A/N Again the disclaimer. I do not know personally anyone mentioned. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

A/N Again a Grant/you story. :)

You are on your way to work and you're feeling a bit nervous. Which you generally aren't. Nervous doesn't fit well with your job and most of the time you have nerves of steel. But today, Stella Treadwell, your boss's boss, and the queen publicist of Hollywood wants to have a word with you in person. You have a feeling it can be something good but at the same time you're not really sure and that's what's making you nervous. You hate not having control of things.

'Maybe Andrea told Stella how I disobeyed her?' You think to yourself, Andrea being your actual boss. 'Of course I was right and the whole thing was a success but...' You sigh deeply.

After parking you go quickly to the offices. You drop your stuff in your desk and you head to the elevator to the last floor where Stella's office is. Usually you don't interact much with her but you do admire her and your dream is to become as successful as her. You have been working there for about a year and a half, right after you finished college. For the first six months you were just an intern but then you were offered a job which you immediately accepted. The internship itself was already a dream come true. After all, the agency was just the most successful one in the publicity world of Hollywood. Sure, it was a stressful, demanding job but you loved it.

"Good morning, Jo." You smile to Stella's secretary, a girl of about your age that usually hangs with you on nights out and such. "Can I?" You ask raising an eyebrow.

"Sure. She's waiting for you." She gives you a compromised look and a wink. "Good luck."

"Thanks." You take a deep breath and you knock on the door.

"Come in." You hear Stella's voice.

You enter her office and you find her sitting at her desk, busy as usual. "Good morning." You greet her with a shy smile.

She looks up at you pulling her glasses off. "Busy morning, you mean. Sit down, dear. I'm just finishing writing this urgent email and we'll talk right away." She puts her glasses back on and starts typing frenetically. "Always fixing everyone's mistakes..." She comments almost to herself as she types. You fear she's hinting at you. "I'm getting old for this..." She says as she finishes the email and looks at you with a smile.

You smile back at her. "You are definitely not old."

"Hahah! Flattery will get you nowhere, my dear. But then again, you don't need that, do you?"

"I hope not." You give her your best smile, trying hard not to sound nervous.

She chuckles. "Right. Bold, I like it. Look, I'm going to be honest and straightforward here. I don't have time to waste. Hell, I don't have time, period. I've heard about how you handled the Porter's issue last week. You defied Andrea, your boss, and you disobeyed her." She looks at you expectantly.

You shrug. "I'm not going to argue that or make up excuses to defend myself. I thought she was doing it wrong and I told her that, I explained her my reasons..."

"And she didn't listen to you, so you did what you thought it was right and you disobeyed her." Stella is unable to hide an amused smile.

You nod. "Yes." You can't really understand where this is leading to. "You said you didn't have time to waste... So, am I being fired?"

To your surprise, Stella starts laughing loudly. "Fired?" she says amused when she stops the laughter. "You're funny. Thanks to you that bloody thing was a success instead of a mega failure and we even managed to get a few new clients."

"Oh really?" Now the new clients' part was something you didn't know.

"Yes. Ok, let's get to point then. I like you. I like that you are ambitious, I like that you are driven, I like that you put everything you have in your job. Which shouldn't be too difficult since you're brilliant in what you do. Ever since you started here as an intern I've kept an eye on you. And like I was expecting you haven't wasted my time."

You don't even know what to say. Hearing that from the person you admire and the one you wish to be someday is great. And a bit overwhelming too.

Stella smiles at your expression. "This isn't the time to get all nervous and surprised. You know you are good. So, I have a proposition for you. You know what our major business here is. Sure, we deal with events, brands, products and such, but our main clients are celebrities. And it can be rough sometimes."

'Oh my god.' You think to yourself. 'What is she saying...?'

"So, I think you're more than ready to take the next step. How would you feel if I asked you to take one of our new clients and be their publicist?"

You open your eyes in awe. "Oh."

She opens her arms. "Embrace the opportunity, girl. Let go of the events', the movies' promotions and deal with the real deal. People. I'm not saying it's easy. Of course not. It's the toughest job, but it's the most rewarding. And, of course, if it was easy I wouldn't offer it to you."

You take a deep breath and you manage a firm and assuring smile. "Sure. I embrace it. I'm not going to disappoint you."

"I know you won't. You will from now on become a senior publicist here and you'll answer directly to me. The rest, you know, better parking slot, very considerable wage raise, a whole office to yourself, and other major benefits, like an assistant... You know." She shrugs like it's no big deal.

You take another deep breath. "Oh."

She laughs. "Ok, pull yourself together. As of now you'll only have this one client but you'll start right away. There's already an appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning."

"Ok, sure." You nod, and you wonder to yourself who is going to be. You know that most of the public figures that work with the agency are movie and tv stars. You start thinking of your favorite actors and actresses. "Who shall I be ready for?"

Stella smiles. "Grant Gustin."

"Uh?" You raise your eyebrows. "Who?" You have no clue who that is.

She chuckles. "Seriously? You even worked in Glee events."

You frown again. "Glee?"

"Oh dear, you do have work to do. Grant became known to the public by appearing in a few episodes of Glee in last season. He has already done a couple of movies since, he's back on Glee again, then there's 90210... Ok, I'm going to stop, this is your work not mine. And your work for today is: you're going to learn everything, and I mean everything, about him. What you also need to know is that Grant is really a fast rising star and Michael, his agent, thinks that the public relations company that represents him is not enough anymore. He wants Grant to have his own dedicated publicist and PR. That's you."

"Ok." Inside your head you are dealing with a lot of mixed feelings. Sure, you are more than thrilled, excited and happy with your big promotion but at the same time you feel a bit disappointed with your first and apparently only job for now. 'Grant Gustin? Who the fuck? Apparently an irrelevant little actor that has done a few appearances in fucking annoying Glee. Who the hell cares about Grant Gustin? This is like trying to sell sand to the people living in the Sahara desert. A waste of time. Oh well.'

"Well, our lawyers have already written the contract. You already know what it implies, the non-disclosure and privacy parts and all that, but I suggest you read it carefully before you sign it anyway. A copy has already been sent to Grant's agent too. Tomorrow Grant will meet you here at 9.30 AM. In your new office."

You nod. "Sure. I'll start working on that right away. Grant Gustin is my new obsession." You joke.

Stella grins. "That's what I like to hear. Here, take this." She gives you a USB pen. "It's the contract, and Grant's whole file from his previous PR company, his ongoing works, events and such, and some notes from Michael, his agent. You know, if you have any questions, anything, don't hesitate to come to me. I know you are more than capable of this but I'm here if you need me. Your success is my success." She grins at you.

"Thank you. For everything. This is a dream come true. I will not disappoint you, I promise." You say matter-a-factually.

"I know. Now go obsess over Grant in your new office. It's the empty one on this floor. The one that belonged to Fred Winston. If you need anything just ask Joan, ok?"

"Oh my god. Really?" You say in awe. Not only the office is on the top floor, the same as Stella's but also it's one of the best. Big window, big desk, big couch... Fred used to be Stella's right arm. He had left to work on his own about a month ago. "Ok, I'll go right now. Thank you again."

Stella grins at you with a nod and you pick the USB pen, leaving her office with a stupid smile on your face. When you close the door you find Joan looking at you expectantly.

"So...?" She whispers.

"Oh my fucking god, Jo. You have no idea... I can't tell you everything right now... We'll talk over lunch, ok? Now I have to move my stuff to fucking Fred Winston's old office."

"What?!" She squeaks.

"Yeah. And learn everything about some dumb insignificant actor."

"Major promotion, uh? You'll have to tell me everything later!"

"Sure." You nod smiling while you head to the elevator to pick your stuff from your old desk. 'Fuck, I did not see this coming. Senior publicist. I need some strong coffee. Grant Gustin, uh? I don't care if you are a dumb minor actor. When I'm done with you, you'll be the most respected and desired actor around.'