Chapter 7

Hi everyone, it's me agent BM saying thank you for reading my story and I'm glad you're enjoying this. But I feel sad to tell you that this is the last chapter of wreck it salvation. I really had fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Here's the last chapter of wreck it salvation

Vanellope woke up in Ralph's house surrounded by Ralph, Felix, and the other racers

"Where am I? What happened and why is my stomach covered in bandages?" asked Vanellope

"You're in my house" said Ralph

"Those terminators really did a number on you, you're lucky you're still alive" said Candlehead

"All I remember was the harvester and the base exploded" said Vanellope

"You passed out on the helicopter, you were asleep for a few hours now" said Felix

"Ralph, I'm sorry for sneaking out. I didn't really know what would happen in there." Said Vanellope

"Don't worry about that kid, you're safe now. But I still have to punish you for sneaking out" said Ralph

"I don't care what it is, I deserve it" said Vanellope

"Good, because you're not leaving this game until your game gets plugged back in, you almost got killed back there" said Ralph

"Fine, I deserve that" said Vanellope

"Good, now try to get some rest, you had a long day" said Ralph

"Okay" said Vanellope

A few days later sugar rush was plugged back in with some new tracks and new power ups. Vanellope was back to racing around the candy track with the other racers. She still had nightmares about her experience with the terminators and their war to exterminate mankind and the entire arcade if they ever got out. But she knew she was safe with the resistance guarding the games exit. Next time a new game gets plugged in, she'll think twice about entering it without knowing what kind of game it is.

That's the end of Wreck it Salvation. I'm sorry about it being short but I had a long day and I ran out of ideas for this story. I hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing this. Thanks for reading and please review