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After your visit to your gynecologist you and Grant enjoy your first official date night out.

You two have a romantic dinner together in which you two talk about pretty much everything, including the possible pregnancy. His excitement about this is almost contagious and you find yourself also wishing for it to be true.

After the dinner you go to the movies, to see the romantic comedy you talked about. You are waiting in line, arms around each other.

"I really hope this is good..." You comment while talking about the movie.

Grant smiles. "Who cares? All I know is that I'm gonna have my first movie night out with you. We can even make out in the last row like a couple of teenagers." He giggles happily.

"Hahah! You're right. And making out sounds good." You smile as you lean to kiss his lips.

"It does. You know, today I..." Grant notices you're looking behind him. "What's wrong?"

"Don't look now, but there's someone pointing their phone at us... Like, they are taking photos..."

"What?" Grant immediately looks behind his back but he sees no one.

"She hid behind that corner. Never mind, it's probably just a fan of yours..." You shrug your shoulders.

"Or maybe it's the person who's been stalking us to take photos to send to your boss." He says seriously.

"It's just a girl..." You have a feeling you've seen the girl before but you can't seem to figure where.

Grant keeps looking at the same place and after some moments the girl peeks through the corner of the building. "Un-fucking-believable!" Grant exclaims.


"I can't believe she's the one who's done this..." He says annoyed.

"Who is she?" You asked confused as the girl has hidden again.

"My fucking ex."

"Oh... I knew I had seen her before..." You roll your eyes.

"I'm gonna talk to her." Grant seems determined to go after her.

"No, Grant, please." You hold his arm tight. "Just let her go. She can take as many pictures of us as she likes. It doesn't matter anymore."

"You're right." He hugs you while kissing your hair. "I'm so sorry, I could never imagine she had been stalking us..."

"It's ok, it's not your fault. And let's not worry about that anymore."

"You're right again. At least we know who it was..."

"Right. Told you it couldn't be our friends..." You smile.

"I never thought it was... By the way... I haven't told you something yet..." He smiles again in his most charming way.

"What?" You ask curious.

"My family managed to come here to LA for my birthday and I'd like you to meet them. Ok, let me rephrase it... They would like to meet you."

"They would?" You say surprised.

"Yeah, sure. They told me this afternoon about their coming and then I mentioned you and how things turned out ok with your job and they demanded to meet you. Yeah, demanded." He giggles.

"Oh, guess there's no way out of it..." You joke.

"No way." He laughs.

"Think we should get them together with my parents?" You chuckle.

"Oh definitely. I think they'll get along just fine."

With a few more jokes about your families' meeting you finally go to see the movie.

Next day you spend most of it working in your office while Grant has some meetings concerning his new role. Grant calls you a few times during the day to ask if you're ok. You are ok and you didn't have the need to take the meds your doctor prescribed you.

You're about to leave to go to your gynecologist when he arrives.

"Hey, babe, ready to go?" He says smiling happily as he enters your office.

"Wow, so much enthusiasm." You tease him. "What about a kiss first?"

Grant walks towards you and pulls you swiftly into his arms. "Anything you wish, my dear." He leans to kiss you in the most passionate way that would embarrass anyone watching.

When he pulls away you just sigh. "I'd fall in love with you right now if I wasn't already in love..."

"You can fall again, I don't mind. Besides, I'm here to catch you." He smiles in a teasing way.

"Hahah! You're adorable. Let's go."

You and Grant go to see your gynecologist to pick your blood test results to finally know whether you're pregnant or not.

Before you actually enter her office you go to the bathroom. Much to your surprise and almost shock you realize you're bleeding. Is it your period? But weren't you supposed to be pregnant...? You freeze for a moment without even knowing how you're supposed to feel. You think you should feel happy if this means you're not pregnant but then again, Grant's excitement about this has already infected you and instead of relief and happiness you just feel sad. Especially because you know that's how he'll feel. You can already picture the disappointment in his face, the same disappointment you saw yesterday when the result for the urine test was negative.

You wipe off a tear from your face and you take a deep breath as you join Grant again.

You smile trying the best you can to disguise your feelings and your recent discovery. "Shall we?"

Grant smiles. "We shall."

You two enter the doctor's office and you sit down. "Hi, Doctor Lewis."

"Hello, you two." She smiles. "So, here to pick the results, uh?"

You both nod. You wonder what the results will say. If they say you're pregnant you suddenly realize this means you've just had a spontaneous abortion and you panic.

Grant notices the terrified look on your face. "Hey, baby, relax, I'm here with you, whatever the results are. You know that." He says as he kisses your cheek.

Doctor Lewis speaks. "Well, do you want me to say it or do you want to see it?"

"Just say it, please." You reply.

You and Grant look expectantly at her and she says solemnly. "It's negative." She hands you the papers.

Grant smirks disappointed and you hold his hand tight, disguising your relief.

Doctor Lewis speaks again. "This was not what I expected so I asked for a rerun of the test and I also asked for some other tests, mainly hormones, with urgency. Basically it all says you're not pregnant and you never were. This is not that odd considering you were taking the pill and using condoms at the same time, but very odd considering all the other symptoms... I've thought about this, talked to some other colleagues and my honest opinion is that all that stress you talked about, at work and in your personal life, interfered with body and specifically with your period. I think it's that stress that delayed your period and was responsible for your dizziness and vomiting too. Were you at some particularly stressful situation when this happened?"

You nod remembering yesterday's morning, Stella's news and the shock of seeing those photos of you and Grant in her computer. "Yes, I was. Extremely stress yesterday's morning and all the past week over Christmas and... well, all over the last month, actually."

Doctor Lewis smiles sympathetically. "There's your explanation. I'm sure that your period will show up sooner or later now..."

You sigh. "It already has. Five minutes ago. Most of the stress ended yesterday so..."

Grant looks at you surprised. "Really?"

You nod. "Yeah, just now, when I was in the bathroom. I didn't tell you because I just wanted to see the results first. I panicked that I was having a spontaneous abortion or something..."

Grant hugs you. "Oh baby, come here. It's ok."

Doctor Lewis smiles tenderly. "You two are a lovely couple. I'm sure one day you two will have the joy of a pregnancy, when you plan it."

After some more talking you and Grant leave her office.

Grant has his arms around you and you enjoy his embrace. "I don't even know what to say..." You still have mixed feelings about this.

"I know. It's a bittersweet feeling, right?"

"It is. Because of you I was already getting fond of the idea of getting a mini me or a mini you in nine months..." You giggle nervously.

"That would be great... But you know what? We have all the time in the world. We're young, we love each other, we've just started an official relationship. We'll be just fine."

"I know. Thank you for making at the same time the most stressful month of my entire life the happiest as well. I love you."

"I love you."

You two share a loving-and-full-of-promises-kiss.

"…I can't think of any greater happiness than to be with you all the time, without interruption, endlessly, even though I feel that here in this world there's no undisturbed place for our love, neither in the village nor anywhere else; and I dream of a grave, deep and narrow, where we could clasp each other in our arms as with clamps, and I would hide my face in you and you would hide your face in me, and nobody would ever see us anymore." Franz Kafka

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