Dash X Danny fanfic

I own nothing but the plot and OCs, tried to make everyone in character as possible sorry if it suck!

This is before Phantom Planet, D-stabilized, Frightmare, and Claw of the Wild. (I'll have my own versions of these episodes in due time.

But for right now, Enjoy!

It started out as any 'normal' day for Danny Fenton, bagging the Box Ghost and other stray ghosts before school, and heading to class, late, again. Once he made it to class he got a detention, like always, and then headed to the next class.

Danny was walking down the hall heading to his biology when Dash Baxter came stomping down the hall. Dash had just received his Math quiz back, which happened to be an F. So dash being the bully he was had to find his favorite victim, Danny Fenton. Danny headed to his class unsuspectingly, Dash saw his target and made his way up from behind and grabbed his shoulders.

"Wha—"Danny exclaimed being pulled back. He was turned around suddenly, seeing his captor's face Danny paled. "Dash?!" was all he could get in before the bully shoved him into the nearest open locker. Once stuck inside Danny sighed exasperatedly as Dash cackled.

"See you later Fent-TURD" Dash smirked as he strode away. Soon, when Dash was out of sight he frowned, sighing sadly as he walked to his gym class.

Danny easily fazed out of his confinement once he was sure on one would walk by and headed to gym class. Why does he always do this? What did I ever do to him? I know he doesn't remember, but still it's a bit much. Danny sighed deeply, entering the locker room and heading to his locker. I know that if he feels like he knows me he must be frustrated but why does he have to take it out on me?! I try to stay away for his sake! Danny opened his locker threw his stuff in and changed quickly so no one would see his scarred body, all that ghost fighting takes its toll. While the scars may be faint, he still didn't want to take the chance of someone seeing them and asking questions, not only about the scars but the newly forming bruises from last night and early this morning. Damn it. He thought as he slouched, heading over to stand next to Tucker.

"Hey dude! You don't look so good." Tucker commented looking at his friend. Danny just slouched sighing, last night had been tough on the halfa, Skulker had gotten new weapons and Vortex had paid him a visit not long after that, along with the box ghost and his several appearances. Tucker patted his back affectionately, trying to comfort his friend. Danny didn't move or react instead he lowered his head, for he had seen the one person he had hope he wouldn't, Dash. Dash was walking toward their gym teacher ready to talk to her. Turns out the jock had suggested a game of dodge ball and the teacher agreed whole heartedly. Just great. Danny thought sarcastically. After they were done explaining the rules she blew her whistle indicating for the game to start.

Balls flew everywhere, many got so into the game it was like their lives depended on it. The jocks had the most fun as the nerds fled for their lives scrambling around like animals being trapped in a corner; in short it was a mad house. Danny never really moved, he just side-stepped to avoid the incoming balls, not really caring, he was too lost in thought. 'I don't get why, I never did. What confuses me the most is how he never hits me, it's always shoving me into a locker, or doing things that won't hurt me much? I wish I knew why. Dash had seen Danny's actions, the rest of the jocks did too, they all looked at Dash expectantly. His eyebrow twitched annoyed, what was with them? They always had to make his life miserable, well technically Dash was the one that did it, but he only did it to keep up appearances. So regrettably he threw his hardest at the poor distracted boy. Danny didn't know what hit him, he yelped loudly, the ball hitting him in the ribs aggravating the just healed cracked bones from last night, no doubt leaving a nasty bruise on his already battered body. Officially pissed Danny stormed over to the bleachers, sitting next to Tucker who had been long out of the game. Tucker just smiled sadly at the halfa as Danny made his way over.

"Well look at the bright side your one of the last ones standing, Kwan's the only one on our side still standing." Tucker tried to encourage his friend. Soon everyone on the opposing team tag teamed on Kwan, effectively ending the game and letting everyone go back to the lockers to change. Danny went into the bathroom and hid in a stall until he was sure everyone had left. Once he left the stall he went to his locker to change, when he took off his shirt he noticed a bruise starting to form on his left side, right underneath the scar he's received from the Ghost King, and the Fright Knight, it was his most prominent scar, the only one that people could really see without truly looking for one. Danny had just finished changing his pants and was grabbing his shirt when he heard a ball drop. Danny slowly turned his head to see Dash standing there eyes wide open in shock, and the ball rolling away. Dash stepped towards Danny reaching out only to make the smaller teen flinch backwards and out of his reach.

"Fenton, did, did I do that?" Dash asked pointing to the faint yellowing bruise. Danny breathed out a sigh of relief and put his shirt on. Thank God he didn't notice the scar he thought. Danny closed his locker and ran out heading to his last period, Lancer's English class, and effectively ignoring the blond teen by doing so.

Dash stood there stunned, Danny had a huge bruise on his ribs even though it was faint, but that's not what surprised him, it was the scar underneath. Normally he wouldn't have noticed such a thing, but the coloring from the bruise created a contrast that made the scar plain as day to see. I couldn't have done that right? I mean I never really hurt him right? If I didn't do it, where the hell did he get that scar? Dash was extremely confused. The boy that haunted his dreams, frustrated him because he couldn't remember why he felt so familiar, the one he bullied on an almost daily basis, the teen who had been not only the bane but shining light of his existence since he laid eyes on the raven haired beauty had gotten hurt, enough to leave a scar. He just couldn't comprehend it, how did it happen? Better yet who would hurt him like that? Looking at the clock Dash realized if he didn't leave soon, he'd be late.

Danny got to class early for once; everyone else took their time, or waited for the bell to ring by talking to friends or waiting out in the hall. Normally he would be outside with Sam and Tucker, but today he was just so depressed. He wasn't sure why, but ever since Pandora got her box back he's been feeling down, out of touch maybe, he honestly didn't know. Danny went to her realm a few times, he also went to see Frost Bite in his realm as well, and he had talked to them about it. They seemed to understand more than his friends did and that scared him, ghosts understood what was going on and his friends that were still alive didn't. Was he losing his humanity, after all they did suggest him eating ectoplasm? Turns out the stuff was amazing and he couldn't help himself from taking some of it home and stashing some for later. He just hoped that he wasn't losing his humanity after all. What would he do if he did? Would he become like Dan? No he promised he'd never become like that, ever. Mr. Lancer seemed to notice Danny's moping and walked up to him, clearing his throat.

"Is anything wrong, Mr. Fenton?" He asked, genuine concern lacing his voice. Danny looked up at his teacher; his eyes were dull, almost as if he was in another world. Mr. Lancer frowned at his student, putting his hand on his shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

"Daniel, if there's anything you want to talk about you can always come to me, alright?" said the concerned teacher. Then the bell rang and students piled into the classroom. Mr. Lancer went up to the board and began his lesson.

Everyone but one lonely ghost boy paid attention, he was too lost in his memories. 'I remember Dash before he moved, before his older brother died. We were the best of friends. How did it ever turn out this way? I loved him as a child. I didn't know what love was then, but I know now it was real. We were so close, inseparable. I miss it. I remember this one time Dash went to the fair with me and my family; we got separated from everyone else. I couldn't stop crying then, but he held my hand the entire time, and we finally found my parents. He used to be so sweet.' Danny sighed again, closing his eyes as he rested his head down in his arms on his desk. He was tired; he spent all night capturing stray ghosts, Skulker, Vortex and Johnny. Some ghosts he had never seen before too had come out; some had given him a real fight. His body was sore and he hadn't truly slept in a week. Eventually the poor boy fell asleep in class. Mr. Lance let him sleep this one time, figuring he'd talk to his student after class. Meanwhile Tucker and Sam exchanged worried looks and Dash; he looked over at the sleeping boy sadly. The quarterback felt sorry for him, and he didn't know why and that frustrated him to no end. It was just so weird, he constantly had conflicting feelings; he'd feel good holding Danny up by his shirt, touching him, and bulling him. But after that he's feel sick, wrong. Maybe he'd talk to the boy after school, maybe he could make things better.

All too soon did the bell ring, signaling that class and school was over. Danny jumped awake from the sound, blinking rapidly trying to get his vision straight.

"Daniel, I'd like to talk to you." Mr. Lancer said as Danny began to pack his stuff. Tucker and Sam shot him a sympathetic look before leaving. Dash hesitated but left soon after. But he didn't exit the school; he waited outside the door so he could talk to the boy that made his emotions stir. Danny walked up to Mr. Lancer's desk.

"Yes Mr. Lancer?" Danny asked tiredly, slowly blinking his half-lidded eyes. Mr. Lancer looked sadly at his student.

"Look, I understand that you may not want to talk to me about your problems. But sometimes talking to a teacher can help." Mr. Lancer said desperately. Danny just shook his head and smiled numbly at his teacher before leaving. Like any could possibly help me.

Dash heard the door open and saw Danny walking out towards the main entrance to leave. Dash ran to catch up to him shouting out Danny's name. Danny visibly flinched when he heard Dash calling him, but he still stopped and turned around to see the jock running towards him. Danny stopped in his tracks, shocked, what would the star quarterback want with him. He probably wants to get in some last minute bullying before he goes home he thought bitterly. Dash caught up and stood next to Danny.

"Fenton, I wanted to talk to you" Dash said looking down at the smaller teen. Danny looked up confused, but decided to stay quiet. "Look Fenton, I-well I'm sorry. I don't mean to do those things to you. I-I just. I don't know why I do it. I don't. And I'm sorry for hurting you." Dash looked down at his feet pausing, as if thinking about what he would say next. Danny was stiff, his eyes had widened in shock, Dash, the Dash Baxter was apologizing. He simply couldn't believe it. "The first day at school when you looked at me, I thought I knew you. But I was sure I didn't and that frustrated me. And then I accidently tripped you and I couldn't stop, I took out my frustrations on you. And I even kept it up to seem 'cool' to everyone. God, I'm the loser Fenton, not you. I'm, I'm just so sorry for what I've done." Dash began to scratch the back of his head still looking down. Danny looked up at Dash.

"What?" Danny asked, completely stunned. "What? Why? Why are you telling me this? Why now? I don't get it Dash. I-I just, I don't get it" Danny replied. Dash lifted his head to look at the stunned boy.

"Why?" he repeated, "I'm telling you this because I feel like shit about it Fenton! As for now, I saw that bruise I gave you; I never wanted to hurt you! Never! I'm not like that. I don't want to be a bully Fenton! I was frustrated, and that's no excuse but I can't change it now." Dash sighed closing his eyes for a moment before he opened them and looked Danny straight in the eyes, silently begging for the boy to believe him, to forgive him. Danny looked down at the floor, his eyes began to tear up, but he held back. He never hated me? Danny thought. Closing his eyes to blink the tears away Danny looked back up and smiled slightly, extending out his hand.

"Truce?" he asked, this caused Dash to smile brightly taking Danny's hand in his own shaking it. As soon as their hands touched, both boys felt a spark. Danny blushed and pulled his hand away quickly and ran home. Dash just stood there looking down at his hand, wondering what just happened.

Weeks have gone by since Dash apologized, and since he stopped bulling Danny. Danny's mood began to lift somewhat, Sam, Tucker and Jazz was all happy to see the old Danny again. One thing the teens didn't expect was Lancer giving them a group project, least of all did they expect Danny to find himself paired with Dash. Ghost activity had been spiking lately, and if there was an attack while Danny and Dash worked on their project, it scared the team. Dash may have stopped bulling him, but if he found out Danny's secret there was no telling what the jock would do, for all they knew he could go straight to the Guys in White. Today Danny was at Dash's house working on their project, they had to research the history of military defense technology, how it has changed, how it may change, and what is their opinion on certain aspects. Danny sat at the desk using his laptop in Dash's room doing research of the history of defense tech, while Dash sat on his bed, using his mac book to research current tech and what it does. While both teens were busy Dash couldn't help but look over at the raven haired teen, the glow coming from his lap top had illuminated his face beautifully and the jock couldn't help but think about how pretty Danny was, honesty he could give Paulina a run for her money.

Danny found a lot on the internet, he wrote down a lot of information, beginning his part of the paper. Dash had kept looking up, glancing at Danny. Recently the jock had found himself liking the smaller teen more and more. He had finally come to the realization that he liked him, that all along he had liked the boy before him. At first that realization was scary for the jock, now that he had accepted it Dash couldn't help but smile every time he thought of the teen. Dash blushed slightly before he went back to his work. All of a sudden Danny's ghost sense went off, the blue mist falling from his lips. Danny grumbled loudly causing Dash to look over his way. Danny stiffened feeling Dash's eyes fall upon him, had he said that out loud? Soon enough the ghost Danny sense made their appearance. The Fright Knight appeared cackling manically thrusting his sword in Dash's direction.

"Come with me Ghost child, if you wish to keep your friend here alive." Dash was scared at this point, his body trembling slightly not sure on how to act at the moment; he looked back and forth between the ghost before him and Danny. Danny had a scowl on his face as he slowly got up walking over to the ghost, one hand behind his back. Ghost child? What the hell is this ghost talking about? Danny isn't a ghost. As Danny approached he quickly pulled out an ecto-gun shooting the Knight in the chest causing him to drop his sword and fly across the room.

"Dash! Run!" Danny shouted, and Dash ran, grabbing Danny's arm along the way pulling him outside right along with him