Bewitched/Love struck/Just in love

It was a worm night. I was out walking, but then I seen This Familiar boy. He was so cute. Suddenly, he turned and looked at me with the cutest smile in the world. He noticed me! So I walked over and said "Hi I'm Alexander Rose and you are?" He sat silently for a minute and then said "I'm Tyler Vampire. I Love that name!." I just had the biggest smile ever. I looked right in his eyes and saw my future. It was with him. An I kind of liked it.

His eyes were a deep dark red. Kind of like Blood red, you know. He had short mid lengthen black hair. Tyler's hair style is like Dahvie Vanity's from Blood on the Dance Floor. The video was Death To your heart. His clothes. Just skinny jeans, converse black with blue rims, and an Asking Alexandria logo shirt. His skinny jeans were so tight you could see the bulge in his pants. I couldn't stop biting my lip.

I noticed something about him well a few things. He was pale like the moon at night, he was strong, and had the soon to be rocker slash skater look. The color of his hair was black with bisexual colors in. Purple, Pink, and Blue. He is the kind of guy you marry. I started asking basic questions. Like how old he was, If he's single, what is his favorite color, and then I just said sorry.

He laughed and then said "It's ok. I'm 16. Yes I'm single in less you want to change that. An my favorite color is Black." I looked so joy full and then smiled. I gave him a huge hug and then romantically kissed him. I was very passionate. It was amazing our kiss just lit up like fireworks. We had so much in common it's like we was made for each other.

He acted like a gentleman. His first question for me was. My age. I told him 16 about to turn 17 in a few days. Next was if im gay or bisexual. I said I'm gay. My favorite band. I said BrokeNCYDE. He said he knew them that he went to one of the concerts and smoked weed with them I just loved that. Ha ha I'm a stoner boy to. Next was how long I lived in Transylvania. I said about a year before I lived in Kentucky. It's was cute but then all his questions backfired. He said He's lived in Transylvania for about 100 years. I am bisexual, and well yea. I'm a porn star, An a vampire see my fangs."

I looked at his fangs and they were real OH EMM GEE!"You're a vampire no way. So sexy!" He looked confused. I asked "Do you want to get a bite to eat at all?"He looked at me then said "I see something I'd like in my mouth now. I'd like to suck it to!" I thought he wanted to suck me. I was joking and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my dick and asked if he wanted to suck. He said excitingly "yes can I now. I said yes for an odd reason.

His tongue was wet, and doing so many things. It felt great. Amazing after he was done it got very cold. So I took him back to my house and he stayed the night. He went in my room and laid down after meeting my dad's Dahvie and Jayy Monroe. They are married. It was so fun having two dads. While he was in my room I took a shower I closed my eyes and then there Tyler was naked right in front of me. Then he just kissed me.! I loved it so much. He had me bewitched/love struck/ and just in love. He kissed me again and aging so I got on my knees and started to return the favor. His moan was great full lovely. Next thing I knew we was in my room. I loved every moment of it and just wow! It was just so amazing! I knew right there he had me Bewitched and I was just totally in love.

So this is the end of our storie inless you want it to be a " TO BE CONTINUED….. " thing! I have more to it though so yea if you like this i will upload

Alex Stitch Moore