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Jared's POV

She sat down gracefully and has her head up high looking for all the world that she owns the place. I guess when you think about it, she does. When Prince got back he easily had enough food for a whole cavalry.

"You can take what you want." Prince said, sitting down just as gracefully as Zero had. I nodded my head and started piling food on my plate. When I finished I realized no one had touched anything and that I had not even made a dent in the pile of food. Zero and Prince started to play rock, paper, scissors.

"Aha! I win!" Zero yelled. Prince looked mad but conceded defeat with grace.

"Did you get enough?" they asked in symphony. I nodded my head. Zero immediately dug in to the food when she finished Prince took the leftovers, which all by themselves could easily be called a meal for six hungry wolves. I looked down at my plate and started eating. It was delicious. I looked up when I was close to finishing my food to find that they had ate all the other food and were just watching me eat. Gui must have left while I was eating because it was only us three. Then I noticed that their lips were moving. They were having a conversation. I listened in and got the tail end of the conversation.

" Tomorrows the party." Prince said.

"Do I have to go incognito?" Zero whined.

"Yes, but it's only for one day."

"Fine. But I want...what are their names...oh, yes...Sunshine and Kenshin to come with us."

"That's fine by me but let's ask them." soon the door open and in came the two NCP's.

"Hello. You must be Sunshine and Kenshin. I am Zero and this guy here who is still eating is Jared."

"Well not everyone can eat as fast as you. As Zero said I am Jared it is nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out for a handshake.

"I am Sunshine and this is Kenshin. So why did you need us Prince?" Zero shook their hands after me.

"Well I don't know. So sis why did you need them?" Zero smiled. It was a feral smile and it was aimed at me but after a second it disappeared. Was it my imagination?

"Well I was thinking Sunshine could fly us around and maybe Kenshin would like to come...keep order." Sunshine thought about it a little bit before asking the question that was on the tip of my tongue.

"Why? And where?"

"I don't really know where to go, I was thinking somewhere with a lot of players,I guess. We are looking for teammates ,right, Jared?" that wolfy grin was back. I shivered. I did not like that look. Then I realized everyone in the room looking at me.

"What?" a light blush covered my cheeks. How embarrassing.

"If we were looking for teammates where would the best place be? Where would you suggest we go?"

"Um...the newbie's village?" I guess, that would be the best place.

"Can you take us there, Sunshine?" Sunshine nodded his head well this would be interesting.

"Okay! Lets go!"

It took us 30 minutes to get to the first village, where we landed in a field of slimes. Yuck. Kenshin cleared out an area around a tree. We sat down and Zero took out some snacks. Before we could start eating a demon mage came running out of the tree line near us blasting all the slimes. Zero put a cloak on. It was white. Way to stand out in a field of green and brown.

"He is perfect." Zero said and if this was a manga there would be tears running down her face, in her happiness. I laughed but I agreed with her totally. At the sound of my laughter the demon mage turned to us.

"Oh, I'm so sorry were they your prey?" He had a contrite look on his face.

"Nope. You're our prey, now." whispered Zero so slowly I barely heard her. I stepped forward, raising my hand for a handshake but the moment my hand moved toward him he raised his hands in a defensive position, curling up into a ball.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." he started chanting. I could see a smile on Zero's face. Really at a time like this. I sighed audibly. Zero walked toward him.

"I'm not gonna hurt ya, little honey. I wanna be ya friend. Ya wanna be my friend?" Slowly but surely the little dude if I really call him that, he was probably six feet tall. Well more like 5'7 but still. After a little more coaxing using her bad English, he stood up.

"Sure I'll be your friend." he said giggling "My name is Cedric." Zero smiled at him. He seemed to realize his mistake.

"I mean I am Death, a demon priest." WTF! This can't be true! What irony! Zero smiled at him. It was a motherly smile but she had to be rolling around laughing on the inside.

"Well, Death, do you want to be part of our team?" I asked.

"Yes." He said so quickly as if the offer would be taken away if we had any time.

"You're not allowed to leave our team once you join because the team is family and once you're part of this family there is no leaving. And family protects each other. Are you okay with that?" Zero asked. Death looked elated.

"Yes, yes!" I couldn't help myself and neither could Zero, we both smiled. Her reassurance to him was a prommise to me. she would follow through with what she said. Then she took her hood off.

"I am Zero and this is Jared." I waved.

"Welcome to the family." then I turned to Zero, "Why do you always introduced us and also why does your name come first?!" I whined. She laughed. This really could become my real family. Not like I actually have a real family in real life anyways. I shook my head. Enough with these thoughts, lets go have fun!