are you searching for him?"

"Well," the woman turned to the old man, whose long shaggy beard waggled as he turned to her in turn.

"Wait a moment,..." Martha spoke slowly, observing the two closely, her face changing from kind calmness to frozen realisation. The old man and a young woman. Something of the two resembled each other, as if they were father and daughter. By the descriptions she had heard from Kevin...

"You couldn't be... the maid and the gardener of the Triston Mansion?!" Martha whispered in shock.

The young woman gasped, "Oh, so the boy has told you? About the baby?"

Martha gaped at them. "Yes, I ... Kevin brought the baby to us. Me and my husband, that is."

The Tennyson mother panicked greatly.

Have they come to retrieve the child?

The woman, Cynthia, seemed to have read Martha's frantic mind. So she smiled sweetly, saying, "I haven't come to catch the boy or get the baby... -"

And then Kevin appeared behind Martha, smiling, "Look, Mrs. Martha, Ben... oh!" his sentence fell short. His brown eyes stared at the two figures at the door step, his heart plummeted to his throat, his body going cold a moment.

Have they come to retreat the child?

Martha turned, seeing Kevin look at Cynthia and her father. Turning back to the two, she continued to look at them in a small painful silence that stretched for seconds like minutes, until the redheaded woman spoke, "I'm sorry, but we have a lot to explain to you about the baby ..."

"Pl-please come in!" Martha offered, stepping aside, leaving room for the woman and man to bow politely and walk in.

Martha offered to take Cynthia's and the old man's coats for them. Walking in, the two saw the rest of them, sitting around a dining table, having tea.

"Oh, my; is that little master...?" Cynthia gasped, seeing the baby being fondled by Stewart, who looked up and stood from his chair in synchronisation with Devin. Katherine got up too, immediately recognising the two as those described by Kevin's accurate descriptions.

The maid and gardener quickly walked to Stewart who held the baby. "His name is Ben," Stewart informed them. They smiled down at it, Cynthia wiping her eyes with a handkerchief, "Oh, he seems so happy! I think he has found the right home, father!" and in reply, the old man nodded solemnly, whispering a prayer of thanks to God.

"Everyone, this is Cynthia and her father, from our story," Martha smiled at Kevin who blinked. "Let us all have a seat, for they have a lot to tell us about my new son."

Cynthia looked at Kevin, and she softly asked them, "Is Kevin going to listen too? I awfully suspect he would not understand the complexity and mature situations...?"

Kevin looked dismayed, especially when Katherine agreed, "Yes, Kevin, Miss Cynthia is right, you know."

Kevin, disappointed, whispered, "But I so did want to listen! After all, I saved Ben, don't I deserve the chance to know the story from someone who has lived it?"

Stewart wound a reassuring arm around the ten year old's shoulder, smiling at the rest of them, "I agree with Kevin. He had shown more than enough maturity in our part of the story, hasn't he? So I suppose, if Miss Cynthia would be as kind to simplify your words a little, Kevin would easily understand."

The maid nodded, "But of course! Anything for the young man with the heart of the ocean!" at which the same young man blushed strawberry red to their mirth.

And hence, sitting around the table, while the baby lay in its crib, Cynthia started her narration of the Tristons.

"My master Mathew Triston is a rather cold man, to be honest. When he married our mistress Florentia, he had never quite taken care of her lovingly. All he did was to use his extremely large amount of money to pay for her expenses. He never quite even kissed her I daresay, other than the day of their wedding, but then, I never quite paid attention for it wasn't my right to. My Master's father had passed away quite early, and young Mathew Triston had been wielding the company and the riches with an iron fist ever since."

She sipped a little of the sweet tea with a pause, before continuing, "Seeing an inadequate and lonely life at home, Mistress Florentia started to befriend a lawyer who happened to be in the same club as her Author's Club (she was rather good with writing). Seeing a good friend and loving company in him, she started to see more of him. Master was far too intent on his quests of selfishly expanding his already large empire, to notice the frequent going-out that Mistress did. Soon, the friendship developed to love and intimacy. Then, my Master announced that he would have to be away for a month's time at a foreign land. By that one month, Mistress frequently brought her 'friend' home, and I would at times hear them giggling and laughing at matters and also indulging in lovely casual chitchats. I must admit I had never seen her so happy. I suppose in that one month, their relationship slipped out of control." Cynthia's eyes glanced at Kevin who cocked his head in lack of understanding why she paused. Katherine patted his head, whilst Devin smiled at the maid to go on.

"The Master returned. He seemed to have had a change of heart, although miniscule. He was beginning to be kind to her, although in rough ways. And then, he started to notice her being weak and breathless often. Obviously, he thought she had not been taking care of herself and fallen ill in his absence. Master fetched a doctor. The witless fool, forgive me, blandly spat that she was pregnant by a week, and as the Master understood obviously, not with his child."

The four adults stared at her in solemn sadness, all four nodding. Kevin, however, broke the silence, "But Ma, how can she be pregnant with the lawyer's baby? Isn't her husband Mr. Mathew?" he titled his head in innocent confusion.

Katherine's cheeks blushed a little as she raked his soft black hair, smiling, "Kevin, it's rather complicated, my child. All you must know is, she was pregnant, that's all. How it happens is all you need to worry when you grow up."

"Alright, Ma." Kevin shrugged and then looked at the maid who continued after a smile.

"And hence one may imagine a man as diabolical as Mathew Triston being furious to find his wife's betrayal. That too, when he seemed to have decided to slowly be kind to her. That night, he would have killed her, I daresay, considering the way he muttered like a mad man from his study when I went to fetch him his tea. But Mistress was sharp enough to guess her safety (and of the unborn child's ) was at risk and hence she took off for her home that very night, seeking the opportunity when Master went out to drink away his anger. When he returned, we were left to face an extremely angry and rotten-mouthed drunkard; my, it was a terror! I didn't think I would live to see the next day. But the bane of alcohol turned out to be a boon when he fell asleep quicker under its affect. A letter came the next day, stating Mistress was going to stay the length of her delivery at her home, and Master sent her back a letter to never come back ever."

Cynthia paused for another sip, her face waning in soft grief and gentle reminiscent fear, "The already wild man, took to heavy drinking, and one day a few months later, he even went to her home and tried to strangle her. But thanks to her elder brother, she lived. Soon, time elapsed and my Master continued to be normal as he started to forget his wife and the misery-inducing anger she brought him. Afterwards, she returned, with tears, saying that she had given up her lovechild to her lawyer who had hurtfully agreed, and painfully separated from him so that she could continue being Masters' wife. You see, Mistress Florentia came from a family that believed in the sanctity of matrimony, and she fully took the guilt of bearing another's child. She had given up her true love and her child so as to show her loyalty to her husband. Although not moved by her words and her deed, (I doubt anything could), he let her continue to stay under his roof, without filing a divorce. Soon, things were getting peaceful again. Until one night, uh,... under the effect of drinks, Master, uh..." she again glanced at Kevin who stared at her innocently.

The four adults guessed what the hesitation was, although Kevin had no clue. Smiling, Katherine said to Kevin, "Honey, would you go fetch a few of the cookies for Miss Cynthia?"

In cue, the maid's nod agreed. "Yes, yes please! I can't really have enough of it, bless you!" Cynthia added shakily with a chuckle. Kevin smiled, and jumped off the chair, "In a minute, miss. Please don't start the story till I come!" and he ran off. They all watched the ten year old disappear.

Once he was out of sight, she turned to the adults who looked intently at her. So she whispered directly getting to the point, "Goodness, Master and Mistress, they made love all night! My lord! The sounds they made!" she sighed, worrying the edge of the cup with her thumbs, while the four adults leaned in and one whispered, "Yes, and?"

"I felt terrible; Master was under the heavily intoxicated state and possibly didn't mean any of the ranting and raving he did. Mistress knew better too, but she didn't stop him for this was the first time he had ever even touched her lovingly and she was more than merry to accept it. And goodness, what a first time it was! I marvel at how the bed managed to remain on its four legs, unaffected even now!"

The four adults blushed at the same time, their eyes wide. The old man solemnly shook his head. The baby chuckled from his crib.

"Cookies!" Kevin smiled as he walked back in, holding a plate. The adults jumped, turning to him, and Katherine took the plate from him and placed it in front of Cynthia, as Kevin climbed to his chair.

"You haven't continued the story without me, have you?" Kevin asked warily.

"No! Not at all!" the maid chuckled, clearing her throat nervously. She picked up one lovely cookie and nibbled mannerly on it.

"Thank you," Kevin smiled believing her, "And so, under the effects of drinks, Mr. Mathew, what did he do?"

The four turned to Cynthia to see how she was going to reply. The woman chuckled again, "Well, uh, he, uh, kissed Mistress for the first time! Yes, that's right, they kissed."

Kevin grimaced, sticking his tongue out a little, "Never do understand why adults must do that!" at which Katherine tapped him on his head, "Kevin! Manners!"

Kevin apologised and asked the maid to continue.

"Ah, yes so.. he 'kissed' her and well, that was it. A few weeks later, she showed signs of being pregnant again, with the doctor confirming it. Unfortunately, Master refused to believe it was his child!"

"What?!" the four exclaimed.

Cynthia almost enjoyed the effect of the appalled looks on the faces, as she continued in her soft voice, "Yes, you see, the Master had no recalling of what he had done in his intoxicated state, so he refused to believe he had ever done... 'anything'... to get her pregnant, and accused Mistress of continuing to see her lover behind his back, and carrying yet another child of his."

"Oh the poor lady..." Martha sighed with deep pity lacing her voice. Katherine added, "So horribly mistaken..."

"Oh!" Kevin exclaimed making the six turn to him, "I get it now! So that's how women get pregnant! When they kiss men!"

"Good lord!" Katherine gasped at his stupid revelation, making them all laugh, and she shushed him, "Nonsense, child! That is not true!"

Kevin surprisingly gave out a sigh, "Oh good, I was worried, because I had to kiss Susan the other day during our Romeo and Juliet play at school. Blargh! I wouldn't want her to carry my child, she's extremely snobby!"

The adults gaped, and all burst out guffawing at the same time, Katherine blushing and covering one half her face with a hand, "My stupid Kevin... please stop talking nonsense, you're embarrassing Ma!"

"Oh my," Cynthia laughed, her laughter soon dying to a chuckle, "No matter, I can't remember the last time I had laughed so sincerely!" and the old man agreed, his beard wiggling again.

Kevin looked between the lot of them, clearing his throat, "Sorry, I didn't mean to make every one laugh when such a serious story is being narrated," at which they all regained their composure and nodded in agreement to him. Stewart ruffled the soft black hair, and smiled at Cynthia, "Please, if you may?"

"Ah yes," Cynthia continued, "Accused, Mistress tried her best to convince him that it was his child, and even asked us to speak to him as witnesses of the audible evidence that is. But Master dismissed it all, saying we were a part of a conspiracy trying to fool him with false stories. Sadly, the Mistress wept every day, unable to reconcile with the man's hurt pride; she had grown more distant than she ever had been. And one day, the Master announced that he was going to let her stay in his home only because of her pregnant condition, and after her childbirth, he was going to throw her out, and kill her child as punishment."

Kevin's fists clenched at his knees from under the table. Ben...

"And then came more drama. Mistress's elder brother Remenon came in, announcing that he was going to take in the child to be born to his sister. Master argued that he was not going to let it live in the first place to be taken. They fought and it ended with an ultimatum from Sir Remenon, that he would give him a surprise visit soon and take away the child and the mother, or the mother carrying the child, if he willed it."

The adults looked at each other in surprise.

Cynthia continued, "I am not even sure how, but I heard that Master managed to know that Sir Remenon's wife Angelina was involved in a secret affair with another man years ago, which she hadn't told her husband about. Then and there, he confronted her, and she begged and wept to him to keep it a secret for if her husband found out, it would be a disdainful mark in their family. Having found a perfect way to solve his problem, Master made a deal with her. Since she was a trusted accomplice to Sir Remenon as she was a wife, Master told her to be his spy. The moment Remenon tells her that he was to come to Triston Mansion to take Mistress and the child away, Madame Angelina was to send a message to Master and let him be prepared for abduction. Of course, poor Madame Angelina had no choice but to agree."

Kevin's eyes widened. The lady who had paid him to run the message.

"Of course, the Master told us of this and told us to watch out for any young messengers that Madame Angelina may send to were under constant fear that Sir Remenon may storm in and kill us all for he doubted us as much as he doubted the Master. And one such day, when Mistress seemed to be about to birth the child, a young child comes to our doorstep with a message."

Cynthia looked at Kevin warmly, and he shifted with a blush.

"It said that Sir Remenon had planned to come at the evening. And then young Master was born. Master immediately ordered for the child and the mother to be locked away, while he stationed guards, and such, to defend his home. Quite the chaos, my goodness! Sir Remenon left defeated, unable to realise why he had been anticipated although he had come in surprise. A few days passed, Sir Remenon tried once or twice to forcefully remove his sister and her child, but did not succeed."

She sighed heavily. The old man made a soft sound of grief.

"The Master kept his wife and the child till five days I think. Then one night, he ordered me and father to bundle the child and drown it in the stream running parallel to the mansion. We couldn't protest, or our heads shall be removed from our bodies, he threatened. We had no choice. And then, you know what happened afterwards, don't you?"

She looked at Kevin who nodded. The adults nodded too.

"The last thing I saw was the Master chasing young Kevin with the baby. How in the world did Master end up in the shore?! Did he chase you all the way?"

Kevin smiled and narrated his end of the story. About how he had dodged the man's stones and ran up the park, and down it, and in the streets, and being heavily injured, to how he did not even know the man was gone until he had turned around and heard the splash. And he ended with how he brought the baby to the Tennysons who had lost their first child. And that he had named the baby as 'Ben'.

Kevin paused in thought, while the adults shared laughs and comments, Cynthia remarking what a brave child Kevin was.

"Uh, Miss Cynthia," he spoke unsurely, catching everyone's attention, "Did the Master Mathews... die?" he looked extremely worried. The four of the them fell silent too, for if the man had died, what trouble would it be!

"Ah, worry not child!" Cynthia smiled, "You see, Master is alive. He had fallen in the docks as per what you have said. He had only hit his head upon a few rocks underneath, but otherwise he is quite alive."

Kevin sighed. Then he was struck by another painful doubt, "But what if he comes for me? He has very well seen me and he might send for people to catch me? And what about you, Miss Cynthia? Didn't the man punish you for betraying him by handing the baby to me?" he was very much worried, it reflected in his brown eyes. The four adults saw great sense in his doubts, and hence turned to the maid and her father who sat unmoved and solemn with smiles on their faces.

"Not to worry at all. You see, a fisherman found the Master next morning. They predict Master was drunk and had wandered off to the shore, ending up falling over the docks. After his head hit the rocks in the water, Master has been in a coma ever since! The doctor said that the man had lost quite a bit of recent memory, and has no clue that he had a son whom he tried to kill! He is now under medication; only knowing that he had hates his wife for cheating on him. Mistress is at her home with her brother Sir Remenon and Madame Angelina who have both decided to not mention of the incidents to Master. Tragedy, the Mistress seems nearly dead in her piteous state of illness and grief of losing her child." Cynthia glanced at Ben who blew bubbles happily from his crib.

"Although, the only good thing that came was that Madame Angelina confessed to her husband about her previous lover and that it was her who had been blackmailed into telling Master about Sir Remenon's plan. Instead of disowning her, the man forgave her with his big heart and they now live happily, with a broken Mistress Florentia, and a confused Master Mathews in the hospital. Hence, there is no fear of me or father being punished by the Master, no fear of the Master searching for Ben to kill him, or no fear of him tracing Kevin either."

They all beamed in relief. Kevin seemed a little sad though, "But Mistress Florentia... does she know her child is alive?"

Cynthia sighed sadly as well, "I am afraid not. We couldn't tell her for we knew she would clamour for it. Besides, she is now seeking refuge looking after her lovechild, the one from her lover who had agreed to secret take care of her without the Master's knowledge."

"Oh," Kevin looked down at his lap. His fingers stopped trembling for now. He looked sideways at his parents who smiled at him. He looked at Mr. Stewart who smiled too. Martha beamed in contentment.

"Ah, so all is well," Devin sighed.

The maid and her father nodded. "We only wished to come by so as to find out about little Master and to thank Kevin for saving him. And to explain about the meddlesome dilemma. But we had no name to go by, nor a place to search. That was when we had spotted Kevin running along the street and we immediately recognised him, and followed him here."

"Kevin was quite in the rush to leave home, weren't you?" Katherine grinned at him. Kevin blushed gently, shifting from his chair. When Cynthia looked at Devin for an explanation, he answered, "Kevin is quite fond of Ben; he just cannot go by a day without visiting him, and then come home and narrate what all new things the baby did each day."

Cynthia laughed, her father copying her in a softer and slower manner.

"You shall be quite the older brother, Kevin! Ben is lucky to have you," Cynthia spoke warmly. Brushing a tear from under her eye with her handkerchief, "she continued, "It brings me great joy to know the happiness he has brought to this family, and the it's a relief to know our prayers haven't gone to waste."

Katherine and Martha smiled softly patting her shoulder in comfort.

- End of Chapter -

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