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Kingdom Hearts: Scattered Memories

Chapter 1 – Idyllic Island

The storm was brewing. Getting stronger each passing moment. Mother Nature was furious that night and the sea violently rocked the small boat that was trying to desperately escape its clutches. Lightning would strike, illuminating only for a few seconds the pair that were on the boat. Wearing brown cloaks to cover them from the heavy rain.

The lightning struck again, showing a hint of a little girl, looking up at the sky, her eyes filled with terror as she saw how it looked as if the sky would come crashing down on them. The woman was trying her hardest to maintain her balance and keep the rain from hurting her eyes.

An unforgettable stormy night…

Her eyes shot open and she quickly sat up. She rubbed her eyes and felt a bit tired. Then again, she should since she hasn't been able to sleep in a while.

"That… dream…" She didn't know what else to say. So she looked over to the window beside her and gave a small smile as she crawled over and opened it carefully, letting the nice breeze enter and gently caress her skin. It was a beautiful morning.

"Good morning, Kumiko!"

She looked down to see her best friend waving at her. Kumiko gave a smile as she waved back at her.

"Are you coming or not?"

"I'll be right there! I'll just get ready!"

"You know the place!" And she walked off. Kumiko went ahead to do her daily routine. She went ahead and took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, dried and brushed her beautiful long crimson hair. She gently took a hold of her side bang and slipped on silver bands. She did the same with the other side. Her eyes were a beautiful emerald green. She slipped into her usual outfit. A lovely and simple navy blue sleeveless, zippered dress, reaching only just by the knees, at the bottom was a lovely transparent hem. She tied the small belt into a ribbon as she always did. She wore a pair of short black shorts with white rims on the leg part. They weren't long, but they were good enough for the dress and for when one was as quick and as nimble as Kumiko was. She slipped on two silver shoulder bands on her left shoulder and a black wristband on her left wrist. On her right wrist she put on her bracelet with the small star-shaped object hanging from the thread. She's had it since she was little. She put on a pair of plain white sneakers with a hint of black. She wore a navy blue choker and then she slipped on her silver locket that was shaped like a crescent moon, around her neck. She gave herself one last glance on the mirror, flicking bits of red hair from her face. Then she rushed out of her house.

In the Main Plaza she instantly caught sight of her friend. It was hard to miss that very long, beautiful midnight black hair of hers and the unique and royal-looking outfits she wore.


She turned and smiled. "You made it." Lestat had gorgeous and well-tamed black hair that was very, very long and was always released. She wore a lovely golden formal-looking dress with a bit of green designs on the front and the end of the sleeves that seemed to cover her whole hand, except for the tips of her fingers. A matching colored circlet around her forehead. She had on a pair of nice black slippers. Her eyes were a lovely shade of hazel and her skin was very pale.

"How're you doing?"


Kumiko smiled, letting out a small giggle. She turned to the person beside Lestat. "Hey Takumi! How've you been?"

"I've seen better days," he answered. Takumi was a young and tender boy at the age of sixteen, older than both girls. He had lovely honey-glazed brown wild hair with hints of blondish highlights whenever the sun shone its rays onto him. His eyes were a beautiful colored blue. He wore a red sleeveless over shirt and a white sweatshirt under it. A pair of dark gray denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Two golden belts around his waist, one hanging loosely and one smaller belt on each leg.

Kumiko giggled. Takumi wasn't one to talk much and the girls knew that very well. They started walking away from the plaza and towards the summit. Lestat walked off towards a stand to buy the snacks, it was her turn, while Kumiko and Takumi walked up the small summit and sat on a wooden bench. They stared up at the sky. Silence filling the air. That's why the trio liked each other. Whenever silence will fill in, they never tried to force a conversation. Instead, they would just enjoy the sights of the island and the summit was a perfect place to see out into the horizon.

Lestat arrived with three blue ice cream bars and took a seat beside Takumi. She handed him two ice cream bars and he passed one over to Kumiko. She gave a smile and took it from him. They returned their attention to the skies of Idyllic Island, taking small bites from their snacks.

"I love these treats," Takumi said.

Kumiko nodded in agreement. "I know. They are salty and then sweet. They are tasty too."

"Sea-salt ice cream," Lestat commented with a gentle smile. Silenced filled up again. But they didn't mind. It was something they enjoyed together just as much as chattering, maybe even more. The summit had a lovely view of the island's beautiful waters and they could hear a hint of the ships that docked nearby.

Lestat was from the Mainland and had moved to the island when she was barely twelve years old, because of her health conditions. Her parents thought it better if she were living somewhere with fresher air. She wasn't one to prejudge someone. Her kind manner and way of speaking would have some people believe she was royalty herself. Of course, her attire would also make them come to that conclusion. Lestat Seine was a quiet girl, not speaking out of term and always filled with etiquette and mannerism towards her elders and her superiors. She was also very smart. A bookworm, but she didn't care what others thought of her. She just appreciated the company of her two best friends and it was all she needed.

Takumi Osland has been living in Idyllic Island since he was very young. He was a very quiet and shy boy, but everyone could see the bravery and courage he held within his eyes that seemed to burn with a sense of heroism. He enjoyed the silence whenever he hung out with his best friends Lestat and Kumiko. He was a very kind boy with a very pure heart and always willing to put his needs last, caring about others before himself. The one thing he hated the most was when people would try and force him to talk. He wasn't one to easily judge people, but unlike Lestat, his patience was short and he instantly dislikes those that would try so hard to be his friend with no reason at all in doing so. He wasn't into the books; he was more for the adventure and wishes for someday to be able to start a quest of his own, away from the island that has been his home for many years. Despite that, he knows that it will always be his home, a place he would never want to forget.

Kumiko Kingston, her memories of living on the island are very vague. As far as she can recall, she has been living there since she was born. Kumiko is quiet, but not shy. A strong source of wilderness emits from her very spirit. She has a pure heart and many would constantly comment how they feel so at ease by her side. Comfortable and happy. She is very friendly and loves being surrounded by those that she cares about. Kumiko may live alone, but she is never lonely, thanks to her best friends. She doesn't like intelligence books, but she loves the fantasy ones and there is nothing better she loves than a good story.

"Hey, Kumiko, do you remember the stories our grandparents told us?" Takumi broke the silence.

The girls looked at him. Kumiko bit a small portion of her bar and swallowed. "Stories?"

"You know, the stories they would tell us when we were younger," he remarked.

Lestat licked her ice cream. "I love when my Nana would tell me those stories. She was wise beyond her years and very imaginative when it came to certain topics. Nevertheless, I enjoyed her many wonderful tales, despite them being false."

Takumi nodded. "My grandfather would tell me stories too. Heh. I could never tell if he was joking or being serious, but I loved them. Sometimes he would speak as if he himself has experienced it. Almost scared me at times. In a good way though."

Kumiko gave a small giggle. "Yes. I loved the stories my grandmother would tell me. Every night before I would go to sleep, she would always tuck me in right, kiss me on the forehead, and begin one of her many stories. My favorite was always the one where she would say that every star out there…" she pointed at the skies "…was a world. That for every shining star, a world would be breathing. Then sadly, she would tell me that a star that has stopped glittering, it meant the death of a world. She would tell me how very long ago, the worlds all coexisted and that light purified everything and how darkness came to overpower such hearts. But of course, there always remained the small light known as Hope from the children's hearts. Pure hearts. She will always tell me how some hearts would lose their way and be engulfed by the violence, the hatred, that their light would become dim and forever their light would remain in eternal sleep until they can once again see the good."

Lestat and Takumi listened intently. They remembered their grandparents' stories, but they were always amazed at how Kumiko would remember every little detail of the stories her grandmother told her.

"You loved your grandmother a lot," Takumi spoke.

Kumiko sighed. "Yes. She is the only parent figure I can remember. My parents died when I was very young and all I can remember is my grandmother and I living alone in that small house of mine. I miss when I will smell a hint of cinnamon in the winter and I would go downstairs and see that she has prepared hot chocolates for us. Her passing… has been so much to take in, even if it has been five years. I really miss her."

The sadness started swelling up in her chest, ready to erupt into tears from her eyes. She took another bite of her ice cream and swallowed, hoping it would drown down the sadness. She didn't want to cry. Not again.

"You have us," Lestat reminded with a small and tender smile.

Kumiko gave a smile. "I know. That's why I'm never lonely! He-he-he! You guys fill up that emptiness I would've felt if I've never met either of you." They gave a small laugh and then turned their attention back to the blue sky. The trio loved hanging on the summit, sitting together on the wooden lone bench and always staring out into the endless horizon.

Takumi finished his ice cream and licked the bits from the stick. He looked at it and gave a small chuckle. "Winner."

"Hey! Congrats!" Kumiko cheered.

Lestat smiled. "It appears you automatically have the next one, Kumiko."

"Aww! And I was really looking forward to not having to buy anything!" she joked and gave a small giggle. "Looks like you got lucky, Takumi."

"Lucky, huh?" He stared at the stick and gave a simple smile. "Oh! That reminds me." He put down the Winner stick and brought a small object from his pocket. Three small pieces sewn together to form one. Its color was a hint of yellow, but faded, giving it small hues of white, but it looked beautiful. Slight colors of blue decorated the pieces a bit.

"What is it?" Kumiko asked.

"Remember the book your grandmother showed us?" he asked her. "The one with the fruit? What was that name? Paopu? I think."

"Paopu fruit," Lestat said. She took another bite of her ice cream. "The ones that resemble Kumiko's bracelet."

Kumiko looked at her bracelet. And it was true. Her star-shaped memento did resemble the fruit, she always wondered why.

He stared at the object. "Yeah. Remember how she told us that when the fruit is shared, a bond is formed between the people that share it, making it an unbreakable bond, to forever last. I've been going to the beach recently and pieces like this have been floating about. I realized they were pieces of that fruit. They don't exist in our island and it is rare for any of them to wash ashore so I took them and worked on this. A lucky charm. Something that can represent our bond of friendship."

"I am quite curious as to where these fruit come from. Did it say in the book?"

Kumiko thought for a minute as she bit another piece. "Hm. I don't know. I think they come from some island, but I don't remember the name. I'll have to look it up in the book again."

Takumi stared at his unfinished charm as he would remember his grandfather's stories. He remembered him once telling him about this fruit. About how once it's shared, the people's destinies are forever entwined. He blushed at that thought. But he couldn't recall the name of the place they came from.

"Why haven't you finished it?" Kumiko asked.

"Well, there hasn't been much luck. I can't find any more pieces on the beach so I can't seem to finish it. And even if I did, it will stay unfinished to me."

"How come?" Kumiko asked, she finished her ice cream and was licking the small bits that were left.

"Well, this charm, I feel like it's missing something. Almost as if there is something I have to do before I can finish it completely. Even if I do manage to finish making the charm, I get a strange sensation that this feeling won't fade away." The girls stared at him and he blushed with embarrassment again. He shook his head. "Forget it. I'm sounding lame, aren't I?"

Silence. Then Kumiko smiled and placed a gentle hand on his unfinished charm. He turned to her; her gentle expression filled him with a sense of serenity. "Takumi, this charm, you know what it's probably missing?"

He waited.

"Love," she answered with that sweet smile of hers.

"Love?" Takumi repeated. Lestat looked at her, confusion written in her expression.

Kumiko nodded. "My grandmother always told me that no matter how hard I worked on something, if there's no love, no passion, how can I expect it to feel finished? How can I expect to feel proud of it, when I didn't put any love into it? Takumi, you wanna make this, to show a meaning. Whatever that missing piece is, love is the feeling that'll help you find it. And I know you can. And you know how I know?" He shook his head. "Because of your heart, your feelings, pouring into this charm, is what makes it special. Nobody can ever take that away."

Lestat smiled. "I could not have agreed more with Kumiko. This charm's uniqueness is you, Takumi. This charm, it will contain a special power. One that will represent our friendship. Because we are friends and we shall always be there when we need each other. Let our love be what helps you find that missing piece."

Kumiko removed her hand and giggled. "Each of our characteristics and feelings will be poured into this charm and that is what will keep it safe from anything bad, always linking us together no matter where we are."

Lestat took another bite of her ice cream. Takumi knew the girls cared about him. But it surprised him how much faith they were giving him. They saw him in this special way and never has he felt happier. He gave a small smile, feeling the tears closely swelling up. He looked down at his charm and a small noise escaped his nose.

"Takumi? Are you ok?" Kumiko asked.

He nodded and wiped his eyes before the tears could come out. "I just… never thought you saw me this way. I knew… we cared about each other, but… this… this makes me feel so special. I would've never thought… you thought I was special…"

Kumiko pointed the ice cream stick at him. "Then shame on you!" she scolded, pretending to be upset. But after a few seconds the three of them laughed for a nice while before going back to silence and looking up at the sky. Lovely white clouds passing by.

"You know, I believe it would be more suitable if the charm is to be in the form of the Triquetra."

"A what?!" Takumi asked, one eyebrow rose in confusion.

"The Triquetra," Kumiko responded. "It is a magical symbol that stands for the union of three people. It's beautiful. Oh! By the way, what are you making?"

Takumi smiled. "A star."

"A star? How come?" Kumiko asked.

Takumi looked at the sky. "When I look at the stars at night and see how far they are and yet able to illuminate our world, it makes me think that it is the same feeling I want our friendship to have. A bond that can travel beyond the worlds."

"That is so very caring of you, Takumi," Lestat commented. "But it does not matter whether we have a lucky charm or not, our friendship is powerful enough to overtake even the obstacle of separation. No matter where, we will always be together." She placed a hand on her chest, "In our hearts. It does not matter what separates us, our bond will never be severed. And our memories are what strengthen those bonds."

"But even if those memories are taken, our hearts will never be reached. Even if we don't remember who we are, we will always have this feeling. This bond, connecting us to each other. And that is something nobody can rewrite," Kumiko spoke up. "The heart is stronger than the mind! He-he-he."

Lestat giggled. "You truly are remarkable, Kumiko. The things you say, only you would make such statements, no matter how impossible they sound."

"Hey." She gave a small laugh.

"That's what I want this lucky charm to scream out," Takumi told them. "A power so immense that nobody can defeat it!"

Kumiko smiled. "Listen to you, talking like we'll ever need to fight." She gave a small laugh again and Lestat joined in the laughter. Takumi smiled and chuckled. These girls were always so calm and managed to bring a smile on his beautiful face.

Silence again and once again they looked over at the horizon. This summit, this lone bench, the beautiful blue sky. It was something they enjoyed doing together. And they always thought they would enjoy their peaceful little island, for many years to come.

Darkness is always wandering about, looking for newer ways to spread about into the light.

He had barely woken up and exited his room. He stretched out his arms and then made his way down the Hall of Empty Melodies. He stopped when he saw someone else exiting a room. He gave a small smile as he made his way towards his friend.


She turned at the sound of her name and saw Roxas making his way to her. Once he reached her they stared at each other. "Hey, Roxas."

"You feel ok?"

She nodded. "And you?"

"Yeah." Silence. At length, Roxas spoke. "So, are you ready to take on the new missions? I heard they are much harder and much more of importance."

"Makes you really think what could be more important to Lord Xemnas than collecting hearts, huh?" she remarked.

Roxas nodded in agreement. "Come on, before Saïx thinks we are purposely being late." Xion agreed and both young key-wielders made their way into the Grey Room. But to their surprise, nobody was there. Were they early? They never were. This room was usually filled with the many loudmouths of the Organization, which usually included Demyx, Larxene, or even Marluxia.

"Where is everyone?" Roxas asked, as if the answer would come from thin air.

"Hey, hey! You guys are here a little early."

The familiar voice made both young Nobodies turn to look at their tallest friend making his way to them. He patted their backs and gave them his typical smile.

"Axel, where's everyone else?" Xion asked.

"Probably making their way by now," he answered. Roxas was surprised. They overslept. "They must be nervous about the new missions."

Roxas and Xion exchanged glances. Nervous? The others? Sounded clearly impossible. For some of them at least. Then again, much has changed in the past days and it must've been messing with everyone's nerves.

"These missions must be quite something, huh?" Xion brought up.

Axel nodded. "Our objective is still the same. Collecting hearts."

"Then why change course?" Roxas asked. "I mean, so suddenly?" he added.

Axel shrugged. "You've got me. It doesn't matter. Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize. Got it memorized?"

Roxas and Xion nodded. They waited for everyone else to make their way to the Grey Room and soon their missions will be given.

Kumiko felt strange. She didn't know why. She has been feeling this way for a couple of weeks already. But she's never said anything to her friends, afraid she might worry them over something as trivial as a few nightmares.

But today, something about this one made it feel so real. She couldn't help it as she felt her body aching, filling with so much pain and she had no idea why. She felt cold. Her mattress was hard and when she tried clutching onto the sheets, she felt hard steel-like floor. Slowly she opened her eyes, unable to keep the slumber. She sat up and rubbed the remainder of sleep from them and blinked a couple of times to fix her vision. Once it was ready she noticed the dark abyss she was in and gasped as she scattered herself to get up. She heard her footsteps on the floor and looked down to see darkness. She didn't know what to make of the place.

"Hello?!" She looked around. It all looked the same. "Is anyone here?! Can anyone hear me?!"

A small sound and she turned to see if she can catch anyone. But nothing. The wind? Maybe. She took one step forward and light overwhelmed her, making her gasp. She covered her eyes until the light faded. She lowered her arms and her eyes widened in surprise as she looked downwards.

The floor was covered in darkness no more. Now it was a stained-glass picture of two women facing each other. Both had similar length of very long hair and were wearing the same white elegant dress and had their eyes closed and their foreheads almost close to touching, but not. Each had one hand over their chest. The only noticeable difference was their hair color. One had beautiful crimson hair, like Kumiko, except a small tint of brightness. The other woman had midnight dark hair, as dark as the shadows that cloak the night. They were both beautiful and looked like the princesses Kumiko would read about in her books. Surrounding the image was what looked like vines with thorns. A small circle on top, with an image of a moon and what looked like a silhouette of a castle behind it.

The heart holds many secrets.

"Who… Who's there?!" Kumiko asked. She looked around, but there was nobody with her in the abyss. She continued looking around, hoping to find a way out. She caught sight of something. Someone, actually. A little girl. With beautiful tamed nightshade hair and blank blue eyes that seemed to have seen a lot of saddened moments to last a lifetime. She wore a simple white sleeveless dress, a thin ribbon tying around the waist. A noticeable white bow on her hair. She was barefoot and she looked so petite, almost like a doll. She hasn't seen her earlier. Standing in front, in the middle of the circle located slightly above the females' heads. She looked… a bit familiar.

The heart…

"What?" Before Kumiko could ask anything else, the floor shattered below her and she began to fall along with the glass around her. The shards disappeared, not even grazing her skin. She didn't know how long she had fallen, but she felt her body hit the floor. She gave out a small pained whine as she arched her back a bit. Slowly she forced herself to stand up again and rubbed her head as she stayed sitting and looked around. She noticed that she was on another stained-glass floor. This time of a young boy. Brown spiky hair. His eyes were closed and she couldn't help but wish they were open so she could see them. She forced herself up on her feet and stared at the boy a bit longer.

The heart…

Kumiko looked up to see the girl was standing in front of her again. "What does that mean?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she stepped over the circular pictures just beside the image of the boy and one by one, each disappeared.

"What are you…?"

The girl disappeared and Kumiko gasped as she searched around for her. Where did she go? She took a step forward and felt something.

"What?" The floor shattered again, except this time she slowed down instead of hitting her back as before. She was floating and carefully she landed on the floor, another stained-glass floor. This one was empty. No image whatsoever. She didn't understand what was going on, but felt a sudden ache in her heart and placed a hand on her chest. Something was missing here, but she didn't know what.

The heart holds many secrets.

"You again!" Kumiko looked around and caught sight of the little girl. She frowned, annoyed at the constant disappearances and fallings. "Who are you?" No answer came from the little girl. Suddenly an image flashes before Kumiko's eyes. A doll. A small doll, with similar attire. In a room. She closed her eyes and placed a hand on her head, a small pain coming. She opened her eyes and looked at the girl. "I've… seen you before. In my dreams." The girl didn't spoke. Just stared. "What do you want?"

What does it mean, to be a person? What does it mean, to be a whole? Is it possible that we… are not who we claim to be? Can one really fight it? Beware of the heart. And its mysteries.

"You lost me." Kumiko scratched her head, unable to process it all. The girl vanished. "Ugh! Not again!" Kumiko looked around, waiting to wake up, but no luck. She shook her head. Then a light flashed and a door appeared before her.

When asked; what is most precious? What is the answer?

Kumiko was quiet for a moment. "Most… precious?"

Are people… really willing to sacrifice something important… for what they most desire? Can the heart… really be trusted? Can our memories… truly be ours?

Kumiko shook her head. "What are you talking about?!"

What do you desire?

She looked around, hoping to see where the girl was. Hoping to find the owner of the voice. The girl appeared in front of the door, staring at Kumiko. She frowned as she glared at the doll-looking child, unsure if she was planning to disappear at any moment.


Beware of the heart…

Beware of its secrets.

A small pool formed under Kumiko. She gasped as she looked around, darkness beginning to surround her body. She struggled to free herself of its grip, but was unable to.

"Stop it! Leave me alone! I wanna wake up! Wake up! Wake up now!" She closed her eyes shut and placed her hands over her head and fell to her knees, her entire body shaking with fear. "I wanna go home now! Please!"

The girl watched as Kumiko cried. And soon, the darkness consumed her completely.

Kumiko gasped as she sat up quickly. She blinked a couple of times and looked around, taking in the room she was in. It was her bedroom. She sighed in relief.

"These nightmares… they're… getting worse every day." She brought her legs closer and buried her face in her knees, feeling a bit weak. "How much more? How much more can I take?"

The next morning, Kumiko promised to meet up with Lestat at the plaza. She waited for her friend to show up and looked around. People walking around. Some hurrying to get to wherever it was they were trying to go to.

"Kumiko, I apologize for the delay," Lestat apologized as she made her way to her best friend.

"It's ok. Where's Takumi?" she asked.

"I do not know," Lestat remarked. "He said something about looking for the missing piece. I am quite baffled at what he means."

Kumiko thought for a minute. It couldn't be the charm, if it was meant to be a star he would have to look for more than just a piece. Was something happening to Takumi? Just like it was to her. Maybe she should ask him.

"Is something the matter, Kumiko?" Lestat asked, noticing her pondering expression.

Kumiko looked at her. She didn't know whether to confess to Lestat or not. It seemed like an awkward and kind of strange topic to discuss. She shook her head.

"Nothing," she lied.

"Very well," Lestat said, letting it go. A thing the trio did very well. They never forced each other to open up if they didn't want to. "Shall we proceed? Or would you prefer to search for Takumi?"

Kumiko thought for a minute. She smiled and nodded as she answered "Let's hang out. It's obvious Takumi has plans of his own today."

"That sounds like a good plan. What would you like to do?"

"Let's go to the ice cream stand. I'm in the mood in trying different flavors today."

"Very well." The girls walked past the people. They were chattering about petty things. Their own problems. Other people's problems. Things that obviously didn't concerned them. Kumiko found it amusing how some of these people loved interfering with other people's lives instead of fixing their very own problems. They were almost by the ice cream stand and two familiar faces were there.

"Oh! Kumiko!"

"Oh no." Kumiko sighed as the girl rushed over and, as always, threw her a friendly and tight hug.

"Hey… Isha. Can't… breathe."

Isha giggled as she released the red-haired girl. "Kumiko, it's so good to see you today! I looked everywhere for you yesterday, but you weren't anywhere to be found."

"I was with Lestat and Takumi."

"He-he. Maybe one day we could all hang out! You know, go to the beach or something!" Isha was a very peculiar and outgoing character. She was always sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Her hair was hard to miss; being a shade of orange with a hint of red in it, part of her hair was tied in messy pigtails. Her eyes a lovely green color. She wore a cute yellow top with stars decorating it, her belly showing. White straps tying to the back of her neck into a bow. Slightly dark blue shorts with a white belt and a pink buckle with a star on it. She wore pink and white striped socks and a pair of black shoes with pink and yellow on them. On her left wrist she wore two bracelets; one red and the other one gold. Isha had a loose personality, always living in the moment and never worrying about the future. She laughs a lot and loves having fun. She doesn't like being around gloomy people and always tries her best to lighten the mood. She is younger than Kumiko and her friends. She loves following Kumiko and every moment she sees her she takes an opportunity to talk to her. And she talks a lot.

"Hey, Keri," Kumiko greeted.

"'sup?" Keri was opposite of Isha. She wasn't the quiet, shy type of girl though. She has a somewhat tough personality. But despite her tough exterior, she has a sensitive side for animals, especially birds. She wore a pair of faded blue jeans and black sneakers with red on the sides. A nice black top with white short sleeves. She had waist length dark violet hair. Her eyes are a lovely shade of gold. Keri is the same age as Isha and looks after her like a sister. Keri never forced her problems on anyone and usually always kept to herself. The only one that knew anything about her was Isha.

"It was nice seeing you two, but we have to go now," Kumiko said.

"Aww! Why do you have to leave so soon?!" Isha whined. It annoyed Kumiko a bit. "Come and have some ice cream with us!"

Keri rolled her eyes. "They have to go."

Isha stomped her foot. "Why?!" She pouted.

"Don't make a scene!"

"I'm not!"

Lestat and Kumiko looked at each other and back at the girls. Kumiko cleared her throat, catching the girls' attention. "Well, see you girls around." They walked away.

"Bye-bye Kumiko!" Isha exclaimed with joy as she waved. Keri sighed in annoyance.

Kumiko shook her head. "That girl has so much energy. I can't help but feel bad for Keri for always having to be with her."

Lestat smiled. "Keri is a friend of Isha's. She enjoys her company. Just as Takumi and I enjoy being with you, Kumiko. It is impossible to believe, but there are people that enjoy that type of company."

"He-he. I guess you're right about that. Come on, let's find something to do." Lestat nodded in agreement and the girls walked around the small town. They would see small puppet shows and vendors selling their fruit. Some had jewelry and the girls would be mesmerized by the lovely glow they would give when the sun would hit them just right.

"Are these stones really from far off lands?" Kumiko asked a vendor.

"Of course! They have magical attributes as well. Many claim they also have healing abilities," the vendor commented.

"That's amazing," Kumiko said, admiring the beautiful stones. Afterwards they continued to look at the rest of the merchandise. They headed to a small gap of the busy market.

"Where do you want to go next?"

Kumiko was about to answer, but stopped when she caught sight of someone very familiar in the crowd of civilians. It was hard to miss her. Her porcelain skin. Her doll-like frame. It was the girl from her dreams.


"Kumiko? Is something troubling you?" Lestat asked, worried about her friend as she placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Kumiko pointed. "Don't you see?"

Lestat turned to where Kumiko pointed. "Am I supposed to be looking at something? I just see civilians. Someone you recognize, perhaps?"

The people passed and the girl was no longer there. "No. Just… Just a nightmare, you could say." She kept looking at the vacant spot, hoping to see her, but part of her didn't. "Where do you want to go?" She forced a smile as she asked Lestat.

"I would not mind if you would prefer to return home and rest," she assured, a worried glint in her beautiful hazel eyes.

"I'll be fine, Lestat. Just a bit dizzy. That's all. Now, come on! How about we go and see what's new in the mall?! Or do you prefer the beach?"

Lestat smiled. "The mall sounds like a good plan, my friend."

Decided. The girls both walked towards the direction of Idyllic's mall.

At Castle Oblivion, a young girl, wearing a simple white dress and cute light blue sandals, was staring at the boy that rested in the crystal chamber. Her blue eyes filled with worry and hesitation.

"Naminé, why hasn't any progress been made?"

She turned around to face the man that had spoken to her. He stood beside her and stared at the pod as well.

"We cannot wait any longer. He must awaken soon. The Organization will not continue to stay in place and the longer he is asleep, the more time they have to cause more havoc."

"I know," Naminé said softly. "But, without Roxas or the replica, his memories can never be restored completely. But there has been no sight of either of them. It's almost as if they have disappeared."

DiZ faced her. "You are the memory witch. You have every control over his mind. His very memories. Why can you not conjure them up? Or better yet, find them and return them?"

Naminé shook her head. "The chances are highly risky. We could lose him. The only sure way is for… for…"

"For his Nobody and the replica to cease to exist," DiZ finished her sentence.

She nodded. "As painful as the truth is, yes."

"Pain? Is that something they can even be familiar with?" DiZ asked.

Naminé had no answer for that. She was a Nobody herself and she could feel the pain at the possibility of losing Sora. At least, she believed it was pain. Nobodies couldn't feel. They had no hearts.

"The Organization has been quiet, I'm worried that they are planning something much more dangerous," he spoke. "I do not like the ominous silence. They are up to something and we have to be prepared."

"…" Naminé wasn't sure what she should say.

"Memories are like data. One must simply fill in the blanks."


"No more stalling, Naminé."

"His memories are lost."

"Not lost. Simply forgotten. He claims the feeling is always there, then the memory is somewhere around there. Through those feelings of his forgotten memories, you can create them once again and return them to their proper state."

Naminé was reluctant. She had used her power to manipulate Sora's mind and replace his precious memories. But she wasn't certain if she would be able to correct them. Not without the memories that had been swallowed by the other two.

DiZ turned around and started walking. "A forgotten memory is just misplaced. All you have to do is search for it."

She turned to the pod and stared at Sora. She placed a hand on the crystal. "Sora, I hope everything comes out alright. I will forever be saddened if anything happens to you. And all because of me and my loneliness. I am so sorry."

Lestat and Kumiko were searching around the mall. Kumiko wasn't much of a fashion buff and kind of hated the idea of spending most of her hours in a mall. But Lestat seemed fond of clothes and Kumiko would go along with her. She showed Kumiko some dresses and the girl would giggle and comment about them being too 'formal' for her own good. Later they tried on some hats and would laugh as they imitated one of their teachers that always were on Kumiko's case for daydreaming. They spent most of the day shopping.

-? ? ?-

A little girl was sleeping in her bedroom. It was a huge room, royalty, fit for a queen. The bed was too big for her, but she didn't mind. It was quite a comfortable mattress.

It is time… for the light…

Her eyes shot opened, revealing a pair of blue eyes.

-Idyllic Island-

Night cloaked the sky, the stars shining brightly, illuminating Idyllic Island. Kumiko and Lestat had enjoyed their afternoon shopping spree and had left everything in Kumiko's house. Now they were walking through the plaza, a festival taking place. It wasn't a rarity. The folks in Idyllic Island loved nothing more than the festivals that praised and worshipped the Natural Order in life. The Goddess or Mother Nature, for always providing bountiful fruits, vegetables, and water, as well as life itself.

They looked around and hoped to find Takumi around as well so they could all hang around and have some fun. They would stop sometimes to see the products that were being sold at the stands. The flowers that caught the moonlight and would be the envy of the many others.

"Takumi!" Kumiko caught sight of him. He turned and smiled at them as he rushed to their side. "We knew you would be here."

"I love festivals."

The girls smiled. Takumi was always so happy when a festival would take place. It was the only day he wouldn't be too serious. The three of them walked around and looked at the merchandise that was being sold. The game booths that were set up. And the prizes as well. Kumiko caught sight of Isha and Keri. The joyful girl waved at them and so did Keri, with a small smile. She smiled as she waved back, as did Lestat.

"They certainly are having fun," Lestat commented.

Kumiko giggled. "She loves festivals just as much as Takumi." The trio chuckled at the statement.

There was a crowd by the Main Plaza. They passed through and saw what the attraction was. The dancers that had grace and poise, not once making a single mistake as they danced. Almost as if they were the wind itself.

"Why not dance with us?" a young woman asked as she offered a hand to Kumiko.

"Oh! No! I am not a dancer," Kumiko said, feeling embarrassed. She was a bit of a klutz when it came to such gracefulness and she wouldn't want to ruin the lovely event. "But Lestat here can!"

"Kumiko. I could not!" Lestat denied, not wanting the spotlight to hit her.

"Please, join us," the dancer insisted with a smile.

"Go Lestat," Takumi encouraged. "You'll do great!"

"Come on Lestat!" Kumiko cheered. The people all encouraged her.

Lestat sighed. "Alright. I shall dance, if only to make you content."

Kumiko cheered as she clapped and Takumi smiled and clapped as well. Lestat took the dancer's hand and she led her to the group of dancers. Kumiko found it nice that Lestat was the only one not wearing a dancer's outfit. It made her grab attention with her formal gown. She wondered if Lestat could even dance with such a dress.

The dancer clapped twice. "And now, we shall dance an ancient ritual that was used to show gratitude to our beloved Mother, our Guardian. A ritual of eternal gratitude and love." She looked at her fellow dancers and at Lestat. "Do you know the ritual?"

Lestat blushed. "I… I believe I do."

The dancer smiled and stood in position. Lestat was around the middle and Kumiko smiled and was excited. Takumi gave Lestat an assuring nod. The crowd clapped and slowly it died out as the music began to play from the instruments. They began with small movements with their feet and then from there went ahead with the rhythm. Two dancers in the front half-turned and waved towards Lestat. At that signal, she began to dance. Everyone watched them with curiosity at such grace. Lestat moved her arms elegantly, she was the wind itself as she spun in one direction and then the opposite, her dress forming with the wind, her hair tousling about. The dancers moved back and forth. Lestat moved to the front with the head dancer. They faced each other and bowed and then turned to the audience. The dancers all formed a semi circle in the back. Lestat move to the back, standing in the middle of the semi circle. The head dancer raised her arm and spun around. The dancers did the same one by one until they were all spinning at the same time. Then, they stopped and posed towards the audience.

They clapped and cheered at the simple dance.

Kumiko cheered. "That was awesome!" she exclaimed. Takumi nodded in agreement.

Lestat bowed at the head dancer and rushed over to her friends. "Lestat, you were amazing! I didn't even know that you knew how to dance that ancient ritual."

"Not even our grandmothers knew it," Takumi added.

Lestat looked down.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"My friends, I myself had no knowledge of the dance either."

"What do you mean? You did it flawlessly!" Kumiko remarked.

She nodded. "That is it. I never danced such ritual. This was my first time ever doing so. I never once did anything with such beauty and elegance. I have read it in books, but never once have I even practice the movements."

They were both confused. If Lestat didn't know the steps of the dance, then how is it that she was in perfect sync with the others? With the music?

Lestat smiled as she moved a bit of her black hair behind her ear. She gave out a sigh. "It was quite exhilarating, though. I would love to participate in such a ritual again."

Kumiko giggled. "And we would gladly see it!"

"Yeah." Takumi looked at the black-haired girl with admiration. Lestat blushed, feeling so embarrassed at being the center of attention.

She cleared her throat. "Let us go and enjoy the rest of the festival, shall we?"

"Sounds like a plan!" He said happily and Kumiko agreed.

The trio rushed past some of the people. They were all chattering and drinking, as well as eating. Kumiko stopped suddenly and looked around. Lestat and Takumi stopped and turned to their friend. Lestat ran to Kumiko.

"What is wrong?"

She wrapped her arms around herself. "I… I don't know. A sudden chill just ran through me, just now."

Lestat blinked twice and looked around. "Is it something you saw? Maybe the same thing you saw earlier?"

"What? How do you…?"

Lestat smiled and placed a hand on Kumiko's shoulder. "My friend, I know when you are lying. You are quite a horrible one."

She gave a small laugh. "Lousy." She shook her head and felt a bit drained.

Takumi walked towards his female friends. "What's wrong?"

"I guess I'm just not feeling myself right now. Even with this festival."

"You should go home and rest," Lestat stated.

Kumiko moved her arms back to her side. "No. It'll pass. It's not like anything bad will happen. I'm just having a very off day."

While the girls spoke, something seemed to have moved in the shadows. Kumiko didn't want to go home, but Lestat thought it was better and healthier if she got some rest. Another shadow figure seemed to move. It was swift and very quick.

"Come on, let's go and get some sea-salt ice cream," she suggested.

Between the people, the shadows seemed to have moved.

Lestat wasn't convinced. "Are you certain you are feeling well, Kumiko?" she asked.

"We could walk you home," Takumi offered.

The shadows moved again. Kumiko turned when she felt a presence, but there were only people behind her. Most of them she knew, being a small island, everyone knew everyone. She took notice of Isha and Keri as well. They were talking. But what caught her attention was a sudden movement.

"Am I going crazy?" Kumiko asked herself.

"Kumiko?" Lestat was worried.

"Hm. Come on, let's go do something before I start going insane," Kumiko joked. They walked off again. Suddenly Kumiko stopped again but this time she heard a voice.

It is time… for the light…

She landed on her knees and hands as she started breathing heavily, her eyes wide and she felt something painfully clutching at her chest.

"Wh-What is going… on?!" Kumiko screamed.

"Kumiko!" Lestat called worriedly as she kneeled next to her.

A screamed erupted from a woman in the crowd. Kumiko forced herself up on her feet, with the help of Lestat.

"What was that? What's happening over there?!" Kumiko rushed over.

"Kumiko wait! It could be dangerous!" Lestat cried as she and Takumi followed. The people were running away from the plaza. Some tripped, but quickly got back up. Some bumped into others and some pushed aside the carts and booths with fruits. Kumiko came to the source and gasped. The head dancer was standing there, staring at something. It was a creature, a shade of gray. It was… faceless?! It looked like a serpent in some way, but horrifying, like a shadow one could say. And on its blank face was an emblem of a heart that was broken in the middle with a twinkle-shaped tail and star-shaped arrows on the top corners as well as the bottom corners.

"You horrid creature!" The head dancer shouted. "How is it possible you are here?! It can't be!"

The serpent creature stared at her, or it seemed to be.

"Be gone!" she yelled. "Vile and wretched thief!"

The serpent slightly moved from side to side.

"I won't go down without a fight!" She formed two energy balls in her hands and flung them at the creature. It gave out what seemed to be a screech, high-pitched. But the energy balls only seemed to have grazed it, not destroyed it. "Foul evil!"

The creature slightly turns. The head dancer did as well.

"What're you doing here?! Run! It's dangerous here!"

Kumiko stared at the creature, fear in her eyes as she trembled at the sight of the serpent. She felt stuck, petrified as she stared at the strange creature. She felt a sudden urge to cry, to scream. A quick and sudden image of a little girl screaming. A woman shouting and someone running. She couldn't move. Her legs wouldn't work. The serpent slid with quick speed.

"No!" screamed the dancer.

"Kumiko!" Lestat cried, she was a few feet behind, Takumi by her side.

The serpent made circles and then stopped, seeming to look into Kumiko's emerald eyes. She was scared, unable to move. A hole started forming and the serpent creature opened its ugly mouth. Kumiko gasped and felt her body becoming heavy as a sort of mist started coming from her lips.

With a grunt the dancer flung two energy balls at the creature, making it screech again and release Kumiko, the mist returning to her mouth. She gasped as she fell to the ground. The creature looked at the dancer and surrounded her this time. She smirked.

"You may steal my soul, but never shall you ever know where it is hidden! The darkness will never have it," she gloated. The creature screeched and opened it hideous form of a mouth again and the dancer gasped, mist coming from her mouth.

Lestat kneeled beside Kumiko, Takumi stood in front of them, a protective stance, not certain how, but he was willing to protect his friends. They looked over at the woman that was going limp as the creature seemed to have been eating the mist essence that was emitting from her mouth. Lestat whimpered, scared at the sight. She held Kumiko's sleeping body close. Once the mist disappeared the serpent flung the dancer's limped body away and turned its attention to the trio.

"Stay away!" Takumi shouted and Lestat tightened her grip on Kumiko. The serpent leaped over and disappeared into mist.

Lestat looked back down at her unconscious friend. "Kumiko, wake up. Please." Takumi turned and kneeled next to Lestat, placing a hand on Kumiko's forehead.

"She's ice cold!"

Someone came. Another one of the dancers. She rushed over to her friend and examined her. "Oh no." Sadness in her voice as she placed a hand on the woman's arm. She shook her head, uncertain at what to say. She faced the trio. "Are you alright? Is she alright?"

"We do not know," Lestat cried. The young dancer went to Kumiko and hover her hands over Kumiko's body.

"She's still alive. Don't worry." Her hands began to glow and Lestat felt Kumiko's body becoming warm. She moved one hand over to Kumiko's forehead and then the light disappeared. "She's well now. Her soul is still in her."

"Her soul? What does that mean?" Takumi asked.

She looked at the worried duo and gave them a kind smile. "There's no point in explaining it, children." She raised her glowing hand. "Neither you nor her nor the townsfolk, will have memory of the bad event that has taken place. Now sleep. You're tired." She waved it in front of Lestat and she fell to the ground. Takumi gasped and was about to back away, but the dancer moved quickly in front of him and waved her hand and then everything went black.

It is time… for the light…

Author's Note:: This first chapter was an introduction towards my OC and her friends, as well as her world and it's civilians. Like I stated, it's a small Beta chapter in the meantime, I'll end up announcing if it changes or if it stays and continue the fanfic from there. Kumiko is not the central character, as I stated before, the story contains three main characters. They will also be sharing the spotlight.

I'm a bit nervous, but I hope I did alright. This is the first time I even shared a Kingdom Hearts fanfic and I hope it is good enough.