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17. Standing Still: Celes

18. Family: Acid Tokyo

19. Deep in Thought: Outo

20. In the Storm

Magic swirled up all around him, the spell weaving and spreading all across the world without his permission, closing it up to any who might have had a chance to escape. He looked to the tiny group he had secretly come to consider his family and made the decision. Fighting his own magic, he cast the spell that would take them away from the dying world that would be his grave.

21. Drive

"And you press on the clutch while changing the gears." Syaoran explained patiently from the seat beside him in this metal contraption called car. Somehow both the brunette and the princess had gained their driver's license for the land based vehicles leaving only him and Kurogane as someone incapable of driving around. It was rather hilarious watching the student turn into the teacher when it was the warrior's turn for a driving lesson and Fai made sure to gain the most entertainment out of it.

22. Breaking the Rules

He took another swig from the bottle, watching the waitresses flitter about the establishment in slinky dresses through a solitary eye. Their heartbeat in steady rhythms beneath their ribcages, blood pulsing strongly in their veins as they dealt with customers, his gums aching from the thirst that had driven him to this establishment in the first place. Not for the first time in the few months since he had been turned, did Fai wonder what would happen if he was to lure one of these women outside with him and maybe perhaps drink from them for a change. Chugging down the entire bottle he locked his gaze with a pretty-looking raven-haired girl with crimson streaks that had been eyeing him ever since he had first stepped in that bar and decided that that he would find out before the end of the night.

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