Her class wasn't supposed to be that much of a challenge, at least that's what Aizen-sama had told her. Just a group of 11 children ages 4-5. Simple. They'd be there for a few hours out of the day and all she had to do was look out for them. How much trouble could that be? What had Aizen-sama said again…Now that she was remembering he did treat the scenario a little odd.

"Just make sure they play nicely. I'd hate to find myself with the need to clean blood from the new carpet."

Blood? Maybe some of her new students were prone to nosebleeds? She had heard of hemophiliacs before, individuals born with hardly any platlets in their blood causing even the smallest cut to bleed profusely. Hmm it would be an interesting day.

The teacher sat at her desk when Aizen showed up, 11 small children in toe. She glanced up from her lesson plan, a perplexed expression on her face.

"Aizen-sama? I wasn't expecting to see you here." She bowed slightly, then glanced down at the youngins scattered before her. "I assumed their parents would be dropping them off?" She questioned.

"Yes." His tone was calm, even. "Well as it can be seen, that is not the case. I do hope you enjoy them." With that simple statement he turned and left the room; without even introducing them to her… Not that it mattered, she had a role sheet and of course they'd know their names.

She walked to the front of the class, a small array of tiny desks before her. "Ok everyone! Hello, good morning! Please sit down so we can start to get to know each other ok?" Her voice was sweet and melodic as she spoke with a smile on her face. Only two of the children stepping forward to take seats away from each other.

One little girl has short aqua colored hair and large honey-colored eyes. She plopped into her seat with a big smile on her face. "Nel did what she was supposed to! Nel's a good girl and follows the rules!" She beamed, a wide grin on her face as she looked up at the teacher.

The other had a calm demeanor, pink hair falling to his shoulders as he sighed. "Hmm." He commented, as if taking in his surroundings. The other's hung back a bit, one mocha-skinned little girl walking forward finally to take a seat in the middle, she was soon followed by a boy that seemed too large for his age who barely fit in the desk and another boy with shoulder length brown hair.

The teacher smiled as all but two slowly took their seats. "And are you two boys planning on standing the whole time?" She questioned teasingly. The one with black hair and somethien covering his eye scoffed at her. "I don't listen ta girls!" He spat, crossing his arms over his chest. The other had sky-blue hair and crossed his arms as well, though he was standing away from the other. "And maybe I just don't wanna sit."

Piping up from his deak, the boy with pink hair spoke up seemingly irritated. "Nnoitra, Grimmjow, do shut up and sit down." He looked at them over his shoulder as he spoke with such proper diction one would wonder if he were really only four.

"Shut the hell up, Szayel!" Nnoitra barked.

"Excuse me?!" It was the teacher, who was absolutely appalled that a five year old kid was using such language. "We do not use those words young man! One more time and you're getting a time-out." She scolded.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm shakin in my boots." He waved his hand at her as he reluctantly sat in the back row. Grimmjow pursed his lips, unsure of what to do but not wanting a punishment, he sat in the seat next to the mocha-colored girl. "Wha'ever."

The teacher sighed, though kept a smile on her face as she spoke. Maybe there was a good reason Aizen-sama had warned her as he did. "Alright then. Now that we all have our seats let's start with going around the room and saying our names, kay? Let's start with you, sweety." She said pointing to the aqua haired girl.

"Nel is Nel!" The small girl blurted proudly, a large smile on her face as she slapped her palm to her chest as if in indication.

Next was the large boy who sat hunched over in his seat. "M' Yammy." He muttered.

"And my name is Szayel." The pink haired boy stated, resting his hand underneath his chin as he smiled at the teacher.

"Hallibel." The blonde with mocha skin stated, her voice seemed disinterested.

"Grimmjow." The bluenette said with a smirk.

The boy sitting next to Grimmjow looked to be sleeping, his head lying down on the desk. The bluenette felt a tick of irritation on his forehead as he smacked brown locks. "Ay! Y'gotta say yer name!" He yelled.

Seemingly annoyed that he had been bothered, the brunette looked up groggily first at Grimmjow then the Teacher. "Name's Starrk." He muttered before putting his head back down.

A boy with silver hair looked solemn as he spoke. "Barragon." He looked off to the side once he was finished.

"We're Araneiro." A little boy stared up at the Teacher, talking about himself in plural though there was clearly only one of him. A ravenette sat next behind him as they entered the back row, emerald eyes seeming completely detached from what was going on. He spoke with no inflection to his voice. "I am Ulquiorra." Another boy with dark skin spoke up next. "Zonmari." And last but not least was the brash black-haired boy. "Tch, name's Nnoitra."

The Teacher stared out at her class, they all had such personality she wasn't sure what to make of it. Each one of them was so entirely different than the other. "How would they interact and get along?" She wondered. Was Aizen-sama, right in his concerns?

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