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Line break(1 week later)

Jacks p.o.v

I wonder how kim's doing. I haven't seen her at school lately . I know she's going through a tough time so maybe she just needs some space. It was almost midnight but were off of school for spring break. I sat down and turned on the tv . I was carelessly flipping through the channels when the doorbell rang.. who would be here at midnight? I walked to the door and opened it.. there I saw a soaking wet kim standing in the rain. "kim?.. what are you doing out there? Its freezing.." I say.. "im sorry i-I just-" .. she stuttered over her words and sighed heavily, voice cracking, tears in her eyes… "come on inside" I say as I pull her in. I run upstairs to grab her a towel. I wrapped it around her shoulders and led her to the couch. "kim what's wrong?" I asked concerned. " shes gone jack" kim said. A lump formed in my throat and my eyes watered. "who's gone" I prayed kim wasn't about to say what I thought she would say. "my mom jack, shes dead" tears spilled over her face . I had no words. I wanted to comfort her but I couldn't speak so I did the second thing that came to my mind. I grabed kim and pulled her in to a long hug. I sighed heavily as multiple tears spilled over. "i-im so sorry kim" I say into her hair. We stand there for what seemed like hours. I got kim some spare clothes and left kim to change in my room. I have to put on a brave face for her. Kim needs someone to lean on right now and I have to be that person. I grabbed my phone to call my parents. " hey mom" I say into the phone. "oh my god jack are you alrigtht? I heard about kate" my mom says, I can tell shes close to tears. "oh god, how's kim? Where is she? Jack you have to-" I cut her off. "mom relax me and kim are fine shes here with me now".. "how's she taking it?" she asks. "not too good.. kim's a strong girl mom she can get through this". I say. " jack listen honey, I know you already know this but you have to brave for kim right now.. her mother was the only family she had and now shes gone". "I know mom, kim's my best friend im going to be there for her when she needs me" I say. "I know you will jack… you remind me so much of your father when we we were your age. .listen hun I have to go, but me and your father will be back as soon as we can". "ok mom.. I love you". "love you too jack, bye". I hang up and kim comes down stairs. We walk over to thecouch and sit down. "jack thank you so much for everything, you've been such a great friend". "don't mention it" I say smiling at her. She gives me a weak half-hearted smile and turns away. I grab her hand and she faces me. "kim I know you miss your mom. I miss her too, but were going to get through this.. im here for you, and I just need you to know that" I say staring into her tear filled,beautiful brown eyes. "thank you jack" she whispers. I pull her into my arms and hold her. I look down and kim's fast asleep and I drift of soon after….

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