It's Complicated

Chapter One

It Will Rain

Jacob Wolfe.

He scoffed at the name Bella had chosen for him when he walked with Nessie's little hand in his into their very own small, two bedroom apartment.

Like always, Jacob had kept his wallet with him during the face-off with the Volturi so he could make his down-payment for the apartment in Vancouver. Of course, all he had was American money, and the money Bella put in the backpack for them, but they took his money anyways.

He set Nessie's backpack in the corner of the spacious living room/kitchen and she sat down next to it, staring off into space.

"What is it, Ness?" She looked down at her hands, glancing through her eyelashes at Jacob.

"Are my Mommy and Daddy... dead?" She was very hesitant to use that word to describe them. They always seemed so alive and lived life to the fullest.

"I am not sure, Ness." She squinted her eyes tight as tears started to come and she nodded.

Nessie was so close to her parents that he knew it would be extra difficult on her to deal with her grief. Good thing for Nessie, there was a knock on the door. She stood up and took his hand, walking with him to the closed door.

"Mr. Wolfe?" He was going to have to take some time to get used to that new name.

"Yes?" The bald man before him dressed in a suit with a clip board asked.

"I'm William Spaulding with your furniture." Jacob's eyes narrowed as he looked over the balcony to see three moving trucks unloading furniture.

"Furniture?" Spaulding nodded and slowly pushed open the door to reveal Nessie standing close to Jacob's side.

"I believe Mrs. Cullen didn't tell you. It arranged by a Mrs. Alice Cullen to have furniture brought out to you." Jacob understood now and nodded, stepping out of the way. This was very much something that Alice would do.

He tightened his grip on Nessie's hand and moved out of the way as movers started to come up with different pieces of furniture and appliances.

He watched with Nessie's hand still in his as the movers brought in tables and chairs for the kitchen, a flat screen, sofa, coffee table, and end table for the living room. He watched closely as the movers brought in two beds, one a King size and one a Twin size, three big dressers, and two more television sets.

Jacob instantly became confused and lead Jacob into the bigger bedroom that he guessed was meant to be his with Nessie in tow.

"Umm, Alice didn't say anything about doing this for us. Why are there two dressers in here?" Jacob asked to Spaulding as he followed.

"I talked to Mrs. Cullen personally. She said you would have a guest coming to you soon that would stay with you. She wouldn't say who, but she did say you know them very well. Maybe if you riffle through the drawers, you may find a clue." Jacob nodded as Spaulding whistled.

"Alright, men. Everything is good here. Let's give Mr. and Ms. Wolfe here their privacy." Jacob nodded as they movers exited the house.

"Do you think it's Mommy or Daddy, Jacob?" He looked down to the quiet girl and shrugged.

"Only one way to find out." She nodded as they slowly approached the extra dresser that he knew didn't come from his room at the Cullen house. He recognized every piece of furniture from that gorgeous house.

But this piece, he didn't recognize.

He slowly opened the bottle drawer. It was filled with shoes, belts, and scarfs. Well, at least he knows its a woman.

"This rules out your dad, little one." Nessie giggled and covered her mouth as she visualized Edward trying to fit into the high heels. He riffled through the door and saw something stuffed in the back of the drawer. It looked like a bracelet, but he couldn't be sure. He picked it up and put it to the light, gasping.

"What is it, Jacob?" Nessie looked at the diamond and wolf carved from wood hanging from a leather bracelet.

"Bella." He placed it in his open palm and examined the bracelet he hadn't seen since the day he gave it to her. "Looks like it's your mom who is coming to find us." Nessie broke out in a smile and jumped for joy.

"What is it though?" Nessie hit her knees next to Jacob and looked over at the amazing bracelet.

"A present I gave your mother for her high school graduation. It didn't have this diamond though." He pointed at the delicate stone that shined when the sunlight hit it.

"It's pretty." She touched the wolf and smiled. "It looks like your wolf." He lightly chuckled and rubbed her bronze hair.

"Okay, Ness. Let's go grocery shopping. I'm starving." She grinned in a way that reminded him of her mother.

"Me, too, Jacob." He chuckled and they both stood up and called a cab.

Jacob carried most of the grocery bags out of the cab as Nessie took about three bags and he gave the cabbie the fare. They slowly walked up the stairs to their apartment and Jacob caught sight of a horrifying scene. There was a brunette woman unconscious in front of his door.

He quickly ran over to the woman and sat down his groceries.

"Miss, are you alright?" He pushed the hair out of her face and gasped. It was her, Bella. "Bella!" He exclaimed as Nessie came over, gasping.

"Mommy! Mommy, wake up!" Nessie let out a small sob as she shook her mother. Jacob pulled Bella into his arms and her head fell back, mouth open.

Why was she unconscious? How did she find us? Where is everyone else? Jacob asked himself these questions as he stood up and walked into the apartment, placing her on the couch. He ran his hand over her cheek and noticed something that shocked him.

It flushed at his touch.

Vampires don't blush!

He listened closely in the air, ignoring Nessie's heartbeat and breathing, to hear the unmistakeable sound of Bella's own heartbeat. He watched her chest to see it rising and falling shallowly.

He took a deep breath as Nessie sat next to him.

She's not a vampire anymore, but how?

"She looks so peaceful." Bella's mouth gently twitched into a smile as her arms came up and tucked under her head.

"Come on, Ness. Let's get in the groceries." She nodded and complied with Jacob. They took the tons of groceries into the kitchen and put everything away. He looked by the door to see tons of tubs he hadn't noticed earlier.

Him and Nessie walked over and opened the containers. There were millions of little nick nacks and family photos. He opened the next containers to find pillows, blankets, and curtains. He couldn't help, but smile.

Thanks, Alice. Wherever you are. He thought.

He pulled out an afghan and walked it over to Bella, placing it over her as he saw her shiver.

"Why don't you get ready for bed and we will watch TV and wait for your mom to wake up?" She grinned and nodded, running to her room. A few minutes later, Nessie came out in a black long-sleeve t-shirt and long black pants.

They watched TV for a few hours before sleep overtook Nessie and Jacob carried her to bed. He came out to see Bella's clutching to the blanket and whimpering.

She was having a nightmare.

He walked over and quickly shook her shoulder. She snapped out of it gasping and grasped Jacob's hand, staring at the foreign object.

She couldn't believe what she had gone through. Her family... was gone. The life she had worked so hard for... was gone.

"Jake." She stroked her thumb against his warm palm, refusing to look at him. She just knew it was him. Only his russet skin could captivate her so.

"Bells, are you okay?" She gulped and continued to pant from her terrible nightmare.

"Was it all a dream? Renesmee and the Volturi?" He sighed and leaned down, kissing her sweet hand.

"No. How did you find us?" She finally looked up at him to find his dark brown eyes staring into hers. He gasped when he was met with her chocolate brown eyes. They were back. Her eye color.

That was the final piece to the puzzle. Bella, somehow, changed back to being human.

"I-I followed your scent and it lead me here. Everything is so blurry, though." She rubbed her eyes with her free hand. "I don't know why I feel so out of it or how I fainted." He nodded and brought her hand back up to his lips. He was so glad she was okay and back to being human.

"Do you feel any different, Bells?" She blinked a few times and was curious as to why it felt necessary.

"Yeah. I'm so tired and hungry. Maybe I should go hunt." He chuckled and shook his head.

"Bella, I need to show you something." She then gasped, looking around.

"Where is she? Where is Renesmee?" She started to try to get up and Jacob placed his hand on her shoulder.

"She's asleep." She sunk back down and placed her hand over her forehead.

"Why do I feel so out of it?" He sighed.

"Maybe I can explain a little bit of that." He lifted their joined hands and she slowly moved to get up. Jacob pulled her up and placed his arm around her waist for support. They slowly strolled to the bathroom. He flickered on the light as she stood still in front of the mirror, gasping.

"Oh, my god." She ran her hand over her face and the other hand went through her hair. "What the hell happened to me?" He shrugged as his arm tightened slightly around her waist.

"I'm not sure, but I do know one thing." She looked over to him, holding back her hair.

"What?" He grinned at her.

"You are just as beautiful as ever." She blushed and she let her hair fall.

"Thanks, Jacob." He shrugged and watched her look back at herself in the mirror.

He wished he could tell her the truth. She was so perfect, but he knew he had no chance whatsoever. He had imprinted on her daughter for fuck sakes. It may have transformed into something different for him over time, but she was still his imprint.

He would never betray her, even though she was just a child.

If he was being truthful, he felt that Bella had his child instead of hers. Nessie reminded him so much of his child self. She was carefree, happy, and made everyone around her laugh and smile.

"Do I still smell like a vampire?" He leaned his head against her shoulder, taking in her scent.

"Only your clothes." She nodded and he stood up straight. "Are you hungry, Bells?" She nodded with a smile on her face.

"Yeah." He chuckled at how happy she looked and lead her to the kitchen.

"How long was I out?" He shrugged as they walked into the kitchen.

"About six hours, I think." She nodded as he stood off to the side, watching her maneuver around the kitchen.

"Do you want anything?" He nodded as he smiled at her. She was so beautiful.

She quickly made a huge batch of chicken, rice, and gravy for the two of them. They sat at the table and enjoyed their meal in silence.

After eating, Jacob helped Bella with the dishes. They stayed in silence until Bella looked at the clock. It was close to ten at night and she heard Jacob yawn.

"It's time for bed." She then let out a laugh as she covered her mouth. "I haven't said that in a long time." He chuckled and shook his head.

"You never change, Bella." She grinned at him and shocked him by giving him a tight hug around his mid-section. His arms came around her and pulled her tight against him. He head fell and rested against the top of her head. He could get used to this.

"I'm so glad the both of you made it out okay. You have no idea how scared I was that I would lose the two of you, too." He let out a sigh as he rubbed her back.

"We are fine, Bella. Nessie was just worried about you and Edward." She nodded as she held on tight with a death grip.

"He didn't make it." He looked down at Bella's face to see silent tears streamed down her face. "None of them did. Alice...Rose...Carlisle...Eleazar... Garrett... Vladimir... They are all gone. Even the wolves." She let out a small sob as he held her closer. He lightly cooed her and she held herself closer to her best friend. "Seth and Sam held it in there so long. Jane pained Seth and then one of the other Volturi squeezed the life out of him. Sam helped get back at her for it. I was so happy when I saw him bite her head off. Leah fell into a deep hole in the Earth that Benjamin created trying to protect Esme.

"I can't believe they are all gone!" She let out an exclaimed cry into his chest and he left soft kisses all over her cheek to soothe her pain.

"It's okay, Bells. They are in a better place." She sniffled and nodded.

"Edward was the last one to go. When we thought they were all gone and we were the only ones left, we going to go and find you, but Caius snuck up from behind Edward and pulled his head straight off. I did the only thing I knew to do. I ran. I should have stayed. I should have killed Caius myself and then put everyone back together." He cupped his hands behind her head and continued to coo her.

"Bella, you did your best. That's all anyone could have asked from you." She sniffled and clutched to his shirt.

"Why are you so good to me, Jacob? If it wasn't for me, everyone would still be alive." He shook his head as her puffy brown eyes gazed into his.

"You're one of my girls. I'll always be good to you. Plus, its not your fault." She smiled up at him with a sparkle in her eyes.

"I'll always be your girl, Jacob." She released herself from him and saw a blush creep across his face.

"Um, I guess I'll take the couch and you can take the bed." Her eyes widened and then she laughed.

"Jacob, come on. For one, that's not fair to you, and two, be realistic. It's not like we haven't slept together before." He blushed again as he thought of their one night in the tent. He had said so many stupid things to get a rise out of Edward and all it did was irritate Bella. He had felt so aroused by the fact that they were sleeping together and the thoughts of what he could have done to her if Edward hadn't been there.

"Alright. As long as your comfortable?" He asked and she giggled, slowly walking towards the bedrooms.

"Please, Jacob. At this point in the game, with you being imprinted, I'd be comfortable taking a shower with you." He gulped and felt himself harden from the thought of what he could do to her in the shower. He got himself together and walked into the bedroom to see her staring at the dressers with her eyebrows raised in confusion.

"What is it, Bells?" She looked up at him and rubbed her chin.

"Why are there two dressers? You don't have that many clothes, Jacob." He chuckled and leaned against the doorframe.

"Alice. I guess she knew you were coming. All of this stuff came from her." She nodded and pulled open the drawers to the unfamiliar dresser and pulled out a long night gown and a pair of underwear. She quickly moved out of the room and went into the bathroom. She closed the door and leaned against it.

What was happening to her? Why was she feeling things she had never felt before for Jacob? Of course, she always loved him, but she still felt love for Edward. He was her husband after all. WAS her husband.

She looked down to her hand and sighed as she saw the wedding ring sparkling in the light from the fixtures on the wall. She squinted her eyes and pulled it off, setting it on the counter.

I will always love you, Edward, she thought to herself.

For some reason, she was having these intimate and romantic feelings popping up for her best friend slash daughter's soul-mate. How fucked up was she?

She slowly unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it down to the floor. She pulled her tank top off over her head and pushed down her pants, kicking them off to the side. She turned and looked in the mirror for the second time that night to see a pale, dull version of her former self. Her hair didn't shine, her skin didn't shimmer, and her eyes were the old brown color. She didn't understand how anyone could find the way she looked then attractive.

She shook off the thought and turned on the water. She slowly pulled off her bra and underwear and dipped her body into the hot water of the tub. She turned off the water and soaked her body in the warm liquid, moaning from the heat being applied to her aching muscles.

She remembered vaguely the pain she felt in her muscles when she ran after Jacob's scent and it only got worse the farther she ran.

She glanced over towards the cabinet when she saw a small box close by. She sat up in the tub and reached over, finding was full of bathroom products. She smiled and grabbed the shampoo that belonged to her and a bar of Dial soap. She soaped up her hair and cleaned her body that felt covered in grime and dirt.

She rinsed herself off and dried herself before pulling on her nightwear. She felt nervous as she ran her hairbrush through her wet hair. Why was she feeling the way she did about Jacob? He was just her best friend.

She slowly emerged from the bathroom into Jacob's bedroom to find him in only a pair of long pajama pants while he was watching TV, arms crossed behind his head. She took a deep breath as her eyes scanned over his exposed torso to the hair-trail leading to his sacred promise land.

"You asleep?" He turned his head to her and had to focus on her face to keep from getting an erection.

"Nope." He grinned at her and she blushed as she walked over and crawled under the covers. She snuggled into the fluffy pillow under her head and looked up at him as he showed his sunny smile. "You sleepy?" She nodded and blushed deeper.

"Just a little." He chuckled and grabbed the remote, turning off the TV. He turned over in bed and laid on top of the blanket. "Let me guess. Too hot for you?" He shrugged and chuckled, facing his back to her.

"Nah. I just don't need the blanket." She rolled her eyes and smiled as she pressed her face into her pillow. He turned over to face her and placed his hand on her waist. "We are going to need to go to Forks soon to deliver the news of what happened at the battle." Her eyes widened as she stared at his face, giving him all of her attention.

"Jacob, we can't. What if Caius is waiting around to have his revenge for the battle?" Jacob shook his head and moved his hand up to her cheek.

"I'll always protect you, Bells." She placed her hand over his and sniffled as a tear came to her.

"Who's going to protect you?" He chuckled and smiled down at her.

"I don't need protecting, Bells." She shook her head.

"That's what the rest of the pack thought, Jake." She squinted her eyes and pressed her face into the pillow. He noticed her shoulders were trembling and he moved closer to her.

"Honey? Bells?" She lifted her head with her face saturated.

"I can't lose you, Jake. It would kill me if I lost you." She attached herself to him and he began to rock her back and forth in his arms.

"Nothing's going to happen to me. I promise." She sobbed harder as he stroked her back and kissed along her cheek. This action always soothed her.

He wasn't expecting her to turn her face and capture his lips, but he accepted the kiss. His hands rubbed up and down her back as they kissed passionately. Her hands buried into his hair as he hiked one of her legs over his, holding her body close to his.

"Jacob." She moaned his name and it caused his hips to involuntarily grind into her panty covered sex. "Oh, my." She moaned and he chuckled into her mouth. He pulled the blanket away from between then and pushed up the skirt of her nightgown, caressing her legs on his way up. He laid her on her back and moved between her legs, moaning into her sweet mouth.

"Bella, my God." She moaned back and he retracted his lips from hers. He stared into her eyes, showing his desire and love for her through his eyes. She bit her bottom lip as his hands moved up his waist slowly caressing her milky thighs. She lifted her hips for him and he yanked down her silky black panties, tossing them to the floor. She sat up and pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her body to him. She laid back and his eyes scanned her body.

So beautiful, he thought.

He went to stand up out of bed and he noticed her bottom lip start to tremble. She thought he was just going to leave her laying there completely exposed and vulnerable. She was willing to give all of herself to him after they have been in love all those years.

"I'm just taking off my pants, honey." Her lip instantly stopped trembling and she gave him a nervous smile. He stood up and pushed his pants down his waist slowly as if to strip tease her.

He moved back between her legs and angled himself towards her.

"I've never done this before, Bells, so I won't last long." She smiled at him and propped herself up on her elbows, kissing him sweetly.

"That's okay, Jacob." He chuckled and propped up her legs that were laying flat on the bed.

"Here we go." He took a breath and she kissed him passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Just make love to me."