Wreck it salvation

Before I begin I don't own wreck it Ralph or any of the games I use in this story

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Sugar rush has been unplugged for a week to get fixed so all the racers had to hang out in game central station until it was repaired.

This meant Vanellope had the whole week off, so she could see Ralph doing his job and relax. It was pretty nice but she missed racing around the candy track beating everyone she raced.

Vanellope was now in Tappers drinking all the root beer she could when a new character sat down next to her.

"Hey Bartender, 4 large root beers over here" yelled the man

"Coming right up sir" said Tapper as he gave the man 4 tall glasses of root beer

"Wow you must be really thirsty if you ordered 4 root beers" said Vanellope

"I've had a long day, my game just got plugged in and everyone wanted to play me today" said the man

"What's your name?" asked Vanellope

"My name's Connor, John Connor, I'm the leader of the human resistance" said John

"Who are you and what game are you from little girl?" asked John

"My name is Vanellope Von Schweetz, an I'm the president of sugar rush speedway, my game has been unplugged for a week to get repaired, so I'm just hanging out here, and staying at my friend Ralphs place" said Vanellope " So what game are you from?" asked Vanellope

"I can't really remember right now, I've been hit a lot today, all I remember is it had the word salvation in it" said John "Well I'd better be getting back now"

"Can I see your game?" asked Vanellope

"Sorry kid, but my game doesn't sound like a game you'd like to be in" said John

"Why not?" asked Vanellope

"You're too young to understand" said John as he walked out of Tappers

Vanellope walked out of the bar and started following John as he made his way back to his game, she glitched past other games when she bumped into Ralph as he was heading out of Pac Man

"Hi stink brain" said Vanellope

"Hello princess dirty hair" said Ralph "where are you going in such a hurry"

"That's president to you, and I'm going to check out that new game that was just plugged in" said Vanellope

"You mean that new Shooting game at the end of the station, forget it, you're too young for that stuff, and remember you won't regenerate if you get killed" said Ralph

"Come on Ralph, I won't be in there long" said Vanellope

"Forget it kid, we're heading back to fix it Felix Jr. now" said Ralph

"Aw man, this stinks" said Vanellope as Ralph dragged her back to fix it Felix Jr.

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