"Augh! I can't believe he just dismissed the whole group of us!" Kaylan Viracocha grumbled to her companions as she savagely pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. Back in the dressing room after a long and gruelling wait for a decision and STILL NOTHING! Wiping off her make-up with a damp cloth she fumed and griped.
"Well that's the last time." She said to fellow prospective bride Rula. "I've had it. I came to the bright lights seeking a life, something interesting. This isn't it!"
"Your opinion belongs to you, Kaylan." Rula said, combing her hair and staring into space. "But isn't he just dreamy?"
Rula smile vaguely, as if seeing something Kaylan could not.
"I'm sure he'll change his mind about my hair... next time."
"Augh!" Kaylan exclaimed. "He's never going to change anything! Can't you see?"
"We are treated well..." Rula mumbled.
"We are pampered like toy poodles, pretty girls standing in a line at a... a... a DOG SHOW!"
"We are kept off the streets." Continued Rula.
"We are caged and denyed our freedom!"
"We get to look at him..." Rula resumed staring into space and her vague smile returned.
Kaylan threw down her hairbrush. "That's the last of it! I'm getting out of this dump and I'm getting out NOW!"
Kaylan stormed out of the room, startling several guards on her way out.
"Miss!" One guard called. "You're not supposed to be let out yet!"
Kaylan put an a sickly sweet smile and turned to the guard. "Please sir, I need some fresh air."
A puzzled expression settled on the unintelligent guard and Kaylan bolted.
Dodging through corridors and passing more guards she recalled what her mother has said.
"Go on. Get out with you. If you can't live here now, you never will be able to. You've caused enough grief leaving so don't even think of coming back."
She couldn't go back to the farm, she realized and this made her smile as she hid behind a door. She didn't want to go back to those silly farmers after all, EVER! She had no belonging to speak of now, she had never really had anything to call her own. Luckily, the clothes she now wore were the ones she had brought from the farm and not the prissy white dress she had to wear for the ... dog shows.
Suddenly as Kaylan registered her surroundings she was filled with dread. She was in Kuzco's throne room. In her rush to get as far away as possible before the guards came to her senses, she had taken a wrong turn and had run into the throne room. Luckily for Kaylan, no-one had seen her. The only people in the room were Yzma and a poor peasant she seemed to be having a go at. Oh, and Kronk, but he didn't really count. Oh yeah, she had heard about Yzma and Kronk. Yzma was sitting in the throne berating this defenceless peasant and... Wait! Yzma was in his throne! Kaylan frowned in disbelief, Yzma was not authorized to be in that situation... Yzma was breaking Kuzco's rules. Suddenly, Kuzco entered the throne room. Kaylan let out a quiet gasp then caught herself and hid under a table in the far corner of the room. Worse than being caught by the guards would be to be caught by Kuzco. Word had it, he was not a nice guy and Kaylan knew enough of his personality from her run-ins with his ego at the... auditions.
Yzma seemed to be in trouble.
"You're doing it again." Said Kuzco.
"Doing? Doing? Doing what?" Asked Yzma.
"My job." Kuzco answered. "I'm the emperor. You're the emperors Badvisor/B."
Kaylan shivered under the table while Kuco continued to scold Yzma and Kaylan's eyes widened when he fired Yzma.
Once Kronk and Yzma had left the room, Kaylan decided that nothing could be worse than being stuck under that table the whole day.
She crawled out from under the table and proceeded to walk out the door she came in, acting as normal as humanly possible.
She nearly had a heart attack when someone tapped her on the shoulder.
"Hey." Kuzco said. "Don't be scared, You saw the whole thing right."
"Uhh... Yeah, I mean, Yes your highness." Kaylan hastily bowed, the better to make her look like just another lowly servant.
"Well..." Kuzco started. "Keep it a secret."
"Yes your highness."
"But if Yzma pretends it didn't happen, I need a witness."
"Yes your highness."
"And who better to be a witness than my new advisor."
"Yes your... what the?" Kaylan's jaw dropped in disbelief.
"It's a bit strange, isn't it?" Kuzco said. "Hiring a peasant for such an important task."
"Then why would you hire one?" Kaylan asked.
"Well judging by your expression while you were hiding under the table." Kuzco paused to let it sink in that he saw her. "You knew exactly what Yzma was doing wrong and were disgusted by it."
"But you don't know me..."
"Kaylan Massiela Roeschan Viracocha, aged 16... right? From a small farming village south of the palace... you... you came here seeking fame and fortune but when you couldn't find a job you decided to try out for the role of 'Kuzco's bride', although you hated the sexism involved you thought it could be an easy way to get to know people around the palace and therefore ensure you a job later. At that time you didn't realize it would be this boring The most testy of the bunch... except for that one who tried to kill me earlier..., you hate being dressed up and this morning you finally snapped, running away and easily evading the dim-witted guards."
"You do know me... but how did you know all that?"
"I like to keep tabs on people." Kuzco said. "For instance, Yzma has a secret lab in the dungeon area of the palace. There are to levers to get to it but one leads to a crocodile pit."
"I still don't get why you want me for the job." Kaylan said, then remembered who she was talking to. "Your highness."
"Well that one's simple." Kuzco said. "No one, believe me, NO ONE, will want Yzma's job. Look... I have to go, busy busy busy. A fish market near the entrance to the palace, go there and they'll give you free board above them. Just tell them I sent you. I'll meet you there in a week to organize things."
With that, Kaylan was hustled out of the room, before she could say,
"But what if I don't want to be advisor? I don't know how."
Recieving no answer, Kaylan started on her way to the fish market.