From a pocket, handcuffs were produced and snapped harshly around his broken wrist. Loki stood up, climbing off Tony's body and flipped him over like a child, face down on the bed. His other wrist was collected by a warm hand and locked into the handcuffs, which were then secured to the bed frame.

The God of Mischief reached down and patted the back of Tony's head. He took his time now. He and Tony both knew that the fight was over, the game was won. Now all that was left was for Loki to collect his winnings and go home.

Tony winced as Loki very slowly ripped through his shirt and trousers. Every so often he'd stop to stroke or slap the flesh revealed. As painful as the slap was, Tony preferred that to the caresses. The whole process seemed to take eternity and yet the moment came all too soon when Tony was finally left in nothing but his boxers, socks and shoes.

There was another slight pause which set Tony's nerves on edge. Why couldn't the bastard just kill him and get it over with? Why did he have to take so long torturing him?

"Not much of a fight, Man of Iron..." Loki murmured.

"Go to hell, son of a bitch."

"That's better."

Loki pulled off his shoes and socks. That prompted a brief struggle from Tony - somehow, the loss of his socks had made him feel more naked than the loss of his clothes.

Loki grabbed his ankle and twisted to breaking point. "Would this be easier for both of us if I broke your legs?"

Tony gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down. Loki stroked his calf muscles with long, delicate fingers until his prey was finally still again. Loki licked his lips, a broad smile breaking out over his face. Tony shut his eyes and fingers played over the waist band of his boxers. Fingers were smoothing out along the band, running down to feel every contour and curve of his ass.

Tony buried his face in the pillow, burning with a humiliation that was horribly new to him.

Loki eased the material down, relishing every second. This was more humiliating than if Loki were to simply pull them off. He was savouring every moment of Tony's torture. Then, once Tony was completely exposed, he simply ripped them from his body. Then everything stopped again.

Tony bit his lip in anger and frustration. "Would you just kill me and stop fucking around?"

"Shh. Take a few moments to ponder your position. I will return shortly."

Loki left the room. He just left the fucking room, leaving Tony naked, handcuffed to the bed. Well, it wasn't the first time it had happened. But it certainly was the first time it had happened with a man, and the first time he wasn't going to be rescued by Pepper in the morning.

Tony refocused his thoughts on his current situation. Thoughts of Pepper were not helpful. Time to work out what was happening.

Pain radiating from his chest. A burning pain from his various cuts and bruises. Agony glowing white hot from his shattered wrist.

"Jarvis!" Tony hissed. But there was no answering reply.

The AI was either deactivated, or had been reduced to limited functions. If he had limited functions, he may still be aware that Loki was here and find some way of contacting the Avengers HQ. If Jarvis had been deactivated... "Jarvis!"

There was a sound behind him. Loki was back. If the madman had heard him calling for the AI, he didn't show it. Tony couldn't turn his head far enough around to see what he was doing, but he was definitely fussing around with something.

"You want to hurry this along a bit, Reindeer Games? I've got an early morning Racquetball match," Tony drawled glibly, appearing far more confident than he could ever have felt in this situation.

Loki ignored his cockiness. "I am disappointed. A playboy such as yourself having such limited toys around the place. Ah, well. Never let it be said that I can't improvise under pressure."

Loki returned to his field of view, bending down to pick up Tony's trousers. He pulled the leather belt out of the hoops. Folding it in two, he took some time examining the leather.

Tony saw a smile slowly forming on Loki's lips as he whispered, "Playboy." Loki paused for a long moment, the smile becoming a broad grin as he caught Tony's eyes. "Playboy," he said a little louder. "What an expression and how… perfect."

There was a flash of craziness in those deep green eyes. Tony turned his head away and braced himself.

The first hit, when it came, was already at the limits of what Tony thought he could deal with.

"Fuck!" he yelled. The pain flared in his back, and then faded to a pounding ache.

"Bad language is not encouraged, boy," Loki said in a school masters tone. He brought down the leather again.

This time, Tony bit his tongue hard. He hadn't felt this since his childhood, but he remembered now. It was about dealing with the opening pain, then forcing your mind to accept the ache. But it was all about expecting that initial blow, readying muscles, breathing in and out at the right time.

It didn't help that Loki seemed to be equally sure of what he was doing. He'd create a rhythm, like a slow drum beat and Tony would be expecting the hit. But every time Tony would have the rhythm down, the Trickster would change. It stopped Tony from believing for a second that he could control the situation. He couldn't do anything but lie here and be a target for Loki's frustrations until he was finished.

Tony faced away from the man and gritted his teeth against his screams and tears. But he could already feel the warm wet on his cheeks. Fuck him to hell.

He couldn't be sure how long it went on for, but by the end of it, his back, legs and ass felt on fire long before Loki finally stopped. Tony could hear Loki breathing fast. Well, someone clearly enjoyed themselves.

The insane god knelt between his legs, and draped his body over Tony's back. Tony cringed away as he realised Loki was naked and hissed in pain as the heat on top of him added to the burning in his back.

"Wasn't that… satisfying?" Loki breathed in Tony's ear.

Tony refused to answer.

"Come now, boy. Don't deny that you want this as much as I do." Loki's hand slipped under their bodies and grasped Tony's cock.

Tony yelped and moaned fervently. He hadn't realised, hadn't realised at all, but he was so hard. His mind had left his body as Loki had beaten him, but now, the god's hand working him a little, Tony's entire world was coming undone.

Loki's lips lightly tapped their way across Tony's shoulder and neck. "There, there, now. I can be kind, as well as cruel. Are you ready to earn my mercy?"

Tony whimpered as the hand was withdrawn. He forced his hips into the bed beneath him, finding an angle that would create that wonderful level of friction, but Loki pushed an arm under his pelvis, holding him away. "I can't let you just hump the bed, naughty boy. That would be cheating."

"Stop… calling… me… boy," Tony growled through gritted teeth.

"But you like it," Loki protested with a slight chuckle. His hand quickly darted down and grabbed Tony's balls, rolling them between his fingers gently. "Don't you?"

Tony shut his mouth again. He wasn't going to win. He couldn't win this fight. "Fuck you," he spat.

"I don't think so. I am a god, and you are just a little mortal. It would be... unseemly. I will take you. It is the only proper course."

Tony was hauled up onto his knees. Loki manhandled him into the right position. At even a hint of struggle on Tony's part, Loki leant over and pulled sharply at Tony's broken wrist. It was an agonising reminder of who was in control. Tony buried his face back down in the pillow again.

He heard the scrape of a lid. A long finger entered him quickly and began working in and out, quick and business like. There was no long drawn out dance with Loki this time. The god seemed keen to do this quickly. Two fingers were quickly joined by three, then four.

Tony winced. It had been a long time.

"Just breathe deeply and push back on my fingers, boy."

After a little more stretching, the fingers pulled out and Loki's cock was probing him, pushing in, demanding entrance. Though slow and careful, he was also relentlessly moving forward. Tony squeezed his eyes shut and thought of anything but this. The arc reactor in Calcutta. Avengers. Parties. How drunk he was going to get if he survived this night. That's right Tony, maybe you'll open your eyes and none of this will be happening. Maybe you won't be hard and desperate to be pounded by your arch-nemesis.

Tony panted and winced, his heart felt like it was pounding out of his chest before Loki was finally settled. Tony felt the man's stomach against his back and his balls pressing into his ass, completely inside of him. Nothing had ever gone so horribly deep inside him before.

Tony forced himself to concentrate on his breathing. It wasn't that bad. If anything about this evening could be described as 'not bad'. Loki was long, but not thick. He was hitting depths in Tony he had never believed were in him, but not forcing him to tearing point.

Loki rocked his hips. "Oh, there's a good boy. Make that sound again, please," Loki hissed mockingly.

Tony's eyes flew open as he realised that the low, guttural moaning had been coming from his own throat. He bit his tongue hard and glared at the pillow. He was going to have to throw out this pillow. The sheets. The mattress. The whole... bed in general. He would not sleep in a bed where Loki, the psycho princeling of Asgard, had made him moan like that.

"Don't be such a stubborn child," Loki scolded, smacking his behind hard. "Wouldn't you rather enjoy this?"

"No, I'd rather you took a fucking dive off a cliff. A really tall cliff," Tony derided, rather unimaginatively, his voiced strained and shaking.

Loki pulled out entirely and another keening moan escaped Tony. He waited a second for Tony's body to attempt to close, to tighten the muscles before he pushed back in, far more roughly than the first time. Cruel, calculated, very experienced – Loki knew how to reap the most out of his experience as possible. Tony yelped at the discomfort and, completely unbidden, that groaning growl fell from his mouth. Loki smacked him hard again, laughing nastily.

That seemed to be playtime over. The force and pace of Loki's thrusts became far more vicious now. An unrelenting rhythm began, broken only by the occasional round of spanks to his backside. It wasn't long before Tony's hips were rocking in sync with him.

Tony was disgusted with himself, but he just couldn't stop vocalising with every movement Loki made. As Loki's cock brushed his prostate, Tony's reaction was immediate, loud and almost primal. He practically tried to throw himself forward off the bed as his whole body screamed with the ecstasy. He couldn't understand it; he was never normally this noisy. And now this lunatic, who had thrown him through a plate glass window, had reduced him to this?

Loki laughed at Tony's reactions and tipped his pelvis in order to hit that spot as much as he could. Now Tony was thrashing at his bonds, forcing his body back onto the hard length buried inside of him for all he was worth. The pain racking his body only seemed to add the sensory overload.

Tony was whining, garbling some sort of sentence but it was completely unintelligible. Loki's pounding slowed until it ground to a halt. Tony wailed like child throwing a tantrum and tried bucking back, working his hips back and forth onto Loki, but the man held him still. He was still fully inside Tony, but didn't move. Tony felt the other man's hands smooth his hair down.

"Shh, now, boy," Loki's voice was a little breathless, but still in control. "Such a wanton little thing you are, but a god has far more control. We have hours of this ahead of us."

That was probably what did it. Stars dancing in front of his eyes, the painful, straining crush of his balls as his body begged for climax… the idea of hours like this, tied to a bed with a psychopathic, homicidal manic buried in you - "Please," Tony whined.

"I'm sorry?"

"Please," Tony cried. "Please don't stop."

Loki pulled Tony's face around as far as it would go in their current position. His lips dipped in and Tony, pushing aside his anger at his own behaviour, willingly opened his mouth to Loki. A tongue danced playfully with his own and as one hand held his jaw steady, another slithered underneath him to tweak his nipple.

Tony, growing impatient, rocked his hips back and forth, trying to encourage Loki, but all it did was earn him a slap to his face that made his eyes sting.

"Patience is a virtue, boy." Loki moved back and pushed Tony's legs apart wider. It couldn't be possible, it shouldn't be possible, but now, with Tony's legs stretched wide and Loki edging in so his body flush against Tony once more, he was even deeper.

Tony had a flash of the scene, like he was suddenly looking down on this, from outside his own body. A naked Iron Man, tied to a bed. Loki, the God of Mischief naked, patting his ass with a delicate hand, like a pet. His pet. The god's cock buried to the balls within him, holding Tony effortlessly against him, away from the bed so Tony couldn't find any attention for his aching cock in the friction of the sheets. The hero panting, mewling, begging for abuse, his legs kicking out helplessly at Loki's sides. Tony groaned more heatedly than he had done already as his cock twitched hard. "Please..."

"Now, tell me what you are."

There was silence for a long time as the last vestiges of pride in Tony put up a valiant effort. Loki sighed like someone highly put upon, and withdrew slowly.

"No, no, no!" Tony choked as Loki slipped out with a cringe making sound.

"What are you?"

Tony ground his teeth together, growled in anger and rage and yelled, "I'm your boy! Alright?! I'm your boy! Now put your fucking cock back in me please!"

Loki laughed raucously, perhaps the most honest emotion he had yet displayed, and shook his head as he guided himself back into his boy. "Well, the sentiment is correct at least, but we will have to work on your delivery."

Tony was deaf to Loki's words, his mind returning swiftly to the murky depths as the god pushed forward with all his strength. The sheer force pushed his face into the headboard, but he didn't care. Nothing existed in this world except Loki. Shouldn't that be a frightening thought? It wasn't.

The pain of losing Pepper was gone. The weight of expectation now he was an Avenger was gone. The normal, everyday pressures of being the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist was gone. The ever growing fear that maybe all this drinking might (just might) be a problem. The stupid arc reactor in his chest keeping him alive. Or killing him. Or both. The weight of being Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark…

Loki didn't care what he was, or what he thought it was. All he wanted from Tony was to lie still while destroyed his body in the most glorious way. Oh man, that shouldn't make Tony feel so...

"Please, please, please," Tony was saying in a long, draw out whimper. "Oh yes, oh please, please…"

"It amazes me I was beaten by a race so easy to reduce," Loki said, seemly to himself. His hand moved under Tony and grasped his straining cock once more. Tony whimpered and thrust into Loki's hand. "If you are my boy, then what am I?"

Tony wondered if Loki realised what he was asking. Tony didn't even hold with religion, but- "A god," he murmured.


"A god! My god! Loki, Loki please…"

Loki's hips moved fast and his hand worked Tony until he was screaming and cumming over the bed harder than he had ever remembered doing before. Tony's body gave up as every muscle in his body, tense and straining throughout this whole ordeal, finally let go. He felt almost paralysed as he lay there. Loki grabbed his hips and finished quickly after that, leaning down to clamp his mouth over Tony's shoulder as he climaxed.

Loki collapsed on top of him, panting hard. Neither moved for some time. Tony was fading in and out of consciousness when he felt Loki's fingers gliding across his skin. The god was petting him again. Tony wished he wouldn't.

Eventually, Loki sighed and patted Tony on the rump. "I have to go, my dear boy."

Loki stood and immediately seemed to be clothed. Tony wondered if it was magic, or if he was blacking out. In either case, he wasn't surprised.

"Your computer realised I was here before I managed to deactivate it. So the first thing it will do at nine am is contact your Avengers. I suggest you prepare yourself before then. Don't want dear Natasha walking in on you like this."