One season of year I get to come out and play some places I have to battle Jack Frost to get my flowers to bloom. He and I do not get along every year. Jack prefers to annoy Bunnymund by destroying Easter more then destroying spring.

Just get the thought of me being Mother Nature out of your head. I'm not her. She and Moon did give me my immortality, but that's a story for another day. I just handle spring and some other emergencies that arise.

Oh, right how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm May Flowers, I'm sure you've heard the rhyme. April Showers brings/springs May Flowers? Sound familiar. My best friend April Showers, but lately she's been trying to ruin Easter with Jack so I haven't see her lately.

Last year had been a huge disappointment. With Pitch and his 'return of the dark ages' thing. I'd been created not long before Pitch had been. The times had been dark then for sure, but the hope in everyone's eyes when the 'Guardians' came. I was surprised that Moon had actually gotten them organized.

I wasn't invited into the group. Not many believe in me. There is maypoles that resemble my staff or try to. My staff does not have a wreath of flowers it just has a circle at the top and all different colors of ribbons wrapped around it. The wreath of flowers or ribbons is in my hair or just a few flowers. I change my hairpiece or wreath daily. Every once and awhile I wear a big white sunhat with a ribbon matching my dress. I usually reserve that for special occasions.

I wear a pastel colored dress normally pink or yellow. Though I would love more of a variety. My hair is blond much like the sunshine and my eyes are usually sky blue. If something happens to my flowers, my eyes tend to change, especially if they start to wilt and wither away. Winter dormancy is completely different then someone killing my flowers. I look more or less like a human. Mother Nature let's me change forms when need be.

Mother Nature keeps an eye on the majority of the plant life along with animal life. She appreciates my help getting all the flowers and trees up from their long slumber. I sometimes get orders to wake a lazy bear or beehive too. I have never seen Mother Nature, but she speaks to me much like Moon does.


"Yes, Mother?"

"North and his yetis are having a bit of trouble with their trees."


"His elves…"

"Say no more. I'll be there as quick as possible."

I cannot fly like Tooth, Jack, Sandy, and April. I don't have a sleigh or globe thing like North. Nor do I have a magical set of tunnels like Bunnymund. I travel by flower. It sounds stupid, but I sink into the ground and grow a giant flower at my desired location. The flower opens and I step out. I prefer tulips, but sometimes I change it up.

My flower opens to the sight of the belief globe. It's amazing to see all of the children's lights believe in things they never see. The elves look at my flower in shock most run up to it. I make it disappear before I'm stuck with one of them following me around for days. Last time it happened…well the elf almost got eaten.

"North! Yetis! Hello?" I shout. "Anyone here besides the elves?" A growl behind me reveals a yeti. "Hello, Mother Nature sent me. She said you had a problem with a tree or two?"

The yeti nodded. I was lead through the toy factory I saw an elf or two eating cookies. Yetis were hard at work preparing for the holiday that was still seven months away. I walked into an impressive greenhouse mainly filled with poinsettias, mistletoe, and evergreen trees.

"Oh my." I saw a huge row of destroyed…. well everything. It looked like there had been a major fire. A lone charred tree stood a few feet away. "They destroyed everything." I touched the evergreen tree just to watching it crumble into a pile of ash. "She didn't say it was this bad."

The yeti made a noise like it was apologizing.

"I can't fix it, but I can give you new trees. How big were these?" The yeti moved gestured with his hand the trees hand been about to my hip and it went as high as he could. "Various sizes huh?" Yeti nodded. "It'll take me awhile, but I'll get new trees in here in no time. Don't worry."

The Yeti left the greenhouse as I set to work. I used my magic to make small holes in the ground and flew the seeds from my satchel into the holes. As soon as they were planted they started to sprout. Mother Nature and I had an agreement that I only grew trees at accelerated rates to her orders.

Making flowers grow and bloom over night was within my powers. Growing twenty-something trees in a few minutes was stretching me to my limit. I ended up passing out. A Yeti picking me up waked me. It was different being carried by a yeti. The yeti was very comfortable.

I was set on my feet in front of North. "Welcome, my friend." He was sitting in front of an impressive ice sculpture.

"Hello. The trees are all better, please keep the elves away from them." I gave a small smile. I'd have to go to my field and rest. I was ready to pass out again. "Mother Nature would not be please to have that many trees destroyed again."

"Cookie?" He asked.

"Thank you, but spring does not wait. I must go to my field and sleep. There is much to do before May is over."

"Now you sound like Bunnymund."

I smiled and I'm pretty sure I blushed lightly at his mention. "His holiday is over. My season is just beginning."

"You are a good girl. May."

"I'd hope so. I have yet to get coal from you. I'm on the nice list are I not?"

The window to his office blew open. In quickly came Jack Frost. "Hey North I was…" I took this moment to disappear.

My home was not much but a large field of flowers. It was hidden in a cave. There was a small opening at the top where sunlight or moonlight came in to illuminate it all. My hammock/bed was resting between the only two trees in the field. They were always blooming cherry blossom trees. A small stream ran through my field it was just large enough to need a bridge to get over. This was my home, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I walked over the bridge and up the hill to get to my hammock. The stars were just starting to come out. I hoped Sandy would give me a nice dream.