Chapter 1, Arrival

If you're destined to be a hero, it's not all that great. Especially if you're like me. My name is Megan PixieFlower.

I'll tell you my back story. I am an orphan. My parents died a long time ago; I never got to know them. All I have now are my siblings, Miranda and Trevor. We live in a foster home; it's not horrible; not like the ones you see in Broadway musicals, movies, and books like Annie and the Sisters Grim.

Over the years in that foster home, I grabbed a cold personality. I knew one thing; the people of New York city aren't always the nicest people. Whenever we got interviewed to be adopted, I would act like a cool, calculating person. My siblings understood every time. I barely trusted anyone.

I go to school, I'm fourteen. I have good grades. I thought my life would consist of me keeping us from getting adopted until we were old enough to take care of ourselves, and getting good grades to go to a good collage. But my life consisted more of that.

I was sitting at my desk in our room at the foster home; nobody came to see us, because all of the other kids were younger and afraid of me. Miranda was reading a book while Trevor was listening to the family IPod touch that we all saved up for.

I like writing. I like writing about non-existent things, where girls like me went on glorious adventures, had friends, met their lover maybe, and had a happy ending. Stories that reflected the opposite of my oatmeal mess of a life.

"Megan, what's your new story about?" Miranda asked, glancing away from her book. I wrote that book. It was called "The Definition of Bad Luck." I have my books published; it's how I make money. They aren't super popular, but most of the people at my school read them. They talk to me about how "Epic the ending was" or "What the next book will be about." They're not my friends, they see as some celebrity who is too cool to need friends.

"I don't know yet." I said, glancing down at the laptop the school gave us. They let us keep it because we needed something to check the internet, considering some of the assignments were online. It was the end of Summer, the next week we would be in school.

"Your books are getting more popular." Trevor said, looking up from his music.

I sighed. "I need ideas to make them good, so help me out!"

"Your most recent one was about a witch who could turn into a black cat, so how about do something that is opposite of that." Miranda said, referring to the book in her hands.

"Maybe." Then our mail was slipped under the door. I went over and picked them up. There were only three, each with our names on it. I gave Miranda and Trevor theirs. I looked at mine in confusion as I sat down at my desk again. The letters looked like parchment, written old fashion in ink.

I opened mine. It said:

Dear Megan PixieFlower,

You have been invited to attend an elite boarding school called RavenWood, Academy of Magic and the Fine Arts.

That's a long name. I thought to myself but continued.

Please sign below if you accept. We hope to see you there

Signed, Merle Ambrose.

"Looks like a prank." Miranda said flatly.

I on the other hand decided to sign, I grabbed my pen and in the best cursive I put my name:

Megan PixieFlower

Around me colorful bursts of light, and all of a sudden I wasn't in my room. I wasn't in New York. I was in front of an ancient man and an owl. In front of me was a book.

"Welcome to RavenWood!" the old man said. I stared at him for awhile. "Aren't you going to take the test?"

"Um, I would like an explanation first. Question one, what is this all about." I asked sharply.

"You're a wizard Megan, and you have been accepted to abandon human ways to study wizardry. If you take the test, you will find out what kind of wizard you are." He said.

I smiled. This wasn't a prank. "All right, where do I begin?"