Dash had come over like he said he would right after school, but so did Sam and Tucker. Danny wasn't expecting them and honestly didn't want to see them at the moment not with what had just happened to him, but being the person he was didn't turn them away. Not long after settling down in the living room did Allen grab Dash and pull him into the kitchen leaving the other three alone in an awkward silence.

Once in the kitchen Dash looked down at Allen, the boy looked back up at him his wide violet blue eyes pleading. Frowning Dash kneeled down on one knee in front of the boy.

"Allen? What's wrong?" Allen frowned at Dash.

"Something is wrong with Daddy" he said quietly. Dash looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked calmly. Allen shifted his weight on his feet before explaining.

"When Grandpa Vlad and I woke up we went to Daddy's room to wake him up. But he was on the floor, not in his bed he was laying on his stomach like this" Allen showed him how Danny was laying before his got back up to his feet. "And he had this thing in his hand and Grandpa Vlad seemed to know what it was cuz he took it away. But when we woke Daddy up it was weird! He jumped away from me and looked so scared" he finished quietly as he looked at the ground. "He's been smiling funny too. Mr. Dash what's wrong with Daddy?" Allen looked up, small tears gathering in his eyes. Frowning Dash hugged the upset boy.

"I don't know Allen, but I'll find out okay? Danny is going to be fine" He pulled away, Allen looked at him.

"Promise?" the boy asked holding out his pinkie. Dash smiled at him before locking his pinkie with Allen's and shaking their hands.

"Promise. Now why don't you go play with Sam and Tucker while I go get your dad okay?" Allen smiled as he ran off to Sam and Tucker. Dash followed him and tapped Danny on his shoulder before jerking his thumb out to the hall when Danny looked at him. Danny nodded before getting up and following his boyfriend into the library albeit slightly confused. Dash closed the door and walked to his boyfriend pulling him into his arms. Danny stiffened before relaxing into Dash's arms letting himself break down and cry, having the jock hold him like this made Danny feel safe, finally. Dash whispered encouragingly to Danny as he cried, rubbing his back as he held him comforting him the best he could. Danny what happened to you? After a while he finally calmed down, but his face was still hidden in Dash's chest.

"Danny?" Dash asked gently; Danny only shook his head holding onto Dash tighter, hiding his face in the jock's chest. He didn't want to be seen, he didn't want anyone to know about what had happened. "Danny please, you have to tell me what happened? Allen and I are both worried" Danny looked up at him, tears still silently falling down his face.

"A-Allen noticed?" he asked timidly, Dash smiled sadly and nodded as he brought one hand up to brush some hair out of Danny's face before caressing his cheek lovingly and kissing his forehead.

"He did. Danny what happened out there last night?" Danny sighed and wiped away his tears before he began.

"After I said bye I went into the woods to make sure no ghost was hiding there. There was one there; it was Nightshade. He tried to over power me but I beat him, locked him into a thermos I made specially for him, so he could never get out. I didn't know my mom…. No Maddie was watching. I shouldn't have been so careless. She didn't see me transform but she saw Phantom and attacked. I-I was knocked out and when I woke up I was in the lab strapped down" Danny began to shake, Dash held him tighter as he let Danny lay his head on his chest. "T-they. They-" Danny began shaking his head. "It hurt so much and they didn't stop. They tore me apart! I-I tried to tell them but they wouldn't stop! It hurt, it hurt so much Dash! And they liked it, the entire time they were smiling down at me." Danny was crying as he gripped Dash's shirt tighter. "And all I could think was what of they found Allen! I-I got away but I- how could they do this? Why?" Danny began sobbing at that point, frowning Dash picked Danny up and walked over to the chair and sat down, cradling Danny close as he poured out his pain. Dash didn't need to be told anything more, he knew what they did to him, and he's be damned if he let anyone hurt him again.

It took about a half hour for Danny to finally calm down. Dash lifted his face so he could look Danny in the eye.

"You need to tell Vlad Danny, if you can't I will. But he needs to know" Danny shook his head as his body shook, the after math of his emotional breakdown.

"I-I healed myself I'll be fine" Dash sighed sadly.

"Physically you will Danny but what about mentally? What if you have flash backs or nightmares?" Danny saw Dash's point, slouching he bit his lip and nodded hesitantly.

"O-okay, but can you tell him? I-I don't think I can right now." Dash smiled sadly before pulling Danny against his chest again, hoping that his body could shield his lover from his pain.

"You know I will Danny" they stayed like that for a little longer before Allen began knocking on the door.

"Daddy! Mr. Dash! Are you in there?" Danny smiled, it wasn't as bright as normal but he smiled nonetheless.

"Yeah baby! We're in here!" Danny yelled. Allen opened the door and quickly jumped on Danny's lap, who was still in Dash's lap. Allen hugged Danny, who hugged his son back smiling, leave it to Allen to make him feel better. Dash smiled at the two of them before deciding to join in, Allen squealed happily as Danny laughed as he knew everything would be okay as long as he had his son and Dash by his side.