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Erza scowled at Gray, hating how he always picked a fight with Natsu. She wished they would be less hostile with each other and actually say how much they really cared about each other in a brotherly way. She knew they knew why they fought, deep deep down, but they could at least show it in a less violent way.

Gray hated how Erza was uptight with everyone in the guild. He knew she loved every single member, but she was always distant with them, never really trusting them as much as she should. She just asked them to do little tasks for other members. It might've been different with Lucy, Mira, Cana and Levy, her closest female friends, but even then she only relied on herself for most things. She never asked for help, even if she needed it, and it irritated Gray to no end.

Erza wished that Gray wouldn't strip so much. She knew he couldn't help it, as it was taught to him habitually by his teacher, but he could at least wear an undershirt or something. She wasn't really complaining, though, because he had a nice chest, well-muscled with a few scars that made him look so much more mature than he really was. The only issue she had was that every other living female who wasn't used to his habit caught sight of him too. She wanted to be the only who saw that chest on a regular basis.

Gray wanted Erza to wear more concealing armor. All her outfits were nearly straight from a swimsuit issue, showing off her toned legs and curvy figure. He liked that they showed off nearly every inch of her skin, but it caught the eye of other men too. He knew she couldn't pick how her armor covered her body, but it would be better if she added some black fabric over the plunging neckline or flat-stomach-showing midriff. Even Natsu had admitted to saying that Erza had a nice body after one of their battles, which had resulted in another one of their fights. Gray just wanted that body all to himself, not wanting to share it with any other being.

Erza hated how much she loved Gray, because it made her look past all the little annoying flaws he had that he needed to be punished for.

Gray was often frustrated with himself when he caught himself staring at the mighty Titania, and he desperately wished she wasn't so difficult and didn't have so many of the flaws he managed to ignore.

They both found the other insufferable. So much so that they were willing to hate the other so much to the point of being head-over-heels in love. It was a complex enigma to any guild outsider, the obnoxious and disrespectful ice mage and the authoritative, no-nonsense Titania longing for each other, but everyone in the guild understood. Sometimes, people who grew up as close as Erza and Gray found each other so insufferable that they fell in love.

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