A/N: So I was just reading this Naruto fanfic the other day and all of a sudden my plunnies got it into their head to write a 100 Theme drabble thingie for my favorite manga series. The drabbles all vary in length and cover things pre-manga, post-manga and obviously within the TRC canon itself. I hope you guys enjoy my attempt at trying to capture a little bit more of how one particular Blond's mind works. ;)

1. Introduction

His fa├žade was that of a bumbling idiot. Making sure to wear a smile over his face as sunshine locks covered his eyes- the windows to his soul, he greeted the witch who was unaffected by the rain soaking everyone else.

2. Light

The princess smiled at him and with gentle hands as fair as milk, she guided him out of his darkness, bringing just a little closer to that beautiful light he could see surrounding the rest of his companions.

3. Scent

The rain burnt his skin wherever it touched but even so he stood in the desolate land, waiting for the princess to return to him, trying not to retch at the stench of metal slowly wafting up from the earth in thick curls invisible to all but him, reminding him of what he had now become.

4. Dark

The blood of his enemy sprayed across his face as he looked down at the cooling body with a grim smile. He heard the ninja walk up behind him and his smile morphed into its more plastic form as he turned around to wordlessly greet the man. Black eyes that almost seemed to mirror the darkness he carried inside himself met his gaze, seemingly in understanding before the call sounded and they left the battle grounds for another day.

A/N: If you guys want, I could actually start listing the worlds where each one of them is supposed to take place but for now I'm just sticking to the name of the theme. Drop me a review and let me know if I should, k?