You were right if you think my surprise was my pregnancy. Of course being a rabbit I expected multiples. Being a Pooka Bunnymund expected a single child or twins. Well I was right and he was wrong. We had multiples four little boys to be exact. Of course when Bunnymund, who finally told me the E stood for Ebner its like Abner but with an E. I still call him Bunnymund it seems more fitting then Ebner. Anyway when he first heard the news. He freaked out. I'm not kidding he didn't stop hopping around for hours. He was made of list of everything in the Warren that needed to be baby proofed.

"You do realize there is going to be more then one right?" I had asked him. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"One." He said. "One is all a Pooka gets."

I couldn't help but laugh. I knew he was wrong and the day they were born. He fainted when he found out I was right. He'd dug a room for one. I'd made sure while he was expanding he just kept expanding incase we had even more children. Of course I felt like a whale during the pregnancy. Bunnymund never said a word about my size, but he was overprotective. Absolutely no one was allowed to visit the Warren. Mother was only allowed when I started into labor.

I hate to say this, but I hadn't been expecting all my litter or babies to live. It would be my first time after all. I had expected at least one to be weak or die. I never told Bunnymund my dilemma. We also weren't sure how long I'd be pregnant for. A rabbit has a pregnancy for only a month. While Pookas are known to last up to a year, I was certainly not looking forward to being pregnant for an entire year. How was I supposed to bring spring when I wouldn't be able to see my own feet?

Thankfully it only took five months. So the babies were born in November, which the month Guardian was ecstatic to get the bragging rights for. Though him and October were planning a possible wedding sometime next year. August was not happy about the pregnancy but it didn't matter because no one cared…kidding…Mother actually found a girl she believed to become the guardian of June, but the girl was still too young so August was sent to watch the girl. The girl could see him and the two have become good friends.

I've been getting off topic a bit. The babies were born November 20th. First came Ebner Aster Bunnymund Junior, better known as Junior. He looks exactly like his father. I do mean exactly like his father. If Bunnymund weren't 6 foot I wouldn't believe it wasn't him I gave birth to. Next came Pierce, he was the color of chocolate. I wanted to name him cocoa, but Bunnymund said if I did that he'd be laughed at forever. So Pierce it was. He had the tribal marking just like his Daddy. The only one that didn't have any come to think of it is Orion our next little baby. He was gray just like Bunnymund but had a blondish brown chest to him. Orion's left foot was also a blondish brown color I wasn't allowed to call him Mitten, but I'm his mother cute little names I give my kids are allowed. Finally there is Zeke, he looks just like me, except for his dark brown tribal tattoo looking fur. That's all on his father.

The babies are playing with their father right now or more like attacking their father right now. He wanted to teach them combat. They were small yes, but they looked more like Bunnymund did when children didn't believe in him. They're growing up quite fast though the growing will slow down eventually.

"Momma!" A cry came. I recognized it immediately. It was Junior. Junior, if he could would probably take his father's place as the love of my life. I was not used to this mothering thing at all. I was ready to send them on their own already, but I couldn't do that because they couldn't fend for themselves.

I turned the corner to where they were all 'playing'. I was tackled to the ground and tickled. I so wish Bunnymund would've never told them that I was ticklish. They knew I would come whenever they called.

"Alright ya ankle biters." Bunnymund picked them off of me two at a time. "Give you're mum some space."

"Thank you, dear." I gave him a kiss on the cheek. The kids made sounds like they were disgusted. I bent down and gave them each a kiss on the head. Junior was the only one to accept it well.

"Momma!" Orion tugged on my dress. "You play?"

"Sure, my little Mitten, what do you want to play?"

"Hide n Seek."

Bunnymund was elected as it. I easily became the first found. The boys weren't that good at hiding yet. That would have to hone that skill when they went on hiding eggs with their father this year. April was already given plenty of threats from me if she dared to get my babies wet during Easter this year. Jack was also warned that there better not be an incident like their was in '68. Though I told Jack if he really wanted another incident, just give me the signal and I'll make sure the kids are not anywhere near there.

"I love you." I gave Bunnymund a kiss before we decided which boy we'd find first.

"Love ya too."

Life was going great.

A/N: And that's all she wrote. No little girl babies I figured little boys would be better for the way May and Bunnymund are. Of course stay tuned for the semi-sequel. Should be out within the next week. It's going to be called Friendzoned. I'll miss writing about May and her little romance, but not it's Jack and Aprils turn.